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Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2008

Dave!Hmmm... I almost forgot that I have to be in Salt Lake City this weekend. I was able to change my plans to fly out Saturday instead of Sunday so I can have dinner with fellow blogger (and frequent Blogography commenter) ChillyWilly that night. If anybody in the area wants to join us, we'll probably eat at The Gateway or nearby restaurant around 5:30-6:00. My address is in the sidebar over there, so send me an email for details if you're interested.

For some reason I am having a really hard time readjusting to life after vacation. It's not that I'm unproductive or can't get back to Real Life... on the contrary, I'm tearing through my work like I'm on fire. It's just that I've got this strange displaced feeling I cannot shake. It's like I'm still on vacation and not really back home at all... any minutes now I'm expecting to wake up from this bizarre dream...

Dave's Dream

What I really need is a nice bitch-slapping to snap me out of this.

Or a billion dollars.

Because with a billion dollars I would never stop being on vacation, so there would never be a need to come back to reality.

Personal checks accepted.

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  1. turnbaby says:

    Now I’m gonna have nightmares.

  2. Henrik Larsson says:

    Hey Dave,

    Thats my dream as well, to be on vacation for ever. I’ve decided i need to get filthy rich fast. A couple of million dollars will do.

    Now here’s some million dollar advice: With your brains, becoming a millionaire won’t be very difficult. I think you need to channel your energy in different ways. Just be determined to get filthy rich and U WILL! I promise…

    So Dave once you earn that kind of money don’t forget to send me that cheque 🙂

    All the best
    A faithful reader

  3. Avitable says:

    I was in that dream, too, except I was the monkey in front of your giant Lil Dave penis. Okay, it wasn’t a dream. It was a nightmare!

  4. serap says:

    I’ll give you a personal check (that doesn’t involve money in the uk!).

  5. whall says:

    How apropos! My graphic up top is pimp-dave with the flying money. Better than banana-dave with flying monkeys any day.

    So why don’t you write yourself a check from the Universe? It works if you start small and believe. Just take out a check, write it payable to you, date it, and sign it ‘The Universe’. Memo can be whatever you want. The amount? Just put in an amount you can actually visualize – 1000, 10000, 50000. Don’t start off with hundreds of thousands or millions – it needs to be believable by you. Don’t worry *how* the money will come. You should also find some ‘money oil’ and put a drop on each corner. Keep the check with you most of the time, like in your wallet. Try to take it out daily and look at it.

    When you get the money (might take years), write yourself another check.

  6. That’s the danger of coming back from vacation. It usually takes me over a week to get back into the groove. Good thing I go on vacation about once every ten years. Wait, that sucks, right?

  7. ChillyWilly says:

    Looking forward to meeting up this weekend. So far, everything looks good for around 5:30p. My fiance will be joining us, too.

    Currently in Vegas now and will be home late Thursday. Although if I had a billion dollars, I’d stay out on the road longer, not having to worry about coming back to work.

  8. karla says:

    Dave, Dear Dave, I was afraid this would happen.

    Why you are in a daze and feel a bit displaced?

    It’s because you have been Karla-fied. Yes, you have been bitchslapped by my Mojo. I know it’s hard to handle, and for many it does leave after effects.

    Some of these will include curling up in a fetal position and crying my name, writing my name endlessly on every scrap of paper you can find, and, of course, wearing glasses like mine and growing out your hair a la Karla. Some even go far as to get tattoos like mine so they can Share the Mojo.

    It’s ok, the effects will wear off when you die. If you are lucky.

  9. Dave2 says:


    Can I like go get a shot of penicillin to clear that up?

  10. sue says:

    Great hearing you and Hilly “live”. Nice to put a voice to the face, since some of us live in parts of the country you just seem to fly right over… *sigh*.

    Hope you recover soon. Or win the lottery. Then again, I really would prefer to win.

  11. karla says:

    You may certainly try penicillin to cure the burning sensation of missing moi, but only if I give you a great big shot in the ass.

    Which I would gleefully do.

  12. Tracy Lynn says:

    I don’t have any money, but I’m willing to bitch slap you. That’s what friends are for.

  13. Tracy says:

    Dang it…I’m 5 hours away from SLC, but I have to rehearse this weekend. Poop!

  14. I feel so useless. I’m too much of a pansy to bitch slap anybody, and I don’t have a billion dollars either. I’m no help at all. Totally worthless.

  15. *hand raised and waving wildly* Oh Oh!! I can totally give you a nice bitch slap. I’m really nice, and I’m a pro at bitch slapping pretty boys. Me me!!

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