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Bullet Sunday 21

Posted on Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Dave!Welcome to Bullet Sunday at Blogography, where everybody is bitchy and nobody is getting licked! Oooh... those insider-TequilaCon-jokes are going to be torture for the next week or so...

• Turbulence. I almost think that the constant problems with the flights back home (one cancellation and two delays) were devised by fate so a to spare me from that final hop to Wenatchee. The turbulence was so bad that people were being thrown about... with books, tickets, passports, iPods, and everything else not nailed down being tossed around around the cabin. I rarely get motion sickness, but things were so bad that I thought my stomach was going to leap out of my mouth. After landing, I decided the only thing that sounded good to eat was a Quizno' sub sandwich, but when I got to the restaurant at 6:00, they had just closed. WTF?!? How stupid do you have to be to close early around the dinner hour? Even if there was a reason... like a power failure... the least they could do would be to post a sign as to why they had closed two hours prematurely. Jerks. Oh well, I'm home in one piece, so it's hard to complain too much.

• Ladykiller. Yeah, this photo from Hilly pretty much sums up the "TequilaCon Experience" for me...

Dave TequilaCon
Yes, bitches! I am one sexy bastard! Just ask Jenny and Sass...

• Lanyards. To make sure that TequilaConners would be able to spot each other while wandering the halls of The Kennedy School, Jenny and I came up with the idea giving lanyard name badges to everybody. That way, in addition to feeling all superior while walking around in a hotel/bar/restaurant filled with non-believers, attendees would have an easy introduction to each other. A couple of people have written and asked how they can get an official TequilaCon lanyard, and I'm sorry to say the only way to get one is to have shown up. But don't be too sad if you missed your opportunity, you'll have a chance to get one all your own at TequilaCon 2008!

TequilaCon Lanyards
Photo courtesy of Hilly's mad camera skillz.

• Experience. Karl has posted his photos, which resulted in a more terrifying look at my TequilaCon experience...

Karl TequilaCon Photos
Dave & Hilly get lanyardized. — Dave and Karl are TequilaCon studs.
Dave makes fun of Dustin's umbrella. — I'm a pretty pretty princess in Hilly's tiara!
Dave gives Hilly a tattoo. — Must moisten tatoo to adhere to skin!

• Powells. While Vahid, Dustin, and I were exploring the massive science fiction section of Powell's City of Books yesterday, the conversation came up about the first science fiction book we had read. I remembered mine was called "Jupiter's Song," or something like that, and Vahid and I set out to find it. After making numerous enquiries with a guy staffing the customer service desk, we came up empty. No "Jupiter's Song." No "Jupiter Effect." No "Jupiter Files." After giving up, we're walking around Powell's when we hear the loudspeaker make an announcement "Would the customer asking about the Jupiter book please see the customer service desk in the Orange Room... we've located the actual title for you." AND THEY DID! After we had left, the guy sat there plugging away trying to find a sci-fi book with "Jupiter" in the title, and had found "The Jupiter Theft" by Donald Moffitt. They didn't have it in stock, but they did have a couple other Moffitt books which I picked up. Amazing customer service, and all the more reason to patronize your local independent book store.

And I'm about ready to fall asleep, so it's off to bed for me. I'm sure more TequilaCon-related madness will be popping up for a few days yet. Sorry about that.

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  1. Hilly says:

    OMG, I hope nobody falls in love with you. Hey Dave, does anyone got anymore…..(enter dirty word here)?

    We are going to be so annoying in the nest week, all of us.

  2. Avitable says:

    Sounds like fun. I really need to have an Avitafest or something down here in Florida.

  3. The Chad says:

    I moved all the buttons I got over to my work lanyard. I now have Flair.

  4. I went to Powell’s this afternoon with Stacey and Adena and I hate you all for not telling me it was there before I booked my flight! Seriously, I would have come on Friday morning just so I could spend the day there. I power shopped, though, picking up three Stephen King hardcovers that were lacking from my collection, plus Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens which I figured I oughtta read because, well, Neil and I are pals.

  5. Dave2 says:

    Hilly… Except to each other, jellybean. 🙂

    Avitable… OR you could just wait for Davelando, coming to a Florida near you this Fall!

    The Chad… Surprisingly, I only ended up with about four buttons out of the entire ordeal. People were stingy with me, I guess. 🙁

    Sass… Everybody on the distribution list was sent a “pre-drinking” TequilaCon email… did yours get junked? You were certainly welcome to come! Everybody was! You will like Good Omens… funny stuff! 🙂

  6. Hilly says:

    Um hellloooooo??? Davelay!

  7. Dave2 says:

    No doubt! But DaveL.A. is coming this summer. 😛

  8. sibyl! says:

    Dave, you rock. The Lanyards are the SUPER and the buttons, awesome. I’ve already had several people ask me where I scored the orange slice buttons. Wish I would have known buttons were a part of TequilaCon, I would have shared one of mine with you.

  9. Iron Fist says:

    So glad you posted about getting the summons over the PA system at Powell’s, I thought you might forget. It was great to meet you, and I can’t tell you how giddy it makes me to have someone new to talk about sci-fi with.

  10. ShooShoo says:

    Dude… You are *such* a sexy bastard! 🙂

    Very Cool meeting you, and thank you SOOOO much for hand making my lanyard at the last minute! I will treasure it (and my Tequilacon memories) always!

  11. Laurence says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAH I looooooooove the photos !!! 😀

  12. Anthony says:

    Those photos are classic. 🙂

  13. Kyra says:

    I have to say, “Luuuuuv the tiara, Darlin'” 😉 Looks like a lot of fun was had! (Were you guys making up Tardy lists and stuff on the blackboard?)

  14. Avitable says:

    Ooh – Davelando. Sounds better than Disney!

