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Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2007

Dave!Today was a totally miserable day, and I don't really feel like blogging.

Except I just can't help myself.

Probably because tomorrow promises to be even worse, but more likely because there's nothing good on television Mondays at 9:00. Once I've watched Chuck and How I Met Your Mother, it's game over.

Today on my way to work I stopped at the mini-mart so I could grab an orange juice. While I was deciding if I wanted pulp or no pulp, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. "Is Candice there" the guy asked. "Nope, you've got the wrong number" I replied. "When she gets back can you tell her I called?" he said. "You've got the wrong number... there's no Candice here!" I repeated. "Shit!" the guy says "she wrong-numbered me!" Not knowing what else to say, I mumble "yeah, that's a tough break... bye!" and hang up.

Five minutes later, iPhone rings again from the same number. "Dude, there's no Candice here!" I say immediately. "Yeah, I just thought I'd check and make sure I didn't mess up" the guy says. "She must have been pretty special," I offer sympathetically. "Yeah, I thought so... sorry to bother you" he replies awkwardly as he hangs up.

Is it really so hard to just put the poor bastard out of his misery rather than get his hopes up like that?

Relationship head-games are the worst.

And now, before I go, is there anybody out there with a couple billion dollars burning a hole in their pocket? I'm looking for financing to create my own airline. The schedules out of Seattle are not at all convenient for me, and I'm tired of having to take that horrifying 6:00am flight out of Wenatchee to make a connection. On top of that, the planes would look totally bitchin'...

And, as if that weren't enough... you get wider seats, more legroom, in-flight internet, and free chocolate pudding on every flight! Life is better with DaveAir!

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  1. adena says:

    and a free shirt when you deboard.

  2. Hilly says:

    I’d fly Dave Air…first class all the way, baby ;).

    It’s so low-class to wrong number a guy…why not just politely decline rather than get his hopes up and squash him? Games are dumb, especially in love or like…or whatever. Here’s to tomorrow not sucking as much as you expect it to.

  3. Alexis says:

    Dude, if I hadn’t just blown my last 2 billion dollars on design textbooks for this quarter, I totally help you out. Free chocolate pudding? I’m all over that! Or is that ‘it’s all over me’? Eh, which ever, it’s all good!

  4. Robin says:

    Did you know Simply Orange makes a “medium pulp” option?

    Will DaveAir offer a self-serve softserve ice cream machine in first class?

  5. Wayne says:

    I would think the typical smart-thinking Dave response woulda been something like “No, she just left.”

    And wouldn’t you have Coke w/Lime for inflight beverage?

  6. kapgar says:

    Can I get guaranteed first-class seating on any flight I want when I want it? If so, I may be able to cobble together a few dollars for the cause.

  7. PocketCT says:

    When you get your funding will you do non stop red-eye flights from SeaTac to Hartford, just for me? That & chocolate pudding and you will have my MA-WA flight loyalty.

  8. NYCWD says:

    You said the two magic word… chocolate pudding.

    Where do I sign up?

  9. Kyra says:

    You never know… maybe he’s reading the digits wrong or something and she is desperately seeking him as well. It COULD happen you know. 😉

    Chocolate puding and soft serve. That sounds about right to me. I misplaced my piggybank though… sorry. 🙁

  10. kilax says:

    Candice just gained a lot of bad karma.

  11. Miss Britt says:

    DaveAir is a brilliant idea.

    Do you except investment via PayPal?

  12. Well, well, well… Someone here doesn’t care for Heroes… What do you think? That this group of internationals can save the world without your help? Do you think you can just watch whatever you want and the world will just save itself? No. God put you in front of the TV on Monday at 9am for a reason.

  13. Jill says:

    I like the early flights – the earlier, the better. Less chance of delays and missing connections. Of course, I guess with DaveAir there would be no connections – which is even nicer. And free pudding and t-shirts! Who could pass that up?

  14. Michelle says:

    Oooh or what about hot chocolate pudding with whipped cream?! Or custard…would that work??

  15. sizzle says:

    i have never wrong numbered a guy. that’s just cruel. and cowardly!

    i’d fly your airline. sadly, i am awaiting financial abundance and cannot at this time invest in such an endeavor. 🙂

  16. ChillyWilly says:

    I’ll fly it. Any connecting flights out of Salt Lake?

    The picture of Dave’s face on the side of the plane looks like he’s got a very wide mustache.

    Or you could move the face down a bit and his eyes would be windows… giving that “Dave’s watching you from above” feel to the people on the ground.

  17. Avitable says:

    I’d fly Dave Air- would it go to any location that has a Hard Rock?

    And would there be actual 1970s stewardesses? Like, hot ones?

  18. bogup says:

    I like that airline idea. Anyone with a Blogography button gets aboard at half price. And I can just picture the Bad Monkey graphic on the tail section.

  19. Kami says:

    Poor dude.

    I would totally fly DaveAir.

  20. Whit says:

    talk to me about the beverage cart

  21. Catherine says:

    Yeah, no chocolate pudding for Candice.

    I am wearing the little paper airplane duckie button all day today in support of the forthcoming DaveAir.

  22. Daniel says:

    I do wonder if every US-citizen own an IPhone. All I hear is iphone, iphone, iphone nowadays. How about some quality Swedish mobilephones for a change? 😉

  23. Dustin says:

    If I was a girl, I would wrong number guys all.the.time. Course if I was a girl I’d be super hot and bitchy, so it kinda goes with the territory.

    Concerning DaveAir: Honey Roasted Peanuts or Pretzels?

  24. lizriz says:

    How can you not like “Reaper”??? And certainly “House” can do in a pinch.

  25. Bec says:

    I’ll admit it. I have wrong numbered in the past. I felt bad about it but he did insist on touching my arm in that oh so creeeeepy way while I was waiting for my coffee and then followed me down the road drunk at 7:30 in the morning.

    Dave Air looks like a sweet ride – give Richard Branson a bell. Or the Russian guy who owns Chelsea FC. He’s bound to be looking for something to put his money into!

  26. Dave2 says:

    Oh yes, I love Reaper… but it’s not on until Tuesday.

    I gave up on House last year. Loved the first season, but it just keeps heading downhill for me. 🙁

  27. yellojkt says:

    And on DaveAir you could play all Elizabeth Hurley movies.

    I think “How I Met…” has jumped the shark, but “Big Band Theory” is hilarious because I’m not THAT nerdy.

  28. Iron Fist says:

    And I bet every seat in a DaveAir plane has a Mac terminal built into the back of it, too.

  29. SJ says:

    I’d fly you.

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