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Posted on Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Dave!The big news blowing through the blogosphere today is former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken blasting away at how much he thinks current American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert sucks ass. Personally, I don't give a crap, and think Clay Aiken is entitled to his opinion. But what's so odd is that the words Clay uses to talk smack about Adam ("contrived, awful, and slightly frightening") is exactly... exactly... how I would describe Clay. I've never heard him sing a damn thing that didn't make me wish my head would explode... or wish Clay Aiken would explode... or both. This is like the suck-infested pot telling the suck-infested kettle that he sucks. Or something like that.

And speaking of horrific infestation...

DAVETOON: I'm a Lil' Dave Mac, and I'm a Lil' Wayne PC

DAVETOON: Wow PC, you're infested! Yeah, Vista has more bugs than a rotting corpse!

Shouldn't you do something about that? Yeah, I'm saving up for a Windows 7 upgrade!

Yeah... Vista sucks ass and should have never been released in the first place, but instead of fixing it,* Microsoft is going to make you pay for an upgrade to Windows 7? What a crock of shit.

* And no, those Service Pack updates didn't solve nearly enough of my problems with Vista to make me consider it "fixed."

To see all of the Lil' Dave Mac vs. Lil' Wayne PC ads, click here!

On a happier note, I got an email from somebody who was very happy with my movie suggestion of Doc Hollywood this past Bullet Sunday, and wanted to know if I had any other "old movies" that I'd recommend. The film was released in 1991, which had me doing some serious reevaluation of what I consider to be an "old movie," but I did come up with two worth watching...

Creator Poster

Creator (1985) Starring Peter O'Toole, Mariel Hemmingway, Vincent Spano, and Virginia Madsen. This movie was overlooked by most everybody and it's a real shame. Creator is a comedy with truly touching dramatic elements which has a lot to say about life, love, loss, and the science of it all. Peter O'Toole gives a fantastic performance as a brilliant but eccentric professor who's trying to clone his dead wife. It's definitely a level above your typical popcorn comedy, but oh so rewarding. Unfortunately, the DVD and iTunes versions are absolute shit... they butcher the film to crappy full-screen "pan-and-scan" which chops up the flow and framing of the film... but Flix is airing it in widescreen on the 26th at 12:05am Pacific (3:05am Eastern). If you get the Showtime/Flix channel package, you might want to set your TiVo, because this is probably the only way you're ever going to see this wonderful film unmolested.

Undercover Blues Poster

Undercover Blues (1993) Starring Kathleen Turner, Dennis Quaid, Fiona Shaw, and Stanley Tucci. Another overlooked gem that's one of my favorite movies of all time. Spies Jeff and Jane Blue are on maternity leave to spend time with their new baby, starting with a vacation in New Orleans. But when a situation comes up having world-shattering consequences, they are back in action for one more case. Hilarity ensues. I think what I like best about this movie (other than the fantastic way they integrate New Orleans into the story) is that there are no wasted moments. The plot moves ahead at full-speed from frame one, and takes you for a ride that's never boring and always funny. Definitely worth your valuable time to track down and watch.

I've seen each of these films at least a dozen times, but just writing this makes me want to see them all over again.

Unfortunately, I have to go back to work instead.


  1. Gรถran says:

    Another “old” movie that is fantastic is The Grifters with Angelica Huston, Anette Bening and John Cusack.

    P.S. The AskDave has solved many mysteries of life as of lately! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dave2 says:

    Excellent film suggestion, The Grifters… of course, I love anything with Angelica Houston! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Robin says:

    In your next cartoon, you should have PC guy get attacked by swine flu….or shit, just swine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yeah – and Clay’s just jealous that Adam Lambert is stealing his thunder.

  4. jenny says:

    Another “classic” film I would recommend (although it’s not as undiscovered as Doc Hollywood) is Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I have seen that movie about 50 times, and still crack up at certain lines: “I have a falsetto child?”

  5. Avitable says:

    Have you ever seen “For Love Or Money”, with Michael J. Fox and Gabrielle Anwar? I love that movie.

  6. yellojkt says:

    Doesn’t OSX come out with a new version every couple of years that everybody has to shell out for to get the new features?

    Not that Windows doesn’t suck, but all software companies charge for major upgrades.

  7. Badger says:

    Aw, I loved Creator! Peter O’Toole is the shit!

  8. LeSombre says:

    Undercover blues rock!

    “I’m Muerte!”
    “Hiney, this is Marty”.


  9. Dave2 says:

    Robyn: He came out of the closet and had a child through artificial insemination with his manager… I guess criticizing others is all he has left unless he gets a sex change operation or becomes an astronaut, because he sure as hell isn’t going to climb back into the limelight on his shitty music! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Jenny: I love that movie! I’ve owned “Overboard” on VHS, LaserDisc, and now on DVD. It’s hard to go wrong with Goldie… I love, LOVE “Foul Play” and “Protocol” too.

    Avitable: Oh yes… great flick! I fell in love with Gabrielle Anwar in “If Looks Could Kill” and again in “Scent of a Woman”… so I was compelled to see “For Love or Money” with her and Fox. And now she’s in “Burn Notice” which is about all I could hope for. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yellojkt: There is a big difference between paying for new features and paying to have bugs fixed.

    Badger: And O’Toole really surprised me in “Creator” because it didn’t seem a good “fit” for him. Of course, now I can’t imagine anybody else playing Harry!

    LeSombre: I’m glad somebody else I know has seen it! Most people I tell about “Undercover Blues” have never heard of it.

  10. I’m sorry, but about Clay Aiken – can you say “self-loathing”? You’re out of the closet, Clay. You don’t have to act like you hate gay people anymore.

  11. Talena says:

    Another vote here for Undercover Blues. I love love love that movie and have made may people watch it.

  12. Sybil Law says:

    Booo for Clay Aiken, AI, Windows Vista, crabs (those are crabs, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚ and work!
    Yay for good movies (I’ve never seen either of those!)!

  13. Robin says:

    Wow. You had Laser Disc? See – I knew you were awesome for a reason…Laser Disc was epic. What did you do with the player?

    And being an astronaut didn’t work for Lance Bass – it won’t work for Clay either. I actually saw Clay Aiken live once – he did a cover of When Doves Cry…the gospel version. Oh yes. The Gospel Version. I am sure it’s on You Tube somewhere….

  14. Dave2 says:

    I still have it. I still use it. There are some movies I own on LD that I can’t get on DVD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Mary Sue says:

    Undercover Blues? I knew there was a reason I liked you, Dave.

    I totally named my first laptop Morty.

  16. Eric says:

    i have to agree – the goldie hawn movies were great – don’t forget Wildcats (Private Benjamin might be the most missable…). if you had to choose one comedy from the 80’s, i might have to vote for Johnny Dangerously – with the recently-deceased Dom DeLuise (as “the pope” of all people!).

    i loved The Creator and just recently tried to get my wife to watch it, to no avail. it is a very touching movie with great performances and an ethically interesting sub-plot, and hey – a nice set of boobs on hemingway.

    by the way, dave – please note my new blog address. thanks!

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