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Posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Dave!Blogging is an effortless endeavor for me. I've read about bloggers who struggle with every new entry, bloggers who get burned out, bloggers who can't think of things to write, bloggers who ramble on because they don't have anything to say... but it's never that way for me. I just sit down to write and, 10-20 minutes later, it's over. Results may vary, but that's all there ever is to it.

But not today.

I woke up, had a few minutes to write... but didn't feel like it.

The twenty minutes I take for lunch... didn't feel like it.

Home from work and done with dinner... didn't feel like it.

Now I've watched a couple hours of TiVo-recorded television... and still don't feel like it.

Maybe if I make a toy boat from a photo I took in St. Thomas...

Toy Boat

Awww, cute. But I still don't feel like it. Maybe a dippy internet qiz will help... like "Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Are You?"


Uhhh, no. Stupid quizzes are still stupid. How about a meme I found at Blue Goo Ate My Mom?

  • When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was behind you? The bathroom door.
  • How much cash did you spend yesterday? Around $30.
  • What's a word that rhymes with mist? List.
  • Favorite planet, which you would live on, if you could? Kashyyyk, where the Wookies live! Or maybe that planet in Star Trek where the hot green bitches are.
  • Who is the LAST person you kissed? Mary.
  • What is your favorite ring on your phone? Vibrate.
  • What is the last band shirt you wore? My Thompson Twins "Into The Gap" tour shirt which I wore on Sunday from a concert I attended in 1984.
  • What do you think of yourself? I am astoundingly brilliant, and should totally be ruling the earth.
  • Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing? Nike.
  • Night light or pitch black? Pitch black.
  • What do you think about the (previous) person who took this? He has one of the sexiest blog templates ever.
  • What were you doing at midnight last night? Working on the BloggerPeeps sidebar widget.
  • What did your last text message say that you received? I don't know... it was Verizon trying to sell me something so I deleted it without looking.
  • Where is the nearest Valero? WTF is a Valero?
  • What's something that you say a lot? "Crap!"
  • Who told you they loved you last? My grandmother.
  • Last furry thing you touched? A towel.
  • How Many Drugs Have You Done In The Past three Days? Uhhh... none.
  • Favorite age you have been so far? 30.
  • Your worst enemy? Jared Fogle, the Subway Sandwich whore.
  • What is your current desktop picture? My friends, from a trip I took with them to Expo 86 in Vancouver.
  • What was the last thing you said to someone? Bye.
  • How do you like your eggs? Over medium.
  • Do you like someone? I like a lot of people.
  • The last song you listened to? Nothing's Impossible by Depeche Mode.

Eh. I give up. :-(

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  1. apryl says:

    memes are easy cause you can answer without thinking. comatose really.

    you know, as i walked into Subway the other day for lunch, i felt a tinge of guilt…as though i had some sort of alliance with you over the hatred of Jared.

    readers beware…normal life may be altered as you become a faithful fan of Blogography…

  2. adena says:

    Personally, the last song I always hear on that album is “John The Revelator”, because I always turn it back to that song before I change the cd.

  3. kat says:

    yea! someone else who likes eggs over medium. do you ever get people who look at you strange when you order them like that? ….I do.

    valero – gas station

  4. Belinda says:

    Look, you can’t be brilliant and engaging EVERY freaking day. This was a recharge. And you gotta admit, you *have* been a tad wrathful lately.

  5. Nicole says:

    Blogging can be a thankless task, so thank you Dave, for the time you take to blog every day. Even if you only post quiz results, it still keeps me entertained. And during my long workday that is worth more then gold (or the diamonds I just learned they grow in labs now).

  6. Brent says:

    Over medium! Hell yeah!

  7. karla says:

    i am like you. usually the blogging is effortless, but lately…I just don’t feel like it. Sometimes i get the ‘goof spark’ as I call it, but lately…nah. not so much.

    I figure it’s all part of the creative process…..

    i’m taking your meme. as a crutch you see…

  8. Jennifer says:

    Is the fact that I, too, think of myself as astoundingly brilliant and world ruler worthy a case of great minds thinking alike or egos run amok? I can’t decide. But then, I rule the world, so I can delegate such matters to the little people.

