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Bullet Sunday 22

Posted on Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Dave!It's Bullet Sunday with the lights out! Problems with the electrical power have wrecked havoc with my work plans today, so here I am blogging on my laptop where it's safe.

As a side-note, I should mention that I am aware that Blogography has been having problems recently. My web hosting company, Media Temple, has been having serious issues with their new "Grid Server," and being able to access my site or comment on entries has been hit-or-miss as of late. Media Temple is supposedly working on the problem, but these issues have been going on for months now, so I'm not sure how much faith I can put in that. All I can say is "sorry" and please come back later if you're having problems.

Reeses Racing

• Disappointment! There's a dilemma I like to call "The Reese's Gambit." It hinges on the mysterious Russian-Roulette game you play every time you buy a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup candy bar. Will the peanut butter in the center be deliciously moist and tasty... or will it be all dried-up, powdery, and disgusting? There's no way of knowing, so you just have to buy one and find out what you get. When the center is good, there's very few candy bars I like better than a Reese's. When it's BAD, however, it usually pisses me off so much that I will go months without eating one again. Today, after a suitable three-month mourning period following a crappy Reese's experience, I tried again and got a good one. Yay me. Thinking I'd hit the jackpot, I went running back to the mini-mart to buy more... and was horrified to find that all of them had gross dried-out centers. So now I'm thinking it will be a while before I'm willing to play the Reese's Gambit again. I guess I'll just have to live off the memory of that yummy first Reese's for a while, and that sucks ass.

Remo Williams

• Destroyer! I watched Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins on DVD for the hundredth time last night, and wondered for the thousandth time why somebody hasn't made any more movies based on the series of excellent Destroyer books. Sure the original film (starring Fred Ward and Joel Grey) wasn't much of a financial success, and Destroyer fans disliked it because the story didn't follow the books closely enough... but I loved the movie. I still love it. And now that Tor Books is reviving the book line again with a series of "New Destroyer" novels in May, isn't it about time somebody step up and revive the movie franchise as well? The series really has it all... action, drama, intrigue, humor, and some of the most brilliant characters ever written. With the right director and cast, a Destroyer film would kick ass.

Cathy Dennis Move to This

• Deception! Back in 1994 there was a radio hit called Touch Me (All Night Long) by Cathy Dennis. The vocals were quite good, Cathy was suitably hot, and it had a sweet Europop electro-beat I liked. After a couple of listens I decided to run down to Hastings so I could buy the CD, which was titled Move to This (I was going on a road trip, and wanted something new to listen to). Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Touch Me song they were playing on the radio was not the same song on the CD. Instead of that kicky Europop beat driving the song, the CD track was all boring and shitty. I have a running joke with my friends about kicking the crap out of Cathy Dennis if I ever see her for betraying me this way. It may have been a dozen years past, but I just can't let it go. And then this morning I check my email to find that my friend Meagan had gifted the crappy song to me on iTunes... presumably as a joke. Well ha ha, the joke's on her because, as I was claiming the song, I noticed that iTunes had the REAL version of the song for sale off of a compilation called 100% Pure Dance. It's a mix that runs a little long, but it has the proper beat and I've been rocking out to it all morning. I think that I am finally... finally able to release my rabid hatred of Cathy Dennis now.

Hard Rock Dallas
Photo swiped from Virgil LaFerney's EXCELLENT Hard Rock Dallas Page.

• Dallas! I've been meaning to write about the sad closing of the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas since it happened two weeks ago, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. The pet project of Hard Rock co-founder Isaac Tigrett, the Dallas cafe was a special property indeed. Originally a Baptist Church, 13 million dollars was spent renovating the building and creating the cafe, which finally opened on November, 1986 (the fourth Hard Rock in the US and ninth world-wide). There were many features that made this cafe unique in the chain, and the property quickly became one of my favorites when I first visited in July, 2001. Hearing about the closing was painful, and I feel terrible that I didn't manage to get back once I heard they were shutting their doors for good. It's things like this that really have me questioning why I care about the Hard Rock anymore. If the owners can't appreciate the chain's history, why should I? Oh well, at least I got to visit this one before they dumped it... nothing is more frustrating than having a cafe close before I have a chance to visit.

