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Posted on Friday, November 2nd, 2007


Well, I've done gone and sliced my right-hand index finger reeeeeeal good. Twice. The cuts are pretty deep, and band-aids weren't helping much. I finally used super-glue and strips of gauze to close the cuts, then bandaged everything up with hopes that I wouldn't bleed to death.

So far, so good.

Except my finger hurts a lot. Which makes typing in my blog kind of clutzy and painful.

But drawing isn't so bad, because I can use my middle-finger to mouse-click*...

Dave Cut

I am such a weenie when it comes to bleeding.

And pain.

Which is why I'm going to take a couple of Excedrin PM now so I can forget my pain and get some sleep. If you don't hear from me ever again, it's because the super-glue dissolved and I bled to death in my sleep. Oh well. I suppose there are worse ways to go.



*Even more importantly, I can also still use my middle-finger to flip people off.

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  1. Phil says:

    That looks like your LEFT hand.

  2. Michael says:

    Dang, I cut myself again today too, washed with alcohol then the super glue to close it up.

    Glad it isn’t just me.

  3. Hilly says:

    You know what *else* you can’t use that hand for now…uh huh. Oh sorry, I meant to offer clotty kisses to make it all better 🙂

  4. Mooselet says:

    Uh, I don’t think superglue is such a good idea. Maybe you should go to a professional and get it looked at? I know, silly me…

  5. Lisa says:

    Awww, poor Dave! Do you need a kiss on your boo-boo to make it feel better?

  6. kaelb says:

    I hate to ask, but how did you manage to do that twice?

  7. Lewis says:

    Happy Flipping! (At least you have a good, solid reason to be flipping people off now)
    And, by the way, why in the hell did you cut yourself? There are counselors.

  8. Aunt Robin says:

    Aww, that’s so cute! Little Dave still hasn’t learned his right from his left!

    And at least you know how to use the mouse. I’m on my sister’s computer trying to use a mouse for the first time in over 5 years, and I’m beginning to think you could draw me with all thumbs!

  9. Avitable says:

    Did you really superglue your cut shut, or did I mis-read it?

  10. Dave2 says:

    Phil… I draw Lil’ Dave as a mirror-image of myself, and have done so since the very beginning (well, ALMOST the beginning, as I made the decision in DaveToon #2)… so my right hand is his left (and vice-versa). This is a conscious decision, as Lil’ Dave is a reflection of my life, and not an actual representation of it (as is this blog, which I explain in my FAQ).

    Michael… Yep, super-glue’s skin-bonding properties can be used for good as well as evil. 🙂

    Hilly… Eating chocolate pudding?

    Mooselet… Actually, super-glue for cuts works remarkably well. It’s not like I pour it in the wound or anything… I just use it to keep the cut closed.

    Lisa… Either that or a fifth of vodka…

    Kaelb… Metal shelving. I didn’t realize that I had cut myself the first time until I saw the blood from the second cut. D’oh!

    Lewis… Well, it wasn’t intentional! I am too bid a weenie to ever cut myself on purpose.

    Robin… Lil’ Dave is my mirror image, and is always drawn opposite-handed (e.g. Pope Dave has his staff in his left hand, bitch-slaps people using his left hand, etc… even though I am right-handed). As I mentioned in my comment to Phil above, this is intentional, and I have a specific reason for doing it. 🙂

    Avitable… Yep, super-glue works great for this kind of thing… so long as you can find a non-bloody surface and keep it out of the wound. I usually use it in conjunction with gauze or fabric like a band-aid.

  11. jenny says:

    see – and i always thought you were supposed to keep super glue OFF you fingers. who knew it was the alternative to stitches?! hope you feel better – stay away from all these knives, man!

  12. Wayne says:

    Seriously, superglue? That just seems so wrong in so many ways.

    Unless you’re implying you’re superman, and require superglue for a supercut, and in that case I can understand.

  13. ChillyWilly says:

    So much for you standing in for Jimmy Page.

    Vodka makes everything better.

  14. kim says:

    I have heard of people using superglue for cuts. Apparently it is very similar to NuSkin, which is made for exactly that.
    I do think it is a little ironic, that little Dave is holding a knife in one post and in the next post he has a cut and is all bandaged up.

  15. kim says:

    Oops, it was even worse than I thought… bad monkey has the knife.

  16. Troy says:

    Back when I was a grad student I stabbed the end of my left hand thumb with one of those box cutting exacto-knife type things.

    Lots of blood. Which I realized when I stuck my thumb in my mouth. Then I shook my hand and sprayed it everywhere.

    I ended up just using suture bandaids to hold it closed and it took a couple of weeks to heal properly.

    Still makes me shiver thinking about it.

  17. adena says:

    I don’t know why people are freaking out about the superglue.

    That “Liquid Bandage” stuff is basically medicated superglue…and it works great.

    (Speaking from someone who wounds herself daily.)

  18. Michael says:

    Skin adhesive which is use medically has the same stuff in as Super-glue, so works just as well.

    My Dad, he has stitched himself up with Mum’s sewing needle and thread when he has cut himself.

  19. Robin says:

    So…this had nothing to do with the knife you found in the bushes.

  20. sizzle says:

    i hope your super glue/gauze technique worked and you’re feeling better!

  21. tori says:

    I hope your cut had healed up pretty well before you took Excedrin! The asprin thins your blood and makes you bleed longer. Anyway, I am way too late to be of any actual help, sorry! Hope it feels better!

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