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Caturday 283

Posted on November 12th, 2022

Dave!My cats have been more than a little upset about being trapped in my bedroom while workers are here to tear apart my home and take all my money. I can honestly say that I'm not a fan of it either.

Jenny is outright pissed. She meows at me to let me know exactly what's on her mind, then avoids me like the plague for hours.

Jake is tougher to figure out because he bounces back from it quicker. I know he's upset... but then he will climb up next to me on the bed, shit down, then hang out for a while. But he still has attitude...

Jake looking up at me while sitting down getting pets.

Jake sitting down staring out into space.

This week it was especially great, because some birds fighting outside distracted him from his morning ass-wiping...

Jake looking up surprised.

I'd show you a photo of Jenny, but she's still holding a grudge.

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Caturday 282

Posted on November 5th, 2022

Dave!This is not Saturday. It's Sunday. Because I knew that I had the end of Daylight Saving Time to deal with. This is the worst day of the year for my cats, because meals will now be served an hour later until Daylight Saving Time comes back.

But on top of DST ending... we also had our first real snow. This is always entertaining because my cats forget what snow is since the snow left the last time. Jenny takes longer to warm up to it than Jake, who was right outside being fascinated...

The drama around breakfast not happening when expected eventually passed, and all was forgiven when Jake and Jenny decided to hang out while I was working...


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Caturday 281

Posted on October 29th, 2022

Dave!The cats have put up with a lot these past weeks. A lot of strangers coming and going as I have work done and repairs made. Even pre-pandemic when I had a steady stream of visitors, they were having none of it. And now, after years of lockdown, they're even more nervous about strangers as they were before.

The good news is that Jake and Jenny always recover fairly quickly. 20 minutes after everybody leaves, they're down investigating what happened while they were hiding in my closet upstairs.


There's paper on the floor to protect the hardwood outside my bathroom. Knowing my cats would be curious, I dropped a towel over the edge so they would leave it alone.

At least that was the plan. Jake pulled the towel back while Jenny ripped the paper up...

I could be upset about it, but then Jenny comes running to snuggle up next to me, looks up at me with that sour little face, and there's just no way I can be mad...

Jenny being adorable.

Though getting then to snuggle against me is getting tougher and tougher as it gets colder and they want to spend all their time on the warming pads...

I'm not offended in the least. Them liking the warming pads saves me a fortune in heating costs over the winter.

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Caturday 280

Posted on October 22nd, 2022

Dave!To say that this past week has been a trying time for my cats is a huge understatement. And they never let me forget it.

Fortunately, as of yesterday, they have the run of the house again... save for the downstairs guestroom, which has been used as storage for all the crap in my kitchen while it was being repaired and the cupboard frames repainted.

They are not happy about this.

They are not happy at all about this.

Jake squawks at the door on occasion, but it's Jenny who is beside herself with rage about the fact that there is a room denied her. She meows at the door. She comes and meows at me. She paces in front of the door for 10 minutes. Then she sits in front of it for ten minutes. Then she starts meowing again. She is NOT a happy camper.

Because she's not used to being denied anything.

Meanwhile upstairs...

I still haven't moved the second water fountain back to the kitchen. This morning there was a line. Jake waited patiently while Jenny tested the water...

Jenny dipping her paw in the water fountain while her brother waits.

Examined the room...

Jenny looking around while her brother waits.

And looked like she was going to puke in the bowl...

Jenny with her paw over the bowl while her face is in the bowl while her brother waits.

Then he finally couldn't sit through any more of this nonsense and crowded his way in after five minutes. Five minutes!

Jake crowds in next to Jenny to drink... AT LAST!

But, hey. Any time they're not trying to get in the guestroom is a good time!


The Great Cat Barrier 3.0

Posted on October 20th, 2022

Dave!My cats have always just run and hid when people are over. I've tried really hard to slowly introduce them to people who are not me, but they won't have any of it. Any time somebody is over, they run and hide in the storage closet in my bedroom that's behind my clothes closet. Eventually I just propped the door open so Jake and Jenny could have a safe space whenever they wanted it.

