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Bullet Sunday 34

Posted on Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Dave!I'm blogging Bullet Sunday and don't even have an internet connection to post it!

• Driven... I really don't like driving over to Seattle when it's raining, because people tend to drive like morons when it's wet out. Yesterday proved to be no exception, as my two-hour trip stretched into three full hours of non-stop torture. I need to become a billionaire so I can afford to hire a car and driver to handle this stuff for me. Then I could just sit back and play Nintendo or watch movies, which sounds a lot better than screaming my head off all afternoon at stupid people who don't know how to drive.

• Olympic... The London 2012 Olympic Games logo has been revealed, and I just don't get it. Every designer I talk to is absolutely horrified that this thing is in any way indicative of the direction graphic design is heading. I can only guess that the team working on the logo decided to continue the shocking trend of abandoning good design principles that's been going around lately, and extrapolate how bad things will get five years from now when the logo will actually be in use. If this end result is indicative of what I'm going to be expected to design in 2012, I might as well quit my job and start a new career. I wonder if I would get Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes for free if I took a job at Taco Bell?

2012 Olympics Logo London

• Hi-Def... Now that my piece-of-shit Panasonic DVD Player/Recorder, which has never been able to record a single DVD, has decided that it doesn't want to play any DVDs either, I'm in the market for a new machine. I'm thinking that I would like to go for an HD player now that the prices are starting to come down, but am really confused by the whole "HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray" format war that's going on. I like Sony equipment okay so I was thinking of going with Blu-Ray, but since I don't think that Sony hasn ever had a successful media format (Beta Tape, MiniDisc, and ATRAC come to mind), I wonder if that would be wise. I guess when I have some free time in about three months, I'll have to sit down and do some research. With any luck, one format will win out by then, but I'm not holding my breath.

&bull iPhonery... As TV commercials are released for Apple's iPhone, I find myself wanting one more and more. Whether I actually end up getting one is going to depend on how expensive AT&T Mobile makes it to own one. Because if I buy an iPhone, I am absolutely going to want to use all the cool features it has, and to do that will almost certainly require an unlimited data access plan. If this is going to cost more than $30 a month, I don't know that it would be worth the cost... no matter how cool it is. Oh well, there's a mere 19 days until we find out, so I guess all will be revealed soon enough...


I hope the local McDonalds has internet so I can post this when I stop for breakfast tomorrow morning. Nothing quite like surfing the web while eating an Egg & Cheese Biscuit and a carton of milk on a Monday morning.

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  1. NYCWD says:

    I have to agree with you on the 2012 logo… and I have zero graphic design skillz whatsoever so I really shouldn’t criticize. Then again… if a “professional” designer came up with that… there may be hope for me yet.

    Yet I don’t feel bad for the Olympics. This is what you get for picking English tea and crumpets over New York coffee and bagels.

  2. Hilly says:

    Every time I see that damned iPhone commercial, I think of you. It’s a sickness really….

    Have you seen The Daily Show where he makes the joke about that logo? Yanno, about a slot machine blowing a stop sign? LMAO, that still makes me giggle!

  3. kilax says:

    I think Bad Monkey should be part of the 2007 Olympic Logo 😉

  4. ajooja says:

    I think the porn industry has sided with HD-DVD. They spurred VHS over Beta last time, so I think that’s the way to go. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Mmmmmmm, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. 🙂

  5. diane says:

    Oh Dave, you are SUCH the devoted blogger. Sorry your drive was so long and painful, but glad the lack of posting yesterday was technical and not personal in nature.

  6. Neil T. says:

    As for the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD thing:

    * Apple are apparently in the Blu Ray camp, but haven’t made any moves towards adding the drives to their computers
    * HD-DVD players and discs are cheaper than Blu Ray discs, but Blu Ray discs have a higher capacity
    * IIRC Samsung and LG are both working on dual-format players that will play both types of discs (and this may be why Apple is sitting out for now)
    * Because Sony has been restrictive about who can produce Blu Ray discs, you’re more likely to find that high definition porn is on HD-DVD

    Hope that helps. I’m personally waiting for the dual format players to become more popular.

  7. shari says:

    That’s the Olympic logo? Seriously???

  8. Bec says:

    As soon as it was released a petition was raised to get it changed. It got 48,000 signatures in 2 days. Oh, and the advert that goes with it can cause epilyptic fits.

    Go England!

