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Bullet Sunday 93

Posted on Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Dave!Live from Chicago, it's another edition of Bullet Sunday!

• iPhone. When I got back from Davecago 3 last night and went to charge my iPhone, I found out that my power adaptor was dead. This was frustrating, but not a big problem, because I was going into the city and could just stop by the Apple Store and get a new one. But when I got there, something strange was happening. The line to get a new iPhone 3G had only one person in it. Not knowing quite what to do with myself, I made the snap decision to just get a new iPhone so I could finally have the GPS I need so badly in my travels (and go completely broke from having to shell out $299). I'll undoubtedly blather on about it later, but my initial reaction? Feels better in the hand, but design is not as nice as my first iPhone. Face feels more like plastic than glass (oh shit!). GPS is slow to acquire. 3G network is faster only sometimes and not widely available. None of my old complaints were addressed (clipboard, subscribed calendars, etc.). Conclusion? If Apple had put a fucking GPS in the original iPhone like they should have in the first place, I would never have "upgraded." Still a nice product, however.

• Doggity. Since earliest childhood, the only way I ever ate hotdogs was plain with ketchup. Now that I've started eating Chicago Style Hotdogs, I can't imagine eating them any other way (well, maybe one other way). Damn they're addicting. Fortunately, there's a vegetarian version here in Chicago at America's Dog, which is where I had lunch (again) today...

A veggie hot dog decked out Chicago-style with mustard, tomatoes, pickle, peppers, and relish in a steamed poppy-seed bun.

• Chef. Isaac Hayes, who I will forever associate with the phrase "Hello there, children!" from his character "Chef" on South Park has just died. I know that Hayes had a major falling out with Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of the show) a while back, which resulted in the death of "Chef"... but I sure hope that they do something on South Park to remember him and the years he worked on the show. It hasn't been the same since he left...

Cartoon character "Chef" from South Park.

• Davecago 3. I hate to admit it, but RW over at 1 Step Beyond gave up a much better recap of the festivities than I could ever hope to write. Suffice to say that I had a great time, and was so very happy to meet some terrific new people...

  • Leah from Leah In Chicago - Accidentally Jewish. Oddly enough, Leah was the blogger I've been reading the longest that attended. In trying to figure out exactly when I first found "Leah In Chicago" I believe it was in 2004. I honestly don't remember how I bounced across her blog, but I think it had to do with Google research for one of my many trips to Chicago. At the time, she was gearing up to convert to Judaism, and I found it interesting, so I stuck around until she made the actual conversion in 2005. After that I continued to lurk around for a while, reading off and on for another few months until I lost touch. Then, in one of those wild coincidences that only seem to happen in the blogosphere, Leah made a comment on MY blog on an entry about Passover, and I had no idea it was the same Leah I had read earlier until much later. Bizarre, but cool coincidence.
  • Lynne from Life After Work. When I got an email from "Lynne" wanting to attend Davecago, I was thrilled that I was going to meet somebody I had never heard of before... until I went to email her back and recognized her email address as somebody who has been commenting on Blogography for years. That was one of those "slap-you-in-the-face" moments when I remembered that she too had a blog that used to be in my feed reader, didn't survive the transfer to my new computer, and had been plugging along for months without me. Horrified that a faithful commenter was going unread, I immediately added her back, and then faced the awful embarrassment of meeting her at last at Davecago without even knowing what's happening in her life. Sigh. I guess I'll be better prepared next time. Lynne also has a great Davecago recap here.
  • Suzanne. RW has branded her that "lurker who comes to your site, has no blog of her own, never comments and continually scares the living crap out of you." Fortunately, she's a lot friendlier in person.
  • Tori from Radioactive Girl. Tori is one of those bloggers who appeared from nowhere to comment on my blog, and all of a sudden I was seeing her pop up on other people's blogs I read. Then one day last month I finally went to her site and read her current entry, was instantly captivated... then browsed back a few entries... and there I was. She was writing about one of my favorite projects: and actually had a link to Blogography! Naturally, I was now in love with Tori. That love turned to obsession when she showed up to Davecago with packages of home-made brownies for everybody... complete with recipes! The brownies were so amazing and addictive that I was looking to see how many tablespoons of crack cocaine was in there. Answer? 1/2 Tablespoon. Sure she calls it "KahlΓΊa" but I know what she really means. Click here for Tori's Davecago 3 recap post!

UPDATE: Tori has relented and published the recipe for her amazing, highly addictive brownies! Click and rejoice!

And also to reunite with some old friends from Davecagos past...

I swear that every time I meet up with other bloggers I feel so amazingly lucky to have people like this in my life. It's not easy spending so much time traveling far away from home, but knowing I have a blogging family no matter where I go is a blessing in life that I just can't put into words. I have received criticism from those who think that I'm an egotistical bastard for "renaming cities in my image" and "inviting people to come worship me"... but the truth is exactly the opposite. I don't do this so people can meet me... I do it so that I can meet them...

The group at Davecago 3

Jenny and Kelly from Davecago 3

Another group shot from Davecago 3

The fact that I am lucky enough that people even care enough about me to show up and say "hello" is just a bonus. If I am very lucky, I'll get to keep meeting up with fellow bloggers and blog readers for years to come.

Past and upcoming meet-ups can always be found on Blogography's Dave Events Page.

Oog... I really need to update my "Bloggers I've Met" list in my sidebar, but it's time for bed. I have a very long day ahead of me tomorrow...

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  1. delmer says:

    Did Jen’s mom come.

    (Do you even know that I thought I met Jen’s mom at TQ? Or is this comment more for me than it is you?)

