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Bullet Sunday 267

Posted on Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Dave!Blogography is locked and loaded, so Bullet Sunday starts... now...

• Buzz! When my hair gets so long that I have to blow-dry it, something has to be done. But since I spent all my money on new Gingher shears yesterday, I couldn't afford to get a haircut. Fortunately, a Google search convinced me that this was something I could do myself.

And, because I'm me, I live-Tweeted the whole thing...

Researching how to cut my own hair on the internet...


Dave's Hair in the Sink!

It's okay people... nobody panic. My grandfather was a barber so I totally got this.

Wow. That David Simmer is so hot right now. I had no idea he would look so amazing in a buzz cut...

No matter how many times I run these clippers over my head, I still find spots I missed. Guess I know what I'm doing for the next 20 minutes.

Methinks that shaving m head would have been a lot easier...

Just used duct tape on the back of his head to get a straight line with his self-hair-cut. That shit really IS good for everything!

And this is how it all turned out...

Dave Buzz Cut!

Not bad for free! I should totally give myself my own medical advice now.

• LEGO! The more I see of the LEGO Lord of the Rings MiniFigs, the more I realize that my life will not be complete until I possess them all. I mean, come on! Has there ever been a LEGO MiniFig cuter than LEGO Hobbits?

LEGO Hobbits!

And has there ever been a LGO MiniFig scarier than LEGO Gollum?

LEGO Gollum

I mean, seriously...

LEGO Gollum Scarrier!



I can't wait for The Preciousses to be mine!

• Miley! Yes, as I've said a number of times now, I'm a fan of Miley Cyrus. She was funny as hell in Hannah Montana, and she's had some good songs come out of her music career. But the thing that fascinates me most is how she's unapologetically taken on a role in leading her generation towards acceptance and equality...

"We all should be tolerant of one another and embrace our differences. My dad, who is a real man's man, lives on the farm and is as Southern and straight as they come. He loves my gay friends and even supports same-sex marriage. If my father can do it, anyone can. This is America, the nation of dreams. We're so proud of that. And yet certain people are excluded. It's just not right."
—Miley Cyrus, Glamour Magazine

This is what scares the shit out of the backwards, crazy-ass, hard-core anti-equality crowd... the future is coming, and their antiquated bigotry is not a part of it. Game over. It's only a matter of time.

• Sweet! I swear, at a time when our horrible society has me convinced that we all deserve to be extinct, something like this comes along to restore my faith in humanity. I love it...

• Network! Today I dug out an old "Airport Express" unit for my new computer at work. Since the iMac only has one ethernet port, I thought perhaps I could use WiFi for my second network connection. Ten minutes later, I found out I could. Apple has a "Bridge Mode" which allows you to put a WiFi interface on an ethernet connection. Simple!

Airport Express

Since this is an older model, it can only do 802.11g. If I want the speed increase of 802.11n, I'll have to shell out $99 for a newer model. But the IEEE just released a draft of the even faster 802.11ac standard back in November, so maybe I'll wait for that.

Even though iMac won't be able to take advantage of it, who wants to buy old technology?

Of course, all technology is old technology when you think about it.

• Avengers! Holy crap. Seriously, HOLY CRAP...

A super-hero team movie done right is the dream of every comic book fanboy. Given what I've seen so far, my expectations are impossibly high for this film. May 4th cannot get here soon enough.

And now... PUPPY BOWL!!!


  1. Erin says:

    Dave, have I ever told you that you are one sexy bastard? No? You are One Sexy Bastard. πŸ™‚

    And you should send your Duct tape tip into Mythbusters.

  2. Lisa says:

    The Avengers movie looks awesome!! I can’t wait to see that one!

    Your attempt at cutting your own hair turned out WAY better than any of my attempts on my own hair ever have. Even trimming my bangs usually ends in disaster!

  3. Jeff says:

    For the last few months, my wife has been cutting my hair to save money. I am clipping “too long” hairs for weeks afterwards. Apparently, it’s easy, but it’s not.

    I really wanted to see the Puppy Bowl; I really can’t give a whack about the Super Bowl, but I missed the Puppy Bowl! Ack!

    I told everyone that all my friends were watching the “Souper Bowl” on Food Network and I had no idea that the Food Network was SO popular.

    I don’t think that anyone got the joke.

    The story of my life.

    • Dave2 says:

      Puppy Bowl is kind of lame if you’re expecting any actual game out of it. I just like watching the puppies play around since I don’t have a dog of my own. πŸ™‚

  4. Invader_Stu says:

    Ok. That trailer looks dam awesome!!!

