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Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2005

Dave!Politicians suck ass. Republican... Democrat... whatever... they are so busy trying to screw each other that everyday citizens are the ones who lose out because nothing else gets done.

Sadly, professional politicians wouldn't have it any other way. The bigger the battles, the more money they make. The bigger the distraction, the easier it is to slip in a pay raise. The entire political situation here has come to a head of such gross inefficiency that you have to wonder how in the heck anything happens at all. My home state of Washington is a prime example. We've got a mayor in Spokane who traded jobs for sex (and is accused of molesting young boys as well), yet the city is having a tough time getting him recalled (despite the fact that some of the evidence is undisputed). We've got a Governor's race that was held last November, but has only just now been settled (6 months later) because we can't even count votes. Tax dollars are being wasted at a record pace. Government at all levels is a complete mess.

And where is the outcry? Buried. Buried because Democrats are too busy fighting Republicans and Republicans are too busy fighting Democrats. And so long as we allow it, nothing is going to change.

I'm quite angry about that.

And it's mostly because of health care.

If there is ONE thing that people should be able to agree on, it's that the citizens of this country should be able to have access to health care, right? You would certainly think so. But it doesn't seem to matter who is sitting at the President's desk, the cost of being healthy keeps going up and up and up.

Lucky for me, I am in excellent health... so far. I haven't taken a sick day in years, and so it doesn't matter that my health insurance keeps cutting benefits and the cost for decreasing coverage spirals out of control every year. Hey, I consider myself lucky to even have insurance, when so many people are without. It may cost a lot and not cover much, but if I have a massive heart attack, I am secure in the knowledge that I won't go bankrupt.

And now we have "Health Savings Accounts" where you can put aside money to pay for today's massive insurance deductibles... all tax free. This is a good thing, but it is done horribly wrong. You see, you can only put in money that matches your annual insurance deductible. And even though you can USE the money for medical procedures NOT covered by your health plan, those dollars don't apply to your deductible in the first place, so basically you are f#@%ed both ways. More and more things (like vision care) are no longer covered, no longer apply to your deductible... yet DON'T count towards the money you are allowed in a tax-free account. That is some pretty f#@%ed up shit right there. I keep thinking I might one day give up contact lenses and go for Lasik eye surgery. But it's not covered, and it would take me TWO YEARS to be able to put the money needed in my new HSA and be tax free. Why? Why the f#@% can't I get the whole thing tax-free NOW? Sure I can claim it on my taxes come next year but, after calculating the percentage over my adjusted income, it won't gain me a damn thing. The government is just giving me a big "f#@% you" because I was unfortunate enough to be born with poor eyesight (heck, even if I never get surgery, my eye exams and lenses still have to be paid for!).

Health Care

What it comes down to is that even those people who have jobs and have insurance are slowly becoming unable to pay for medical expenses. It's either too pricey, not covered, or their deductible is so outrageous that they simply cannot afford it. And, on top of all of that, unless it's a major medical expense that's above a certain percentage of your adjusted income... it's not even tax deductible unless you can some how pull it out of a savings account that barely covers the insurance deductible in the first place!

How much longer are people going to take politicians fighting each other instead of fighting for the people who elected them? Time is running out... if things keep going as they are, pretty soon nobody will be able to afford to be healthy. But I suppose as long as they are just healthy enough to vote, politicians will continue to make empty promises for health care reform that never materialize.

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  1. flatrabbit says:

    Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
    Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary
    US author & satirist (1842 – 1914)

  2. theMike says:

    I am in a position right now where the new job I just attained has double the medical rates that I have currently. theWife and I are actually considering not covering the whole family to start. That’s just sick if you ask me.

  3. Rob says:

    These are the topics that keep me up at night. Wondering when the true “New World Order” will be brought apon us.

  4. Cavan says:


  5. girlonaglide says:

    I just wanna say I’m happy to see some cartoon Dave butt. Screw politics and politicians, by the way.

  6. Dave2 says:

    Yes… it’s pretty disturbing when you have to contemplate which family members you can afford to cover with insurance. It almost makes you wonder if it’s better to just cash it in, go on welfare, and then have one less thing to worry about.

    On the other hand, it does give me an excellent idea for birthday gifts for all my female friends and families… mammograms!

    As for Canada… you will be assimilated! Do not resist! Your liberation is at hand…

  7. Neil T. says:

    Ah, the joys of the British welfare state… 🙂

  8. Troy says:

    Yup Canada. The way to go. Unless you need minor surgeries (like hip replacements) then you’ll have to wait years for the surgery.

    Though I do love free health care. Now we just need free dental and eye care and the world will be a good place 🙂

  9. Harold says:

    WOW…your comments about healthcare sure hit home…..I was just told all my benefits at work are gone…..
    But I have a plan….and it involves Las Vegas!

  10. karla says:

    Norway’s got fairly good coverage. They don’t cover eye exams or glasses, and dentists are not covered for grown ups (though free for kids) but the health care I’ve recieved has so far been efficient, pretty cheap and easy to get. We do have extra insurance for eyes and teeth. In case any of them fall out…haha.
    It’s better if you get sick between 9-4, M-F, though….otherwise it gets harder.
    I feel sorry for folks in the US, it’s really nice not having to worry (much) about the state of your health care.
    Is my gravatar working?

  11. Andrew Spark says:

    The health care system in my country also needs some major changes and the government ought to play its role to improve the health management systems.

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