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Posted on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Dave!Today is Wear Purple for Spirit Day!

According to the website, it's a way of "showing your support for the teens who took their lives because of anti-LGBT bullying"... which undoubtedly means to say that you wear purple to show your support for those who are victims of anti-LGBT bullying, and to honor those who have tragically taken their lives because of it. Which I absolutely do. But not just for those being bullied because they are gay, but for anybody being bullied because they are perceived as "different"...

DAVETOON: Lil' Dave and Bad Monkey in Purple

Because I'm straight, I have the luxury of not being persecuted for my "lifestyle choice." But I am all kinds of "different," so wearing purple to support an end to bullying is no-brainer. Which is ironic considering that the people who promote the hatred and intolerance which foster bullies are the ones who don't have brains.

And when it comes to offering support and showing LGBT teens that they are not alone... that there are people out there who love, support, and accept them just as they are... that there are people outside the LGBT community who will stand beside them... that even though they may be in a home or school or community where they are not accepted now, things will get better... I'm happy to add my voice to the many, many people taking a stand for what is right. Today and every day until we no longer have to endure a society that would ever convince somebody their life is not valued and welcomed enough to live in it.

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Be kind to each other, my friends.

Usually, I don't much care for award shows. The wrong things are always nominated and the wrong things always win. I rarely, if ever, agree with anything to do with mainstream award shows... including more off-beat "mainstream" awards like those found on MTV. But there is one award show that I kind of enjoy, and that's the Spike TV "Scream" Awards (even though all the actual non-stop audience screaming makes me want to kill people). They celebrate genre entertainment for such awesome things as sci-fi and horror and comic books and such, and it's always a lot of fun for geeks like me. I went ahead and wrote a wrap-up of the awards they handed out, and provided my own running comentary on who I thought deserved to win. Since something like this will only appeal to the smallest handful of people, I've gone ahead and put it in an extended entry...


The Ultimate Scream.
Who won? Inception. • Who should have won? Inception.
In many ways, this award belongs to Iron Man 2 for not fucking up the best comic book franchise in decades, and Avatar for truly raising the bar in movie special effects, and Kick-Ass for having the balls to go for an R-rating, and District 9 for creating something so amazing and spectacular pretty much independently. But, in the end, I agree Inception with it's thought-provoking story and mind-blowing scenes deserves the prize.

Most Anticipated Movie.
Who won? Green Lantern. • Who should have won? TRON: Legacy.
Am I looking forward to Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern? Absolutely. But I've been looking forward to a TRON sequel for TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS.

Best Science Fiction Movie.
Who won? Inception. • Who should have won? Inception.
Let's face it, Avatar was amazing... revolutionary even. But the story was pretty one-note, and once you get over the jaw-dropping visuals it offered nothing new. Inception, on the other hand, offered up a much more interesting and complex story and still managed to find commercial success. That's truly breaking boundaries, and will (hopefully) usher in a new era of smart sci-fi films finding their way to the screen.

Best Fantasy Movie.
Who won? The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. • Who should have won? ANYTHING BUT The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
These movies are complete and total shit. Terrible acting. Lazy stories. Painful dialogue. When stupid crap like this has success, it only greenlights more stupid crap to get made.

Best Horror Movie.
Who won? Zombieland. • Who should have won? Let Me In.
Look, I liked Zombieland as much as the next guy, but it seemed more like comedy than an actual horror thriller. Let Me In, on the other hand, was a thoughtful vampire horror flick with genuine thrills, but wasn't even nominated. Surprisingly, it's a remake of an amazing Swedish film that doesn't blow chunks (for once), and deserves more attention than it's getting (I dunno, maybe it's too recent for the Scream Awards? When is there cut-off?).

Best TV Show.
Who won? True Blood. • Who should have won? Dexter.
Well, actually, there's shows I like better than both True Blood and Dexter, but they don't really fit in the genre here. While I do enjoy True Blood, I honestly think that Dexter is the better show. How they manage to keep things fresh with such a one-note concept is amazing to me.

