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Bullet Sunday 168

Posted on Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Dave!It's Bullet Sunday! And I'm not feeling very well. Waah!

• Betty! It is no secret that I love Betty White. She's a monster talent, and I've said many times that Betty White should guest-star on every television show because everything is better with Betty. I will literally watch anything that has Betty White in it, even crappy soap operas. I am a huge, huge, fan...

Betty & Dave

Given all that, I couldn't be happier that she won a well-deserved lifetime achievement award at the SAG Awards. As usual, she was 100% classy and funny as hell...

Not only should Betty White be in every television show, she should also win all the awards. Knowing that she has no plans to stop working at 88 years old is the cherry on the top of my day. Now if only she'd be cast as a vampire on the next Twilight movie, I may actually end up watching it.

• Flash! For those viewing my site on their iPhone, they'll be dismayed that the above video won't work because it uses Adobe Flash to play the movie. Yes, it's a bummer... but, like most every other major website on the planet, Funny or Die is working on an iPhone app to display their media content. So, while this is a temporary stumbling block, eventually there will be a solution for iPhone/iPod/iPad users that doesn't rely on the resource-sucking pile of buggy crap that's Flash. I can live with that. Next up, Hulu.

• Who?!? Before the Grammys, I had never heard of "Lady Antebellum" before. This isn't too surprising considering that I can't stand country music, but it is still disturbing to me, because it means I am completely out of touch with popular music...

Lady Antebellum Photo

Yes, I'm the guy watching the Grammys wishing that Taylor Swift would shut up so I can hear Stevie Nicks sing. It has nothing to do with Taylor Swift... I don't even know who she is other than she hosted SNL once. Stevie, on the other hand, is a long-time favorite whom I've followed both in Fleetwood Mac and her solo career. Meh. This is just great. I suppose it's only a matter of time before I'm yelling at kids to stay off my lawn and bitching about the price of a candy bar. When did this happen?

• Obama? I've made no secret of my growing disappointment with President Obama. As a politician, I knew he would end up being full of shit... but I had no idea he'd be so blatant about it. The whole lack of transparency and classified status his administration put on the ACTA bullshit has me furious. Staffing his administration with FUCKING LOBBYISTS after he made a massive display about how heinously evil it is while he was campaigning REALLY pisses me off. But my biggest problem has nothing to do with broken promises... Obama's a politician first and I expect that... no, what bothers me is the complete lack of balls from his administration. I may have hated the misguided legislation that President Bush rammed through, but I had to respect him for sticking to his agenda. But Obama is too busy trying to avoid hurting feelings than to push through anything. As if that weren't bad enough, the Democrats in office are a bunch of pussies who are too busy playing politics to do their fucking jobs. It's all so embarrassing. And while Republicans are busy playing politics of their own by publicly attacking Obama at every turn, I can't help but imagine that they are secretly ecstatic that he's proven to be so ineffectual a president.

So imagine my surprise when President Obama did one of the ballsiest things since President Clinton decided to get a Lewinsky in the Oval Office. On Friday he appeared at the House Republican retreat in Baltimore to speak... and take questions from hostile Republicans who seem to despise him and everything he does. It doesn't matter if you love Obama or hate him, it's worth a look (if you'd rather read it, there's a transcript over at Huffington Post)...

Wow. It's as if the president we elected finally realized he's actually the President of the United States of America. Next thing you know, he's going to come out and say: "For a year I've been trying to be all bipartisan and shit, but you Conservatives hate me no matter how hard I try to include you, so FUCK THAT. Starting tomorrow, health care reform is DONE. And if any of you Democrats try and fuck with me and my plan, I'll pop a cap in your ass. I'm using my majority and it's just DONE. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get to work on a list of promises I have to keep... we'll be doing this again next week."

Obama Action Figure: PISTOL!!

It used to be that I was happy to have a president who could actually form coherent sentences. Turns out that now all I want is a president I can respect. If the Q&A session with the Republicans on Friday is any indication, Obama might just start getting it.

And now I suppose I should get some sleep. I only worked a half-day today, so I've got a lot of ground to make up in the morning.


  1. Hilly Sue says:

    We were just talking about Betty White’s badassery the other night! Also? I ALWAYS think Taylor Swift needs to STFU. There’s no cupcake to her music; it’s all frosting. Lamesauce frosting, that is.

    • Dave2 says:

      Well, Taylor Swift certainly has her fans… her albums sell like hotcakes! I’m just not one of them, and really, really don’t care for her music. Especially if her live performance is any indication of what it sounds like.

      Maybe one day she’ll grow up and discover her inner cupcake, but for now I am completely mystified as to how she managed to beat out her competition for the Grammy.

  2. RW says:

    Stevie Nicks has a voice like geese farts on a muggy day.

    • Dave2 says:

      Well, that’s certainly one opinion. Though, in hard-core criticism of Stevie Nicks, I prefer the “South Park” approach where they mistook a goat for Stevie. She DOES sound like a goat! I just happen to like it.

