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Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2007


Is there anything more sad than sitting around drinking martinis in your boxer shorts while waiting for The Office to start because you just can't get motivated to do anything else?

Including writing in your blog?


Yeah. That's what I thought.

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  1. apricoco says:

    Well instead of martini’s it could be maddog 4040, now that would be sad. or maybe you could go on that drug binge, that would be really really sad.

    But saddest of all? I have been there too… in my pj’s drinking wine and watching discovery channel. lol.

    Hope you get out of your funk.

  2. You’re day should totally have brightened when Dwight pulled out his throwing stars. If not, I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Cavan says:

    Nice. That’s all kinds of classy.

  4. Michelle says:

    that sounds like a pretty good time to me! who says you have to do anything?

  5. sizzle says:

    there are a million things more sad than that Dave! buck up little camper. 😉

  6. jenny says:

    anyone ever tell you how hot you look when you’re drunk and bored? 😉

  7. James says:

    I’m sitting around in shorts drinking chocolate milk procrastinating on senior research projects. Cheers!

  8. RW says:

    Could be lots worse… are you kidding?

    Lil Dave could have toes to get groaty stuff out from between.

    Count your blessings. Shit… ya don’t have to count TOES.

  9. Hilly says:

    Lil Snackie doesn’t like to see Dave in a funk!


    You can always call me if you want or need to talk…not like I will go to sleep anytime soon. If not, just remember that tomorrow is a new day and all that sunny shit :).

  10. Greg says:

    Martinis AND The Office? I’m in! (Now if I could just get off work and get home before midnight…)

  11. Kyle I says:

    How about this:

    You just got done cutting your mullet and you’re in your boxers drinking a case of Keystone Light in your kiddie pool waiting for the mud racing reruns to come on.

    See, it can get worse…..

  12. Laurence says:

    In any case, I am not sad when I see Lil’Dave in boxer shorts !!! Plus with the martini, I think about Bond, James Bond ! So sexy !!! 😀

  13. margalit says:

    What about drinking KLP Coke (with real sugar!) and eating buttered matzoh for dinner because you’re too damn tired to cook anything. Even in the microwave?

  14. Spants says:

    Hey – you mixed a martini! That takes some effort. You could have just swigged from the bottle.

  15. Heh. Heh. I call men I see like that on television or that I imagine sit around doing that, bologna eaters. You know, because they ride around in their craptastic car to their craptastic job with their name on their shirt, come home, make a drink, eat a bologna sandwich and watch television. I know. I’m weird. Sorry.

  16. Eileen Dover says:

    Next time, please phrase your question in form of a Dwight-ism.

    That is…

    Question. Is there anything more sad…”


  17. DutchBitch says:

    Yeah, you could actually be waiting for ehm… [insert horrificly bad TVshow] to start

  18. Kyra says:

    You know, add a discoball to that picture, and it could be a party!

  19. Jill says:

    Ack! Little Dave doesn’t have any toes!!!

  20. Karl says:

    At least “The Office” was well worth the wait last night.

  21. Timothy says:

    No. There is nothing more sad than being unmotivated in your boxers drinking martinis. Wait. I guess being unmotivated in your boxers without a martini would be a little sadder.

  22. Lewis says:

    It’s cool as long as they’re nice boxers. And maybe wratch it up a notch to Annie Green Springs, Ripple, or Mogen David. Plus, maybe consider NetFlix and get away from The Office thing. OR, you could go back to the drugs (like someone already mentioned) or even the hookers.

  23. Jeff says:

    Well, I suppose you could be watching David Caruso in a stimulating episode of CSI Miami.

  24. Laurel says:

    “Is there anything more sad than sitting around drinking martinis in your boxer shorts…” Doesn’t sound sad at all. In fact, in a freakish time/space continuum West Coast/East Coast kind of way, I was doing the same thing last night. Of course, I wasn’t in your boxer shorts. Hey. Errrr… What I meant is, ummmm… Yeah. So what do you make YOUR martinis with?

  25. tori says:

    How about sitting at the computer reading blogs because you know you should go run on the treadmill before your kids finish watching “their show”, but just stalling even though you really have to pee because you don’t feel like moving? Is that more sad? Not that I am doing that right now or anything…

  26. Catherine says:

    Yes, toes. Also, Yes, Martinis and Yes, The Office.

  27. Dan says:

    Oh, I don’t know. My dating life?

  28. sandra says:

    I think I have you beat: juice box style wine while watching — I kid you not — DVR’d episodes of Saved By the Bell. (aka, me last night)

  29. Well, if were 10am and waiting for Ellen to start….THAT would be “sadder”.

  30. P.S. That wasn’t a knock on Ellen, because I WATCH Ellen on Tivo, it was more of a knock on the time of day and that you are a guy and that at 10am watching Ellen in your boxers with martinis would be “sadder”.

  31. kapgar says:

    This is what I was talking about when it comes to the posts that are blow off to us as writers, but garner a ludicrous level of readership. How many comments does this post have?

    It is brilliant in its simplicity, though. And the look on L’il Dave’s face? Priceless.

  32. jodi says:

    I think you are looking at this all wrong. It should be “is there anything more decadent than sitting around in your boxer shorts, drinking martinis, watching The Office. Which is a very good show and was very funny last night.”

    i was doing the same thing. albeit, with my yoga pants on and drinking diet pepsis.

  33. Neil T. says:

    Is the passing resemblance to Brian from Family Guy a co-incidence or deliberate?

  34. TSM says:

    It *could* be worse…you could be without internet. Or hookers.

  35. Tightie-Whities.

    Way sadder.

  36. Fruitcake says:

    What devoted readers you have, Dave2! When you can’t get motivated to write, they do it for you. The comments are longer than the blogpost!

  37. Dave2 says:

    The comments on my entries are often far more entertaining than the entries themselves. That’s why I have a webfeed for my comments in my sidebar. 🙂

  38. The Chad says:

    not even a quick game of Wii Sports bowling?

  39. Gina says:

    I think the martini bit classes the entire situation up quite a lot. Our world would be much classier if more people drank martinis as they went about daily ordinary life, I think. 🙂

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