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Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Dave!When the alarm clock went off at 4:30am, I was genuinely puzzled, because I didn't set the alarm. After managing to turn the stupid thing off, I noticed a strange itch starting inside the right-side of my tongue. Kind of like a mosquito bite, but without the mosquito. Thinking I must have bit my tongue in the middle of the night, I ignored it the best I could and fell back asleep.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up a few hours later to discover that the right-side of my tongue had swollen severely, and nearly filled my mouth. It had grown to about an inch thick for no apparent reason, but somehow didn't affect my breathing. It wasn't painful, but it was very, very uncomfortable.

Consulting Google searches, I eventually figured out this was most likely something called "Angiodema" which may be caused by an allergic reaction, or stress. Apparently there's nothing you can really do for it except take an anti-histamine until the swelling goes down. I decided to ignore it, thinking that stressing about it would only make things worse.

Fortunately, as the day wore on, my tongue started shrinking back to normal and is doing just fine now. Hopefully it stays that way.

After making our way from Newark Liberty Airport into the city, we checked into our hotel and then headed down the street to Rockefeller Plaza...

Vahid at Rockefeller Plaza

From there it was a quick subway ride shouth for a totally brilliant showing of Murakami artwork at The Brooklyn Museum. I am a huge, huge fan of Murakami, and his art has inspired a lot of things in the DaveToons I draw. Like this Murakami tribute I made using his happy flowers...

Murakami Dave!

You couldn't take photos in the exhibit, but there were some cool pieces outside in the lobby...

Murakami Exhibit

Murakami Exhibit

After the museum, we headed to the Upper-West Side to check out the Museum of Natural History and the Space Museum...

Museum of Natural History Planetarium

But the real highlight here is the dinosaurs... like this totally evil "Ann Coulter Fish," which I named because of the uncanny resemblance to the stupid bitch...

Ann Coulterfish

Of course the have real dinosaurs too, but they aren't quite as scary as the AnnCoulterFish...

Museum of Natural History

And, naturally, we had to pay homage to the Holy Land and visit the beautiful Apple Store Cube after walking through Central Park...

Apple Store Cube NYC

Back in Times Square, we noticed that Avitable must have enjoyed his pedicure immensely, because has apparently opened up a spa here in New York. It's nice to know that guys can finally have a place of their own to go be all pretty...

Spa Avitable!

And Naked Cowboy was, of course, there to sing along...

Naked Cowboy!

When the dinner hour came, we headed to a restaurant where we were trying to decide if we wanted to eat there or not. But as soon as I saw this...

Pasta Lovers

I was 100% sold on us eating there. Because of this...

Elizabeth Hurley Loves Pasta!

Yes... OMFG... ELIZABETH HURLEY ATE THERE!! Sweet! I could totally feel her presence!

All-in-all it was a pretty busy day.

Radio City Music Hall

I guess we'll see what excitement tomorrow brings.

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  1. Tori says:

    my gawd you pack a lot of stuff into a short time… you’re a pro!

  2. Avitable says:

    I’ll forgive you for misspelling my name. I wonder if I walked in and demanded free spa services if they would give them to me?

  3. Hilly Sue says:

    I could eat Vahid with a spoon! How cute is that picture? Although…. Naked Cowboy is giving all of you a run for your money ;).

    Have fun tomorrow…see you Saturday, wheee!

  4. jake titus says:

    Funny, I always thought Ann Coulter was spineless bitch?

  5. jake titus says:

    p.s. and I still want to kick her in the dick!

  6. i love that you ate where your girlfriend ate. awesome!

  7. DutchBitch says:

    Admit it! You have been secretely chewing one of your kidney stones and that’s what caused the allergic reaction…

    And uhm… Spa Avi and “to be all pretty” might be a contradiction in terms…

    Have fun at in NY and later at Tequilacon!!!

  8. ChillyWilly says:

    Which Pasta Lovers did you eat at? There’s one right around the corner from the Apple Store. The food there is very good… almost as good as Alfredo’s at Rockefeller Center.