  3. martymankins says:

    I’m really hoping that Obama has finally woken up and realize most of the GOP hate him and is really to grab his crotch and tell them all to go fuck themselves for holding back progress. Obama gets the blame for holding back, too, but if this GOP retreat is an indicator that he’s ready to fight, I’m ready to support him like I did in Nov 2008.

    You have a signed photo from Betty White? That’s cool.

    • Dave2 says:

      I’m hopeful but doubtful that Obama will channel his inner Bush and start ramming through his policies without regard to opposition. Even during the Q&A he was incredibly diplomatic while firmly expressing his position. As we’ve seen, this doesn’t go anywhere and only makes him hated on BOTH sides of the fence. His speech (which is also worth a look) made it sound as though he understands that bipartisan politics in the hate-filled arena of US government is impossible… but he needs to BELIEVE it and go for broke (after carefully considering all his options and plans from both parties).

  4. metalmom says:

    I’ll pop a cap in your ass. I’m using my majority and it’s just DONE.

    OMG! Wouldn’t that just be the best thing to ever happen in the history of mankind??? I could die a happy death!!

  5. Finn says:

    I cannot tell you how happy your love of Betty makes me. She’s what I want to be when I grow up.

    • Dave2 says:

      She’s what I want to be when I grow up too… well, not physically (though she’s in great shape!)… I just hope I can have that kind of grace, humility, humor, and presence when I’m 88!

  6. Faiqa says:

    (1) Love Betty White, always have (2) Lady Antebellum? Attempts to glorify this nation’s slaveholding past on the part of people with no concept of history just irritates the ever loving crap out of me. I prefer my ladies “post-bellum”, thankyouverymuch (3) Obama really impressed me in that Q&A, as well. I completely agree with your assessment of his presidency thus far.

    • Dave2 says:

      (1) That’s because you have good taste! (2) I suppose it falls on what your interpretation of the name means. Yes, “antebellum” refers to the USA pre-Civil War, but there were other things besides slavery in those times. From what I’ve read, the band got the name from looking at a book with “antebellum architecture,” and just thought it sounded cool. But who knows for sure? (3) In my humble opinion, President Obama is a one-term president if things don’t start happening soon. The only way he can overcome the rampant hatred being dished from so many Conservatives (not to mention the non-stop the lies being fed from FOX News) is to actually make the changes he promised so people can decide for themselves if they make their lives better or worse. You can’t talk about stuff for four years and count on reelection to implement them. Right now, even I wouldn’t vote for Obama.

  7. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s this year, well, probably because I forgot they were even on. But the never ending parade of bands/acts that I just go “who?” to is ever increasing. Getting older or music industry getting crappier? Kind of on the fence about that one.

  8. josh says:

    A) Betty White is adorz!

    B) Taylor Swift is sooooooo good. She might not have sang too hot at the show, but her album is great and deserved winning the top prize! <3

    3) *Grammys

    • Dave2 says:

      A) Everybody adorz Betty White! She’s both badass AND super sweet at the same time!

      B) I guess I’ll have to give it a listen. The problem is that I don’t much care for country music, so I’m not sure I’m her target audience.

      3) *Oscars?

      • josh says:

        Bingo! No apostrophe! (sorry, I was an English major)

        • Dave2 says:

          Oh sure, throw THAT in my face! Hmmm… I thought it was possessive rather than plural, but since you’re an English major, I suppose I have to trust you on that. Okay… I’ve now gone to the herculean effort of removing the apostrophe’s* from my entry.

          * heh!

  9. what does the autograph from the lovely and talented ms. white say?

  10. John says:

    Flash is great for animating, but I agree, it sucks ass on every other level.

  11. Sybil Law says:

    Love Betty White! Golden Girls is still a kickass show to watch.
    My kid loves Taylor Swift. That kid’s got some talent (um, Taylor), but I’d rather not listen to her.
    I think I should become a lobbyist to make sure Obama puts some caps in some asses. That would be AWESOME.

  12. muskrat says:

    I missed the first hour and last hour, but the middle part of the Grammys was a big old disappointment. The last couple of years have had some good pairings for the live music. This year, not so much.

    I liked “The Golden Girls” a lot.

    I don’t love our President, but we folks who wear the uniform are not allowed to criticize the Command In Chief, so I don’t. But I’m glad I live somewhere where others can do it freely.

  13. delmer says:

    Up until the Kahn-yay (I’m not sure how to spell it and don’t care enough to Google for it Kane? Kanye?) incident I thought Taylor Swift was a guy. Turns out I was thinking of Taylor Hicks.


  14. MIke says:

    I have posted my favorite Betty White skit on my blog. Comes from long ago off the Carol Burnett show. I thought you would enjoy.

    My family was A LOT like this, by the way. Only take out the funny parts.

  15. Enrico says:

    I love Betty White, love Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” (their CD is currently #1 in America!) and LOVE LOVE LOVE Stevie Nicks. I love T. Swift too, but I don’t think anyone will top Stevie in my heart.

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