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Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


Working out of the office is killer for me because the work back home doesn't stop. This means I am essentially working two jobs, both of which are exhausting... mentally and physically.

After two hours of driving over the mountains plus an additional hour of sitting in traffic hell once I reached Issaquah on I-90, I realized that I had left my MacBook Pro power adapter at home. Lovely. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a big deal, because I could go to the local Apple Store and get a new one. But Seattle doesn't have an Apple Store. You either have to go to Tukwila, Lynwood, Bellevue, or the University of Washington. Since University Village is closest, I lured a co-worker with the promise of dinner and headed north.

Buying a new power adapter was as quick and painless as you'd expect from an Apple Store. No surprise there, because the shopping experience at all Apple Stores is flawless. I was in and out in five minutes.

We then decided to eat dinner across the parking lot at Johnny Rockets. I love their veggie burger, so it was an easy choice.

Unfortunately, they had run out of veggie burger patties.


I mean, come on... does maintaining stock of a frozen item really equate to rocket science here?

Hmmm... I suppose that I should put away my computer so I can get a few hours sleep before I have to do this all over again tomorrow.

This would be a lot easier if my neighbors here at the hotel would put their squealing kids to bed. Since it's after 11:00pm now, I don't think that's asking too much.

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  1. Patty says:

    Sorry your having a bad day/night. Though I have a kid I wouldn’t let him run rampant in the hotel that late……hope you get some sleep.

  2. martin says:

    Johnny has never been good at rocket science. If Apple ran the world it would be bliss…….

  3. Kristin says:

    Hey, man, it’s not called Johnny Rocket SCIENTIST’s. Mellow out, dude.

    p.s. Can’t wait to see you!

  4. Squealing kids in adjacent rooms = good times. I had the misfortune of staying in a room with one of those “shared door” thingies between rooms. I swear the door made no difference, it was like I was in the flippin’ room with them.

  5. you couldn’t have had a salad or something or maybe soup? Although I think it’s lousy that they said they were out. I bet they hadn’t had them in a while….chain restaurants are stupid like that. even good eats like Johnny Rockets….

  6. Dave2 says:

    Patty… Unfortunately, I got NO sleep. My hotel has construction or something going on above me… ALL NIGHT LONG. =sigh!=

    Martin & Kristin… Yes, see… that’s what I thought too. It’s NOT Johnny Rocket Science… but neither is keeping track of your frickin’ inventory! Hah!

    Kevin… I just think it’s absurd how people stay in a hotel and think they’re the only ones in the entire building so they can make as much noise as they want. The height of stupidity.

    Cissa… I don’t think they have salad. Maybe. But it doesn’t make any difference. Johnny Rockets is a BURGER JOINT. I wouldn’t go there for anything except a burger. And it’s stupid that they can’t seem to remember to order veggie burgers… this is NOT the first time this has happened to me at one of their restaurants. If you’re not going to stock it, don’t have it on the menu!

  7. RW says:

    I think the time has come to face the facts, dave. You were Stalin in your last lifetime right?

  8. Avitable says:

    I’ve been to Burger King when they don’t have shake mix. Stupidity is pretty universal among fast food managers, I think.

  9. Beth says:

    Our Johnny Rockets CLOSED altogether….there’s always something worse, though ‘in the moment’ your scenario seems just as bad!!

    Exactly HOW many adapters do you now own?? Is there like a “Frequent Adapter” card you can get punched so that your 10th one is free? 🙂

  10. Dar says:

    Maybe they had a mass influx of vegetarians that day, and you were just unlucky?

    Sure its unlikely, but it might have happened?

  11. diane says:

    I’m more stunned that there’s no Apple store in Seattle. Really?? We even have them at some of the malls out here!

  12. Winter says:

    You are just not having good Johnny Rockets karma these days, are you? Poor Dave. 🙁

  13. Dave2 says:

    RW… Ghengis Kahn maybe?

    Avitable… Well, they ARE Burger King… not Shake King… so I guess sentencing to death might be a little harsh. Perhaps just a nice bitch-slapping to the manager’s face is punishment enough?

    Beth… I own three now. But it’s not like they go to waste! Now I have one at home, one at work, and one I can keep in my backpack! Perfect! Until one of them breaks, I suppose.

    Dar… Maybe. But it still doesn’t make sense to me that they wouldn’t stock an abundance of extra veggie burgers since they’re frozen and will keep forever. Hell, they could have even WALKED ACROSS THE STREET and bought a box of Boca Burgers from QFC! There’s just no excuse. 🙁

    Diane… Yep… no Apple Store downtown. I have no idea why. You’d think Pacific Place would be a fantastic location for an Apple Store.

