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Bullet Sunday 17

Posted on Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Dave!A long Sunday trying to get caught up with work AND get my laundry washed. The bad news is that this wasn't a very relaxing weekend. The good news is that I have plenty enough clean underwear to last me a while.

• Grammy Stupidity... I tuned into the Grammys this year so I could see The Police reunion (which was amazing, as expected) and there's an American Idol-type contest going on. Why? Why do they do this stupid crap? If it takes gimmicky stuff like this to get people to watch the Grammys, then don't bother broadcasting them anymore. I mean, sheesh, isn't THE MUSIC enough without having to resort to "reality television" bullshit? I guess since The Police were the opening act, I can just skip the rest of this joke of an awards show and read who won in the morning.

Kitty Spangles Loves You

• New Kitty... I've been beta-testing version 3 of the bestest computer solitaire card game ever... Kitty Spangles Solitaire! Now out of beta, Swoop Software has upped the game count from 18 to 32, which is pretty sweet. About the only thing I don't like is the new font they're using on the cards, which I find more difficult to read than the older version, but it's still a terrific time-killer app that everybody should have on their Mac. I wrote about Kitty here (and butchered her pet pig Ferdiham here). You can get your own copy for just $19.95 here.

• HP Insanity... For the past five months, I've been fighting with Hewlett Packard to return a box of frickin' paper their web site sold me that was mistakenly listed as working on my printer (which it didn't). Well, finally, after sending emails to everybody I could find at HP, a reply was sent from the company president telling me that they would pass my complaint on to the proper person. Having heard it all before, I was ready to give up... but lo and behold, somebody did contact me. They apologized for the problem, then sent me a box of the correct paper. And so, while I have no plans of ever buying anything from HP again after how I was treated, it is nice to know that EVENTUALLY they did the right thing (even if it wasted hours of my time to get it to happen).

Dave's Coke with Lime

• Lime Hoarding... Ever since learning that the dumbasses at Coca-Cola Bottling for the West Coast have decided to discontinue my beloved Coke with Lime, I've been stockpiling the stuff. I think I have enough to last me a few months now. Hopefully by the time I've run out, I'll have found a way to make my own. I've ordered seven different varieties of lime flavoring, and have my fingers crossed that one of them will do the trick.

• Back it up... Just a quick plea to everybody who thinks that data loss can't happen to them... you're wrong. In my 25 years of using personal computers, I've never experience catastrophic failure until the hard drive in my new MacBook Pro died a horrible death (taking all my files with it). Fortunately, I maintain weekly backups of all my data, and was able to recover pretty much everything. When I think of all the precious data I could have lost... all my music... all my travel photos... all my drawings... well, it's a real testicle-shriveling experience. If you don't back-up, start. If you do back-up, make sure it's kept current.

And, on that note, I'm off to fold my freshly-laundered wardrobe before I pass out. Or maybe I'll be passing out on top of my freshly-laundered wardrobe since it's all stacked on my bed. Either way, I'm too tired to brush my teeth. I wonder if I just suck on a Tic-Tac and scrape my teeth with a fingernail if that's the same thing?

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  1. kilax says:

    When are they going to make Kitty Spangles Solitaire for Windows? 🙁

  2. serap says:

    Eewww… no, sucking a tictac and scraping with a fingernail is no substitute for brushing your teeth! I’d say it’d be better to eat a little bit of cheese, cos the calcium will help prevent decay. First the no-clean-underwear and now the can’t-be-bothered-to-brush… Liz wouldn’t be impressed! 😉

  3. Mocha says:

    The tic tacs may work but what about all that lime-flavor on your teeth? Doesn’t that require something stronger like an Altoids?

    Dude, if it works, I’m tic tac’ing it from now own. Screw the Crest.

  4. jodisattva says:

    the glasses are so sexy, Dave…

  5. Diana says:

    I’ve LOVED the POLICE since “back in the day” when I was pregnant with my son Jimbo. My younger son, Patrick, just got my SlingBox working this weekend. My plan??? Watch the Grammys this morning (your night). Dontcha know? My way-hot husband let me sleep in this morning (I’d been up late getting a good fix of HGTV — it’s been a while, and I NEEDED some!).

    I was completely unaware until this evening when my way-hot husband came home tonight and asked, “Did you enjoy the Grammys this morning?” SONOFA!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED A free performance of THE POLICE & STING!!! Sometimes it really sucks living on the “other” side of the world!

  6. adena says:

    You LOOK about ready to pass out! Sheesh! Get some sleep!

    Oh, and FYI….avoid Fred Meyer’s version of “Big K Cola w/ Lime”. It’s like they dropped a few hundred Lime Mike & Ike’s in a cup of soda.

  7. Avitable says:

    I have three 250 GB external hard drives but I’ve been too lazy to actually back up anything to them. They’re just sitting there gathering dust. Maybe I’ll do some backups this week.