Robert Downey Jr. Zodiac

• Downey! How is it that Robert Downey Jr. can steal every movie he's in... even if it is a relatively minor role? Sure Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo were excellent as the driving force behind David Fincher's latest film, Zodiac, but it's Downey who makes the film truly interesting to me. Playing seriously flawed reporter Paul Avery, he just blows everybody else off the screen. Suddenly a film that seems more like a crime reenactment than a cohesive story comes alive because Robert Downey Jr. just sucks you into his character. My only real criticism of this beautifully-shot movie is that it didn't have enough Downey in it. Well, that and the really bad toupee that Anthony Edwards was forced to wear throughout the film. Holy crap did it ever look like a ferret died on his head. Why why why couldn't they have just left his character bald so as not to distract the audience and embarrass the actor?

Oooh... the power is back on again! Guess I'll save my remaining bullets for next Sunday, because it's back to work for me...

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  1. diane says:

    Great review on Zodiac, Dave. I agree that Robert Downey Jr. makes that movie. You really see how the case destroyed these men, but moreso in him than any of the others.

    I read the book when I first saw the movie was coming out, so it was interesting to go in and see how the layout followed the layout of the book to a T. The only thing that irked me in both is Robert Graysmith’s obvious delusions of grandeur. It’d be a much better story if he took himself out of it a little more and just acted as narrator.

  2. Kyra says:

    See now, my issue with reese’s is that they keep trying strange and weird things with them. They have a crunchy reese’s candy bar thing now. It’s not bad, (unlike some of the others), but…I’d rather have my cups, thank you.

    By the way, the bad centers are excellent if you microwave them briefly, and then drop them into a little smidgeon of chocolate ice cream. I have a use for all Reese’s cups, even the orphans no one loves (as long as they’re the ones with the real chocolate, and not the “white chocolate” crap.)

  3. Jacki says:

    I was at the Melbourne Hard Rock Cafe with a group of friends a couple of months ago. It was my first visit there so I wandered about excitedly looking at memorabilia. Not one of my friends could have told you what was in the place as they never bothered to look. I was horrified. It seems people just don’t appreciate the passion that goes into making the stores.

  4. Robin says:

    The Hard Rock in Dallas was awesome place! I loved the architecture there. However, I had vowed never to go back… A few years ago, we rented the facility for a corporate reception during a convention. Remember the large curved staircase? I tumbled down face first with about 350 co-workers and customers (who are orthopedic surgeons) watching! 300 docs in the place and I didn’t get hurt!β€”just humiliated, which is why I never wanted to go back. But it is sad that it is closing…

  5. Since Reese’s are so hit and miss I’ve taken to buying the Reese’s peanut butter in a jar and a chocolate bar. The quality never disappoints.

  6. shari says:

    I love me some Robert Downey Jr., but I haven’t seen Zodiac yet. I have, however, eaten many Reese’s, and have sworn off them forever because of the mealy centers that are more common than not. I am now — resolutely — a Twix girl.

  7. ChicagoDave says:

    I’m with you on the Reese’s peanut butter cups. My work around solution is to buy the holiday shapes as a way to be certain I’m getting fresh product. I like the Easter eggs best (better peanut butter to chocolate ratio) so I’m quite a happy camper this time of year.

  8. I’ll take the bad Reeses Cups. I love the chocolate and peanut buttery goodness even if it is like eating chalk. So what if I need an entire liter of water to wash it all done after?

  9. Hilly says:

    OMG Reese’s PB Cups are my favorite candy….generally. But like you, I get turned off when they aren’t up to Snackie Standards, meh. I don’t eat as much candy as I would like to but now you make me want one.

    And yes, Robert Downey Jr. is amazing.

  10. Suzy says:

    I moved to Hollywood from NY, where all candy disappears off the shelves in normal human time. Once in LA, I realized that not only are there very few humans here, but they do not appreciate the wrapped cancer that we normals refer to as candy.

