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Bullet Sunday 78

Posted on Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Dave!Wow! It's Bullet Sunday again! I was talking to a friend this afternoon when she remarked that she's going to give up on reading blogs because so many of them have nothing but stupid crap on them. At first I was offended, because my blog is nothing but stupid crap, but she then told me that of all the stupid crap she reads, mine is her favorite. I still don't know if that was a compliment or not.

On to the stupid crap...


• Repeat. I've started re-watching the first season of Veronica Mars for the hundredth time and think that I appreciate it now more than ever. The first episode is positively mind-blowing in the way that they set up so many seemingly-random events that won't pay-off until the very end of the season. There are lots of shows I've liked over the years which have been canceled, but none of them left such massive future potential laying in the dirt than Veronica Mars. If only there was a way to erase my memories of the show form my head so I can watch it all over again for the first time. It's things like this that make amnesia not sound like such a bad thing, and perhaps I should investigate running my car into a tree. Hey, it always works in the movies.

Absolute Watchmen

• Repeat. Every time I read a new piece of news about Zac Snyder's adaptation of one of the greatest comic book series of all time, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon's Watchmen, it makes me want to read it all over again. So, over the course of the last twelve nights, I did. Like Veronica Mars, I'm astounded at how carefully the foreshadowing of future events was crafted on almost every single page of the story. Unlike so many comics today where you could rip out a dozen pages and not really affect anything, losing even a single page of Watchmen would be catastrophic to the structure of the story. Oh how I wish Alan Moore would tackle another project like this again. Comics needs it so badly.

Sneakers Poster

• Repeat. While working at night, I like to toss in a movie for background noise so I won't be distracted by other noises going on around my home. This usually works quite well, because I always choose a movie that I've already seen a dozen times so I won't be tempted to stop work and watch it. But there are some movies that you are compelled to watch no matter how many times you've seen it... Sneakers is just such a film. I'm amazed that it holds up as well today as it did when it was released. At first I thought it was because the technology they used was so cutting edge at the time they filmed it, but now I'm thinking it's because the brilliant performances are so timeless. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed at everybody involved with Sneakers because I lost 2 hours and 6 minutes of time I should have been working.

My Weather

• Repeat. Just when I think winter is finally over, I get hit with stupid-ass snow first thing this morning. Followed by rain. Followed by hail. Now it's just ball-shriveling cold. Where in the hell is my Spring? It's almost MAY. I'm dying here.

Blogiversary Five

• Repeat. Heaven help me, my Fifth Annual Kick-Ass Blogiversary Celebration starts tomorrow. As always, it will start out with a Blogography wrap-up followed by four contests over the following four days until everything ends on Saturday and winners are drawn on Sunday. Two things I had wanted to do for the event didn't get done, one thing I am still unsure about, and one thing I think is totally insane... even for me... so it should be an interesting week.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Lisa says:

    I’m so excited you are turning 5!!! Will there be a Hello Kitty cake???

    Party Favors?


    Noise Makers?

    Can I wear a party dress and Mary Janes?

    Oh, we aren’t acting 5? Darn.

  2. Winter says:

    I think you will be my first Blogiversary celebration! I can’t wait to see how wild it gets. Bring on the chocolate pudding wrestling!

  3. jenny says:

    Ahhh, you totally just reminded me to Netflix Veronica Mars. I really, REALLY loved that show, and can’t recall being so heartbroken over a series’ untimely death.

    Maybe it’s on Netflix on Demand and I can watch it right now… 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    I just rewatched veronica mars also. It was honestly so, so good. People at the CW are dumbasses. It still makes me angry.

  5. Karl says:

    Veronica Mars and Sneakers both rock. I have to admit, though, that I was really disappointed with Watchmen. I heard so many great things about it. I just don’t get the fascination with it.

    Looking forward to another rocking Blogiversary.

  6. Colin Brooks says:

    I looooooove Veronica Mars. I can’t stop watching it either! What an amazing show. I was really gutted when they didn’t pick it up for another season and the trailer they made for when Veronica gets in to FBI just kills me.

    I can’t wait to see what you have planned for your 5th blogiversary celebration!

  7. Veronica Mars definitely stands up to repeat viewings. DVDs are finally “coming soon” to Australia .. well at least first season…

  8. Brandon says:

    You know how I feel about Veronica Mars. I haven’t enjoyed TV since it left the airwaves.

    Sneakers is such an underrated movie. It didn’t get much play when it came out, hardly anybody ever sees it now, and most people don’t even know it exists, but like you said, it really holds up. I need to watch it again.

  9. Tracy says:

    It sleeted/snowed here, too. I’m so over the weather I could scream. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that I’ll be in sunny south Florida in 3 weeks!

  10. Göran says:

    Amazing that you can keep the tv going in the background without being distracted! I use music for the same purpose but the tv is too much of a magnet for mer.

  11. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Insanity is good. Embrace the insanity.

  12. Kyra says:

    I think I may have stolen your warm weather. But I’m not giving it back. 😉

  13. Sue says:

    Sneakers has that affect on me too. I’ve taken to leaving VH1 on all night while I work because none of that stuff will capture my attention like a good movie. Do you notice new things every time you watch it too?

