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Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Dave!Today I knocked off work early so I could run into Wenatchee and buy stuff to put in my care package for (I've written about this wonderful organization here). While shopping at Target for magazines and snacks, I was reminded that when you do good things, good things come back to you.


They taste totally awesome, even though I didn't get a pink My Melody Bunny in my bag (I would have preferred Kuromi anyway), and all my blue Kitty Bows were a nasty vomit-green color. The good news though? They go great with Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Snack Cakes, and would no doubt perfectly compliment Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts...

Kitty Gummies!

Awww, isn't that sweet?!?

UPDATE: Boy was I wrong... Hello Kitty Gummies, as manufactured by Kelloggs, contains DISGUSTING GELATIN as an ingredient. Why the hell they feel the need to put such unnecessary shit in their product is a mystery to me when alternatives like citrus pectin are available. Shame! SHAME ON KELLOGGS! And shame on me for trusting them and not reading the ingredients.

A meme bopping through the internets anew is the SIX QUIRKY THINGS ABOUT YOU meme. You're supposed to post rules and tag everybody and stuff, but I never really play by the rules and loathe tagging people. So I'm just going to post my quirks and be done with it...

  1. I don't drink coffee. Given my proximity to Seattle, many people think this is the quirkiest thing about me.
  2. I hate train whistles to the point of insanity. I live in a small town that has a train running right through the middle. Since there are two road crossings, one at each end of town, there is no place in the city that you can't hear the f#@%ing train whistle every time they blow through town. I have to listen to train whistles all day at work and all night at home and it drives me nuts. Even when I am riding a train, every time the whistle blows I want to beat something with a hammer.
  3. I'll go anywhere on earth at a moment's notice if the mood strikes me. As an example, I once flew to Denmark just to attend a friend's 30th birthday party. Two full days of travel for just 9 hours in Copenhagen that I booked the day before I left. This seems perfectly natural to me, but I can see how people might think this kind of thing is "quirky" behavior.
  4. I watch The View. Well, to be more accurate, I fast-forward through The View each night. It all started when Bill O'Reilly was on while Rosie O'Donnell was still hosting and I was compelled to watch. It's been stuck on my TiVo ever since. But the reason I still watch it is because these bitches are crazy. Barbara Walters and Sheri Shepherd are particularly bat-ass insane, which has high entertainment value. Whoopi is always smart entertainment whenever she plays herself. Joy Behar represents the Liberal end of the spectrum with insightful commentary that communicates her opinions with humor and wit. Unfortunately her counterpart, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, woefully under-represents The Right by doing nothing more than regurgitating popular Conservative propaganda which she passes off as "opinion." If only they would fire her ass and hire a smart Conservative (that leaves Ann Coulter out) with actual opinions, The View might be a good forum for political debate. As it is, however, the show is just a train wreck I can't seem to give up.
  5. I am afraid of clowns. People always think that I'm joking when I say this, but it's no exaggeration... clowns positively terrify me. If I'm taken by surprise by a clown, I will freak out. It would be cool if I could tie my coulrophobia to something interesting, like a Stephen King novel, but I hated clowns from long before I learned how to read. If I had the power to eradicate Ronald McDonald from the face of the earth for the benefit of all humanity, I would do it in a heartbeat.
  6. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty, for heavens sake. That pretty much says it all.

Eh, that's not so quirky. We'll have to save that for later.

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  1. You’re possible the only man I know who loves Hello kitty and Kuromi!!!

    As for you’ll go anywhere on earth at a moment’s notice if the mood strikes you – I’m so jealous. That speaks alot about your life to own that form of freedom. Totally hands down.

  2. Suzy says:

    I’m always amazed at how many people are afraid of clowns. When I first heard of the phobia, I thought it was a joke. Turns out I was wrong. Have you seen the Hello Kitty Collection from Baby Phat? It’s Kimora Lee Simmons’s company but hers may all be covered in diamonds.

  3. adena says:

    You’ve got FAR more quirky things about you than just those six, Dave. 🙂

  4. A LOT of people are terrified of clowns. It’s really not all that uncommon. Frankly, they are creepy. I don’t fear them, but I don’t necessarily enjoy their company either.

    So, what’s with the hello kitty obsession?

  5. Kyra says:

    I don’t know which one freaks me out more, The View or Hello Kitty.

  6. kapgar says:

    It’s funny because anytime we’re shopping and Katie sees Hello Kitty swag, she instantly wants to send it to you.

