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Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Dave!Variety has just released the news that the one and only Simon Pegg has signed on to play "Scotty" in J.J. Abram's forthcoming Star Trek film. I didn't think that they could top Zachary Quinto playing "Spock," but this is an absolute genius move. Of course, a terrific cast doesn't guarantee that the movie isn't going to suck ass, but it's certainly looking good so far.

And speaking of good things...

The second episode of Pushing Daisies was absolutely incredible. The show is like a work of art that sucks you into a beautiful, quirky world from which you don't want to escape. I can't think of another show on TV that keeps me smiling from beginning to end like this, and leaves me feeling happy for no reason at all...

Pushing Davies

Of course, this most certainly means that ABC will cancel it, so I have no idea why I'm getting so attached.

Bastard television networks.

Today I was looking through some old papers in a futile attempt to find an important document I've lost. Never saw it, but I found all kinds of crazy stuff that I didn't even know I kept... my favorite discovery being a photocopy of a cartoon I drew years ago. The Sam & Max video game had finally been released for Macintosh, and I was so happy that I drew my own Sam & Max adventure so that I could attach my personal check to it for payment...

(click for a larger version)
Sam and Max!

But that's only half as entertaining as my most favorite spam ever...

To: Abby U. Shaver
From: Mia X. Randle
Subject: Does your penis size ruin your life? Our product will stop that!

Have they ever told you this, "Damn it! Your penis is so small!"?
Didn't you just wanna run away?
Don't let women choose sexual toys but not you! Megadik will make you a real man! You must believe in this wonderful preparation!
"Gush! Your penis is impressive!" Isn't that what you just love to hear?
Soon you'll be the only one ladies will want! Megadik is your magic weapon!

The check is in the mail, baby... the check is in the mail...

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  1. ChillyWilly says:

    I’ve got so many TV shows queued up that it may be Sunday before I can watch both episodes of “Pushing Daisies”

    “Reaper” is turning out to be one of my favorites.

    Of course, if “Pushing Davies” comes out, that gets bumped to the very top of the queue.

  2. Suzy says:

    Okay, what night is Daisies on? Did I miss the second one? Can you be my Daisies alert?

    God I’m lazy.

  3. adena says:

    The second episode was great! “The crash dummy did it!”

    It’s such a good show, that it’s SO getting canceled. *sigh*

    And um, that email? I’m a little afraid they used the word “Gush”. That’s all I’m saying.

  4. adena says:

    Another line in Pushing Daisies that had me cracking up….

    “Why are you so blurry?”
    “Maybe because your eyes are flat….anyways…”

  5. Brandon says:

    Yeah, the second Pushing Daisies was really good. I think it will have some leeway but I wouldn’t be surprised that if it slumps in the ratings they will retool it somehow and take away what’s great about it. Either that or they will move it from time slot to time slot and we’ll never be able to find it.

  6. Baak says:

    Comic is awesome – bravo!

    LOL – that spam is too much! Gush?! 😀

  7. Neil T. says:

    Fast-forward to today and I can play the PC version of Sam & Max on my Mac using ScummVM…

    Simon Pegg in Star Trek could be interesting, although I’ve only really seen in him comedy roles so far.

  8. serap says:

    Wow, Megadik has such a lovely romantic ring to it… I can just imagine gushing at a megadik!!

  9. Avitable says:

    John Cho is Sulu. Not sure how I feel about that. Someone suggested the actor who plays Detective Lassiter on “Psych” for Bones, and I think he would be awesome, but nobody will listen to me.

  10. AnnieB says:

    Was the spam a case of targeted marketing?

  11. tori says:

    I haven’t watched this weeks episode of Pushing Daisies yet, but I love how you compared it to a work of art…that is exactly how I feel about it. The reason I haven’t watched it yet is because normally when I fall completely in love with a new show it is cancelled immediately. Since I fell in love with this show, I figure if I wait to watch it, I will trick them into keeping it on. My reasoning seems sound, right? And you are welcome…if this show stays on the air, I will be positive it is because I sneakily loved it and they just didn’t know to cancel it.