On Monday I just left my bedroom door open. There's no need to close it because my cats will never come downstairs while the workers are here. Especially with all the noise they were making.

But what I didn't count on? Lunchbreaks.

When the workers went to lunch, Jake wandered downstairs. Then when the workers returned, he didn't run back upstairs... but instead ran out in the catio. Where he stayed the rest of the day until the workers left at 5:30 (I went out and put a litter box out there just in case).

After that, I just closed my bedroom door so they couldn't leave. I already had their auto-feeders and one of their Litter-Robots in there, so they were set. Except they stayed in the closet the entire time and only came out to eat and use the litter box when I'd sit in there with them.

I don't want them licking the primer off the cabinets... but they are going absolutely bonkers trapped in my bedroom. So I decided to build a kinda barricade to keep them out of the kitchen...

Cat Barrier 1.0

Let's see if you can figure out how long it took Jenny to figure out a way around it, shall we?

A) 5 minutes
B) 2 minutes
C) Literally seconds... you have a ladder for them to climb right over it, dumbass!

The answer is, of course, C. And yes, I am not smarter than my cats and a total dumbass. Jake followed immediately after his (much) smarter sister figured it out.

My second attempt was to wrap the ladder in plastic, which seemed to work great...

Cat Barrier 2.0

Last night I just moved and re-taped the dust barrier to keep them out, which worked fantastic...

Cat Barrier 3.0

Today was clean-up day as all the painting stuff was hauled away. My kitchen cupboard frames are painted! And they look great! Now I just need to have the backsplash tiled and save money to have my cupboard doors and drawers made.

And maybe my floors re-done.

Jake and Jenny have had the full run of the house since 2:00. And do you know where they are now? In my bedroom.

Even though I've moved their food and litter box back downstairs.

But what about the bathroom, you might be asking? You said that there was a big hole in the ceiling, so did that get fixed?

No. No it did not.

But we'll get to that disaster tomorrow. Right now I want to just be happy that I have my kitchen back after three years.


Caturday 279

Posted on October 8th, 2022

Dave!Remember how last week I was lamenting that Jenny is ignoring me because I put the warming pads out?

Well, now the newness of the warming pads are over for her. She'll still lay on them, of course, but she's back to preferring my body heat again because I'm more comfortable, I guess. And she has a total routine for it most days...

Jenny gets comfortable snuggling up against me.

But she ends up getting a little too comfortable, because her claws come out. She doesn't "make biscuits" like Jake does, but she does like to dig into me when she's really happy to be here and the scratches are good...

Jenny with her claws out.

Once I say "Ouch!" she actually knows to stop clawing me and turn her attention to getting the smell of me off her paws!

Jenny with her claws out.

Eventually she's ready for belly rubs...

Jenny flopped over and ready for those belly rubs.

At which point she's just minutes away from curling up and going to sleep...

Jenny sleeping next to me.

Yesterday she didn't even go through her routine. She just curled up and immediately fell asleep...

Jenny sleeping next to me.

In that photo, she actually started snoring a little bit, which is about the cutest thing ever.

Wildfire smoke this past week has been about as bad as it gets. I'm hacking up a lung most nights, because I spend all day on drugs to keep me from coughing at the office and don't want to overdo it by being drugged up 24/7. And yet... Jake has been playing nursemaid to me the entire time. I get home feeling awful and he's checking in on me from the minute I step through the door.

And at night? He's next to me when I go to bed...

Jake next to me at night.

And still there when I wake up in the morning...

Jake next to me in the morning.

Which is nice, but I feel terrible for him because what he likes most during the moderate temperatures of Autumn is to be outside. But because of the smoke I have the catio closed off. And so he's at the door crying all the time... and even attempting to get the door open. But, alas, I worry about his little kitty lungs outside...