    (I love my country, I do, no really)

  9. Lewis says:

    I think the phone is going to cost more than your allotted $$$……what is it to buy it? Soemthing like $500? Crazy. Plus, you’ll have to commit to their unlimited internet plan (which I think is $40 on top of your regular rate plan). I’m seeing a minimum of close to $100 per month. Crazy.
    The Olympic design isn’t really too much to shake a stick at, is it? I mean, even an oxygen-deprived flight attendant could do better than that.

  10. Have you seen the video that goes with the London Olympics video?

    Supposedly, They pulled it in fear of causing epileptic seizures!

    I can’t find it on YouTube since there are SO many videos mocking it. But imagine the logo dancing all over the athletes extremities as the are performing the events and flashing in multi-colors…

  11. adena says:

    That logo makes my eyes hurt.

  12. undisciplined says:

    Bleah! Even the goatse gag 2012 Olympic logo is better than that one!

  13. Wayne Hall says:

    I’m confused by the “needing a driver” part. I play the Nintendo Wii while driving and it doesn’t bother me one bit. If it bothered anyone else on the road, I haven’t noticed.

    What’s funny about the Olympics logo is Jaden, my 5 year old, submitted an entry in their “design a logo for the olympics” contest at his Montessori school. I put his entry on my blog if you want to look at it. It’s uncannily familiar…

  14. kim says:

    The colors are hideous. They remind me of something I wore when I was 13 in 1981. (A moment I am not proud of). What is it with Washington drivers – especially those of us on the west side of the state? It rains all the time, we get plenty of practice driving in it. Learn to drive people!

  15. Laurence says:

    Are I the only one who see a porn picture with that logo ?

    P.S. I want a iPhone but I must wait until december… Aaaaargh !

  16. kapgar says:

    I hate to admit it, but the more I see the ads for the iPhone, the more I like it too. Gah!!!

    As for the Olympic logo… what kills me is that the IOC will allow that piece of crap, but they won’t allow the kickin’ Chicago logo because it infringes on the copyrighted flame of the Olympics. How is it infringement if both are promoting the same damn thing and doing so with complete respect for the original logo!?!?!? Stupid committees!!!

  17. supercereal says:

    The promo video is here.

    Seizurish types might want to stop before the 1:45 mark…

  18. I am DYING to get my hands on the iPhone now that I am an official iWhore. An Apple store opened where I live on Saturday and I did cry a little when all I could walk out with was a Mighty Mouse. I doubt an unlimited data plan from AT&T would be more than 30 big ones, I wouldn’t worry much about that.

    That Olympics logo on the other hand is a sign of the endtimes. Grab your monkey and head for your nearest fallout shelter. NOW.

  19. ADW says:

    The logo made my eyes bleed and it looks like it was created by a load of lazy people.

    As for the iPhone, I am super amped for it. My company needs new cell phones and we have them scheduled for the fall and the leading candidate is the iPhone. How cool is that?

  20. sfchick74 says:

    I love my Blackberry Pearl too much to ever give the iPhone much notice.

    Hiring a driver is the first thing I would do if I ever won the lottery. I wouldn’t even get a new car, just someone to drive it for me.

  21. Avitable says:

    Just get an HD DVD player and a PS3 – you’ll be able to play both media.

  22. Karl says:

    Hell, Dave, if you were rich you could have a helicopter fly you in to Seattle!

    That iPhone sure looks sweet.

  23. karla says:

    The other day, when that Olympic logo was unveiled, i heard this mysterious sound floating through the air, a sound of laughter mixed with screams of horror. I wasn’t sure what that soud was about until I saw that logo, and realized it was the sound of graphic designers all over the world going “WTF? AAAGGGHHH!!!! HAhahahahahaha!!!”

    I was too busy cutting myself on the jagged edges of the logo, trying to gouge my eyes out so I would not have to look at it again, , to really pay too much attention. It’s HORRIBLE.

  24. Kyle I says:

    – I was reading that a guy from the olympic committee was trashing the logo. Good for him, it sucks.

    – My Verizon contract runs out in November so I’m going to look at the iPhone then. As cool as that thing is, I’m not sure if it’s $600 cool. Plus it’s with AT&T. I may opt for the Treo…

  25. Lela says:

    I want an iPhone SO bad. I drool every time Apple sends me an “it’s coming soon” email!!

  26. Göran says:

    YEah, what is it with that London Olympics logo? Did someone throw crack in a kindergarten or what?

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