  12. Wayne says:

    I have such low expectations with movies, shows, etc that I knew I’d watch Star Trek X as soon as I saw who was supposed to play Kirk. Unsure if it’s changed or not since then.

    My favorite spam email of all time was the ‘Make penis fast!’ chain letter spoof. The idea was pure genius!

    “You snip off one inch of your penis and send one each to the top few people on the list (as much as you have available). After a few weeks, I had 37,645 inches!!!!”

  13. It needs to be said: Jim Dale’s voice-overs completely make Pushing Daisies amazing. Brilliant.

  14. Amy says:

    I love, love, love Pushing Daisies as well!

  15. Miss Britt says:

    I would like to see the cartoon that accompanied THIS check!

  16. Iron Fist says:

    Well, Megadik WAS my magic weapon…until you spilled the beans here. Fortunately I still have plenty of Stetson cologne to give me my edge.

  17. the patient says:

    You have bart simpson checks? wow. how cool is that. i haven’t had checks for the past five years. damn online banking!

  18. Holmes says:

    Megadik…I think that’s a supervillain that works at my office and parks his Porsche diagonally across two parking spaces.

  19. Hilly says:

    You know, if a person could be smitten with a TV show, it would be me :). Just seeing your “Pushing Davies” made me grin from ear to ear because I love the show so much and it too makes me smile.

    I totally lost track of the rest of this entry now, dang it 😉

  20. Tracy Lynn says:

    Gush? GUSH?!! Ick.

  21. sue says:

    I want a dandelion car… I promise not to go over 70 mph while playing the radio. 🙂

  22. Did you just put your signature out there? Gush!

  23. claire says:

    I love Pushing Daisies too- which probably does mean it’s doomed, but I’m trying to stay optimistic.

  24. Suzzy says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Pushing Daisies. It’s so BEAUTIFULLY produced. The whole dandelion schemata had me completely mesmerized! It was like Ugly Betty combined with Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka. Love that show so much it’s bound to be canceled.

  25. caron says:

    I so want a dandelion hat! You can watch full episodes on anytime you need a fix.

  26. SJ says:

    So far, I’m completely happy with the casting of the young Enterprise crew. Hope they don’t blow it with Bones.

  27. blanetalk says:

    I like all these young actors who are being selected … I think they are phenomenal. But I don’t think it’s going to be Star Trek.

    This is going to be Star Trek re-imagined for a new generation, with a complete fabrication of what the characters’ early lives were like based on Abram’s and his co-creators speculations, not based on the history. Plus, some of these actors don’t really even remotely resemble the actors they are supposedly replacing. I expect we’ll hear one or two say they won’t go back to watch any of the original stuff because they want to keep their performances pure.

    I’m expecting results like the Brady Bunch movies … and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    BTW, if you want to actually see Star Trek: The Original Series in HD on the big screen, the opportunity occurs Tuesday, Nov 13th … details here, if Dave doesn’t mind me passing along the link.

  28. Dave2 says:

    On that much we can agree. Of course, I didn’t feel that Next Generation, DS9, and most certainly not Voyager were Star Trek either. I am in love with the original series, and everything else is just feels “tacked on.”

    But… I do love science fiction. I do love Star Trek. For somebody to re-imagine the show in a new way isn’t such a bad thing to me, because the originals will still be sitting on my DVD shelf whenever I feel like watching them (which is fairly often!). That being said, I think it’s much better for an actor to be chosen for their skill rather than their resemblance to the original characters. Otherwise, the movie would have no chance at all. So far, all of the actors cast are a pretty good match to the roles, in my humble opinion.

  29. blanetalk says:

    Fair enough. I should treat this as NEW science fiction. And I am definitely with you on choosing actors for their skill over their appearances.

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