Best Director.
Who won? James Cameron: Avatar. • Who should have won? James Cameron: Avatar.
Though the movie falls a bit flat to me once the gorgeous visuals are stripped away, you have to truly admire James Cameron for his amazing directing skills in bringing his vision to life. He just doesn't falter. A part of me wants to award Neill Blomkamp here for District 9 and his truly-deserving directing debut, but Cameron's body of amazing work supports his win.

Best Scream-Play.
Who won? Laeta Kalogridis: Shutter Island. • Who should have won? Michael Arndt: Toy Story 3.
No disrespect to Shutter Island, which was a pretty good flick, but anybody who can jump in and not just equal the first two amazing Toy Story films, but TOP them? Give the man the damn award.

Best Fantasy Actress.
Who won? Kristen Stewart: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. • Who should have won? Chloë Moretz: Kick-Ass.
SERIOUSLY? Give me a fucking break. Kristen Stewart beings NOTHING to the table in those gawdawful Eclipse piles of shit. Chloë Moretz, on the other hand, had an impossible acting job in Kick-Ass and totally delivered in every scene... stealing the movie from not only the main character, but Nicholas Cage.

Best Fantasy Actor.
Who won? Robert Pattinson: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. • Who should have won? Nicolas Cage: Kick-Ass.
Come on. Nick Cage knew exactly how to play his dorky character, and turned a relatively minor role into pure WIN.

Best Science Fiction Actress.
Who won? Scarlett Johansson: Iron Man 2. • Who should have won? Scarlett Johansson: Iron Man 2.
Um. Yeah... totally held her own... totally made Black Widow come to life on the screen...

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Best Science Fiction Actor.
Who won? Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception. • Who should have won? Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man 2.
Seriously? I mean, Leo is a capable (if overrated) actor... but Robert Downey Jr. makes you believe a guy in a metal suit in real. He brilliantly brings a sense of humor and reality to a character who is anything but, yet still makes him larger than life. I'd put Downey Jr.'s performance in the Iron Man films up against any actor's best work.

Best Horror Actress.
Who won? Anna Paquin: True Blood. • Who should have won? Anna Paquin: True Blood.
I guess. None of these performances particularly stand out to me, and I never saw half of them. I wish Chloë Moretz had been nominated for Let Me In though.

Best Horror Actor.
Who won? Alexander Skarsgård: True Blood. • Who should have won? Michael C. Hall: Dexter.
I don't know that Dexter is actual "horror" per se, but Michael C. Hall's masterful performance easily trumps everybody else in this category, so I'll play along.

Best Villain.
Who won? Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko: Iron Man 2. • Who should have won? John Lithgow as The Trinity Killer: Dexter.
Look, I loved... loved... Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2. But his character was pretty much parody, and Rourke is capable enough to play Vanko in his sleep. Lithgow was truly twisted in Dexter and turned in a performance about as compelling as you'll find anywhere.

Best Hero.
Who won? Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man: Iron Man 2. • Who should have won? Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man: Iron Man 2.
Duh. Nobody else even came close. Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark. Tony Stark IS Iron Man. It's pure hero casting genius.

Best Supporting Actress.
Who won? Anne Hathaway: Alice in Wonderland. • Who should have won? Abigail Breslin: Zombieland.
I just didn't care for Alice in Wonderland as much as I thought I would. It was a good story that was beautifully executed, and astoundingly faithful to all things Alice, but it just didn't meet my lofty expectations. Zombieland took me by surprise, however, and I thought Breslin was terrific in it.

Best Supporting Actor.
Who won? Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Inception. • Who should have won? Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Inception.
This guy is always surprising me. He came from such humble beginnings and has turned out to be an amazing actor. Kudos.

Best Breakout Performance - Female.
Who won? Chloë Moretz: Kick-Ass. • Who should have won? Chloë Moretz: Kick-Ass.
No shit. This was a total no-brainer.