  5. Steve in NH says:

    You look very handsome with a buzz cut. Also, as usual, thanks for posting the pro-gay stuff. –Steve

  6. the muskrat says:

    After I got back from Iraq, I decided I liked having a shaved head (done over there to stay cool in the heat and for convenience) and did it myself for a good year. It takes longer and is harder than I thought it would be, but hey–free haircut!

    • Dave2 says:

      Oh yeah… hard to beat free!

      I have to admit I didn’t think it would be that hard either. I mean, you just run the clippers over your head, so how hard can it be? But it’s all too easy to miss bits here and there, which is where the challenge lays. Just when you think you’re done, you find a spot you missed, and have to go all over again. With my long hair, these spots were fairly easy to find… it’s probably going to be a lot tougher when I’m touching up short hair.

  7. Mel says:

    I haven’t paid someone to cut my hair since just before my wedding in 2008, and I’ve gotten pretty good at shaping it with the clippers. I have not, however, tried using duct tape. You may well have something there.

    • Dave2 says:

      It worked great! I had to re-position it a few times so that it was straight and at the level I wanted… then I just buzzed right over it for a straight line at my neck. Easy!

  8. Welcome to the cut your own hair club. I don’t actually remember the last time I paid someone to cut mine. I love my Wahl clippers, those things have lasted for years and at this point you can pry them from my cold dead fingers.

    I cannot bloody wait for the Avengers movie. Cannot wait.

    • Dave2 says:

      I am highly allergic to mosquito bites. The last time they bit me on the head, I had to go to the doctor where he proceeded to shave my head so that the medicine could get to my scalp. That was the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had. So expensive that I went out and bought a pair of hair clippers just in case! They’re cheap-o Wahl clippers, but worked great. The only problem is that I need a longer guard for the top of my head, which should probably be left a bit longer… the Wahl I have only goes to a #5. I may keep cutting my own hair to save money, so I’ll have to look into a better pair of clippers sometime soon.

  9. Ren says:

    I don’t usually do a buzz cut this early in the year, but Hot Dave has me tempted….

    I’m confused by the need for the Airport Express; is it because you don’t already have WiFi? That seems unlikely, but I can’t figure out why else you’d need it.

    Is it May 4th yet?! How ’bout now?? Now?

    • Dave2 says:

      I have existing WiFi for internet… but I want that hard-wired to my iMac for speed. So this WiFi is for my work LAN. I’ve locked it down so that it is not broadcast and will connect only to my MAC address. It’s not very fast, but it works!

      After having hair that was 6-inches long, I admit that walking outside this morning with my buzz-cut was pretty shocking! Definitely wakes you up in the morning!

      • Ren says:

        Is your Internet connection actually faster than your WiFi?

        • Dave2 says:

          Technically, no. But the public WiFi is shared and can slow down quite a bit if people are on it with me. On top of that, I only get two bars of signal when using it, so I think that contributes to the speed loss as well. Quite a contrast to the personal DSL connection I have in my office!

          I suppose I could make my DSL be the WiFi connection, but I don’t use the LAN often enough to worry about it running over the slower WiFi connection, so I just went with the internet on my lone ethernet port.

  10. Sybil Law says:

    Your hair looks fabulous!
    Dr. Dave has a really nice ring to it… πŸ™‚

  11. martymankins says:

    So is it ok for a confident straight guy to tell another confident straight guy that he looks hot with the new buzz cut? I hope so, cause I just did.

    I have an older Airport Express that I had to take off my network when I did the upgrade to my Airport Extreme Base Station… slowed things down too much with the range it was providing. But when this 802.11ac hits, I will foot the bill for replacing the base station and get a new AE.

    I am so freaking excited to see The Avengers. I had to explain all of the characters that were in the movie last night at the Superbowl party I was at when people wondered why I was so excited.

  12. i love short hair on a guy. you are no exception. looks great!

    is it avenger day yet? HOW ABOUT NOW?!??!!

  13. claire says:

    Well, now I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus. Awesome.

    Good job with your hair! I’m often tempted to take a whack at mine…

    I’m sure some Lego LOTR figs will be right at home with my Indy and SW figs. Ooh, I wonder if they’ll have a council of Elrond playset with tons of figs (for some outrageous amount of $).

    Looking forward to Avengers though I’m trying to keep myself spoiler free so I haven’t watched any trailers for it. Just love Joss Whedon so much (whedonesque’s registration is open today!) that I’m stoked to see it.

  14. Tracie says:

    Thought of you when I saw this today. πŸ™‚ (Miley Cyrus on the Ellen show)

  15. Avitable says:

    That Dave is so hot right now!

  16. Jebb says:

    At a glance I thought that said “Newt Ginrich shears.”

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