    I am so OVER the chocolate that has turned a whiter shade of pale. I complained once.
    “This chocolate has turned white.”
    “Isn’t white chocolate supposed to be good?”
    “This is chocolate chocolate not chocolate turned white from not moving off your shelves fast enough chocolate.”
    “So what do you want me to do about it?”
    “I want my money back.”
    “Whatever, dude.”

  11. Karl says:

    Remo Williams…great freaking film. Seen it quite a few times myself. And Sizzle and I went to see “Zodiac” tonight…excellent.

  12. Kapha says:

    I used to encounter the Reese’s Effect with:

    Junior Mints: smooth, moist, impossible-to-perceive boundary between chocolate and mint filling Heaven; or powdery, chalky, best-used-for-grout Hell

    Mentos: soft, impossible-to-perceive shell to center boundary succulent Heaven; or crack-your-teeth (even after 3 or 4 knowing full well they weren’t gonna get better) chewy chalky Hell

    Hot Tamales: soft, smooth, impossible-to-perceive shell to center boundary with perfect hotness Heaven; or gritty, hard-shelled, less-than-hot-sad-little-tamale Hell

    What I always found most fascinating was how I would try different ways to get through the entire box/tube of these when they were bad even though they were so awful.

    I had a box of Junior Mints I ranked as an “11”. Haven’t had them since.

  13. Laurence says:

    Robert Downey Jr is very “talentueux” !!! I love this actor… he is a very, very good actor… (plus, he is pretty… but there, these are my hormones which speak) ;-D
    You speak about toupee but do you see Remo williams ? I thought that BadMonkey was on his head !!! What is this hair cut ?!? o_O Scary !!! πŸ˜€

  14. serap says:

    I used to love Cathy Dennis… may still have my ‘move to this’ tape somewhere at home (although I don’t have a tape player!). I think she lives near me in SE England… and possibly runs a restaurant with her parents and writes songs for other people – I don’t think she liked the fame thing too much. I’m sure I heard that somewhere, otherwise I just made it up!

  15. Bre says:

    I am so excited to see Zodiac! Everyone seems to have loved it… though they also all seem to have hated that weird hair thing πŸ™‚

  16. ajooja says:

    I kind of like the dried Reese’s once in a while. It’s like candy bar jerky or something.

    You know, for those long days on the range.

  17. kapgar says:

    You’re a Remo Williams fan, too?!?! Sweet! My brother and I were addicted to that movie back in the day. We watched it incessantly. It was only replaced by Hudson Hawk and the fact that we could never find a good copy of Remo on VHS. Now that I’m reminded, I may have to buy the DVD! Thanks, man! And anytime you need people to watch it with, you know where to find me.

  18. Catherine says:

    They should put sell-by dates on candy bars.

  19. Wade says:

    Hi Dave,

    FYI, the Hard Rock Cafe at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles closed about a month ago. However, the Universal City Walk location continues to serve.

  20. Dave2 says:

    Yeah… they seem to be closing right and left! The one at Newport Beach closed too (though it really wasn’t a big loss, because the Fashion Island location was kind of lame).

    The L.A. Hard Rock was actually a pretty good property… but every time I went, even in busy lunch and dinner hours, nobody was there. I think it was so far away from any touristy-type area that they just couldn’t make it. Not many people go to L.A. for vacation to shop at an expensive mall! πŸ™‚

  21. Dustin says:

    HA! Proof I’m not crazy!!! I used to bitch about the varrying degree of Reese’s yumminess to my friends and family all the time and they never believed me. Thank you Dave, for vindicating my taste buds after years of self-doubt.

  22. Katharine says:

    I watched Ali McBeal because of Robert Downey Jr.

    That means that the superior power of his acting ability, both cancelled out and then soared above the craptastic non-skills of Calista Flockheart.

  23. Found your website when doing a google search and thought it was very interesting. There have been many questions from the public about decisions to close or relocate certain properties. I can assure you that certain properties have been closed to ensure the health of the company. In major markets like NY, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles we are relocating properties to higher visibility locations to bring some excitement back to these cities (NY moved to Times Square, Boston is moving adjacent to Fanuel Hall, Los Angeles is moving across the street from the Kodak Theater and Dallas is TBD. Hard to argue with those prime locations!). We are 35 years old and although the history and culture of our company is very important and celebrated, we realize that we must also evolve to keep the brand alive and prosperous. As far as a Seattle location goes……stay tuned, you may be pleasantly surprised in the near future.

