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Posted on Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Dave!After two weeks of relatively sane weather, I had packed away my gloves and coat in anticipation of Spring's imminent arrival.

Given that five inches of snow decided to drop this morning, I can see that this was a stupid move. And, as if that weren't scary enough, the killer geese decided to pay a visit as well. I think the snow only made them more angry than usual, because around twenty of them were honking around the building for an hour or so... presumably out for blood. Fortunately, they left before I had to go to the movie theater (Kapgar was totally right, Breach was a pretty good flick... AND it had Jaye in it!).

In other news, here is me sitting on a pile of money...

Dave Pile of Money

Apparently, this is what some people think my life is like after I started blogging. I received another email today asking me about all the money I'm making off of Blogography, and what my secret is to being a successful blogger. Like last time, I remain dumbfounded as to how people could think that I get any money from doing this when I don't have advertisers or membership fees. I guess the money is just supposed to fall from the sky or something.

So as not to disappoint those people who think of me as some kind of millionaire blogger, would y'all mind sending me a couple thousand dollars? I think if everybody pitches in, I can start living the fabulous and excessive lifestyle that is expected of me. That would be great, thanks.

And now, just for Hilly, I am answering her feed reader/blogroll questionnaire in an extended entry...

  • Do you read blogs off of the list that is linked on your site or do you use a feed reader? I use a feed-reader because there is no other way I could possibly keep up with the hundreds of sites I read. For those few sites that don't have feeds, I put them in my blogroll so I remember to check in from time to time (as a side-note, some blogs I would otherwise read are dumped if they don't have webfeeds).
  • If so, what feed reader? I currently use a Mac tool called NetNewsWire because it syncs with a service called NewsGator. But I am in the process of switching to Google Reader in anticipation of my subscription to NewsGator expiring (Google Reader is free!).
  • What about adding people to your feed reader? If I run across an interesting blog, I add it to see if it stays interesting. If somebody is a regular commenter on my blog, I add them to my list to get to know them better. If somebody recommends a blog, I go ahead and add them. I am usually pretty generous about adding stuff to my reading list, because you'll never get a sense about a blog until you've lived with it for a couple weeks. Likewise, I am quick to delete if it's not something I am interested in or if they post infrequently.
  • What is your policy on adding people to your blogroll? If I love a blog, I add it. If you are a friend with an interesting blog, I add it. Basically, it's stuff I think other people might want to see.
  • What about deleting them from your blogroll? If a site stops getting updated for a while or stops being interesting to me, I delete it (since I only have 75 spots in my blogroll manager, somebody has to go before I can add somebody new).
  • Would you delete them from your reader and not your blogroll? I only edit my blogroll once or twice a year, so I'm sure this happens all the time. In general though, if I delete a blog from one place it is deleted from the other... eventually.

And now, since I have to go to work in the morning, I think I retire to bed for another couple chapters of Asimov's Foundation and Empire.

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  1. adena says:

    I know what you mean….I got up Friday morning, here, and walked outside to melting snow on the ground, and a car that was covered in like a half inch of sleet.

    It was a momentary stop dead in my tracks and scratch my head moment. Especially since Thursday it was sunny and warm.

    And, didn’t you know? We’ve ALL been sending you piles of money via snail mail. Maybe you should really tip your postal carrier better at xmas….it seems he’s having a great time in Mexico thanks to you!

  2. borysSNORC says:

    I imagine if Lil Dave really was sitting on piles of money, this blog would be largely written from Tahiti… and then you’d only be able to moan about how the staff can’t mix a decent Mai Tai! 🙂

    How on earth do you find the time to read all those blogs?


  3. The Chad says:

    A movie with Jaye from Wonderfalls! Sweet. I love that show. too bad stupid Fox cancelled it like they do all good shows. Anyway, that chick was super hot in the movie Out Cold.

  4. Eve says:

    Please, please, please, tell me your secret to making millions through blogging, because I can really use the dough.

  5. Avitable says:

    If anyone should make money off of blogging, you should. You should just collect all of your best posts in a book and get it published. You’d be a jillionaire.

