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Day Seven: Prague

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010

Dave!Today was a glorious day in Prague, and so I took to the streets early so I could snap a few photos.

I ended up taking 537. Most all of them keepers.

The problem with Prague is that you start out all excited because everything is so pretty. It's like "ZOMFG! That building is so pretty! So you take a photo, walk 100 feet, and then "ZOMFG! That building is so pretty! Then another 100 feet, then another, then another... and just when you think that Prague will run out of pretty buildings, you suddenly realize that you've walked two miles and that Prague will never run out of pretty buildings, so you just give up in frustration.

I did go back and take a photo of the Hard Rock Cafe in daylight, because it is a very pretty building...

Hard Rock Cafe Prague

But they all are, really...

Prague Pretty Building

Prague Pretty Building

Prague Pretty Building

Even the clocks are pretty...

Prague Astrological Clock

I'm sure that the Pooferflargen Museum is pretty, but I didn't really feel like looking at a bunch of "sex machines" before lunch...

Pooferflargen Sex Machine Museum

Speaking of pooferflargen, Prague seems to have a disproportionate number of naked men statues. You'll be walking along minding your own business when WHAM! Some statue guy is hanging out all "How you doin'?"

Prague Pooferflargen Statue

But it's not like you have to worry about it killing your appetite, because Prague restaurants do that all on their own...

Jellied Meat + Beer Restaurant Sign

All I can say is that it had better be a LOT of beer, because I can't imagine there being any circumstances that I'd want to eat "jellied meat" unless I was very, very drunk.

After my non-jellied-meat lunch, I decided to walk across Charles Bridge so I could visit Prague Castle. It's a really cool bridge that's flanked with creepy-awesome statues...

Charles Bridge in Prague

But those statues pale in awesomeness compared to a statue that hovers above Prague Castle's main entrance gate...

Prague Castle Statue

It's like the city of Prague wants to be very clear that not only will they cut a bitch if somebody pisses them off, but that they are more than happy to stab people in the back when they do it. That is so shark-extreme I just can't stand it.

Prague Castle is dominated by the St. Vitus Cathedral. It's a very nice church, but pretty much like a lot of the other large gothic churches I've been in throughout Europe...

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral Interior

After walking fifty miles cataloguing the pretty buildings of Prague, I decided to go back to my room so I could take a Special Pill to keep my legs from falling off before I headed out again for sunset. I figured I'd take a tram to Petřínská Rozhledna (Petřín Lookout Tower) and snap a few photos of the city at sunset. It was a great plan, except the funicular tram that goes up the hill was out of order...

Funicular Tram Petrin Hill CLOSED!

Which meant that I had to walk another fifty miles uphill and THEN climb 299 steps up the tower. I don't know if it was all worth it, but I did get some pretty pictures...

Prague at Night

Prague Castle at Night

And then came the real challenge... climbing back down the hill.

At night.

With no lights.

I could barely see anything, and ended up having to use my iPhone to illuminate the trail a couple times. Not that you are ever confident which trail to take, because they're all unmarked (of course). I ended up removing the memory card from my camera and buried it in my pocket so if I were to survive being raped and stabbed on the unlit trail, I'd at least have my photos to show for it.

But I wasn't raped or stabbed, so I stopped by "Mystic Pizza" (!?!) for dinner. I remembered seeing it earlier in the day as I was climbing up to Prague Castle...

Mystic Pizza PRAGUE

Now, up to this point, the weather had been fantastic. Clear skies and nice temperatures. But when I left the pizzeria, a thunder & lightning storm came out of nowhere and unleashed a torrent of rain. The jacket I had on wasn't exactly waterproof, which meant walking the fifty miles back to my hotel while getting soaked to the bone.

Checking out the weather forecast, it's supposed to pour buckets all week long. I know I should be upset about that, but after being so incredibly lucky with the weather today, I can't find it in me to be unhappy about it.

Besides, I'm sure Prague is equally pretty in the rain.

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  1. David says:

    Wow. I haven’t been to Europe since 1986. This made me really miss it. The farthest east I got was Vienna, but these photos brought back a lot of memories. I am so green with envy.

  2. Ack! I recognize all of those places! Your photos are just gorgeous, Dave. These are amazing. They bring back so many great memories. What a trip you’re having. Ahhhhh.

    Glad you weren’t raped and stabbed. 🙂

  3. CP says:

    Absolutely amazing photos. I am completely in awe. How you avoided the sex museum however, is simply beyond my comprehension. I am so thrilled that you are having such a wonderful time! Glad you are sharing the experience with the rest of us. Breathtaking, Dave! Thank you!

    (You really MUST circle back to the sex museum, or my opinion of you is just going to go into the shitter…LOL)

  4. whitenoise says:

    Yes, very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sybil Law says:

    Well, minus “jellied meats”. Ick.

  6. claire says:

    Love your city overview dusk shot. The color of the sky is probably my favorite.

    Did you shoot these pics with a dslr? Your safety concerns about walking downhill in the dark struck a chord. Technically speaking, getting a dslr would be the way to go for me, but I do wonder if it makes you an obvious/much more desirable target when you travel.

  7. Wow, St. Vitus Cathedral looks amazing.

  8. Lisa says:

    Wow, simply amazing photos! It was totally worth the climb to get those night photos!

    I don’t care if I haven’t eaten in days, there is nothing on earth that’s going to get me to eat jellied meat. That’s gag-a-maggot off a garbage truck gross.

  9. A. Lewis says:

    I love your climbing at night adventure! That’s what makes our lives so rich and cool! And, you’re right, Prague is FILLED with pretty buildings. I should have given you the name of a good, old fashioned beer parlor that we frequented.

  10. Ginger says:

    Prague is absolutely the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. I had the privilege of touring there back in 1989 when it was still under the USSR. I’m sure things have drastically changed since then, but from the looks of your incredible pictures, it is just as amazing as it was back then. My favorite by far.

  11. Mik says:

    Awesome photos. I’ve eaten jellied eels, yum, and it’s not fruit flavored jelly or anything if it is the same type of stuff.

  12. muskrat says:

    awesome! how’s the pilsner urquell? cheap? in 2000, one could get a pint for our equivalent of $.40. the exchange rate, of course, is not as favorable now, but i’m sure it’s still cheaper than the $4.50 one would pay here to get one.

  13. yellojkt says:

    I’m going to Prague this summer and those pictures have me really psyched.

  14. martymankins says:

    Incredible photos. My favorite is the city at night.

  15. Nice photos. I discovered this blog, because I have found some of yours dropped Gowalla items in Prague Castle. I hope you enjoyed your Prague visit.

  16. danaketh says:

    Seeing somebody being so happy from visiting Prague makes me happy that I’m from that city. Glad to see that you survived without any harm and enjoyed your stay.

  17. Great blogpost about city which I live in 🙂

    I would like to correct one thing – it is really not 50 miles from the departure of Petřín tram to the terminus, maybe one and a half 🙂

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