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Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Dave!Michael Jackson has died. I was not a big fan.

It's not that his music (hee!) was bad or that his songs sucked... it's just that (hoooo!) he felt the need to (shimone!) inject stupid-ass (hee-heeeeeee!) grunts, groans, squeals, screeches, yells, and (WOOOOOoo HOO!) "shimones"... whatever the fuck that was... into every (unnnh!) fucking (heeeee!) song. I absolutely (wheee-HEEEE!) HATED that shit. It was impossible for me to (shimone!) get into the song with all those (hoooo! shimone! hee heeeeee! unnnhhh!) interruptions.

But the guy was Captain Eo, and I suppose that counts for something.

I thought Captain Eo was totally awesome when visiting Disneyland in the late 80's...

DAVETOON: Lil' Dave as Captain Eo

During the height of Michael's big trial, I was commissioned to do a drawing of him for an online magazine, which was a difficult assignment. At the time, Michael was looking his freakiest...


But the Disney whore in me wanted to remember him looking like this...


And that's how I'll always try to remember him now.

Sadly eclipsed by the Michael Jackson news has been the death of another icon from my puberty... Farrah Fawcett...

Monkey Farrah

Yes. Bad Monkey is a big fan from way back. Some of my readers, however? Not so much.

Meanwhile, Betty White is still alive. And still awesome.


  1. Howard says:

    I’ve been listening to Jacko tonight whilst playing WoW. Yeah, I’m geeky like that. “Rock With You” was playing whilst I was reading this and he never once hooted, grunted or shot his wad on the microphone in that song. Maybe that why I think Off The Wall is such a great album.

  2. Faiqa says:

    Heh. I really like his music. But, you know, I don’t have what many would consider very cool taste in music.

    That first representation of him is extremely accurate, despite the fact that it smacks of Modernist art where nothing looks real… that face is also what keeps me from feeling genuine grief over his death. Because that guy in the *second* picture died a long time. I’ve been mourning that for a while now.

  3. yellojkt says:

    A lot of guys of a certain age owe Farrah with their awakening. I like the fact that it was just a bit chilly when that photo was taken.

  4. kapgar says:

    Bad Farrah? NO. Very, VERY GOOD Farrah.

    And a Farrah who will be missed.

  5. Tina says:

    Heee Heee! Love it! Shimone! You so BAD!

  6. Jonathan says:

    I am still shocked by MJ’s death — totally caught off guard. Sadly, I wonder how many of the younger generation (teenagers) realize that there was a fun, popular MJ before the MJ of lawsuits and financial woe?

    As for Farrah … Seems like the news outlets couldn’t wait to cover her death, particularly around the time that her NBC documentary aired. At last, she can rest.

  7. John says:

    : ) You captured Michael’s vocal improv perfectly (shimone!), your drawing rocks, as do Farrah’s nipples (circa 1975).

    I wish them both peace now.

  8. Finn says:

    Now why couldn’t he have stayed Captain Emo? He looked just like Janet back then.

    Poor Farrah. She got upstaged on her final performance.

    And Betty White is AWESOME. Now I want to go find MTM reruns…

  9. Sybil Law says:

    Oh the old Michael stuff, he mostly do a “whOOO” noise, and it seemed fitting. Anything after Thriller basically sucked!
    And Farrah -oh, I remember that poster. Who doesn’t?!

  10. even as a young female i was struck my farrah and her physical beauty. then i got a little older and saw her acting in the burning bed. it was then that i realized that even gorgeous women made stupid decisions about who they dated/married, but they could still triumph. love that woman.

    michael jackson? i just don’t fucking care about his passing. cold? perhaps. but true.

    p.s. i am rather impressed with your online magazine drawing.

  11. christie says:

    I wll always remember MJ as 80s (black) Michael.

    Betty White rules…

  12. ETinNY says:

    Gotta agree with you 100% on MJ’s ‘vocal interjections’ to his songs, Dave. The crotch-grabbing thing irritated the hell outta me, too. It’s a shame that having all the talent in the world won’t save you if you’re rich, don’t have enough sense, and surround yourself with sycophants.

    Too bad about Farrah, too. She was a fox and even made my gay little heart go pitter-pat.

  13. claire says:

    I liked MJ when I was in elementary school. Thriller was probably the 1st album (vinyl!) I bought. Scored some cool points by being the first 4th grader in my class to figure out how to moonwalk.

    Bad was ok, but I lost interest even before the trial/scandals. Kinda surprised by how much people seem to be upset by his passing.

    RIP, Farrah.

  14. Oh, I KNEW we were soul mates! My whole reason for going to Epcot as a kid (9th grade – remember it well) was to watch Captain EO until the Disney employees drug me out of the Imagination building.


  15. Robin says:

    MJ died? CNN should give that more coverage.

  16. Hilly says:

    Wow, I must be one of the only people that loves his little interjections. Shimone, heehee…and stuff. I don’t know why but they always tickled me a little bit but then again, I’m a freak like that.

  17. Michelle M. says:

    I agree – all that hee hee, shimone business was very irritating.

    And no Farrah DaveToon?

  18. StephanieP says:

    I agree that the King of Pop died twenty years ago. That’s why this is so easy to bear.
    How awesome is it that Betty White has outlived so many?!

  19. That drawing is so cool, Dave. Very impressive!

    And this post was really funny 🙂 (Woooohoooo!)

  20. jewelz916 says:

    I was definitely more bummed about Farrah passing away than Psycho Miko. Both of them were icons…but MJ freaked me out, whereas Farrah made me want to get great highlights. And Ed McMahon…is nobody mourning him?

  21. martymankins says:

    Captain EO needs to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray. I’d buy it.

    I was not a big MJ fan, but do remember being blown away by the entire production of “Thriller” For me, his music from that album will stand the test of time.

  22. NaysWay says:

    I tried not to laugh at this but I am dying! (no pun intended) I’ve been listening to his music more since his death and can pinpoint when he started that crap, but WHY is the question. Did someone say, “Hey, Mike, you know what this song is missing?”

    So funny.

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