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Ted Reflections

Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Dave!Today is the day that a new episode of Ted Lasso would be airing if Ted Lasso hadn't (presumably) ended. The show has been so transformative towards my love of television, that I thought I might reflect on it for a minute so I can get it out of my blogging habit.

The year is not even half over, but I'm fairly comfortable saying that the third (and final?) season of Ted Lasso will top my list (yet again) despite being a bit of a mess. But, maybe as time goes on, it will have to battle it out with Jury Duty, Mrs. Davis, and Poker Face for the top spot. I dunno. I'll probably have to watch through a couple more times to know for sure.

The first season of Ted Lasso is flawless. Each and every episode faithfully pushes through a "narrative of nice" without ever becoming cynical about it. That alone is a massive achievement, even though it strayed into being overly-sweet and saccharine more than a few times. Furthermore, we get a conclusion that works along with a nice lead-in to the next season, which probably wasn't guaranteed at the time they filmed it. Talk about a massive achievement!

To me, the second season was almost as good as the first (even though the first two episodes felt a bit unsteady). And yet... I've read many reviews panning it. There were some fans of the show that roundly hated what it became the second time around. And a lot of that had to do with their inability to invest in Beard After Hours (Episode 09), which interrupted the season at a bit of a crucial moment. Meanwhile I'm thinking "YES! IT INTERRUPTED THE SEASON... THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF IT EXISTING!" and loved every minute of it. It was so very, very smart... both in purpose and execution. The previous episode had one of the most emotional moments of the entire series where Jamie's dad burst into the locker room and just wrecked his son. It was an abuse that was painful to watch. All the other players in the locker room were mortified and some looked away. It was unbearable. Jamie lost everything in that moment. But then, unexpectedly, Roy Kent approaches and... gives him a hug? And the moment just ruined me. Because as Roy approaches him, Jamie flinches just a bit. He was at his lowest point and was only expecting things to get worse. It was a masterful performance by Phil Dunster that took his character in an entirely new direction. It was the middle of a wide-reaching arc for Jamie that was concluded in the final episode in the best way possible...

In lesser hands, this scene could have been manipulative and awful. But the performances by Phil Dunsert, Brett Goldstein, and Kieran O'Brien (because, let's face it... the guy may have made you hate Jamie's dad, but his bigger accomplishment was being so awful that you felt sympathy for Jamie Tartt!). And that summed up the second season for me. Scenes that should have been a mess, but was elevated because the actors were too good to let them fail. And then we got Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, who ended up being the point upon which the entire season revolved, and Sarah Niles did not falter. How they managed to cast a character so perfectly (again!) is magic to me. If there was a fatal flaw, it happened at the end with Nate's betrayal. It was a wacky, inexplicable pivot out of nowhere and made no sense at all. I fail to see how somebody who was finally seen could ever betray Ted... especially over the trivial and nonsensical reasons that were provided. It was just so bizarre. It was as if the show worked overtime to create a villain where one just wasn't needed.

If the second season was messy but ultimately salvaged, the third was even messier and meandered into territory that couldn't be salvaged. Nate's entire redemption arc made zero sense. All the players hating him and then inexplicably wanting him back was idiotic. And they went way too far for him to ever be redeemable... even though they shoehorned it in anyway. I hated that. There was no redemption possible for Nate in such a short period of time, and having him return to Richmond first as kitman assistant... then as a frickin' coach?? WTF? But even worse was Keeley's breakup with Roy. Why? What purpose was it when the two of them together provided such wonderful material to draw from? And to add insult to injury, they wheeled in "Jack" so Keeley could have a same-sex relationship that went nowhere and ended so very badly. At least they left things with Jamie and Roy open-ended so they didn't also fall into the trope of having Keeley "needing a man to be complete" which would have been so much worse. These two major plots were nothing but distraction from moments that could have been spent in a much more productive way. But there were many great moments that overshadowed the bad. The setup to Ted leaving England was broadcast from miles away and didn't come out of nowhere... and it was delicately handled in a very real way. Colin coming out to his team was earned and not just slapped on his character. Rebecca finally finding somebody to share her life with had been treated as fate from the very beginning... so having the Dutch guy from earlier in the season pop up at the end so randomly was everything you'd hope for. Jamie, who had the most complete and satisfying character arc of anybody, had become a caring individual at peace with himself and others. We also got more Trent Crimm, who popped up at unexpected moments to provide insight or observation into what was happening in a way that was expertly woven into the story instead of being superfluous fluff. And then there were the many, many moments of brilliance that proved a show built around caring for others could actually work.