  15. kapgar says:

    And that sort of customer service is exactly the reason why I frequent the indies as well.

  16. amanda says:

    I’m glad that you guys had such a fabulous time. And no worries about the insider TequilaCon chatter…the pic of you dressed as a pretty pink princess made it all worth it. 🙂

  17. Troy says:

    About your Quizno’s experience. Firda and I tried to go to a restaurant called “Cora’s” on Saturday. We got there are 3:15pm, and they closed at 3:00pm. What kind of restaurant closes at 3:00pm on a Saturday? And that is there regular closing time. I have a feeling the restaurant won’t last that long.

    On your other topic I think the first Sci-Fi book I ever read was “Glory Lane” by Alan Dean Foster. It’s kind of a comedy, fish-out-of-water type sci-fi story. Entertaining at the time. I think I re-read it a couple of years later and it was still enjoyable.

  18. Jeff says:

    I’m thinking TequilaCon 2008 should be located in a nice central location – such as Minneapolis. No reason – just think it’s a good idea. That’s all.

  19. Dan says:

    I feel so left out…

  20. Chase says:


    Damn. That tongue was supposed to be on MY chest. Next year, dammit….next year.

  21. Wayne Hall says:

    Your eyes in the sexy bastard shot look photoshopped.

  22. Bre says:

    That is one superb tiara!

  23. Dave2 says:

    Sybil… No problem-o.

    Iron Fist… How could I forget THAT? I am still blown away. Sci-fi geeks are surprisingly rare now-a-days, so the feeling is mutual.

    ShooShoo… The pleasure was all mine. I would have been upset if I were to have lugged down the laminator and printer and not gotten to use them!

    Laurence… That’s because they’re photos of me! What’s not to love? 😀

    Anthony… And what was YOUR excuse for not attending TequilaCon? No direct flights from Dublin to Portland? 🙂

    Kyra… That was all Brandon. He was a brutal headmaster of The Kennedy School, and even sent a few people to Detention (which happened to be a bar).

    Avitable… Well, the rides are certainly better…

    Kapgar… Sadly, they are a vanishing breed. If a book store doesn’t have cult status and can’t get tourists as well as locals to shop, they’re doomed. There is no competing with the chains anymore because of the pricing.

    Amanda… That’s Pretty PRETTY Princess to you! I can guarantee that I was not wearing anything pink that night! 🙂

    Troy… I am meaning to re-read “The Jupiter Theft” when I can find it… the book is highly rated, so I guess that I was lucky it was my first sci-fi experience.

    Jeff… Well, if things go as planned, the next one will be a lot closer to your neck of the woods…

    Dan… You were perfectly welcome to attend!

    Chase… Had you been there (boyfriend or no) my tongue would have absolutely been on your chest!

    Wayne… I have a red-eye filter to get rid of demon eyes, if that’s what you mean. But I use that on all the photos where the eyes are red.

    Bre… Hilly rolls like that. She doesn’t skimp when it comes to her formal-wear.

  24. Catherine says:

    Woo, You are coming here! I hope we can visit you. I hope we (we being me and my friend Joy the Blogography reader to whom I am Bad Catherine) can buy you a drink or take you to Pinks.

  25. karla says:

    Um…that’s it. I am attending TequilaCon next year for two reasons:

    1) I hate to miss a good party
    2) I want Dave to tattoo me.

  26. Robin says:

    Another vote for the midwest for TequilaCon 08!


  27. jenny says:

    i look slightly insane in your sexy bastard photo, but then again, i think i looked slightly insane most of that weekend!

    the lanyards, buttons, and posters were so completely awesome – i’m really not sure how we’re going to top it in ’08.

    glad you made it home safe and sound, albeit a bit shook up, you pimp daddy, you… 😉

  28. princessahah says:

    If the timeframe (early March) is to remain the same, might I suggest someplace where the temp will be above 40? Like here in FL (today = 75 degrees) so that I can attend next year and not just be envious after the fact and from afar…

  29. delmer says:

    That was a cool story about the book store — it’s nice to hear about people going the extra mile.

    I have a similar story involving a sex-toy purchase this past Christmas season, but I’ll spare you the details.

  30. Holy crap. That looks like you guys had a rip-roaring good time.

    Now I’m sad. I didn’t get my personal engraved invitation in the mail. lol

  31. ms. sizzle says:

    i can totally vouch for you being a sexy bastard. surprisingly, you are about the only person who didn’t touch my breasts. what gives?! 😉

  32. Dave2 says:

    Catherine… Now that I know Pinks has a veggie dog, I might just have to take you up on that!

    Karla… I’ll have to practice my “tatooing skills” before next year then.

    Robin… Well, TequilaCon #1 was in Chicago, so I think it might be a few years before it gets another one. And since New York was #2, I’m thinking it might be a while for that one as well. Rumors are swirling around next year’s location, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Jenny and Brandon come up with! 🙂

    Jenny… I’m sure that you and Brandon will come up with something!

    Princess… I don’t know what’s in the cards for next year… I’ve only heard rumors. But you’re more than welcome to drop by Davelando this Fall!

    Delmer… Please don’t ever tell me what they paged you with when their “toy research” was complete!

    Kentucky Girl… Oh please! You have a standing invitation to any event you wish! Who wouldn’t want KG at their party? 😀

    Ms. Sizzle… am so totally insulted! Not only did I touch your breasts as we were were squeezing through the bar, but I kindly commented as to their world-class status! WTF? Next time do I have to smack you on the ass afterwards to get you to remember? 🙂

  33. Mad Willaim says:

    Great to meet you. I wanted to quiz you on your travels. Maybe next time.
    Put me down for the complete set-o-buttons please.

    I am working on the Tequilacon studies. Paintings to follow.

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