  24. Dave2 says:

    I most certainly do not begrudge the Hard Rock for closing down or moving properties which are a financial drain on the company. If these locations were kept open at a loss, then eventually there would be NO Hard Rocks to visit!

    For example: I applauded the move in New York and San Francisco, for example, and fully support the closing of properties which were put in the wrong location in the first place (Ft. Lauderdale and Newport Beach come instantly to mind). I also don’t mind it when properties which are poorly implemented are closed (e.g. the Belfast cafe was cold, impersonal, and very “un-Hard Rock-like” in most all respects, and we’re better off without it).

    All of this is not only smart business sense, but is better for the Hard Rock chain in general. Because of that, it’s hard to argue with these decisions,

    But when it comes to Dallas… well… it’s a very difficult thing for me to support the decision to close it. This location was the absolute epitome of all that is perfect about a Hard Rock Cafe, and why I love to travel the world visiting them. It was a beautiful restoration property that was lovingly crafted to build a highly unique HRC environment. It is a benchmark in Hard Rock history, and really should have been preserved as such. Yes, the location was not the best. Sure it probably didn’t get the visitor count needed to have a highly profitable cafe. But it was DALLAS! I can’t help but think that more could have been done to build its popularity as a tourist destination. Of the hundred-plus cafes, very few can make the unique claims that Dallas had, and it seems odd to me that this was never exploited.

    All in all, I think that any Hard Rock fan who visited the Dallas cafe would feel the same way. I fully admit that it is an emotional decision, but the importance of the property to the history of the Hard Rock is an emotional issue! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been hearing Seattle rumors for (literally) decades. I’d love to say that your comment give me hope, but my hopes have been dashed too many times before. πŸ˜€

  25. kim says:

    The bag of mini reeses have the best chocolate to peanut butter ratio and I rarely have encountered the reeses effect with them. On the other hand, I love cadbury eggs and there is a big risk with them as well.

  26. yellojkt says:

    Remo Williams kicks ass! That was a great movie.

    My kid’s band is going to New York and eating at the Times Square Hard Rock. Have you been? I’ll let you know how it is.

  27. Dave2 says:

    Yes. I’ve been to every Hard Rock in the US and Canada.

    My trip to the Times Square Hard Rock is here.

  28. cybele says:

    I kind of like the crumbly centers on the weird Reese’s … but also the moist and oily ones. Really, any day with a Reese’s in it is a good day.

    Oh, Catherine, here’s a key on how to read the expiration on Hershey’s products.

  29. Eve says:

    Remo Williams!!! HA! I used to love that movie. And I would get all excited when Tommy Shaw’s “What If” plays during the end credits (I love Tommy Shaw).

  30. Kapha says:

    cybele: really like your blog! Have to explore more! πŸ™‚

    However, the Hershey expiration date url is broken – might be a hybrid of blogography and your blog?

    Also: why can’t everyone just standardize on expiration dates? I think all food products should have them and they should be like this:

    Packaged on: 2007-03-19 23:46
    Use Before: 2007-09-19

    Just my two cents πŸ™‚

  31. Catherine says:

    Thank you, Cybele! Yum, I heart your blog. I’ll be back for seconds fo shizzle.

  32. karla says:

    Reason number 458 why I love Dave: He is a Remo Williams fan!. I love that movie and think Joel Grey is phenomenal in it and always was bummed they didn’t make more.

    I have a picture for you from London. I’ll do my photos downloads tomorrow and send it your way. hint: It involves Liz. (No I did not meet her)

  33. ChillyWilly says:

    Sad news about HRC in Dallas closing it’s doors. I am happy to say I did visit there in 1994. What a cool place and very well done.

    Another HRC that I’ve visited but has since closed is the Newport Beach, CA cafe.

    Don’t understand why they keep closing some of them. I wonder what the new owners (the Seminole Tribe) will do with the chain. Hopefully, keeping them open would be nice.

    Maybe I should go visit the SLC Hard Rock Cafe before something happens to it.

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