So, yeah, my favorite television series of all time. Without question. Nothing was ever going to live up to the incredible first season, and the following two really didn't. But they were a continuation of a story that I never wanted to end, and that was more than enough.

Here's hoping that we get a spin-off or three to fill the massive hole that has been vacated by Ted Lasso.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Love your commentary & analysis! But although I personally didn’t like the characters’ decisions either and would have loved to see more scenes with Roy and Keely (but not saying it like it’s ended, I refuse to believe it’s not coming back in some way even without Ted), I think that was their point and smart in its own way. A lot of times in life, things aren’t expected and don’t make absolute sense. We make a lot of stupid decisions as humans overthinking with our egos and waste time that we should’ve been doing what actually could have made us/everyone else happy. But because of how messed up our mentalities can be, it is a process to get there so might not happen. In the end, we should see each other as humans like Beard’s story to Nate and forgive even if it “hasn’t been enough time” if not for the chance that it could help make the other person better, for ourselves. The tension just isn’t worth it. With the possibility that it could be the last episode, I think they didn’t want to leave it with any tension like that—just good vibes. I was excited to be able to see a Diamond Dog meeting with the OGs and Trent. Loveeee having more of Trent this season, his actor is phenomenal & one of a kind. Wish I had a Trent in my life 😂

    My biggest issue is that they didn’t have Keely re-explore the Jamie thing after Roy. Maybe because that’s too predictable? But there needs to be closure there esp with him and Roy actually bonding. Would have helped Roy to discover what his issues with committing or risking a chance of things to fault out (whatever was his issue, I’ll agree they didn’t really dive enough into that). Like okay have the thing with Jack if you want but also figure out the stuff with Jamie. It would’ve been a way for Jamie to get his karma—now SHE was two-timing him with a girl (or at least having to share her with another girl like Keely had to do before). Leaving it like that after the funeral episode?! Would’ve been interesting to see if there would be differences after the two’s changes & if it would lead her to realize although she deeply cares for Jamie, Roy’s her match (can’t help but think that, even did before they explored it the first season). Also why not see what a relationship with the teacher would’ve been like?! Definitely a chemistry there. But I’m okay with that because it’s as if he didn’t even need to even if there was a chemistry, he already knew it couldn’t match up to his relationship with Keely so it wasn’t even worth trying to have any other relationship. At least they brought the teacher back at all I kept wondering if they were going to just let that hang too. I would have loved to see Roy’s parents. Could’ve given us some insight into those inner issues. Glad we finally saw his sister and ngl, I wouldn’t be against Jamie giving that a shot 😏😂 maybe having to figure out how to be a parent would do him some good. He’s always been shockingly good with kids.

    And I can’t help it, I’ll always want to see what a Rebecca/Ted relationship would have been like. But realizing in that last episode as she was saying if he leaves, she will too & her mom comparing it to her marriage—they always did even if it wasn’t in the way a lot of us wanted. That’s what matters most. It would be best for his son if Michelle & him could work it out even though idk if she deserves him with how much she overlooked him—Rebecca did at first but snapped out quick even before she admitted it. But hey, that forgiveness point I mentioned earlier may apply there too. They are correct that taking Ted from his son & uprooting his son’s life isn’t fair esp with Ted’s issues without his dad + his mental health away from Henry. BUT I’m convinced he could have had at least one more season in him to tie up and explore some more things. At least it didn’t just come out of no where and they hinted it from the beginning making it a theme. But hey, I’m quite convinced that family’s story isn’t over yet. I am hopeful we’ll get another Diamond Dogs meeting again but this time Ted’s FaceTimed in or something. Would be funny if he was woken up his time just to join one, Ted def would do that. Maybe Ted visits and some of those things can be explored as added bonuses? What’s great is the ensemble is so good together & they do such a great job about making it about all of their stories not just Ted’s more how he is a factor in theirs that I think the show could go on without him better than any other show could. Office was hard once Carrell left but something feels different about this one? And I actually am really interested in the idea of the girls making a female team happen. I still want to see the guys, I’ve loved them too much, but it for sure would mean a continuation in Keely’s story. I think choosing neither was good for that time period but it CANNOT be over after that ep. Too much to explore with not only her relationships with the guys but the guys’ relationship too. Plus I really need to know what Roy’s parents would be like! And see more of Phoebe growing up 🥹 OMG PHOEBE COULD BE ON THE GIRLS TEAM!!! With the girl that would greet Ted too! I bet Apple’s begging the creators drought they want to lose that world either🤞

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