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Last Updated on Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Dave!Hello! I'm Dave2 from Blogography!

This page is for those people who don't really know me, but still want to read my blog for some reason. Over the years I've received emails with questions about things people have read here, so I thought a FAQ was in order.

Having a blog started out as a way to keep in touch with friends around the world... to let them know what I'm up to, where I'm at, and what's on my mind. It never occurred to me that people I didn't know would want to read it. After all, aside from a bit of travel, I lead a fairly boring life.

Probably the most important thing I should tell you... really the only thing you need to know... is that this blog is not my life. It is just a reflection of a very small part of it. My real life is what is happening in-between the entries you'll find here. So, while you might come to know a part of me, this blog cannot really give you the whole picture of who I am. Let's face it, I am just not that talented of a writer.

Anyway, before getting to the questions, here's a few things you should know...

  • The opinions stated in this blog are my own, and are for entertainment only. Don't come crying to me if you read something here and, because of that, do something that causes you to lose your job, lose your money, lose your wife, or gain 20 pounds.
  • While I am not intentionally trying to offend anyone, there are people who will find this blog offensive. I am sorry about that and, if you are one of them, please leave. Don't read it. Don't send me email telling me how wrong I am or how stupid I am or how much you hate me... I don't mind a healthy debate and sharing of ideas but nastiness is just deleted.
  • I love to get email, but please do not be offended if I am not able to write back. There are times of the year when I am traveling constantly, and am either too busy or physically unable to check or write email. Hatemail is deleted, because life is just too short.

And now, time for some Q & A...


Q&A: Blogography


Dave!Where did you get the name "Blogography?" I was watching the excellent television show "Biography" as I was putting together this site. I thought "Blogography" would be a nifty name, and was surprised that the domain name was available. I've been told that there is another "Blogography" online that was started a year after mine by a bloke named Andy Budd. Since then, there have been dozens of sites using the name, mostly by photographers (or so it would seem).

Where did the little photos of you come from that are all around the site? They were given to me by my friend Meagan who created her own "Old-Time Photo Booth" using an iMac, a video camera, and a lot of creativity. They were taken throughout the year 2000, so they are a bit dated now.

Why don't you update Meagan's photos? Because Meagan moved away and took her booth with her. She has volunteered to give me the script to make my own new photos, so maybe I'll do that one day. More likely is that I'll just have new photos taken the next time I visit (it has been far too long!).

What blogging app runs Blogography? WordPress.

What software did you use to create your blog? Everything for Blogography was created on a Mac using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, TextMate, and Apple's Safari browser. All entries are made with MarsEdit by Red Sweater Software.

Can I link to your blog? Absolutely.

Will you link to my blog? Sorry, I don't have a link page or blogroll.

Can I advertise on Blogography? It would take an absurd amount of money for me to accept ads on my blog. If you have absurd amounts of money to spend, by all means contact me... my email address is on the sidebar of every page.

Can I re-post your entries or photos? In accordance with my Creative Commons license, you may re-post anything you find here so long as A) You attribute credit to, B) You don't alter or change anything, C) The site you're posting to is non-commercial (hey, if I'm not making money from my blog, nobody else gets to!).


Q&A: Personal


Dave!How old are you? Hmmm... I was born in 1966, so I'll let you do the math. Math is hard. And yes I know I still act like I'm 12.

Single? Married? Divorced? Single.

Gay? Straight? Bi? Straight.

Mac or Windows? Mac.

Vegetarian? Yes please.

What work do you do? I am a graphic designer.

Where are you from? I was born in southern California, but moved to central Washington State when I was 4 (and I am still here).

What are your hobbies? I like to travel, blog, and watch movies.

What is your religious affiliation? I was raised Catholic, but am currently striving to live my life according to Buddhist philosophies and have no religious affiliation.

What is your favorite music? I love 80's synth pop like Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, Erasure, Lightning Seeds, Flock of Seagulls, and all the rest. I have an unhealthy addiction to Matt & Kim. I can pretty much enjoy any music that isn't Country-Western or Opera.

What are your favorite films? There are so many... Field of Dreams, Cinema Paradiso, The Big Blue, The Matrix, Clerks, Creator, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Pulp Fiction, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 original), South Park, Undercover Blues, Office Space, The Terminator & T2, every single Marvel Studios movie, and Wonderboys to name a few.


Q&A: Etc.


Dave!What made you decide to grow a beard? While partying in Stockholm, I was involved in a karaoke accident that cut my chin up pretty good (yes alcohol was involved... don't ask). The cut has long-since healed, but now I am too lazy to shave it off.

Betty White? Seriously? Yes. Betty kicks ass! There is only one star I would rather meet over Betty White, and that's Elizabeth Hurley.

You speak Japanese? Not so much anymore... just enough to get by in simple conversation. Since I don't have the opportunity to practice much, I am not nearly as fluent as I once was.

Are you on Twitter or FaceBook or LinkedIn or any of those social networking sites? Probably. There's so many of them that I've made a list of those I'm registered at. Please note, however, that I do not regularly check in on MySpace, FaceBook, and all the rest because I don't have time. The best way to see what I'm doing is this blog or my DaveStalker page.


Q&A: Other Projects


Dave!Where can I find your Hard Rock Cafe journals? I gave them their own domain name at

What is THRICE Fiction? It's a fiction magazine I started with RW Spryszak in 2010. I am currently art director, which means I'm responsible for how it looks (and a lot of the artwork too). You can download copies for FREE at our website.

Where is Daveism? In case any of my old "Infinity" friends are reading this, I'm sorry to say that the site had to be taken down because of copyright hassles (always check your membership agreements when you join a club!). Hopefully I can get it straightened out one of these days (especially since Infinity is out of business).

What happened to Void Normal? The book was put on hold so that I could concentrate on more pressing matters. I hope to pick it up again one day but, sadly, it is growing increasingly unlikely.

Are you the same guy that did that "DaveWorld" thing? Yep, and I am still surprised that people remember it (for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, I once created a "virtual world" back when the Internet was young that was a bit popular back in the day).

Did anything ever come of "Davetopia"? The successor to DaveWorld was never completed. Maybe one day...

Sue's Ultimate Survivor HardCore League is gone? Yes, the eight of us decided to hang it up and move on.

Where is the New Cupidian's Network? After the best show ever to hit television was cancelled (Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall in Cupid), the site was put on hiatus. I will be reviving it one day in order to show support for a realease of this excellent series on DVD or iTunes.

Are you still in contact with the guys from "Z-Buffer"? A few of them on occasion, but not really. It was a good idea at the time, but we've long since put those days behind us.

Why did you stop Critical Duck Films? The partnership I had for this venture fell through because we both wanted very different things out of the endeavor. I still own the name, however, and may bring it back if a tempting project comes my way. I wish Peter (my Critical Duck co-founder) only the very best, and still chat with him from time to time.

Did you abandon Daveology? Far from it. That project is very much alive, I just haven't had the time to convert it over to the new site.



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