    And I’m scared of clowns, too. Oh, and ventriloquist dummies. So Poltergeist was a double whammy for me.

  7. stephen says:

    I can comprehend a grown man being scared of clowns, that’s cool, but having a fetish for Hello Kitty?! That’s just choir…quee…quirky.

  8. Penelope says:

    My daughter would go mad for the Hello Kitty gummies. I don’t think I’ve seen them here…yet.
    Going anywhere on a whim is such a treat. My whims involve so many logistical man-hours that they can hardly be called whims anymore :o(

  9. bluepaintred says:

    I have heard of clown phobias but never actually “known” someone who has one. I won’t say I understand it, but I figure it must be like me and spiders. They are so tiny – we have no large or poisonous ones where I live – and yet they have the power to reduce me to a shivering pile of goo.

    If you were randomly surfing and saw a clown’s picture online would it scare you? Unexpected spider pictures are my biggest pet peeve of the interwebs.

  10. Hilly Sue says:

    Were my life situation just the teeniest bit different, I’d be just like you with regard to dropping everything and traveling at a moment’s notice. Hell, I quit jobs like that so why not travel like that too ;).

  11. Mooselet says:

    Why are so many people scared of clowns??? I just don’t understand that one, but I guess if we could rationalize what we’re afraid of then we’d stop being afraid.

  12. The Matt says:

    Have you heard of Hello Kitty Online?

    I heard the BETA is out Atm.
    How wickedass is that?!

  13. Avitable says:

    I’ll have to remember that clown thing . . .

  14. sizzle says:

    I didn’t realize you had this Hello Kitty thing. This is news! I don’t drink coffee either though I love the taste- just not how it makes me feel. You’re right though, living here you get a lot of looks when you say you don’t drink coffee. It’s some sort of blasphemy!

  15. Quirk #6 should make you quite popular with the ladies. At the very least, I think it’s damn sexy.

  16. Miss Britt says:

    How in the hell do you function on this diet?

    Please tell me that Real Food is just another aspect of your life that you don’t include on the blog.

  17. Lewis says:

    I think I find you quirky for some other strange, unrelated reason….not necessarily for the lack of coffee drinking. I think it’s the Hello Kitty thing maybe. And the train thing? I love it. At a distance, like at our house at night. Not sure about having it in my backyard, though.

  18. Jeff says:

    When we moved here 15 years ago, the first apartment we rented was 50 yards away from a train crossing. The first night we slept there a train came barreling by the house at 2 a.m. and just about blew us out of our bed with its diesel horn. My 1 year old son was scared to death and burst into tears. Oddly enough though, it only took about 2 weeks before we didn’t even hear it at night anymore.

  19. Foo says:

    P.S. I have Hello Kitty slippers and my dog barks at my feet when I wear them.

  20. Karl says:

    Afraid of clowns, eh? I admit I was spooked by Stephen King’s “It,” but that’s about as far as my fear of clowns go.

    Wish I could just pick up and go somewhere at a moment’s notice.

  21. Fig says:

    Did you know that Little Debbie Snack Cakes taste the same when you barf them up as they did on the way down? True! I ate em all the time when I was preggers.

  22. diane says:

    I LOVE those Hello Kitty fruit snacks!! They taste so much better than most of the other brands out there, AND they are adorable. Yay!

  23. Robert says:

    Hello Kitty? The View? Neither is as odd to me as your like of Hannah Montana!

  24. whall says:

    So I wonder how things would balance out.

    A coffee drinking Ann Coulter dressed as a clown on The View, shot on location in Budapest, quoting Pat Robertson’s best interviews.

    Ah, but here’s the twist: she’s willing to give you butter-covered Hello Kitty gummies, a Johnny Rockets streamliner, golden oreos and coke w/lime, all served by Liz Hurley while you get to watch former POWs throw custard pies at a tied up McCain and all the proceeds go to help soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan. Oh, did I mention Steve Jobs is there, asking your design advice for the next iThingy?

    Hmmm, deal or no deal?

  25. MRKisThatKid says:

    Were you ever a fan of the TV series “life on mars?” ‘cos the follow up series “ashes to ashes” features imagery of the clown from the bowie video for the single of the same name, and it freaks the hell out of me.

