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Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Dave!As the train wreck that is Governor Sanford unfolded in the media today, I made a few smart-assed remarks on Twitter because I just love it when hypocritical assholes get burned. Especially hypocritical assholes who pushed for impeaching Clinton when it was his dick that ended up where it shouldn't have been. And when you consider that Sanford not only used taxpayer money to get himself a mistress, but he is also an opponent of same-sex marriage because he apparently feels it defiles traditional marriage... well, it's a trifecta of schadenfreude bliss when he goes on television and admits to having an extramarital affair.

The Twitter stuff was nothing too outrageous, just snippy comments like...

  • "Because when you want to bring morality to America, it applies to EVERYBODY ELSE. Anxiously awaiting news that Sanford's affair was with a dude."
  • "Color me three shades of shocked... Not... One more nail in the "sanctity of traditional marriage" argument..."
  • "I should certainly hope that Jenny Sanford stands by her man! According to "Doctor" Laura, it was all her fault anyway."
  • "How do you solve a problem like Maria? A hike along the Appalachian Trail, apparently..."

Not a big deal, but it was enough to compel somebody on Twitter to send me a Direct Message telling me that my "attacks" were far worse than anything Sanford has done.


The big difference being that I don't go around condemning people for how they live their lives, then turn around and do that same shit. So, while I certainly sympathize with Sanford's family, that doesn't make the Governor any less a hypocritical asshole.

In similar news... suck it Perez Hilton. It's not that I am advocating violence, but when you make a living writing hateful things about people all day long... well, you reap what you sow.

In completely different news... I finally found time to unbox my new iPhone 3GS. To be honest, I don't consider it to be a critical hardware upgrade from the iPhone 3G. But I decided to go for it anyway because I find myself using the camera feature far more often than I ever thought I would, and the 2G/3G camera sucks major ass. Fortunately, the 3GS camera is far, far better. For one thing, it can do macro (close-up) photography very well...

iPhone Macro Flowers

iPhone Macro World Map

Compare that to the total shit that you get from the 2G/3G camera...

Shitty iPhone Macro Menu

But the thing I love most about the new 3GS camera is that you not only get selective one-tap focus... you can also choose where the camera meters the exposure. This is a massively huge improvement because it makes the camera is actually useful now.

In this scene, I tapped the bright white sign as the focus/exposure point to force a darker shot...

iPhone Scene Exposure

This time, I tapped the train in the background as the focus/exposure point to force a brighter shot...

iPhone Scene Exposure

By tapping around the scene for a medium value, I could get exactly the exposure I want. This is a far cry from the shitty 2G/3G camera which consistently shoots everything as murky and dark unless the lighting is perfect.

Finally, FINALLY, I have a viable camera with me at all times that I can rely on for decent photos! In addition, you can shoot and edit video with the 3GS... a nice bonus that I probably won't use much. There are also a few other new features, but unless you are wanting a better camera like I did, I don't know that it's worth the cost to upgrade.

Unless you're a government official and can pay for the upgrade using taxpayer money. An upgrade is always worth it when somebody else is paying.


  1. claire says:

    The exposure option demo’d in your pics is pretty cool.

  2. Ren says:

    Having finally used a couple of 3GSes (?) today, I find the enhanced performance to be a fairly compelling feature as well. Of course, as with pretty much all performance upgrades, it wouldn’t take long to become accustomed to the speed. The camera is probably a more lasting improvement.

  3. A Lewis says:

    I can’t believe that no one has commented until NOW! Maybe Dr. Laura should marry the freak. That’ll teach her. Oh, and they can rent rooms to Haggard, Coulter, Robertson…..oh, and yeah, that senator(?) from NV that just admitted the same little dick-poked-in-the-wrong-hold thing this week. Freaks. I’m just thankful/glad/elated/glee-filled that I’m outta that happy little “I’m beter than you because you’re a fag” club now.