    Winter… I KNOW! First Chicago closes, now this! OH THE HUMANITY!! Poor Dave indeed!

  14. whall says:

    awww does someone need a wordle?

  15. RW says:

    I think with continual kharma this bad, it’s Uncle Joe. HAS to be.

  16. sizzle says:

    You should have gone to Blue C Sushi in the Village to cheer yourself up after the veggie burger debacle. The hand dryers in the bathrooms are so cool!

  17. Finn says:

    I’m tired of people who can’t manage to do their jobs correctly (how hard is it to make sure what’s ON THE MENU is in the STORE?) but still get to keep them and people who think they are the only ones on the planet and that their kids shit gold bars.

    And I am the only one who finds it a little sad that even though Apple seems to get more right than most, PCs still rule? *sigh*

  18. ChillyWilly says:

    Downtown Seattle should have an Apple Store. FAIL.

    Johnny Rockets either needs a bigger freezer or a new inventory management system.

    Screaming kids in hotels. I love the ones that scream up and down the hall at 1 am while people are trying to sleep, while using one of their toys to drag it along the wall, running… hitting each door frame along the way, which clicks against each and every door. This happened once. Management took care of the problem after several of us peered out the door asking them to stop.

  19. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Ah, yes. Fine hotel livin’. Whatever you do, though, don’t use a black light, because you don’t want to see your room’s secret ‘life’. Actually, don’t even think about it. Y’know what? Forget I even said anything. Sleep tight!

  20. Poppy says:

    Maybe you should be a vegetarian with loose meat morals… as in, you’ll eat meat in a pinch.

    Wow, that sounds unsexy.

    And I’m kidding, of course.

  21. We visit Johnny Rockets quite often because The Ninja is addicted to their tuna melts. Next time I’m there I’ll have to give their veggie burger a try… Provided they’re smart enough to have some on hand, that is!!!

  22. Brandon says:

    Um, not to be a dick, but the University of Washington and the U Village are in Seattle. So Seattle does HAVE an Apple Store. Geography Nazis unite!

  23. Dave2 says:

    Yes, but it’s one of those “Brooklyn” – “New York” kind of things. I’d never refer to the U-District as “Seattle,” even though it is within the city limits. Though that wouldn’t be quite as unforgivable as calling Ballard “Seattle!”

  24. Turnbaby says:

    LMAO@ Poppy

    Best Buy is not a licensed dealer for Apple there?

  25. Brandon says:

    But I can get from downtown to the U Village in less than 15 minutes whereas it can take hours to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn. But I’m a good navigator who knows all the back routes. I’m just that good.

  26. Motley says:

    Eeew squealing kids in a hotel. I remember getting yelled at for running down the halls when I went with a choir to the east coast.

    Unfortunately it wasn’t me running in the halls. D:

  27. kapgar says:

    @turnbaby, I found out that not all Best Buys carry Apple products. Only the bigger stores do. Smaller ones do not. And even those that do don’t necessarily carry accessories, just full computer packages.

    I find it funny how I’m now replying to comments on a blog as though it’s a Twitter Twat. Stupid @s.

  28. Winter says:

    The U district is so un-Seattle. It’s been years since I lived in Bellevue (altho I still have family in the area in West Seattle), but I distinctly remember that much. And I’m lmao re the Ballard remark. Heh.

  29. Bec says:

    Kids in a hotel, like kids in a cinema – seen as little as possible and never never heard. Sorry it was a crappy day… but Apple joy boost, right?

  30. Whit says:

    Best Buy now has an Apple section- at least the one buy us, and carries all of the notebooks and adapters. I was happy to see it.

    Having worked in the food industry for years I have to say that there are many reasons that a restaurant might run out of an item, many of them not related to manager stupidity.

  31. Matt says:

    That is silly. But that’s the U Village for ya. You have to be ritzy to get what you want there!

    I woulda taken you to Cafe Flora, since that’s nearby my house. Vegetarian galore – and I can eat there, too, so you’d do okay. (You’ve probably been there!)

  32. Belinda says:

    When I was a vegetarian, I don’t recall being so angry. First Applebee’s, now Johnny Rocket’s. Don’t they know you’re making a LIST?

  33. Kathleenobean says:

    I’m pretty sure the UVillage counts as part of Seattle…just sayin’.

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