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Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Dave!I'm down to just two more trips 'til the end of the year.

Hopefully none of them will involve the horrible troubles I had on my last trip, or I might just have to go stick my head in the microwave and punch "Max Defrost."

Given how completely worn out I am by traveling, I'm trying very hard to clear the month of January so I can just stay home. I was secretly hoping to clear at least half of February as well, but I've already got two trips scheduled in there, so that was just a pipe dream. Then March is my birthday. A time when I prefer to be out of the country so that my friends and family will forget about it. I have no problem acknowledging my birthday, but I don't believe in celebrating it. Last year I went to Oslo and Göteborg so I could hang out with Karla and Göran... this year I have no idea where I will feel like going.

Maybe it's finally time to head to Australia & New Zealand?

Which is not quite as appealing as it used to be now that the Hard Rock Cafes in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queenstown have been closed. Only one lone cafe remains at Surfer's Paradise. Probably should visit that one before it's gone too.

But Australia is such a long flight away.

Maybe it will just be a quick flight to Tijuana.

Except the Tijuana Hard Rock Cafe is closed as well, so I'd have to find something else to do there.

Or I could just ask everybody for suggestions and pull the location for my birthday escape out of a hat...

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  1. Neil T. says:

    If you come to London I’ll try to be there! 🙂

  2. Come to Australia!
    What a great plan and guess what? Our dollar has totally tanked!!! So you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck again! (USD$1.00 = AUS$1.52 atm)
    The Hard Rock Cafe at Surfers is only about 35 mins drive from my place in BrisVegas…

  3. serap says:

    I’m moving to Cyprus in January… you are very welcome to make your escape there and perhaps we can build a hard rock cafe sandcastle?

  4. apricoco says:

    You should celebrate your birthday! I mean as awesome as you are, it’d give people a chance to bow down and worship you.

    As for new experiences, how about Antarctica?

  5. mike says:

    Baltimore, to walk the streets from The Wire

  6. Aunt Robin says:

    I think I suggested Mackinac Island once before, but March is definitely NOT the time to go there– unless you’re content to hitch your snowmobile up to the front post and then belly-up to the bar with a handful of locals at the Mustang. (Sorry, no Hard Rock cafe available.)

  7. i have always wanted to see the pyramids and the great sphinx.

    for you? how about iceland?

  8. Sue says:

    I walked BY the one in Surfer’s, but we didn’t go inside. Wish I had now. Surfer’s is where I saw the ocean (besides from a plane) for the first time. If you ever head there, head further south down the Gold Coast and hit up all the beaches. “The Alley” at Currumbin and also Burleigh Heads were my two favorites.

  9. Mooselet says:

    Definitely Australia!!! Surfer’s Paradise isn’t so far from me up in Brisbane. March is nice here, most of the humidity is gone yet it’s still warm for the beach. Besides, what’s 13 hours – give or take – between bloggers who have never meet?

  10. I highly recommend Interlaken, Switz or Poland. Have you been to Africa?

  11. A Lewis says:

    Omak? Dayton (WA)? Prosser? Chehalis? Do you want me to go on?

  12. You should come to Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods!

    And come to Groton – The submarine capital of the world! You can tour the Nautilus submarine, and I can pull some strings, and can get you on a Los Angeles, or Virginia Class sub for a tour! (depending on which friends are out to sea and which are not) PLUS, if you really wanted, we could take a day trip to NYC or something. theres some nice walking trails out by Gilette Castle, and all around eastern CT.

    And on top of all of that? You’d get to meet me. How awesome would that be??

    Yeah…I’d go to Mexico too if I were you *sigh*. I’m never going to get to meet you….

  13. Dave2 says:

    Neil. I most definitely need to get back to London. I will probably arrange that as a layover on one of my European trips. I would have come sooner, but the US Dollar is so weak. Hopefully it will improve soon.

