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Posted on Friday, May 5th, 2006

Dave!Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!

It's strange sitting here and typing that when I know full well I won't be celebrating the holiday tonight. Years ago when I was young, stupid and looking for any excuse to party, Cinco de Mayo was a pretty big event. Huge even. In fact, after having turned 21, it was probably the biggest holiday of the year for me. There's nothing quite like going to a Mexican restaurant with a bunch of friends and getting completely wasted on Margaritas and tequila shots. I have many fond memories (and even more blurry half-memories) of Cinco de Mayo during "The Stupid Years" (my favorite being a party in Maui after having just received my PADI scuba diving certification).

But, alas, to do something insane like that today would end up with me in the hospital or dead (which would come in handy for Dia de Los Muertos in November).

Cinco de Mayo

So what am I doing this year? I'm staying home so I can wash my laundry and work.

It's going to be the best Cinco de Mayo ever.

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  1. adena says:

    You’ve got some sort of Phallic thing going on w/ your Dave Toons lately….

    Anything you’d like to discuss w/ your reading public?? 🙂

  2. Dave2 says:

    Uhhhh… I see cartoon dave in a sombrero holding Chip the Pickle in a sombrero… am I totally missing something here?

  3. Rob says:

    Woo Hoo! Party at Dave’s place! Work and laundry, now thats a celebration.

  4. Naomi says:

    Come on, oh fan of Japan… Kodomono hi.

  5. Kevin says:

    Chip the Pickle does not look happy to have a stick up his ass. I want some stories of “the stupid years.” I know you’ve told us the fight story, but what else is there from those days?

  6. Dave2 says:

    I’ve moved the party over to Rob’s house… he’ll be working in the attic, but the door will be open. Just make your way back to the patio. I have a current count of 62 people showing up…

    Oh… and Naomi, Children’s Day ceased being a day of celebration to me once I stopped being eligible for it. What fun is Kodomonohi if I’m not the one getting a present?? 🙂

    Chip the Pickle probably likes it as much as you would. 🙂 But he’s a pickle, so what does he know?

  7. adena says:

    That’s a pickle?? With a name?? Does Chip the Pickle have a backstory I haven’t read about? Please fill me in!

    Anyhow, I was referring to what I THOUGHT was a pointy maracas in a sombrero, the banana pop, the “Brokeback Butter”, the “Are you a Dick?” chart….

    Sensing a theme, yet?? 🙂

  8. Chanakin says:

    Chip the Pickle looks a lot like Terrance… or Philip…

    (coincidentally, when you Google them, a pic of you from January 21, 2004 pops up). Eerie.

  9. Dave2 says:

    Each section of my Hard Rock site has a cartoon mascot for the page. For casino chips, it’s Chip the Pickle. There’s also Pinbug, Shooter, Linkbot, Lello, and Death…

    And Brokeback Butter was KEVIN’s idea… not mine! I was just showing how much better butter would taste with a stick of butter on top!

    I have no excuse for the dicks. They’re penises… what can you do?

    And I totally worship Terrance and Philip, so I’m rather happy about that Chanakin!

  10. Karl says:

    Woo hoo! I’m totally celebrating Cinco de Mayo with lots of internal partying. Top shelf margaritas are on me, everybody!

  11. delmer says:

    Ahh. The “stupid” years. Of course mine give me something to talk about these days.

    And I still think about them a lot. Usuaully in the context of, “How can I keep my boys from doing … put stupid thing here.”

  12. jackt says:

    Er, is this, like, a food blog now? Last post was “Butter”. This one is “Mayo”. 🙂

  13. adena says:

    Personally, I’m partial to “death”. He just looks so cheery. And the balloon feet totally add a little something extra-special! 🙂

    Back in da day when I was a youngen’, I used to go the the Portland Waterfront for the big Cinco de Mayo party there. I think now the trudge around in this heat would kill me. Add endless beer and fair style mexican food, and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

  14. Jeff says:

    I have to agree with Chanakin. Here’s the link from the Dave-chives to the story on that:

    Terrance and Phillip

  15. Nicole says:

    Yay for Cinco de Mayo! Yay for tequila! Yay for currently living through my “stupid years”!

  16. Bre says:

    Cinco de Mayo is especially exciting this year because today was the day that I kicked all of the students out of the building and celebrated with my co-workers over a bottle of tequila and some tostitos…. we’re a classy bunch

  17. Firda says:

    I want me a Linkbot t-shirt!!! And I’m sure I’m not the only one. 😉

  18. Jon says:

    I’ve never celebrated Cinco De Mayo, but it sounds like a great excuse to blow off work for the day. I’ll keep it in mind for next year.

    By the way, Dave, I have to thank you for bringing my attention to Veronica Mars. I had never seen it before, but today, I bought the first season on DVD for only $25 at Costco. I watched the first two episodes as soon as I arrived home, and WOW. I haven’t enjoyed a TV show that much in quite a while.

    $25 for 22 hours of great entertainment at my own pace? Hard to beat that value…

  19. Eve says:

    I’m diggin “Death” also, though, “Pinbug” is really adorable, too.

    Hmm…Cinco de Mayo, what am I doing tonight? Well, this idea to

    lift our margarita glasses and eat a lot of corn chips in tribute to the Battle of Puebla, and yell out the traditional Cinco de Mayo cheer, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” in honor of the birthday of Michael Palin…

    is probably what I’ll be doing in a few minutes.

    Otherwise, Dave3 and I are lounging out watching the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Can’t be too hungover for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow.

  20. Kimberly says:

    At my bar we call it “Cinco de Drinko” 😉

    Cheers all!

  21. Bec says:

    Ooo… another holiday I feel the need to adopt… We have such boring ones in the UK. Me and a friend have adopted Waitangi Day (NZ) (Feb 6th) but not for the reasons it is officially about for. It is our day for celebrating citrus fruit… WHY, it’s TANGY.
    Yes, we were drunk.

  22. Brent says:

    Like I need another reason to get drunk and make a fool of myself. (Well, it doesn’t hurt.)

  23. shannon says:

    My stupid years are slowly ending. Just something that kind of sneaks up on you out of nowhere when you realize it’s cinco de mayo (a holiday that used to be marked with tequila-drenched celebration) and now I’m home with the hubby watching basketball. It’s startling to realize that not only do I not go out and get stupid every night anymore, I no longer have the desire to either.
    My mother warned me this day would come.

  24. Grins says:

    It is amazing that some of us live long enough to remember our stupid years huh?

  25. nancycle says:

    Huh. Cinco de mayo. Yup, it’s an actual holiday. How do ya like that. I love margaritas, salsa, chips – not tequila shots so much anymore…But, what is this? Dave turning over a new leaf? Next we’ll be finding out there’s baby clothes in with that laundry pile…

  26. Anthony says:

    Don’t like tequila all that much but I am partial to a “baby guinness”. Thats Tia Maria topped with Baileys. Best. shot. ever.

  27. SJ says:

    And Jose Cuervo so nicely came out with a new super-smooth tequila just in time for the holiday. Mmmmm …

  28. emilykitty says:

    Clearly he is a JALAPENO (on a stick!)

  29. Dave2 says:

    I’ve had somebody else tell me that, but I’m pretty sure that Chip the Pickle predates Jose… I first drew him on a stick back in 1997 for my “DaveCafe web site!


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