  6. Hilly says:

    Wait….you aren’t made of money and you don’t roll around naked in that money every night??? Um, why are we friends again? 😉

    I think it is amazing, the assumptions people make just by reading a blog. Did you know that according to the powers that be, I get at LEAST 500 emails a day? Pffft.

    Your blog habits are like mine, except my feed reader holds too many and I put them there too!

  7. MRKisThatKid says:

    Can’t vouch for everyone, but you’ve entertained me enough over the years that I kinda hope you do many a pile of wad from this enterprise. Actually, I don’t know why you don’t run adsense on every page, I wish you did because it would be kind of like giving you something back, without actually having to give you anything.

  8. Bre says:

    Now let’s be realistic here – if you were sitting on a couple million, would coke with lime really be going away?

    I think not!

  9. Mrs RW says:

    Of course blogging makes piles of money. You only have to read RW’s blog to know that. Why do you think he’s always blogging about his investments??

    PS: Don’t tell the IRS…

  10. Tracy Lynn says:

    Dude, I don’t put many blogs in my blogroll, just the ones that A) update almost daily and B) that I enjoy almost daily. Also if they are family, but that’s a new rule. 🙂

    I’d send you money, but I don’t have any. I got lots of dustbunnies, do you want any of those?

  11. ms. sizzle says:

    i’m still daydreaming about money falling from the sky…

  12. Karl says:

    Man, if you’re not making money then who is? I’m so utterly let down.

    Wait, is this a ploy to get people to buy you liquor at Tequilacon?

  13. Rick says:

    I sent you an email before I read this entry. Really. Check the timestamps. Then consider my idea of trademarking and licensing your shit. I mean the graphic shit. I mean the actual picture of shit. You have some of the coolest shit around. I swear, people will pay for your shit!

  14. Rabbit says:

    What? No piles of money? But that’s TOTALLY why I came back to Blogger, for the millions of dollars.

    Boy, do I feel duped.

  15. Laurence says:

    I am totally agree with Avitable ! 🙂

  16. kilax says:

    We just got bombarded with freezing rain for half the day, then that froze and was covered with a foot of snow. I am sitting inside my house watching everyone outside slip onto their asses!

    Happy Late Birthday Dave!

  17. kilax says:

    Wait… it’s not March yet… it’s February! At least I am ahead of the game 🙂

  18. Kyra says:

    OMG! You aren’t rolling in money? Dave!! How can you destroy my delusion like that? I… I just don’t know what to think about you anymore.

    Oh,no, wait a minute, I still do 😉 I thought of you yesterday when I found a bunch of foreign candybars in the grocery store. I think they had a couple of the ones you liked so much too. Which, I believe, makes this two things I have – your Coke with Lime and the candy.

    Who needs money. 😉

  19. Jaye says:

    I got really excited when I first read this because I thought, “Wow! I must have some money coming to me because I had no idea I was in a movie!” Then I got sad when I clicked the link.

    But I used to watch that show and I always thought it was so cool that another girl had my name. Not many do.

  20. yellojkt says:

    I just updated my blogroll because too many bloggers had gone AWOL. You got added a few months ago and are now one of my favorites. I stole the Bullet Sunday idea from you this week.

  21. Bogup says:

    Early spring hints are really tricks from Mother Nature. Here in Western Wet WA the last “frost day” is actually April 17 but most of us get fooled every year with 65 degree temps in February or even January. I’m wearing a fleece vest right now cause it may freeze tonight and tomorrow.

    As for making money, I like the earlier idea of copyrighting your art. It is some of the best around. $3 per use of a pile of sh*t. How’s that for irony!

    Stay warm, look out for snow this week and charge for your good stuff.

  22. kapgar says:

    Is that meant to imply that I’m not normally right in my assessment of movies? Yeah, that would be accurate. 😉

    Glad you liked it, though.

  23. Michael says:

    Have had you in my own blogroll since I discovered your site a few months ago. Except for this moment, since WordPress’ blogroll refuses to conform to my stylesheet, so no blogroll until it’s fixed. I usually only add blogs every so often.

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