    On the Hello Kitty front. I so totally considered getting Squier’s “Fenders beginner brand” hello kitty strat, but I just hadn’t the nerve to answer all the people who would make fun of me 🙁

    Just look how cute it looks

  26. ChillyWilly says:

    I personally despise Elizabeth Hasselbeck and agree with you that she needs to be replaced with someone else that can speak intelligently about any subject. But I think one of the main reasons they leave her on there is her looks, having her in outfits that show off her hotness.

    When she was out on baby leave, ratings were down. She comes back, ratings go back up.

    Dump her ass. There are other shows with eye candy that are much more interesting to listen to.

  27. Dave2 says:

    CK… Kuromi could BE me. Cute & evil… yep…

    Suzy… Hello Kitty in diamonds? That bitch has been talking to Barbie!!

    Adena… Yes, but half of them are illegal and can’t be mentioned on my blog.

    Absurdist… It’s not somuch Hello Kitty herself… but the artistic style which she is rendered in AND the mass marketing of the character around the world.

    Kyra… I would hope that “The View” does! It’s far freakier than Hello Kitty!

    Kapgar… I don’t buy much of it because I don’t really have the room… it’s fun to look though.

    Stephen… Well, I’d argue that a fetish is an entirely different matter than an obsession… but yes. 🙂

    Penelope… I don’t have enough money to be a continuous whim-goer. It’s money more than anything else that’s the factor for me. 🙁

    Bluepainted… No, clown photos don’t do it for me… it’s only running into a real clown that might kill me when I have problems.

    Hilly-Sue… Unfortunately, you need the job to finance the travel. 😛

    Mooselet… Have you SEEN a clown? They’re out to kill people… that’s what they do!

    The Matt… I’m doomed!! I’ve managed to avoid World of Warcraft, but I will be irresistibly consumed by Hello Kitty online!

    Avtiable… Just make your next Halloween party be entirely clown-based costumes. Then I could just cry in a corner somewhere and not have to bother anybody!

    Sizzle… People always think I’m joking when I say that I don’t drink coffee. I don’t even like “mocha” flavored stuff.

    Bombshell… Still looking for those Hello Kitty Boxers! Talk about being a hit with the ladies…

    Miss Britt… No worries! I had a Boca Burger at Red Robin early that evening. This was just dessert.

    Lewis… Train whistles are the most annoying sound on earth when they are going on right next to you. I loathe the sound with every fiber of my being.

    Jeff… I have never gotten over it. Though I can sleep through it is I’m tired enough. Still wake me from time to time though.

    Foo… Exactly. And yet, if I were to say that, I’d be bragging! Can you imagine?

    Karl… You can! Finances permitting… at least, that’s my problem.

    Fig… Mind if I just take your word on that? 😛

    Diane… Unfortunately, I think I have a problem with them. I will be blogging about it tonight. 🙁

    Robert… Now that the writer’s strike is over, I have a feeling my addiction to Hannah Montana will probably subside…

    Wayne… After I lit Ann Coulter on fire, sure. That would be just fine. Where do I sign up?

    MRK… It’s actually quite a beautiful guitar, methinks! I wish the pink was a little deeper color though.

    Willy… The problem is that Elizabeth is so bad that the more liberally-minded hosts walk all over her. When her only answer is to say stupid crap she’s repeating from FOX News or Limbaugh or whatever… she’s impressing nobody. I know that Amy Holmes is an independent, but she could most certainly handle an intelligent debate on politics from the Conservative side. Why they don’t hire her, I have no idea.

  28. bogup says:

    For quirks, aka phobias, that’s not a bad list Dave2. None ring my chimes, but some could call it quirky when I thought of you while walking past that Hello Kitty store in Rome last year.

  29. Whit says:

    If it weren’t for clowns we’d have nothing in common.

  30. Hello Kitty? For serious? That totally trumps my weird obsession with Avril Lavigne’s mouth.

  31. kilax says:

    I love number 1 about you. People assume if you don’t drink coffee you are a freak of nature with unnatural “staying alert” abilities that other mere mortals do not possess!

    And of course, I love number 3! I am the same way… if only I could afford it! Well, I am trying to save money!

  32. Chrissy says:

    LOL! Great post! I surfed in via Curiosity Killer’s blog.

    I don’t drink coffee either. I LOVE the smell and taste, but coffee puts me to sleep. I kid you not. It makes me pass out in less than 5 mins flat.

    I’m also scared of clowns. PETRIFIED would be a better word to describe it!

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