  9. theMike says:

    Don’t give up, I read you because I give up too easily. Don’t go into the light!!!

  10. delmer says:

    30 is the age I choose as one of my favorites. Life was simpler. Worries fewer.

    27 and 28 were the tops.

  11. ms. sizzle says:

    mmm Depeche Mode and over medium eggs. 🙂

  12. Kevin says:

    It’s okay, man, we all have those days.

    However, for someone with nothing to say, you sure said a helluva lot.

  13. rhein says:

    oooh, me loves depeche!

  14. Neil says:

    No wonder you’re having trouble. You haven’t taken any drugs in the last three days.

  15. Wayne Hall says:

    I found, coded my own blog, and your site came up as the #2 match at 79.something percent. Incidentally, the #1 match was in spanish or portugeuse or esperanto and was surprised that blogcode didn’t auto-filter out different languages – kind of cheesy, don’t you think? Ah, Quell Frommage.

    Anyway, I started writing a blog entry myself about blogcode, and started mentioning your site (you’re welcome). I went to put in a trackback to your March 14th “Blogger” post but couldn’t find it. I did find a permalink hidden at the bottom (for some reason I was expecting the title of the blog to be a perma-link for quick right-click-copy). So does your whatchamacallit blogging software support trackbacks? Or are they inherently evil and I just don’t know it yet?

    Re: Eggs over medium. Absolutely. There’s a sandwich at the local deli named after me called The Wayne Heart Attack Special. It’s a BLT without the T, with two fried eggs over medium with american cheese. The medium eggs make a great yolk for finishing up the sandwich remnants after you’ve ruined your hands trying to eat the thing. It comes with a discount at the Heart Hospital of Austin, but only for registered frequent cardiac’ers. Generally get it with hash browns because they’re good for helping gather the stuff left on the plate. Try to finish it with their Chocolate Eruption cake (seven levels of chocolate.)

    So let me know about the trackback thing, and I wanted to express my condolences for your site being blogcoded as a similar blog to mine. I try hard to make a decent blog, but wouldn’t wish a similarity contest win such as this on my worst enemy (who isn’t the Subway Sandwich Whore btw… it’s Phill Simpson

    Anyway, I give you my condolences because as being rated the same as me, you will now be subject to an extremely high set of expectations. Your feeling that you’re superior and should be ruling the planet is a decent start, and the fact that you’re letting people know this fact is good progress as well. You’re at level 3 and I want to help you reach level 42. I’m at level 874 but I think you’d do well at level 42. There’s something about you, you know, that would make level 42 a good place for you to be.

    And I have to say one final thing. Nothing from Depeche Mode could be construed as a good song. Period.

  16. Dave2 says:

    99.9% of my trackbacks were spam, so I just shut them off. It was just too much of a hassle, and overrides any benefits I can find in the technology.

    Your “Wayne Heart Attack Special” sounds very much like my favorite sandwich… fried eggs (over medium) on toast with cheddar cheese and salsa. I’m vegetarian, or else I would absolutely find a way of squeezing bacon in there somewhere. 🙂

    When I blogcoded my site, I had no idea what I was doing… I might have even been drunk. So perhaps it is ME who needs to be apologizing?

    If our blogs are 79% similar, then I suppose that means Phill Simpson is 79% my enemy as well. Obviously, Phill Simpson must die, and I feel really bad about that because I admire anybody who takes a year off to travel the world.

    And no worries about my level… I hit level 1217 just yesterday, so now it would appear that YOU are the one with some catching up to do.

    YOU DON’T LIKE DEPECHE MODE?!? Oh great, another “Backstreet Boys” fan to deal with… I think that’s what is keeping your level development stalled at 874. As a matter of fact, it was Depeche Mode’s “Ultra” album which allowed me to ascend from level 874 to 913, if I am remembering correctly.

    At least now we know where the 21% difference is… it’s all Depeche Mode, baby.