    Major jealous to see pics of NYC. Looks like you had fun.

  9. whall says:

    How sad is it that I was looking forward to a DaveToon with a big swollen tongue?

    I am glad that I’m still not to the point where I was looking forward to a naked cowboy.

  10. Val Sutherland says:

    Any plans on having another Davelanta?

    I live here now (am originally from Wenatchee, read you via Mocha Mama) and would love to meet you and your Hotlanta group…your very entertaining

    Have fun in NY

  11. ETinNY says:

    Wish I’d known you were going to stopover here on the way to TequilaCon. I’m off on Friday so shoot me an email if you’re still here an wanna link up.

  12. I’m glad Naked Cowboy’s still around Times Square – he’s been there since I was a baby.

    Ok – not a baby… but I remember drooling his fine… er… shorts.

    p.s. I love the way you used Murakami’s flowers – but for some reason, the first time I saw these flowers, they freak the shit out of me.

  13. Whit says:

    That Apple Store is awesome. It’s like the Louvre. Well, square, but you know, it’s awesome. I bet Michaelangelo was a Mac.

  14. Karl says:

    Woo hoo! The Naked Cowboy! Why aren’t *I* famous yet?

  15. Miss Britt says:

    Hmmm – I may have to rethink my plans for the weekend.

    A lot of them had centered around your tongue. But, well, I don’t want to catch anything.

  16. Kevin H says:

    An Apple Store in the shape of a cube?? AWESOME! (I live such a sheltered life.) I feel like I’ve missed something in the daily Dave Soap Opera – who’s the “we” in your blog today and who’s that a picture of in the first pic?

  17. kapgar says:

    Did you steal the signed photo? What do the D & B in the Murakami balloon eyes stand for?

  18. Troy says:

    I mistakened the female graphic in the Spa Avi sign with Cthulhu. Her hair looked like evil tentacles.


  19. delmer says:

    His boots actually say “Naked Cowboy.” So it’s not like he made his way to a corner, pulled out a guitar, looked down and had an “Oh sh*t, I’m naked moment.” He planned it.

    I’ve had the “Oh sh*t” dreams before. But without the guitar and boots.

  20. SJ says:

    What a cutie Vahid is! Be sure you guys take your vitamins before Hilly gets there and the partying begins.

  21. Rick says:

    I could easily spend a MONTH in the Museum of Natural History! You forgot to mention the MUMMIES! Mummies! Next best thing to zombies!

  22. Oh man, if that’s just the OUTSIDE of the Murakami exhibit I can’t even imagine how awesome the inside was… Luckyyyyyy! Glad you’re having a great time.

  23. Walt says:


    Had I known you’d be in NY I could have given you the fifty cent tour at 30 Rock and Sportsnet!

  24. kilax says:

    Did you know that the Apple Store is ranked #53 on the America’s Favorite Architecture list?

  25. SEAslug says:

    Since you are in NYC…

    I don’t know if you are a baseball fan at all, but this is the last year for games at Yankee Stadium. (I’m still in shock over this.) I presume it will be torn down when the new stadium opens next year.

  26. Kailey says:

    I remember seeing Naked Cowboy on MTV’s TRL around a decade ago. I wonder how long he’ll keep it up.

    I had never heard of Murakami before, but I like the pics you posted so now I’m going to check out more of his work. Thanks Dave! Enjoy NY!

  27. Turnbaby says:

    You are one seasoned touriste!

  28. nicole says:

    i have decided you need a travel buddy namely me, or an “OMG i can’t believe i am running into you in Munich were you not just in Norway, ha ha ha your so funny, wanna make out” kinda friend!! besides creeping you out right now i hope your tongue enjoys it’s normal size and stays that way

  29. claire says:

    Kind of priceless that your reaction to having a swollen tongue is to look up causes online. Glad the swelling went down!

  30. New York is still on my list of places to see. Great pics!

  31. Winter says:

    I’ve been loving the tweets with urls to the pics. It’s sooo cool of you to do that! Have fun!

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