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Pfizer Booster Super Anti-COVID Powers Activate!

Posted on Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Dave!I qualified for the Pfizer booster shot and I leapt on it like a starving lion.

Ever since they announced that the Pfizer vaccine lacked the long-term protection that Moderna offered, I was waiting for my chance. Don't get me wrong... it still does a great job of protecting you from death... it's just that breakthrough cases for the vaccinated can have harsher symptoms than expected. And "harsher symptoms" are something I can't really afford to risk.

And so, I made the appointment at the local clinic's drive-through site (a fiasco in itself, that I'll write about below).

For my previous vaccinations, I went to the mass-vaccination site. For my first dose, barely anybody was there. For my second dose, nobody was there. But at the smaller clinic drive-through, there were at least a dozen people getting shooted. That was unexpected and nifty.

My vaccination card along with my filled out questionnaire to get my booster.

I can hear it now... “Holy shit, dude! You’re stupid enough to get a THIRD vaccination? You’re going to die for sure now!” — Which is what I’m guessing all the people who said I’d be dead by September after my initial vaccination are going to say. Because of course.



And now for the absolute absurdity it took to confirm my appointment (which I made by phone this morning).

Holy crap I wish Confluence Health would move away from MyChart.

It is the most inanely frustrating system to deal with. Nothing makes sense.

They send me an email to check in for my appointment. I click on the checkin link button. I then get taken to their website WHERE THEY WANT ME TO VERIFY THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT THEY JUST SENT THE CHECKIN LINK TO?!? WHAT THE FUCK?!? And so I click the link to be sent a code that verifies my email... AND IT NEVER COMES. So, essentially, I can't check in as requested by email because they can't verify the email? And I know that if I call tech support the solution will be "check your spam folder." It's always "check your spam folder." Like people don't already know to do that by now. And it's not just MyChart. The Confluence Health website is shit too. Wanna login to MyChart? Well, first you have to scroll down and find the MyChart link. Then you go to the MyChart page and have to scroll all the way down the page for the "LOG IN TO MYCHART" link. Why not just put that fucking link at the top of the home page so people don't have to do all this work? Or, better yet, PUT THE LOGIN AT THE TOP OF THE FRONT FUCKING PAGE! They want you to use MyChart to save on staffing costs, but make it a hassle to do so. Which begs the questions... does anybody at Confluence Health use this shit themselves? Of course not. If they did then it would be a hell of a lot less shitty.

At least one would hope so.

Oh well. I finally got my booster.

I'm assuming that since a ton of people aren't getting fucking vaccinated that COVID will continue to mutate in the anti-vax people and we'll have to get annual boosters like the flu vaccine to handle that shit.

Which ain't fun, but it beats sucking on a tube of horse dewormer.

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  1. I’m probably going to have cancel to my cruise out of Florida early next year and probably lose thousands of $$$ all because too many ignorant and brainwashed Americans won’t get the damned vaccine, not to mention I’d be bankrupted if I had to be hospitilised in America cause travel insurance certainly won’t cover that crap. Le sigh. Booster shots still a way off here, altho apparently Canberra is at 99% with at least first dose. !

    • Dave2 says:

      Yeah… Australian leadership seems to be doing a much better job of taking the pandemic seriously and getting out real information on the vaccines. Though I have seen video of some real nutters in Australia too, so I guess ignorance is everywhere. — Doesn’t your cruise have travel cancelation as an option? For the longest time I thought that’s how cruise lines were getting people to book a trip. You can just say “Oops, Delta is rampant so it’s too dangerous for me and I’d like to cancel.” — Some lines would give credit for a future cruise if they didn’t accept cancelation outright, so you might check?

      • Oh there’s definitely nutters here too, but I think just not as many of them.

        The cruise is actually by a smaller company doing a charter so it’s not that simple, and yes I’ve tried. My only hope is it will sell out and they’ll consider reselling our cabin.

  2. Christopher J Stogdill says:

    I do not understand all the reluctance to get the COVID-19 vaccine from people who otherwise have no qualms about vaccinations. They downplay COVID-19 in an of itself, which I kind of get, after all it is literally “just” the flu. I’m not going to debate the dangerousness of this strain ’cause that’s a bit off-topic, BUT a lot of the people I’ve seen and am referring to generally are quick to dismiss the severity of this strain. So this group thinks the virus isn’t that big of a deal, but thinks the vaccine is, but also generally doesn’t have a problem with “regular” annual flu vaccines.

    My internal monologue practically screams, “Why are you ok with taking vaccines every year that is a guess for the strain of flu that you’ll get exposed to but not a specific vaccine for a specific strain of the flu known to be making the rounds? Do you truly believe that THIS vaccine is so fundamentally different than the ones you’ve been taking?”

    • Dave2 says:

      So many of the people I know don’t get the flu vaccine either. I used to be one of those people who stopped because I didn’t feel it was necessary (after taking it for years). Then one year my doctor asked me if I had it yet… when I told him “no,” he said “Well, that’s up to you… but thousands of people in your age bracket die from the flu each year, so you might want to rethink that.” — And I was all “DID YOU JUST CALL ME OLD?!?” — But then I got a new grand-nephew, and was happy to start getting the flu shot again. Small price to pay if it can keep him from catching it because I was selfish.

  3. Julia says:

    Have you not seen the numerous articles that advise against posting your vaccine card? Here’s an example:

    • Dave2 says:

      Interesting! In general, this is absolutely correct… it’s wise to protect your personal information. I read the article (thank you for the link!) but am not sure where the problem is? Perhaps my card is different than the one they talk about? My birthday is public knowledge. There’s no Social Security Number on it. The vaccine lot numbers are not uniquely identifying to me. I already received a second (and now third) dose. And HIPPA protection dropping for being vaccinated doesn’t alarm me because the government and doctors and scientists are the ones advising to get it, so the ramification would seem moot? And I willingly handed it over in Hawaii when they requested to see it, which is the point of having it, so if somebody wanted my birthday and lot numbers, they could release that information. I probably shouldn’t post it… but I’ve never been that smart!

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