    BorysSNORC. I may still yet come to Australia. I still very much want to visit the country one of these days. I wish it wasn’t so long a flight though! Half my vacation would be spent getting there!

    Serap. Cyprus? I’ve never been to Cyprus! I hear the ruins are pretty spectacular.

    Apricoco. I have actually been looking into an Antarctica cruise for several years now, and it’s definitely on my list of things I want to do. Unfortunately, it is really, really expensive… and in order to afford it, I’d have to share the cost with some fellow travelers.

    Mike. Been to Baltimore… love Baltimore! I actually went on a tour of John Water’s Baltimore and it was a lot of fun.

    Robin. I may yet make it up to Mackinac Island one of these days. But it’s a long drive from Green Bay, so it will be tough to find a way of working it into my travel plans. Something I absolutely want to do though!

    Hello HaHa Narf. Been to the Sphinx and Pyramids. Been to Iceland. Both destinations are totally worth the trip! And I didn’t get to see nearly as much of Iceland as I would have liked, so maybe I’ll get back there one day.

    Sue. I’ve wanted to visit Australia for such a long time. One year I even had my tickets, but had to cancel. There is a ton of stuff to do, but I only get eight days in March, so I don’t know if I should wait until I’ve got two weeks so I can see more of the great southern land.

    Mooselet. Well, nothing! So why don’t you come to Seattle! 🙂

    LSL. Definitely want to visit Switzerland one day! But I’m really wanting to hit it in May… after the cold and before the tourist season. I may just have to steal a week in May and make that happen! Poland was absolutely wonderful when I visited Warsaw, and I’m very interested in seeing more of the country, especially Krakow.

    Lewis. Uhhh…. no. No need to go on. 🙂

    Cissa. Been to Foxwoods! And I’ve been to the Submarine Base in Bangor here in Washington. However… I would very much like to visit New England in the Fall one of these years, so maybe I’ll end up in Connecticut again one day!

  14. B.E. Earl says:

    I’ve never really understood the Hard Rock Cafe fascination that some people have. I know a couple of devotees who love them, but I’ve never had a good time at one.

    Seems like you have been everywhere, so I will just give you my three favorite places in the US. NYC, Key West and New Orleans. Haven’t been back to New Orleans since Katrina, so I can’t say how it has been. But I love me some hidden NYC and Key West.

  15. Justin Scott says:

    You know… there’s always Columbia Missouri!

    Oh wait, no don’t do that. The Cayman Islands, where most of my family still lives, has a Hard Rock Cafe.

    Plus you can go to Scott Bay (named after my family!) or swim with sting ray (they don’t really sting you, especially if you have cheese!) or visit the underwater Garden of Eden and the iron shores of Hell in one day!

    I miss Cayman, going back soon I hope! Miss my family out there.

    If you go… maybe I’ll go w/!

  16. thanks for the links, dave. i love that you got to experience what i have been dreaming of since 1st grade or so! way, way cool.
    and somehow it makes it a possibility for me. (don’t ask how my brain works…i can’t explain it either.)

  17. I would love to get back to Italy some day, but I really want to do the whole England/Ireland/Scotland tour. March isn’t a great time for that though. The Virgin Islands would be nice!

  18. Göran says:

    Hard Rock Stockholm. Dinners on me. Just sayin 🙂

  19. caramaena says:

    If you only have 8 days then leave Australia till you have more time. Definitely come over though – it’s a great place 😀

  20. Sarah says:

    I have never been out of the country. Yet. Florida was the farthest away I’ve ever been. If I wouldn’t be right in the middle of Calculus and Chemistry I would say take me along, but yeah I kind of need those classes.

  21. It would be nice if for once you got out of WORK and got to stay at HOME because of airline debacle nightmares instead of being KEPT from home.

  22. Peter says:

    I will be heavily intoxicated on a beach in Cuba. If your looking to avoid your birthday I can’t think of a better way 🙂

  23. They closed the HRC in Sydney ??? doh! I was going to buy you dinner there… 🙁

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