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Bullet Sunday 179

Posted on Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Dave!Oops! I almost forgot about Bullet Sunday! It's been a very busy weekend.

• Volcanic? The eruption of Mt. Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland and subsequent blanketing of all Europe with ash has disrupted air travel on a massive scale... including mine. Everybody's schedule has been hopelessly screwed and their travel plans postponed indefinitely since nobody knows when the eruption will subside. Worst case scenario has the action intensifying, causing the nearby Katia volcano to erupt as well. If that happens, planes will make their decision to fly from day to day based on weather patterns, and nobody will be able to plan for anything. At the very worst, travel could be mostly trains and ships around Europe for a long while. On the other hand, this could all blow over tomorrow.

But no matter what happens, I am saddened by people saying things like "I hate Iceland" and "Iceland just ruined my vacation" or whatever. Even if the country of Iceland didn't exist, that volcano would still be there. So hate on the volcano, not the country it happens to be erupting on. It's no more Iceland's fault now than it was Washington State's fault when Mt. St. Helens erupted. I've been lucky enough to have visited Reykjavik, and found everybody there to be friendly and kind to visitors. Certainly they're not deserving of such ill-will for something that's not their fault. Besides, karma dictates it could be your country next.

• Good Beaver? Ever wonder what Lil' Dave would look like if I were Canadian? Wonder no longer...

Lil' Dave and Bad Beaver

Yes, things are gearing up for TequilaCon 2010 quite nicely. Just six more days...

• Airfix? For well over a decade I've been combing the internet looking for information on an artist named "Satori" who was responsible for some of my favorite album covers in the 80s. I first noticed them for the Thompson Twins' Into The Gap album, where they turned the band's logo into a map...

Satori Thompson Twins Map

And of course there was that beautifully haunting cover for Dead or Alive's Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know with Pete Burns staring at you with those black-on-black eyes...

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

And of course there were those genius covers for a little band called Def Lepard...

Def Lepard Hysteria Cover

This week "Satori" came up in an email conversation, and I Googled them just to see if anything new had popped up. Turns out that there has been something new... "Satori" was just a studio name for Andie Airfix. Not only does Andie now have a personal site where you can purchase some of his amazing work, BUT HE HAS AN AWESOME BLOG called "B*b G#ld*f Stole My Sunglasses?"

No joke... if you have even a passing interest in 80's music (or graphic design), you must visit Andie's blog. It's filled with genius stories featuring Grace Jones, Thompson Twins, Pete Burns, Def Lepard and more. I've read through his every entry twice and will undoubtedly read them all again. Great stuff.

Meh. I suppose I should probably try and get some sleep now. Who knows... one of these nights I might actually get lucky.


  1. Mik says:

    Dang, when you mentioned Airfix, I thought you were going to feature the Airfix plastic models kits I made as a kid.

    • Dave2 says:

      Ah, sorry. I loved those models too! Though most of the ones I remember were “Revell” models, as that’s the only brand that my local drug store carried.

  2. Christine says:

    I don’t actually have anything to say about today’s post. I just wanted to share this link in case you hadn’t seen it.

    • Dave2 says:

      Oh yes! I have a “Google News Alert” for Betty. Any time “Betty White” hits, I get an email telling me about it! That album cover was pretty sweet (though I wish John Ritter wasn’t micro-sized, as he looks positively bizarre on that horse body!).

  3. Avitable says:

    Did you see Kristen Wiig as Bjork on SNL’s cold open this week? It was excellent.

  4. Karl says:

    Man, I wish I could make it to TequilaCon this year. Gonna miss you guys. Good thing TC isn’t in Europe, I guess.

    • Dave2 says:

      True dat! Sorry you won’t be at TequilaCon… things are shaping up to be truly epic, and there’s some amazing people coming! Maybe next year?

  5. A. Lewis says:

    Did you really say “blow over” and “good beaver” in the same post? Honestly now.

    • Dave2 says:

      Okay… the “good beaver” quip was intended to be a double entendre riff on “Bad Monkey”… but the “blow over” line was a perfectly innocent allusion to wind patterns shifting and Europe being ash free!

      Or so I would have you believe…

  6. RW says:

    I have always wanted to go to Iceland. Always. I still may someday.

    • Dave2 says:

      I only went to Reykjavik but was suitably impressed. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to get out into the wilds and see the countryside (there are some breathtaking photos out there!)… one day I hope to return and do just that.

  7. Sybil Law says:

    I’m disappointed that my friend can’t fly home with her baby, because of the volcano, but even she doesn’t hate Iceland! People are so stupid.
    LOVING Andie’s blog. Yay! Thanks.

  8. Wow, I’d totally forgotten about that Dead Or Alive album. I think I prefer Youthquake over Mad Bad… though. Bugger, must must must get around to ripping my vinyl collection.

  9. Poppy says:

    I love the volcano. Volcanos are awesome to me. And I mean “awesome” with emphasis on the “awe”.

  10. delmer says:

    I’m pretty sure Obama is responsible for the volcano erupting. Rush said so… God’s mad about Health Care Reform or something and thought he’d disrupt air traffic.

  11. karla says:

    Crap. I just posted “I hate ICeland’ on my facebook and now I feel guilty, having just read your post.

    But dammit, I’m so OVER this. I have spent 2 days (days that I sorely need to do other stuff) just trying to get two coworkers back to Oslo. They call me and text me constantly for help and I am so trying to help but God it’s just awful. I’m stressed and tired, and then I saw that people from Iceland were having no problems travelling and it pissed me off.

    I don’t know if I’m madder at Eurocontrol for closing the airspace, the God Lokki for making the frigging volcano explode, or what, but it needs to STOP now so I can have my life back.

  12. whall says:

    I blame Obama for the volcanic eruption and the international disruption. You see, it’s kind of secret, but really what he did was fake blow up a volcano (like Bush blew up the levies in New Orlands to kill black people), so he could do a run-through of what the impact of international travel interruptions would be. He could learn of people’s back-up plans so he could better thwart them when he takes over in July.

    Wait, did I say Obama? I meant Airfax. Yeah, it’s Airfax’s fault.

    Wait, Airfix. See? AIR FIX?!?!?! IT ALL TIES IN!

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