  14. Wait wait wait. temps in the 40’s affect your balls? Pussy.

    I have decided you are gay. That means I have to try to turn you. Veronica Mars?

    Also, the series that I watch over and over again is Charmed. But I actually watch it. I put Law and Order (the all Law and Order channel) on for background noise when I work.

  15. Avitable says:

    I agree with you completely about VM. That first episode is amazing, and the whole season is so deeply and richly layered that it kills me to think about the dreck that was allowed to stay on television instead of this wonderful show.

  16. you are cold? c’mere, lemme hold you.

    dave, i absolutely LOVE the 5 year image. and i want a monkey on my head.

  17. Hilly Sue says:

    Ah Veronica Mars, how I miss you so! I always was a Logan fan so I love that you used the “LOVE” picture, hahaha!

    Maybe I’ll cue it up on Netflix this summer!

  18. ChillyWilly says:

    Damn… I will be here tomorrow… first thing, bright and early… of course, after I’ve had a good night’s sleep and coffee.

    I hear you on the weather. As I mentioned over on my recent blog post, it’s been cold here in Salt Lake. annoyingly cold. I want my May Flowers.

  19. Brandon says:

    Alright, I can’t hold out any longer.

    You’ve finally convinced me. I will be Netflixin’ this ‘Veronica Mars’ show… I gotta see what all the fussin’ is ’bout. If you’ve watched it 100 times I think I can watch it at least once.

    Ok, really… I just want to check out Kristen Bell… she’s hot!

  20. kapgar says:

    I love Sneakers! That was such a fun movie and I really need to watch it again. Been a few years.

    Can’t wait for the Blogiversary celebration!

  21. jake titus says:

    Maybe your should order the Ronco Ball Warmer. I hear that if you’re one of the first 10 callers you also get a set of Ginsu Steak Knives.

  22. Dave2 says:

    Lisa… I act 5 years-old all the time! So feel free. 🙂

    Winter… If only!

    Jenny… I bought all three seasons on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want! It’s pretty cheap right now whenever I see it.

    Amanda… Me too. Though I am glad we got three seasons instead of just one.

    Karl… And I just don’t get how anybody can’t understand the fascination with Watchmen! 🙂

    Colin… I can’t wait either!

    Kazza… I discover something new every time I re-watch Veronica Mars, which is really saying something considering how many times I’ve seen the shows!

    Brandon… I feel the same way about “Undercover Blues.” SUCH an underrated film. I try to tell everybody about it, but you can’t even find it anymore. 🙁

    Tracy… You hope!

    Göran… Most of the time it’s not a problem. I watch movies I’ve seen before so I don’t get hooked into them… but films like “Sneakers” spoil that plan.

    Mr. Fab… Every day of my life.

    Kyra… Gah! How do I steal it back?

    Sue… Yeah. There’s so many little details in that film which make it essential for repeat viewing.

    Absurdist… I would argue that the persecution, discrimination, and overall hatred that gays face on a daily basis make them tougher than any straight man can ever know. To call me gay in that regard is a total compliment. I never much liked Charmed, but did end up watching it quite a lot. Near the end it spun out of control and wasn’t nearly as much fun as the earlier stuff, but still interesting. Buffy is another good one.

    Avitable… But that’s probably what killed it. Something so well-written, layered, and complex is too smart for the general public to appreciate.

    Hello… Monkeys on your head are great… until they crap on you!

    Hilly-Sue… Worth the rent!

    ChillyWilly… But contest entries aren’t posted until noon (Pacific Time) so you got up early for nothing! Sorry about that!

    Brandon… I’ll probably watch it another 100 times too. It’s very difficult to leave that series behind.

    Kapgar… Sneakers is almost an annual event for me… like Field of Dreams. Isn’t it strange how some films you never get tired of?

    Jake… I had been using the Craftsman Industrial Strength Ball Warmer, but the heating element went out. I could really use a set of Ginsu Knives, so perhaps I should check out the Ronco model. I just worry it doesn’t pack enough power for my massive balls. Do they make an industrial version?

  23. ETinNY says:

    Talkin’ about balls and Ginsu knives at the same time is freaking me out. Will you guys stop it? 😉

  24. Turnbaby says:

    I’m just glad I scrolled down to see the fauxhawk–LOLOLOL

  25. Beth says:

    Yes, you serve up a pile of stupid crap daily, but your crap keeps us entertained and happy….unlike other people’s crap, it just stinks!!

  26. claire says:

    So true about Veronica Mars. A couple weeks ago, I rewatched the 1st half of season 1. Took a hiatus to watch Battlestar Galactica from the beginning (I started regularly watching about 1/2 way through season 2), and it’s fascinating both for the additional back story and knowing what I know now about some of the characters.

  27. jake titus says:

    Dave: The Craftsman was a great product but it’s now assembled in Mexico and quality control has been slacking. I hear a guy in Fargo got one with a bad heating element and toasted his left nut right off. Costco is selliing the Ronco Ball Warmer in a family three-pack. You make the call.

  28. whall says:

    I always loved Sneakers and should get it on DVD. That’s where I first fell in lust with President Roslin.

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