Jake trying to get out to the catio.

Jake trying to get out to the catio.

I finally relented yesterday because the smoke was not as bad in the morning (I could see the nearby hills!), and he was out there until lunch...

Jake sitting out in the catio looking at the back yeard.

There are times I really wish I could explain to my cats why I do what I do... because it's always in their best interest in keeping them safe. But, alas, they just have to be mad at me when I deny them what they want.

Such is the life of a pet owner.

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Caturday 278

Posted on October 1st, 2022

Dave!This past week I finally set out the warming pads so I don't have to go bankrupt trying to keep the house warm enough for the cats to be happy. For two days neither Jake or Jenny had found them. Even when I tried to make them aware. But nope. So far as the cats were concerned, they didn't exist.

Until one day they did.

Jenny was walking across the couch so she could snuggle up against me as she's been doing. But once her paws touched that warming pad, I ceased to exist. Now you couldn't get her off the thing even if you used dynamite...

Jenny on the Warming Pad!

Jenny on the Warming Pad!

Jenny on the Warming Pad!

Jenny on the Warming Pad!

Remember the good ol' days when Jenny thought I was the best thing going...

Jenny snuggled up next to me.

Jenny snuggled up next to me.

Jenny snuggled up next to me.

Well those days are gone.

The other day I had to have a contractor come look at my house so he could write up an estimate for some work that I am not comfortable working on. The minute I opened the door, Jake and Jenny were running upstairs at top speed. I still leave the door to the storage room propped open so they have a "safe space" to hide out in. After the contractor left I ran up to make sure they were okay...

Jenny hiding behind boxes in the closet.

Jake hiding between boxes in the closet.

But no worries... the minute it was lunchtime, they were barreling down the stairs as if a stranger had never walked in the house.

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Smokey the Cat

Posted on September 29th, 2022

Dave!This morning the wildfire smoke was the worst it's been yet this year (no, I have no idea how this is the case in late September) so I closed off the catio. When I got home Jake was crying and crying and crying at the back door, so finally I was like "OKAY! Go outside! But I tried to warn you!"

After ten minutes, he was still out there, which bothered me greatly because his little lungs are more susceptible to smoke damage than mine, and mine were burning.

Jake out in the catio in the smoke.

Eventually I shook the bag of treats to get him back inside. That's the one thing that's more of a motivator than anything else in his life.

Certainly more than me.

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The Howling

Posted on September 28th, 2022

Dave!Poor Jake.

Last night Jenny and I went upstairs to bed. Jake was following, but broke away at the last minute. I didn't know then, but the reason was because he forgot Mufasa. He had to go run back to get him.

Next thing you know I hear the little guy howling downstairs. I called down for him, and eventually he came... but I had to check the security cameras before I knew what in the heck happened.

Turns out he got half-way up the stairs, dropped Mufasa, had to go back down to get him, and was very upset about it...

On one hand... it's sweet that Jake is still so fond of his favorite toy six years onward.

But on the other... his life would be easier if he wasn't so attached to this one thing above all others.

Like I'm attached to my cats, I suppose.

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Caturday 277

Posted on September 24th, 2022

Dave!Saturday was made for staying in bed with the cats.

Which is easy to do when I awoke to my cats giving each other head-baths.

I recorded a dozen minutes of it for no reason other than it made me happy to do so...

Jake licking Jenny's head.

Jenny licking Jake's head.

It was genuinely sweet. And went on for a full 16 minutes.

Then Jake used Jenny as a foot rest so he could wash his foot, and... well... it was good while it lasted.

Jake licking his foot.

Jake's foot left on Jenny after cleaning.

Jenny, of course, acts like a little lady and washes her gams without assistance...

Jenny licking her very long legs!

Jenny glaring at me while her leg is still suspended in mid-air.

Jenny plopped down sitting.

I swear... seeing her sour little face is about the best thing I have.

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