  17. Mooselet says:

    Ah, Depeche Mode… what was the song that was about the girl offing herself? Can’t think of it and am too lazy to google it. And your Thompson Twins t-shirt brings back memories. The 80’s – good times.

    Everyone gets to feeling the way you do about blogging now and again, so don’t be harsh on yourself. You’re still better than a lot of bloggers out there.

  18. Dave2 says:

    That would be “Blasphemous Rumors” which, despite the controversy, is truly a brilliant song.

  19. sandra says:

    Blasphemous Rumors = my favorite Depeche Mode song

  20. Wayne Hall says:

    re: DM: Um, it’s my way of finding out who the real Depeche Mode fans are. Sometimes I even put in the Quotes to help out the ‘mode-challenged

    “Nothing” from Depeche Mode could be construed as a good song.

    Level 2467 just achieved. Btw, whenever you reach 2048, you automatically put every one else’s levels down by 50%. Sorry for your loss. Sucks to be back down to under 1000… I remember those days… diapers, eating crayons, playing with macs.

    I wasn’t sure if you picked up on the “level 42” “something about you” pun. Still unsure.

    re: Phill simpson. I have to confess. I mentioned Phill because he’s at a higher level than me and if I mentioned him in a comment, it helps him out. However, at his level, it doesn’t matter what’s actually said. And yes, he’s pretty cool – I work with him, so how could he not be? Wait, don’t answer that cuz I have some pretty crappy coworkers.

    I also just mentioned Phill because I sat for 5 minutes trying to think of someone funnier than Jared as worst enemy and nothing hit. I tried “the creator of Robin Hood Men in tights” but I know who it is and it’s just a mistake that he made that movie. Then I tried all sorts of answers but they didn’t work, so I just use my eventual slacker friend Phill.

    I will continue to read your blog and probably be a little inspired by it. I thank you (cool, that just raised your level by 10… you’re welcome).


  21. claire says:

    Wookies and eggs over medium… that’s where it’s at!

  22. Dave2 says:

    Hah. Well, “Nothing” is one of my favorites, so that’s something. 🙂

    Sure I caught the Level 42 reference… their album “World Machine” (featuring their hit “Something About You”) is a classic. But 42 appears EVERYWHERE, so sometimes it’s difficult to know where people are getting it (it is, after all, the answer to “life the universe, and everything!).

    And if it’s a choice between Phill Simpson and Mel Brooks, then I still say Phill must die. Such a pity, because I was reading through his travel journal and he seems like a pretty decent guy. Oh well, it’s not like we can be killing off the creator of “SpaceBalls” now can we?!?

    Sometimes life is so unfair.

  23. amamgets says:

    well, whatever your level or lack of blogspiration at the moment, your spot is still the shit.

    others obviously agree (19 comments on an off day– dang!).

  24. Dave2 says:

    Any time you mention eggs-over-medium and Wookies in the same entry, you are guaranteed at least 20 comments. Blogs are funny that way…

  25. Jeff says:

    Kinda seems like the blogorhythm cycles out there in the blogsphere have dipped temporarily for a lot of people. It seems like when one person is fishing for material, we all are – and other times everybody’s funnier than hell. Hey, nobody ever said this was easy…

  26. Used Hack says:

    I’ve been struggling to find shit to write lately, but it’s mainly because I’m freaking out about things at work. I have like 10 work days to do at least a month worth of work.

    I still haven’t started, and I really don’t care yet. Maybe next week. Maybe.

  27. Bec says:

    A friend of mine asked me what blogging was and I couldn’t answer so I gave him your URL. If they ever start teaching Blog 101, this site will become course reading material.
    I feel like affirmation girl today, but that could be because I have just watched three episodes of America’s Next Top Model as my bloke housemate insisted it was brilliant. Mmmm… Yep, that’s three hours I am never getting back.

  28. Troy says:

    Thanks for the blog props Dave. I just wish I had the content to go along with the Firda-made template. Sadly even this entry rivals my most interesting ones 🙂

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