  4. A Lewis says:

    Oh boy, look at me…on a Republican-cock-poker roll and forget to comment on the 3GS….as you well know, it’s my very first Apple product….and I couldn’t be happier. However, I do have to say that I’ve found the camera fantastic…..except that my old camera was even better….wtih complete photo-editing capabilities and even more. Nonetheless, I’m more than happy to be in the CULT!

  5. Dave2 says:

    There are some really cool and fairly inexpensive iPhone apps for editing photos and getting cool effects.

    My favorites are Photogene and Picoli and Camera Bag.

    If you buy just one, I’d probably get Photogene because it does the most and is pretty cheap at $2.99. 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    So that’s what your Maria tweet was about. Alright, then.

  7. whitenoise says:

    I never felt emotionally attached to a phone before my iPhone. Also, it was my first Apple product, an eye-opener. Anyway, one of the big improvements I’d like to see is more storage. 16GB just doesn’t cut it- I’m always deleting music in order to add new stuff. 64GB would be just about right. 😉

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince the taxpayers or anybody else to fund mine, so I won’t be getting an upgrade unless my wife develops iPhone lust and I’m able to spin this one down to her. Not likely. ;-(

  8. Robin says:

    Ah…hypocrisy at it’s best from the elephants. This entry (and the tweets yesterday) is why I heart you to death. Completely heart you. Seriously, can we make out? ::wink::

  9. Love it when a politician gets taken down. Let he who is without sin…… yadda yadda yadda.

    Glad the camera thing on your new 3GS is working out so well. I like to see quality shots of all the Hard Rocks you go to!

  10. Steve says:

    “Schadenfreude” is Germany’s best contribution to the English language. “Schadenfreude bliss” is a phrase I will remember always. Thanks. Steve in NH.

  11. Finn says:

    Someone thought your comments were worse than what Sanford did? Seriously? This mystifies me.

  12. ETinNY says:

    Maybe the R’s should consider realigning themselves with Buddhists instead of the religious-right. It’d certainly change their political tack and they might learn something about “instant karma”. Right now, the republican dominoes are falling faster than autumn leaves.

  13. christie says:

    Seriously? Somebody commented to those Tweets saying that hypocritical douche bag wasn’t as bad as your Tweets? Seriously!?
    What a dumbass.

    And hooray for new cameras!

  14. Now, what I’d love is a 128GB iPhone. That way I wouldn’t have to tart around my iPod and my phone everywhere I go. Having my entire music collection with me at all times is a *must* 😉 Still, when my contract is up in September, I’m prolly going to get a 3GS anyway. Or a Palm Pre. But most likely a 3GS.

  15. Amen.
    And looks like I’m convincing the Ty-man to get us 3GS iPhones.

    Damn you, Dave! Damn you to Hell!

  16. jodi says:

    worse than what Sanford had done to his family and the tax payers in his state? Really? Talk about a perverted sense of right and wrong.

  17. Sybil Law says:

    I agree with everything you said. Minus the phone, since I don’t have one. Maybe, though – your pics made me rethink it…. So, like CMG said – damn you!

  18. hypocrites sucks. especially in politics.

  19. That camera is a BIG improvement! I have a year until my contract is up, so I won’t be getting the 3GS anytime soon but I can dream.

    I love the Photogene app too and use it a lot! I haven’t used Camera Bag before, though. I might have to try that next.

  20. yellojkt says:

    That’s a cool exposure trick. I wish I could do it on my DSLR.

  21. Ren says:

    yellojkt – while not quite the same and with apologies if this is obvious, on a DSLR you generally achieve this by framing with the appropriate area in the center, half-pressing the shutter (and not releasing) and then re-framing for the shot. For better results, and if the camera supports it, enable spot-metering first.

  22. Just catching up and had to say . . . wtf is up with someone sending you a DM re: your hilarious comments on Twitter? A-holes. That’s all I got to say about that.

  23. martymankins says:

    As always, your spot on rant on the hypocritical nature of the those that promote “sanctity of marriage” while defiling it is preaching to this choir member.

    And it sounds like third time’s a charm for the iPhone camera.

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