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Last Updated on Friday, January 20th, 2012

Dave!I'll be the first to admit it, a lot of the stuff you'll find here is crap. I try to write something for my blog every day, and most of the time it ends up being rambling nonsense. But every once in a while a clever bit escapes, and I've gathered a few of them here for your reading pleasure. I've also added entries that are not necessarily great, but are popular results for Google searches and people linking to them. Enjoy!

Favorite Twenty Entries: General Wackiness...

  1. Toothpaste. One of Dave's favorite entries.
  2. Leather Jackets. A close second.
  3. Lame! Dave's fake internet quiz results.
  4. Wipe. Paranoia over buying toilet paper in bulk.
  5. Salad. Nothing quite like finding a severed penis in your salad.
  6. Daveland. It's the Daveiest Place on Earth!
  7. Barbie. Good parenting means dressing up your little girl like a hooker?
  8. Intelligence. Dave vs. Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  9. Love. Why a PowerBook is better than a girlfriend.
  10. Superhero. Dave becomes a super-hero trading card game.
  11. Ride. Probably my favorite series of DaveToons to date.
  12. Cavity. A close second.
  14. Hotness. The measuring stick for true hotness is here.
  15. Millionaire. I dare you to send me a million dollars!
  16. Stevenote. The keynote Steve Jobs should have given at MacWorld.
  17. Monument. Who deserves it more than I do?
  18. Hartford. Sell postcards? Better sell the stamps as well bitch.
  19. Out! Firefox out of the closet!
  20. Pleasurable. Introducing the ultimate in sexual safety and pleasure.

Favorite Fifteen Entires: Travel...

  1. Chicago. I blog a day in my life of travel.
  2. Wings. Pretty pictures in flight.
  3. Rome Walk. Wandering around the Eternal City.
  4. Fleet Week. Pretty New York photos at night.
  5. Beijing Wall Redux. Visiting The Great Wall of China and Beijing Forbidden City.
  6. Santorini. Photographing one of the most breathtaking cities on earth.
  7. Disney World. See the whole world without leaving the USA!
  8. Nottingham 100! Dave's 100th Hard Rock visit.
  9. Barcelona. Geese have entered the cathedral.
  10. Wisconsin. Explaining Wisconsin to non-Wisconsians.
  11. Seoulful. Two days in Seoul and room for only seven shots on my camera.
  12. Bryce. The breathtaking splendor of Bryce Canyon.
  13. Ode. Bad poetry from a weary traveler.
  14. Lisbon. A day in Portugal's capital city.
  15. Warsaw Part 1 and Warsaw Part 2 A short trip to Poland's wonderful capital city.

Favorite Five Entries: Rants...

  1. McWeather. Clipping your fingernails in public places is punishable by death.
  2. Who asked you, bitch? Dave battling for boobies and public decency!
  3. Stripped. Defending a woman's right to get naked for money!
  4. Flag. True patriotism or political distraction?
  5. Chewable. Chew with your mouth closed, dumbass!

Five Most Googled Entries...

  1. List. Dave's list of things to do before you die (that he's already done).
  2. Gunther! The Pleasureman cometh and brings boobies with him.
  3. SNL Harry Potter. Linsey Lohan's boobies star in a classic SNL sketch.
  4. Look, Boobies on TV! Janet Jackson's boobies star in the Super Bowl.
  5. Logan. Logan makes a play for Veronica Mars boobies.

Dave Interviews...

  • Totally! Interview for The Blurred Line Blog by Cavan Terrill.
  • Interview. Interview for Blog Nation Nihon by Sachiko.



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