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Day Two: Maui

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Dave!This is not my first trip to Maui, I've been here nearly a dozen times before, which is part of the appeal to me... I've already done most everything there is to do here, so it makes for a very stress-free and relaxing vacation spot.

This time I decided to look for stuff I haven't done of the island so I'd get something new out of my visit.

I started out with The Maui Ocean Center, which is very nicely done with the usual assortment of fishes and other sea creatures...

Maui Ocean Center Sign

Fish Tank

But my favorite part of the exhibit is the Jelly Fish tank, because the creatures inside are so bizarre and unusual...

Jelly Fish Tank

Jelly Fish Tank

After playing with the fishes, I wandered north to take a look at the Iao Needle. This is a volcano that went dormant, after the center lava had cooled to a tube. The outside eroded away, leaving only the "needle" showing...

Iao Needle State Park

It was kind of cloudy, but plenty green...

Iao Needle State Park

Back in the parking lot, a pair of cats were waiting patiently for me under the car next door...

Iao Needle Cats

On my way back to South Maui, I dropped by the Maui Tropical Plantation, for old time's sake...

Bird of Paradise Flower

Maui Tropical Plantation View

The plantation has a couple of monkeys named "Carlos" and "Montana" which were rescued when the Maui Zoo closed down...

Carlos and Montana Monkeys

Continuing southward, I ended up at Maui's famous Big Beach...

Big Beach, Makena, Maui

But then it started to rain. One of the great things about Maui is that if it rains where you are at, you can generally go to another part of the island and stay dry. Wanting to keep with the theme of "doing something different," I decided to drive around the northern part of the island, which I had never done before. It starts out nice enough, with plenty of stops to admire the beautiful North Coast...

Google Map of Northern Maui

The scenery is quite beautiful, with plenty of seaside cliffs to look at...

North Maui Highway

Most places you stop there are rock piles, which people build in order to leave a non-permanent and eco-friendly mark of their visit...

North Maui Highway

For quite a while, the road is not too bad. But after a while you turn a corner and BLAM! Suddenly you are on a very scary one-lane road on high cliffs with falling rocks and oncoming traffic. It's a sphincter-puckering event to be turning around a blind corner on a cliff, only to find yourself face-to-face with another car coming from the opposite direction. At that point, one of you has to drive backwards to a spot in the road which is wide enough for one of you to pass. After 10 miles of driving in madness, the road suddenly becomes a sane, two-laned affair once again...

Two Lanes Again

With the North Maui expedition having eaten up the remainder of my day, it was time for another stunning Maui sunset in Kihei...

Beautiful Maui Sunset

Beautiful Maui Sunset
It's one of those ships from Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Beautiful Maui Sunset

And so ends another day in paradise...

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  1. You surely are having the best days of your life. The “letters sounds so happy”… The pictures are just as beautiful as your journey.

    Well, I like the pics of the sunset…

    Good luck tomorrow..

  2. Avitable says:

    Do you experience any hostility from native Hawaiians?

  3. kapgar says:

    Road to Hana (sp?), right?

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow, what gorgeous pictures you have! I don’t know about the backwards driving though…that doesn’t sound very relaxing. Other than that I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  5. Betta says:

    Those two cats have to be the most happy cats in the world! They live in Maui!

  6. Lora says:

    Ah, Maui…one of my favorite spots on Earth. We were there this past March again. Seeing your pictures is like looking at my own memories. If you want some good snorkeling without going to Molokini, Kahana is a great spot…there are a few beaches up there that offer a large variety of fish and creatures to see. We were there almost every day with our 6 year old son…he couldn’t get enough.

  7. ChillyWilly says:

    Pictures galore. So awesome. My wife and I will be there next year. Keep having a relaxing time.

    BTW, how’s the WiFi at your hotel?

  8. delmer says:

    Very cool. Thanks for the photos, Dave.

  9. Ah….Maui. Kihei sunsets are the best.

    Do you eat fish? There’s a great little sushi place in Kihei that seems to be completely unknown by anyone other than Japanese people staying in Wailea (and me).

  10. adena says:

    Wow, lucky butt!!

    But, if anyone deserves a vacation in paradise, it’s you!

    I hope things are nicely mellow and relaxing for you!

  11. the patient says:

    good on ya. i can feel the relaxation creeping in on you. me on the other hand am picking up a couple of prescriptions today.

  12. Emily says:

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

    I have been wanting to go to Hawaii since I was 8.

    Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe one day.

  13. Lewis says:

    I was amazed at the lack of what I thought Hawaii SHOULD look like….I was expecting lots of lush green and trees and tropical feel. Instead I felt a lot of desert and dry feelings. As for Big Beach/Little Beach, it was the one spot I wanted to go to and didn’t get there. Next time, for sure. My exhibitionist side needed out!!

  14. shari says:

    Someone’s having entirely too much fun with his new camera, methinks. Hey, couldja bring a little bit of the magic in those sunsets back home with you?

  15. Patty says:

    I’m jealous Dave! Would love to be in Maui. But, I did get a lot of time there when I live there back in the 90’s and taught scuba. We lived in Kihei and this brought back memories. How I miss those sunsets. Thx for sharing all the pics!

  16. Chag says:

    Beautiful pictures! Hope you have a great time!

  17. claire says:

    Some great shots, Dave. Looks like an excellent vacation spot.

    I’m suddenly nostalgic for Magnum, P.I.

  18. I’m really enjoying your vacation. Some day I want to visit Hawaii. It looks like paradise.

  19. Stacey says:

    So funny, and so true. The north road scared the crap outta me. I found it way more nerve-wracking than the Hana Highway claims to be. Hana was long, but a piece of cake to drive if you just went slow.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself, I hope to be over there in February.

  20. Cap says:

    The sunset shots are stunning. Thanks for letting me see Maui vicariously.

  21. nicole says:


  22. TheQueen says:

    If I recall, there was a sign on that road that read “Your rental car insurance expires after this point.”

  23. SJ says:

    Breathtaking scenery! I am totally envious, having never been to Hawaii.

    So glad you’re having a REAL vacation, complete with total relaxation.

  24. Kailey says:

    I love the jellyfish photos – amazing.

  25. Wow dude incredible photos!!!

    Keep them coming please!!


  26. Karl says:

    Gorgeous photos, dude. I’m finally getting around to reading blogs and I’m glad you’re chillaxing in one of your favorite places.

  27. SunSpotBaby says:

    Ahhhhhhh – Dave!! Didn’t anyone tell you that the Munehune’s pile those rocks up all over the islands??? Sometimes miles and miles and miles of rock piles 4 and 5 feet tall will crop up overnight where there weren’t any before. At least, that’s the legend…

  28. Uhleeshuh says:

    Ok, so much to say…been LURKING on here for a few days (can’t believe i never was lucky enough to come across your blog before NOW) but yeah yeah yeah, almost 33 year old single female in the US Navy. Currently in the middle of the ocean. So your blog brings much joy to my otherwise repetitive monotonous overworked days. I will keep this short (as I will most likely be commenting again~~ 🙂 but——i am nosey, and curious. How do you afford all your freakin travel? I mean you have been everywhere? (oh and besides the fact that your blog, illustrations, etc are just plain awesome….I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole hard rock thing. back when i joined the navy in 96 I decided i was going to collect Hurricane Glasses from all the Hard Rocks I have been to (well after seeing ALL THE CAFEs you’ve been to, makes me wonder what I am doing with my li’l collection…haha) anyway- you are fantastic. on so many levels. I am a fan.
    Ok that is all for now.

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