Best Breakout Performance - Male.
Who won? Tom Hardy: Inception. • Who should have won? Sharlto Copley: District 9.
Robbed. Totally robbed. Hardy was good. But Sharlto Copley was an absolute revelation in District 9 from just about every angle you could possibly look at it (and he had to improvise his character to boot!). This is probably the most disappointing upset of the night.

Best Cameo.
Who won? Bill Murray: Zombieland. • Who should have won? Bill Murray: Zombieland.
Come on. It's Bill Murray. The guy could appear in a laxative commercial and have me riveted.

Best Ensemble.
Who won? Zombieland. • Who should have won? Zombieland.
All the nominees were pretty great (even Lost, which is a show I eventually came to hate) but I have to admit that Zombieland pulled it together beautifully considering who's award show this is.

Fight Scene of the Year.
Who won? "Anti-Gravity Hotel Fight" - Inception. • Who should have won? "Final Battle: Na'vi vs Military" - Avatar.
Toughest call of the night. I had a really hard time choosing between "Final Battle: Iron Man and War Machine vs Whiplash and the Drones" and "Hit-Girl vs The Drug Dealers" and "Final Battle: Na'vi vs Military." I very nearly went with Hit-Girl, but that final battle in Avatar was spectacular. Oddly, "Anti-Gravity Hotel Fight" didn't make my top-three. I liked it... and the efforts they went to in order to make it realistic were admirable, but it didn't blow me away like the others.

Holy Sh*t Scene of the Year.
Who won? "Head twisted 180 degrees during sex" - True Blood. • Who should have won? "Damon McCready shoots little daughter Mindy in chest" - Kick-Ass.
The minute this footage hit the internet, you knew... KNEW that Kick-Ass was going to be a very special film. The fact that Nicholas cage and Chloë Moretz managed to pull this scene off so brilliantly when it could have (and should have) spiraled down to something gone very wrong is just the icing on the cake.

Most Memorable Mutilation.
Who won? The Human Centipede (First Sequence): The Human Centipede. • Who should have won? Inglorious Basterds: Scapled.
I'm of the opinion that Inglorious Basterds should have been nominated in many of the above categories, but this one will have to do. While I didn't see the winning Human Centipede movie, the footage they showed of this "mutilation" seemed staged compared to the raw brutality you got from the more realistic Tarantino effort.

3-D Top Three.
Who won? Avatar. • Who should have won? Avatar.
I thought it embarrassing that Alice in Wonderland was nominated in this category, as the 3-D there didn't really elevate the film. And while Toy Story 3 was beautifully done, it was also fairly easy to accomplish given that it was already in the computer. James Cameron, on the other hand, took 3-D to an entirely new level which most filmmakers will never reach, and (quite frankly) shouldn't bother trying.

Best FX.
Who won? Avatar. • Who should have won? Avatar.
This was tough, because I thought District 9 and Iron Man 2 did a fantastic job in the visual FX department but, again, Avatar just surpassed everything so handily in this area that it's the only real contender.

Best Television Performance.
Who won? Matthew Fox: Lost. • Who should have won? Michael C. Hall: Dexter.
Back before Lost turned to total shit and I actually watched the program, I thought that Matthew Fox did a great job with what he was given. But I can see a lot of actors in that role. I can't imagine anybody else as Dexter.

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel.
Who won? The Walking Dead. • Who should have won? Invincible.
Sadly, Invincible wasn't even nominated. But since Robert Kirkman is responsible for both The Walking Dead AND Invincible, I think I can bend the rules. Invincible is the book that has me loving comic books again. It's everything I love about comics growing up... and more.

Best Comic Book Writer.
Who won? Geoff Johns. • Who should have won? Robert Kirkman.
Despite being partially responsible for the total load of shit that is Image United, Kirkman is also responsible for two of my favorite books on the market right now.

