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Posted on Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Dave!Ooh! Looks like I might be getting an iPhone after all. They've finally released the service pricing, and it turns out that it's only $10 more than I pay now. Even better, I get more minutes (plus rollover minutes!) and unlimited data for my money. Cool!

Of course, I'll want to try an iPhone in person before I sign on the dotted line, but things just keep looking better and better. The initial reviews have the positives outweighing the negatives, and some of the big questions (battery life, scratches, MS Office attachments, etc.) are being answered with good news. I want one pretty bad now.

I am such an Apple whore...


But with unlimited data access, can you really blame me? I mean, damn! Knowing I can surf the internet for important information at any time... for as long as I want... is pretty sweet!

Dave's iPhone

Wow. The internet is like the most awesome thing ever! Thanks for putting it in the palm of my hand, Steve Jobs!

And in other nifty news... PARIS IS FREE! w00t! Now my life can go back to normal!

Paris Freedom

IN YOUR FACE, NANCY GRACE! Now why don't you shut the frak up you crazy bitch! And the next time your hypocritical skank ass decides to judge people, why don't you look in the mirror first... GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!!

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  1. Belinda says:

    The “Nancy Grace Effect?” Huh. You know all those polls that ask where you get the bulk of your world news? I just say, “Blogography.”

  2. Dave2 says:

    Isn’t Nancy Grace the one who got knocked up, then didn’t get some poor bastard to marry her until two months later? Yet the bitch is more than happy to play morality judge on Paris Hilton’s life. Kind of cool that SHE’S the one who ended up being the “whore”* who gets pregnant out of wedlock!

  3. Hilly says:

    Hey, can I borrow your phone? I need to uh…make uh…a quick uh…call. Yes, that’s it.

  4. Erik B. says:

    Davehealth is important! Lesbot pr0n makes for an impressive home screen. You should paint Happy Dave in the corner of that picture as well.

    Holy christ on a bicycle I want an iPhone in the worst way…. I just don’t know that I can let go of my BlackBerry just yet!

  5. sizzle says:

    how come paris looks all showered and shit? i want to see her looking grungy and like she got worked over one too many times.

    is that wrong?

  6. Amanda says:

    It’s nice that you’re concerned about breast exams. Women’s health is something that’s often overlooked, but not by you. Thanks for looking out for us!

  7. Bec says:

    Only 4 more months to go until I can get one – yes, it sucks being in the UK at moments like this!

  8. Laurence says:

    I WANT A IPHONE ! But I must wait december… The life is so unfair !

  9. The Chad says:

    yeah dude, you’re gonna have to drive down here and show off your iPhone. I think I’m gonna save a couple hundred and go with a Helio. Plus, I will never ever ever ever EVER go back to AT&T.

  10. kapgar says:

    Wait! is not really a porn site and is actually a weight loss site? I’m so disappointed. For shame, Simmer!

  11. Yeah, you and my mother. She’s been simmering with excitement over the phone as well (although I DOUBT it’s the opportunity to watch porn that’s thrilling her…but if she can find a way to watch her Panther’s games on her phone, she’s going to be all over that).

    Personally, I think I’ll wait. Not because I’m not a Mac whore, but because I’m cheap. I’ll be interested to see what you think of it when/if you get one.

  12. Avitable says:

    In a few months, I might actually bite the bullet and get one, too. I need to upgrade, and I pay more than that a month anyways.

  13. y not i says:

    The iPhone in the palm of your hand leaves you with a free hand. Hmmm. The things you could do with that other hand. Especially with access to sites like Boggles the mind.

  14. Lewis says:

    Of course you’re an Apple whore…living right in the middle of fruit country. ..Wait, that didn’t sound quite right either, did it? Better catch up on some good sleep tonight… you can sit in line all night tomorrow night for your little piece of fruit.

    WARNING: Remember what happened to Eve when she snatched (no pun intended) the fruit. She’s now doing douche commercials.

  15. karla says:

    Holy crap! What is that girl doing to the other girl’s boobs? I mean, she can squeeze them as hard as possible, but unless she’s lactating, ain’t nothin’ comin’ out of there! I’m sort of cringing at the very firm grip that chick has. OUCH! Amateur mammogram or what?

  16. Dave2 says:

    Hilly… Sure, no pro- hey! Wait a second! You’ve already got a phone! You just want to surf porn on my iPhone!!

    Erik… I don’t know what my home screen desktop will be, but I’m doubting it would be lesbian porn. Women might find that exploitive and offensive. But, then again, some women might find it empowering and progressive. You just can’t win with lesbian porn!

    Sizzle… Didn’t you know? The wealthy don’t get dirty and disheveled! They look radiant and happy all the time! Just one of the many perks of having millions of dollars.

    Amanda… Always! 😀

    Bec… Ooh! I thought it was going to be 2008 before the UK got iPhones, so that’s actually kind of cool for you. Has Apple even found a carrier in Europe yet?

    Laurence… Save your Euros… then come December you can buy a shiny new iPhone!

    The Chad… It’s strange. I find just as many people that love Cingular than hate Cingular. My opinion is that ALL mobile phone companies suck. But Cingular (now AT&T) has a 30-Day money-back guarantee, so I guess I can always go back if I don’t like it. 🙁


    Librarian… I think that secretly everybody wants an iPhone. It’s a huge investment though… I’m not wild of being locked into a 2-year contract over a phone that will probably be made better in a year or so. To much to hope that Apple will have a trade-up program though.