  8. Bogup says:

    Of all the lime flavoring, my recommendation — to try as an addition to regular Coca Cola — would be Rose’s Lime Juice. Besides, if it doesn’t work you can always make gin gimlets with it!
    Back ups are ESSENTIAL. And with back up drives so very cheap these days, there’s no excuse.
    I like the laptop “front lighting” for your pic. Can’t tell, but is that the Drudge Report you are viewing or Kitty Solitaire?

  9. ms. sizzle says:

    sleeping on clean laundry is fun- just ask my cats.

  10. kapgar says:

    kilax, this is just a sign that you need to go Mac!

  11. I watched all of The Grammy’s and I’ve got to say I’m not a Christina Aguliera fan but she tore up ‘It’s a Mans’ World’. Seriously, the girl has pipes.

  12. Lela says:

    I can’t believe I forgot about the Police!! What did they sing? (I’m off to search for it now). Think the reunion will last?


  13. Laurence says:

    Kitty Spangles Solitaire looks so pretty ! I love the graphism and design.

    P.S. OH Glasses for Dave !!! I didn’t know that ! 🙂

  14. Dave2 says:

    Kilax… I think that they are Mac developers… so I don’t think Kitty will be coming to Windows any time soon. Great excuse to buy a Mac though!

    Serap… I might take the time to make sure my clean underwear are in abundant supply and that my teeth are freshly brushed… but Liz is marrying some other guy! 🙁

    Mocha… I actually like the Crest Cinnamon toothpaste. It makes brushing my teeth magically delicious!

    Jodisattva… Which is why I don’t wear them very often. I don’t want to excite people with my sexiness too much or I’ll become a disruption to society!

    Diana… I am hoping for a tour. Oh how badly I wish they would tour! A new album might be nice too!

    Adena… Well, okay. But when you’ve got work piled up, it ain’t going to magically disappear while I sleep! Unless you are volunteering to do some of it… which would sure be swell! I avoid everything except the TRUE Coke with Lime. Hopefully, I can reproduce it. ??

    Avitable… Well worth your time if there is stuff you’d be unhappy to lose! I never had cause to worry about backups until recently, but boy was I glad to have it!

    Bogup… Lime juice doesn’t work… it adds a citrus tang to the cola that doesn’t taste right. Coke uses a natural flavoring, and that’s what I’ll be trying to make work. Cross your fingers! And it’s neither Drudge OR Kitty… it’s a YouTube video of some guy spanking his cat (don’t ask!).

    Ms. Sizzle… I’d only do that if the laundry was fresh out of the dryer. Mmmmm… warm April-fresh clothes!

    Kapgar… I’d say it’s a sign for EVERYBODY to go Mac! Kitty is so totally worth it… all the other benefits are just gravy. 🙂

    Frances… She has an AMAZING voice… but I can’t stand the way she uses it. She’s always got to over-embelish her songs, and they end up sounding like crap. Christina Aguliera has astounding talent, I just wish she would use it for good instead of evil… mostly because she looks totally hot.

    Lela… ROXANNE, baby! They did a fantastic rendition, and it was as if they never broke up!

    Laurence… That’s because I wear contact lenses most of the time. But when my eyes are tired, it is more comfortable to wear glasses. 🙂

  15. CiCi says:

    Who knew there were 7 different lime flavorings? Good luck on your quest.

  16. Bogup says:

    I apologize in advance if you already know this but: Rose’s West India Lime Juice isn’t really “lime juice” but a flavored concoction that includes fructose syrup, concentrated lime juice and another ingredient or two. I’ve actually used it in soft drinks — esp. tonic and it livens it up without the bitterness. But again, you probably know this…

  17. Dave2 says:

    CiCi… There are probably hundreds of them! When I looked at the sources directory, there were dozens upon dozens of companies making flavorings.

    Bogup… Nope… I did not know that. I saw “lime juice” and assumed it was actually “lime juice”. 🙂

  18. lori says:

    Ya know Dave, I’ve only just “met” you, but based on what I’ve read so far, I’m thinking that you may want to try the Crest Lemon toothpaste. It’s not your beloved lime…but it is a fellow member of the citrus family. You might even look forward to brushing. yum…..lemony deliciousness.

  19. Dave2 says:

    Oh yeah… I’ve got the Lemon Crest in my travel bag and like it okay. Cinnamon is still my favorite, but it’s nice to have a change from time to time. 🙂

  20. lori says:

    I can only fantasize about the rapture that must be Cinnamon Crest. I’m allergic to all things red. There must be something really evil about red dye…cause it makes my lips swell up until I look like a clown.

    You’re scared now, aren’t ya?


  21. Karl says:

    Another reason to get a Mac, I suppose. That does look like a sweet game.

  22. Melina says:

    U R hawt! (So 7th grade of me) Grrrowl!

    Happy Day of Loooooove Dave!

    Have fun at your Career Day expose ;-Þ

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