Best Comic Book Artist.
Who won? Frank Quitley: Batman and Robin. • Who should have won? Frank Quitley: Batman and Robin.
I am a huge fan of Quitley's work. And even though there are a few other artists I'd probably give this award to, none of them were nominated! Well deserved, though. I loved this series.

Best Comic Book Movie.
Who won? Kick-Ass. • Who should have won? Iron Man 2.
A very tough call. But, in the end, I thought Iron Man 2 managed to translate something much more difficult, and edges out the fantastic Kick-Ass for my top choice.

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  1. kapgar says:

    I have not seen Inception, but I’ll totally agree that Copley had a great breakout role in District 9. I loved that movie.

  2. Badger says:

    Dude! Thanks for the heads-up on Spirit Day. I have gone all purple and whatnot!

    And wait, so Let Me In is good? I wasn’t going to see it because of the remake factor; when Hollywood gets hold of something European, it’s rarely as good as the original. But if this one is good, maybe I’ll give it a go.

  3. muskrat says:

    i don’t own anything purple, as far as i know. it’s hard to see in one’s closet when one is afraid of turning on the light and waking a sleeping baby in said closet.

  4. i read the extended entries because i find your commentary fascinating. although it does make me giggle with “who should have won” instead of “who I THINK should have won” (sure, it is implied because you said it before the jump, but it still cracks me up).

    and yes, i’m wearing purple today. thanks for putting words to my fashion statement!

  5. Sybil Law says:

    I haven’t actually dressed yet today (will after I post this) but it’s going to be purple, for sure.

  6. Karl says:

    So many flicks I have yet to see. I watched portions of the Scream awards (mostly to see the Back to the Future “reunion”). I’m gonna have to watch Dexter one of these days. Everybody I know loves it.

  7. A. Lewis says:

    I have no doubt that your closet is filled with purple items. Not that they can be shown on the internet…..
    And if you want to be persecuted for being a hetero, just let me know. I’ll do my best to help.

    • Dave2 says:

      Ha! I have exactly TWO purple items in my entire wardrobe… both from the 80’s! A purple shirt and a purple hat from the Hard Rock Cafe Maui. Both still fit, which is amazing because I’m smarter than ever and my head surely must have grown to accommodate all all the new brains I’ve got.

  8. Christopher Stogdill says:

    The one time I don’t check my websites first thing in the morning I find I should be wearing a different shirt. Next time give us a few days head start please.

    I took the gay test twice and came out 20% the first time and 26% the second time. There were a couple questions I could go either way on. I figure I can split the middle and be 23% gay.

  9. claire says:

    Lookin’ good, Dave! Thanks for your support!

  10. Michelle M. says:

    I’ve got my purple on too.

    The Scream Awards were fun. I agree with a lot of your “should have wons”. The whole Twilight thing is aggravating (it’s the same thing with them on the MTV movie awards). I thought Marilyn Manson was annoying.

    When my husband saw a preview for the new Tron movie I swear he let out a squee.

  11. Etienne says:

    Thanks, Dave. I was half-dresses when I checked in and realized I wasn’t going to be PC. A quick wardrobe correction and I was off to work in my purple polka-dot tie.

  12. Göran says:

    I actually thought Scarlett was pretty lame in Iron Man 2. But that´s just me.

    Lil Dave and Bad Monkey looks awesome in purple!

  13. Aw, damn… I don’t own any purple attire. Had I been a volunteer with our latest mayor-elect’s recent successful campaign here in Calgary, I’d own a purple t-shirt. Not sure what his sexuality is, actually. I guess the fact that I don’t care means the movement is working, though.

    Thanks for this blog entry — le awesome!

  14. Thanks for the awards show recap! Since almost completely shutting out TV from my life to focus on motherhood I’ve found that I’m missing out on a lot of good movies because I don’t see previews. Your opinions here have provided some new direction for my Netflix queue.

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