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Posted on Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Dave!As May gets into full-swing, it's time for all my favorite shows to have their season finales. My not-so-favorite shows are having their season finales as well. In fact, shows that I loathe and don't even watch seem to be having their season finales too, so I guess it must be everybody.

And speaking of shows I don't watch... I was bored and looking for background noise while working last night only to discover that there was nothing on. Finally I settled on the Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle (and Medium imitator) The Ghost Whisperer. I've only seen this show a handful of times and thought that it was okay, but J-Love's unfortunate hair and forced emoting kept me from tuning in on a regular basis...


On the left is what the promotional poster for Ghost Whisperer promises... on the right is the freakish hair-do you actually get. Sure she's still smokin' from the neck down, but WTF?!? I'm sure that hair looks good on somebody, but it ain't her.

Anyway, I had intended for the show to be background noise, but I kept getting more and more involved in it. At the half-hour mark I had stopped working entirely, and was totally absorbed. Just like Medium, the writing is pretty inventive, which I like.

And then the end of the show came along and knocked me on my ass.

Seriously, I was amazed. I'm finding it difficult to imagine how even my most favorite shows are going to top this one. I mean, Veronica Mars has a good shot (and I hear that How I Met Your Mother is supposed to be kind of surprising)... but wow.

I guess I'm going to have to make room in my schedule for Ghost Whisperer next season. That's a shame, because I watch entirely too much television as it is.

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  1. Chase says:

    I can hear your brain melting from here. What a shame. 🙁

  2. James says:

    Shows i’ve watched this year: 0. Shows to watch next year: most likely zero. Hours of Quake 4 and Counter Strike: 5000+

  3. Chanakin says:

    She kinda has that Shelley Duvall/The Shining thing going on there…

  4. lizriz says:

    But… But…

    _____________!!! *

    How… How…

    Yeah, talk about a show surviving its title.

    The coolest moment last night (other than the END of course, which I wouldn’t call “cool” anyway – still reeling), was when the FBI guy just blinked and moved on to utilize her skills – EFFING BRILLIANT!

    Man, I love TV.

    * Spoiler edited for those poor souls in foreign lands who have not yet seen the episode!! 🙂

  5. Apricoco says:

    Well if you want a fresh show to watch this summer… You should check out The Closer on TNT. It is starting its new season in June. It is like the train wreck version of Law & Order… The main character is flawed and funny, not perfect… I like that, the more you watch, the more you feel like you know someone like her… Yeah, I watch too much tv too…

  6. Brent says:

    This is how big of a loser I am on Friday nights when I’m not out on the town: start off with a little Washington Week and McLaughlin Group on PBS and then I head over to HBO for a good hour of Real Time with Bill Maher. (That is, believe it or not, a very enjoyable Friday night for me.) I’ve never contemplated Ghost Whisperer, but then again I also don’t have the attention span or commitment to stay with a weekly, one-hour television drama.

  7. jodi says:

    it takes a certain type of face to pull off very thick and very long straight bangs. she doesn’t have it. but she has a face that can pull off so many other looks, she should focus on those.

  8. Grins says:

    I haven’t watched the show and the hair sure isn’t doing much to lure me in. Too bad the stylist for the promo shot can’t be there for her on a regular basis. Instead, this week I discovered House. Fabulous show!

  9. Michele says:

    OMG! Was it not the best last nite? I usually tune into Ghost Whisperer …and Medium, for that matter. Like them both. Last nite’s ending left me reeling. It was so spectacular and completely unexpected. Really looking forward to next season.

    Now, back to Tivo to watch it again.

  10. mrjerz says:

    I’ve never seen the Ghost Whisperer. But I have noticed the hair. I agree, WTF? Medium, on the other hand, is phenomenal. Always good, and I don’t see a way to make it Alias bad. By that I mean there are no characters to throw into ridiculous love affairs. Medium should stay good for a long time. And I saw a picture of Patricia Arquette the other day from when she was in Stigmata. She was smokin then. Not so much now, yet I love watching her on TV.

  11. nancycle says:

    Egads…There’s not a single show that I have bought into of late. I used to love Fraser, Star Trek (Kirk & Jean Luc), Seinfeld, Friends and looong gone are the days of any QUALITY shows like Gilligan’s Island, Sanfred & Son, Three’s Company, The Monkeys, Happy Days, Partridge Family, I Dream of Jeanie, Bewitched or the Brady Bunch (and so many others). (how effectively have I dated myself here?)

    Survivor has been entertaining, The Amazing Race, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under…I managed to choke down a few Buffy the Vampires, Gilmour Girls…Am I missing something? Do shows just totally SUCK now or have I lost my ability to enjoy them?

    And who is this Veronica chick and where’s Betty?

  12. Sayuri says:

    STOP! Stop recommending tv Dave! It costs me a fortune! Please for the sake of my wallet! (I’m so friggin’ curious now……)

  13. adena says:

    OMG, the ending FLOORED me! Was so not expecting that. It actually bites, and you’d realize that more if you’d been watching it all season. But, wow….SO surprising.

    And, yeah…love that the FBI guy wasn’t a skeptic. (“Are you registered?”)


  14. shannon says:

    I watched the end too…I don’t usually watch that show cuz I think J.L.H. really can’t act and her over-emoting bothers me as well. But damn! That ending blew me away so now I will have to tune back in which was probably the evil ploy of the producers to reel in all us half-watchers of the show.
    And like you, I watch entirely too much t.v. as it is.

  15. Yeah, the end was great. Alas, I predicted it early on…from last week’s episode, in fact. I guess I’m always looking/hoping for those “Sixth Sense” moments. I still enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for anything supernatural, really. “Medium,” “Supernatural,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Smallville.” Love it.

  16. delmer says:

    I was disappointed to see the hair style as well. What’s the joke? It’s not a hair-do, it’s a hair-don’t.

    She had great hair in Garfield: The Movie. (Folks, I HAD to see it. I have kids.)

  17. timothy says:

    What happened to the J-Love that everyone once loved. She had so much promise, but now she’s like a pariah. It’s all going to her head. What was she thinking? Her stylist must hate her.

  18. Eve says:

    All my free time is spent catching up on television shows, though somehow I have this image of myself being someone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV. If J-Love’s show is good, perhaps I’ll watch it a year from now (the wait list is quite long).

  19. Kevin says:

    I watched the one episode that I blogged about and the one after that. I stopped with Ghost Whisperer after only two episodes. Not that it’s bad, just not worth dedicating another hour of my time.

  20. coolbeans says:

    I watched one episode of The Ghost Whisperer. Before it was over, I called my mother to make sure she wasn’t wasting her life away watching that garbage. I hate her hair, her clunky jewelry, her fake eyelashes, and her “waking up” wearing all of the above.

    Makes me violent, really.

  21. Avitable says:

    I’ve heard that it’s good, but with VM and GG, I don’t know if I can handle anymore good, strong, female-centric shows. Maybe I’ll catch the first season on DVD. I do love JLH.

  22. Belinda says:

    Would you believe that episode you’re talking about was also the first and only episode of TGW I’ve ever watched, as well? And I was also suitably impressed by the ending. Well-done.

    And with you about the “look” on J-Love. Those bangs are severe, and the false eyelashes/heavy eyeliner on top, combined with the hair, really seem to set her firmly in the early 70’s.

  23. Eve says:

    I have returned to report to you that Ghost Whisperer complete first season is coming to DVD this September (22 episodes). Don’t ever say I don’t look out for you, buddy.

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