  2. Hilly says:

    Tori! You met Tori? I love her to tears! And look how cute Jen and MochaMomma are with their curly hair! And and and…everyone cool is there!

    Glad you guys had fun! I think that’s enough exclamation points for one day.

  3. Avitable says:

    I doubt that South Park will do anything for Isaac Hayes, given the huge blow-up they had.

    No pictures of RW? Was he shy?

  4. sizzle says:

    Yet again, wishing I was in Chicago- what a great group!

  5. Mocha says:

    “renaming cities in your image”?

    Sounds blasphemous. Repentance is in order. Three Hail Marys and one Bloody Mary and all will be right again.

    SO much fun. AGAIN.

    Thanks for not telling anyone I was a cheapskate.

  6. Leah says:

    I totally remember writing that passover comment! yay!

    I had such a fun night and was super glad to avoid being arrested at the very end of the night. Gotta say that I’m sad I didn’t get an actual photo of us together.

    That’s why I’ll be at DaveCago 4!

  7. *lynne* says:

    “commenting for years”?? *blush!* you exaggerate a tad… it’s only been since April 2006 when we were all participants in the history that was the Lost Blogs Grassroots Marketing Campaign thingamajig πŸ™‚

    … my tendency of being more socially like wallpaper than butterfly did result in my not actually interacting too much with most of the attendees, but they are all gong onto my soon-to-be-updated blogroll, and maybe next year (if we’re still in town) it won’t be like being in a roomful of strangers no more πŸ™‚

    It was a great to meet ya – and thans for the freebies!

    … now to remember who it was who took a pic of us at salud, me with my nametag over my face… I wannnnttt!! πŸ˜€


  8. Justin Scott says:

    Congrats on joining the iPhone 3G club. Looking forward to DaveLouis!

  9. oh how i love chicago. it has been entirely too long since i have been there. sigh.

  10. NYCWD says:

    Poor Isaac… he was a righteous dude.

    No one will fault you for posting the brownie recipe. I think that since it was freely given out, it must be part of a Creative Commons license or something.

  11. I promise if there’s ever a Dave-anada (Cana-Dave?)
    I will so be there!

  12. Mrs. Hall says:

    I am envious of the badges.

    From the blog, I see that you travel a lot. Do you ever go to Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin?

    Again, the blue badges make me green with envy.


    Mrs. Hall

  13. *pixie* says:

    Mmm…I LOVE Chicago dogs. It’s only 9:50 a.m. here and I would totally eat one right this minute if it was in front of me. All the yummy veggies and the celery salt. Delish!

    Got my Artificial Duck gear the other day and am pimping you out on my blog today. Tried to link to the shirts but it says page not found when I click on it.

  14. RW says:

    If it could ever be arranged and the crowd wasn’t TOO big, the cookout offer still stands. You need to have my vegetarian pizza…

  15. Sue says:

    Chef died.. for real? Really? πŸ™

  16. Naomi says:

    I *heart*–no, no, scratch that… no cutesy *heart*, full on love, LOVE Chicago dogs.

    (Sidenote: I received many a compliment in my Bad Monkey t-shirt–and BM seemed pretty content considering his placement as well.)

  17. John says:

    I’m sorry to have missed Davecago, I know it was a blast, glad you guys had a great time. And now, I MAY have to go to Chicago just to get one of them thar DOGS man! I think I could eat about 46 of those. : )

  18. There are some really cool blogger peeps in Chicago! Glad they’re all Blogography fans.

  19. ChillyWilly says:

    Wow. Another Davecago has been completed. It helps a lot that, a) there are many bloggers that live in or near the city and b) that you love Chicago. I’ve only been there once and for less than 2 days and for a trade show (back when Chicago held a Comdex show).

    Issac Hayes… sad that he’s gone. Loved him as Chef. The episode where they kill him off is pretty wild (and a giant slam on his religion of choice). My only beef with him was the hypocritical nature that surrounded his exit from South Park. It was ok to poke fun at other religions, but when his got center stage, that bothered him.

    Other than that, he will be missed.

  20. It was so great to finally meet you! You are exactly like you are on your blog, only better if that makes any sense at all. I can’t wait to hang out with you again someday (hopefully soon!)

  21. michelle Jacobs says:

    Great blog! Wish i could have been there at your meet up to well hmm, meet up with you!!

    You seem cool so what is that vegetarian hot dog made out of?? Looks good!!

  22. Raquita says:

    New Iphone Cool!! blah blah blah sexy people, blah blah balh fun times

    SELL me your iphone for 12.o9 plus a t-shirt that says “I sold my iphone in DAVE LOUIS!!! “

    It will increase you sexy I promise…

  23. Miss Britt says:

    I am insanely jealous of anyone who gets to meet Mrs. RW.

  24. kapgar says:

    I feel the same way as you when I meet up with other bloggers. That’s why I’m so confused that non-bloggers seem so willing to scorn me for this. I just don’t freakin’ get it.

  25. B.E. Earl says:

    I meant to comment when you first posted this, but I first had a chicago-stlye dog about a month ago and I’m hooked.

    Finally, something that Chicago does better than NY. πŸ˜‰

  26. Lisa says:

    I know I’m commenting late but I’ve been under cover. First, that hotdog looks fantastic. God, I want one. Second, I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the 3G iPhone because your opinions on the iPhone really helped in deciding to get one in the first place. Not that I’m upgrading, I’ll just be curious about what you have to say. Third, it looks like Davecago 3 was a great time! I love Tori too! Well kapgar, RW and Jen too.

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