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Bullet Sunday 269

Posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Dave!Get out the J├Ągermeister and Red Bull, we're dropping bombs, and Bullet Sunday starts... now!

• Tragedy. Yesterday I wrote about my drive over Stevens Pass. Then today I heard that three skiers were killed in an avalanche up there. Whenever something like this happens, there's a mad scramble to track down all your skier friends to make sure they're okay. Then temper your relief with a grief that comes from knowing while it wasn't anybody you knew this time... it could most certainly be so next time. It's a stressful and horrible time, now made worse because you have fucked up shit like this circulating...

Disgusting Tweet

I know this dumbass bitch's "church" is nothing more than a huge scam made up of lawyers who do their best to piss people off so they can get attacked (then sue everybody and make piles of money)... but I don't even care. They are vile filth who victimize families at their most vulnerable and should be put in prison. Shame on people who keep defending these assholes' "freedom of speech" when they are nothing more than vicious bullies who ruthlessly violate the rights of others.

• Babeu. The interwebs are abuzz on both sides of the political spectrum with the outing of hard-core anti-immigration activist and Mitt Romney campaign co-chair for Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeu. And now the poor guy is being attacked from all sides in a clear demonstration of just how fucked up this country is...

Paul Babeu Conference
Photo taken from Reuters

First of all, I have to say that yes... if Babeu abused his authority to intimidate and threaten somebody, then he was wrong and should be held accountable for that. But until this is proven, shame on everybody.

Shame on Liberals who are screaming "HYPOCRITE!" because he's gay and Republican. Why the fuck should his sexual orientation dictate his political beliefs? Yeah, Republicans are not very welcoming of homosexuals... and hard-core Conservatives are outright hostile towards them... but if Babeu can set that aside because his politics are more aligned with a conservative viewpoint and that's what's important to him, why the hell should you care? If you disagree with his stance on immigration, fine. But if you think a man can only be a Democrat if he's gay, then it's you who are the hypocrite.

Shame on Conservatives who are now screaming "HIS CAREER SHOULD BE OVER!" because he's gay and Republican. Why should his sexual orientation dictate what job he can hold? The guy served with honor in the National Guard where he spent a tour in Iraq. He is a decorated law enforcement officer. He has faithfully protected our borders from drug trafficking. He is consistent with Conservative views on immigration. He has demonstrated over and over again that he's your fucking DREAM CANDIDATE in his plan to run for U.S. Congress... and yet you would discard the guy because he's into dudes? What is he supposed to do... give up the sexual aspect of his humanity and be unhappy just to make you happy? That is one of the most stupid fucking things I've ever heard.

This type of crap drives me insane. The guy is just doing the best he can to be true to the man he is in a world that attacks him for doing so. I may not support his politics, but I support him in his pursuit of happiness... just as all Americans should... Liberal and Conservative alike.

• Horror. And just because my disgust is already running at an all-time high here... might as well tear into one of the biggest assholes on the planet, Nancy Grace. I've written many times about how much I loathe this disgusting excuse for a human being, but she just keeps getting worse and worse...

Disgusting Evil Nancy Grace

If there's anybody out there who still thinks her "crusade for the victims" is anything more than a shameless money-grab by one of the biggest fucking exploitation whores on the planet, Salon has an article for you.

And now... back to my three-day weekend...

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  1. Kyra Wilson says:

    This is why I’m going to live in my cave and not go out anymore. People suck. They spend far too much time condemning others for things that have zero effect on their own lives and then walking around and feeling superior about it – and damn the consequences, too! (Side note: people’s fear of homosexuality completely baffles me. Usually I can find some thread that at least shows some sort of logic behind someone’s fear – even if it’s wrong. But that? I can’t come up with anything, it’s totally beyond me why anyone even CARES what someone else is doing in their own relationship!)

    Also, having the freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to violate other’s rights, or inflict harm. These people are all about the harm.

    Ugh. Where are my Reese’s…

  2. B.E. Earl says:

    You’re missing the point with Nancy Grace. She’s a comedian and her show is a parody.

    Wait…it’s not?

    • Dave2 says:

      It would certainly explain a lot!

      Unfortunately, if it’s true, I don’t find her very funny. People have died as a direct result of her actions.

  3. i wanted to learn a little more about the pass you mentioned and now i am all confused as to why wikipedia doesn’t use the apostrophe…they just call it stevens pass. i want to write to them and tell them there should be a ‘ floating in there. my morning is now all fucked up since my brain now hurts. (although i should be thankful that i am safe considering how awful three lives were lost sunday so i am gonna stop bitching.)

  4. martymankins says:

    The hating Phelps family (minus the ones that have left) never get my attention or respect.

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