    Avitable… I was worried that I’d be paying $30-$50 more than I already do, so the $10 increase was pretty sweet. The fact that I get even more stuff for that $10 than I have now is just the icing on the cake.

    Y Not I… Maybe they’ll come out with an iPhone collar so you can have BOTH hands free!

    Lewis… I would gladly appear in a douche commercial if it meant that I got a free iPhone out of the deal. I’m quite the whore that way.

    Karla… She wants to make darn sure that she’s thorough with her examination! Early detection is key.

  17. Wayne says:

    Will they be selling keyboard covers to protect the keys from, um, fluids?

  18. Rick says:

    I can’t deal with AT&T. I dumped them a few years ago when I couldn’t get a signal in THREE consecutive airports!

  19. Avitable says:

    My biggest concerns with the phone are 1. the keyboard, and 2. actually talking on it. I have not seen anyone use it like an actual phone, or do you have to do speaker, bluetooth or ear buds to talk to someone?

  20. Dave2 says:

    Wayne… There’s these screen protectors you can buy for the iPod that are bullet-proof or something (for reals!) so I’m guessing iPhone will get something similar.

    Rick… Happens to me from time to time with Verizon, and my work Sprint phone was even worse. I think ALL mobile companies suck in some way, and Cingular/AT&T is probably no worse in the long run than any of the others. It just depends on the quality of your phone and the location you happen to be at. 🙁

    Avitable… I had concerns about the keyboard too, but they disappeared when I read the reviews and then watched the movie Apple just put up this morning explaining how it works. Truly incredible technology went into that thing, and I’m fairly certain I’ll be okay with it once I just let go and trust the iPhone to get it right. Given the learning nature of the adaptive and anticipatory keyboard software, I’m sure I’ll grow to love it. The speaker and mic are on the bottom of the unit, so you don’t have to use a bluetooth headset or the iPhone earbuds to talk into it. From the reviews I’ve read, sound quality is fairly good.

  21. Bre says:

    I’m really jealous because I lust for that phone but I can’t afford the contract buyout. Sigh.

  22. Avitable says:

    But if the speaker is in the bottom, how can you use it like a regular phone? You can’t hold it against your ear because everyone can hear it. I guess I just don’t understand how you can have a private conversation on it without using a headset or the earbuds.

  23. Dave2 says:

    Ah, no. There is a speaker next to your ear for talking like a regular phone. The speaker on the bottom is the loudspeaker… it’s on the opposite side of the mic.

  24. Bec says:

    Don’t say things like that… All the websites say October 07… As for carrier – nope – looks like it’ll be (like most things here) a last minute announcement… I don’t care – I’m not loyal to any network here!

  25. nancycle says:

    ‘…”whore” who gets pregnant out of wedlock…’


    Since I’ve never been married, yet have Omar, I’ll try not to judge…

  26. Dave2 says:

    * It put “whore” is in quotes, implying that’s HER definition, not mine. Unlike so many ignorant people in American politics, I believe that families come in all shapes and sizes, and defining a family as a “married man and woman and their children” is absurd.

    Nancy Grace is a horribly destructive television personality that pretends to care about people, but is nothing more than a judgmental bitch. She goes for ratings by bashing people like Paris Hilton for their behavior, then (apparently) doesn’t hold herself to the same standards she uses to judge others. If Paris were to have conceived a child out of wedlock, I’m sure Nancy Grace would be all over that… but Nancy does it and it’s okay? WTF?

  27. bogup says:

    Memememememe wants an iiiiiiiiiiPhone. I watched the new vid on it and it is better, much better than anything on the market today in most ways. Great pics capability, phone, email (on my Sprint now? fugetit), & a great music player too. No need to cart around a music player AND a phone anymore. My cell phone contract ends right around the time that the new Apple OS comes out and this phone will hopefully be purchased along with a new MacBook Pro. yes!!!

  28. single jane says:

    Alright I came here because Suzy made me- actually she didn’t I read her comment and because I seem to somehow follow directions well, I came as she ordered. I considered getting that phone for like 1 minute- I have a palm pilot and hate it because my earring always puts my calls on hold or just hangs up on people. So I think I’m going to those other flippy thingies. cheers.

  29. Pauly D says:

    I so desperately want this.

    But yeah, the slow service speed and the keyboard and the no iChat and the no cut/paste are my only concerns.

  30. Dave2 says:

    Jane… The iPhone senses when it is near your ear, and turns off the touch interface, so no worries there.

    Pauly… I’m betting cut/paste and iChat will come with software upgrades eventually. Slow data access, on the other hand, is pretty much in the hands of AT&T’s antiquated EDGE network. But, then again, slow internet on the go is better than no internet at all! I’m more worried about how VOICE communications are on the iPhone… anything else is gravy so long as the phone gets good reception and keeps my calls clear and intact!

  31. Suzy says:

    Needless to say, they were showing nothing but iPhone and iParis news all morning. But one newscaster said people should be careful because the overall cost can run over $5,000. That didn’t sound right.

    iParis. I kill me. Although I’m sure others would like to.

  32. jenny says:

    so are you getting in line already? i saw a bunch of people on tv who have been camped outside the NYC apple store for days already. craziness! but it does look pretty darn cool…

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