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Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2007

Dave!For dinner tonight I had a Four Cheese Pizza Hot Pocket. It was good.

I love pockets. When it comes to buying coats or backpacks or suitcases or whatever, the number of pockets is a major selling point for me. I've lost count of the number of times that I've been comparison shopping and made my decision based on which item has the higher pocket-count. That's how I decided to buy my new Swiss Army Synergy backpack... it has an abundance of pockets. I found this kind of strange, because Swiss Army is famous for combining bunches of tools in a single item, which would actualy require less pockets.

When "painter's pants" were in fashion, I was in heaven, because of all those extra pockets. I especially liked the pocket that was perfectly sized to hold my fat-handle comb. I secretly hope that one day painter's pants come back in style. Not because I want to start carrying a fat-handle comb again (the 80's are over), but because I'm sure I could find cool stuff to put in all those pockets.

My Helly Hanson jacket is ten years old, but I just can't bear to get rid of it because I like its configuration of pockets. There's a pocket in the collar which is meant to hold the rain hood, but I put all sorts of crazy stuff in there. Like the time I bought a $5 boxed lunch on a plane trip. It was pretty good, except there was a little beef stick that I didn't want. I was too embarrassed to slip my little beef stick to the stewardess, so I stuck it in my collar pocket instead. It turned up six months later when it was raining and I needed my hood. I threw it in the garbage, but I kind of regret it now... what if I ever need to distract a guard dog? That little beef stick would have come in handy.

Secret pockets are the best though. My Timbuk2 Courier Bag has tons of pockets, but my favorite is the full-length front-interior secret pocket because it's not easily noticed. I owned the bag for two months before I found it.

That was one of the happiest days in my life.

Because pockets are good...

Monkey Pocket

I still have no idea what that tiny pocket in a pair of Levi's is for, however.

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  1. Kapha says:

    “I was too embarrassed to slip my little beef stick to the stewardess…”

    Did you really just say that?! 😀

    I’ve been wearing Ex Officio pants since like 1995 precisely because of the pockets (although the last pair I tried on had that “fabric cut to a model with no genitals” problem – needless to say I didn’t buy them). Some of those side/zippered pockets are heaven when flying because you can access all your stuff without shifting around!


  2. Gary says:

    I can answer what the little pocket is for. It was originally created for a zippo lighter. Now they are on every pair of jeans. The correct sized ones will still take a zippo but the ones on kids jeans are just for fashion puposes.
    Hope that helped!

  3. When Levi’s were first introduced wristwatches were not yet in vogue. The little pocket was for people to safely store their pocket watches, to protect it from dings and nicks.

    Yes, I knew this off the top of my head, and yes, I am a veritable cornucopia of useless information. Hard to believe I’m still unemployed, isn’t it?

  4. The Chad says:

    Dude…Pockets? you’re killin me.

  5. RW says:

    Why doesn’t envisioning you wearing 47 pocket protectors at once seem like a stretch to me….?

  6. Troy says:

    “I was too embarrassed to slip my little beef stick to the stewardess”

    Either I have a gutter mind, or you intentionally worded it this way 🙂 Little beef stick. Dirty minded I am.

  7. Kyra says:

    It’s for a house key or pay-phone money. (The little tiny pocket.) or for that secret disc that you obtained while ifiltrating a dangerous foreign government while seeking out vital information to stop the world from heading into certain disatster.

  8. adena says:


    I think you should wear painter-pants overalls w/ a fat handled comb in the pocket to TequilaCon!

    No, really….it would be hot. 🙂

  9. jenny says:

    Oh… painter pants. Now that takes me back. I personally always liked the long skinny pocket on the side and the hammer loop.

    Where can I get me some of those…?

  10. Tracy Lynn says:

    It’s for your watch. No, really, I’m pretty sure it’s for your watch, although I used to use it for those tiny lighters, back when I smoked.

  11. Avitable says:

    The ol’ “slipping the beef stick to the stewardess” euphemism.

  12. Karl says:

    I’ve heard the little pocket is for lighters. I, too, have a pocket fetish.

  13. Hilly says:

    I used to think it was so sexy when a man pulled his big comb out and showed it to me.

  14. Chase says:

    Um. If you can wear a 32, I have TONS of painter pants for ya. Though, they actually belonged to a painter (me) and have paint all over them from someone who was messy (me) and come with a hot painter still inside them (me).

  15. Bodanarko says:

    Didn’t Steve Jobs answer the mini-pocket question with the 1st-gen Nano keynote?

  16. Eve says:

    I don’t really like a lot of pockets on my jeans, because I feel they make me look fatter! I do love extra pockets in any bags I carry. The more secret little compartments, the better (and let’s not forget the ones with the special key ring, so you don’t have to dig in your bag for your keys).

  17. diane says:

    Pockets are fantastic! My favorite is when I get a new coat and it has a pocket or two I discovered months after the original purchase. My newest winter coat has an interior cell phone pocket…which is cool, but the coat is so big and bulky that by the time I got to the phone, whoever was calling would have hung up.
    I keep the following in the tiny pocket of my jeans: loose change, a tylenol or antacid, gum I’ve folded up neatly when I don’t have any place to dispose of it right away.

  18. serap says:

    I have a pocket fetish too! But so many women’s trousers are made without pockets… it drives me mad. The worst thing is that they often have a fake pocket… why taunt me so?! My favourite feature in my car are the secret storage compartments underneath my floor mats… well, they were secret until now!

  19. Kristin says:

    Yep, pocketwatch. Though I look forward to the day when my phone is tiny enough to fit in there. Until then I use it for lip gloss.

    I never want to give up my cargo pants. Fashion be damned, I have a lot of stuff to carry.

  20. ms. sizzle says:

    i’m really just floored that you managed to make an entire post humorous and about pockets- especially when you started off talking about hot pockets. which, still, for the record, has no vegetables.

    yes, i am keeping track. 😉

  21. Mia says:

    Painter Pants were hot.

    Ok not really, but it’s all a state of mind, isn’t it?

    Did you used to have one of those little wrist pocket things too…yanno the things that only had the sole purpose of being a pocket on your wrist that you wore like a watch?

    You totally need one of those…for your extra beef products.

  22. Jaye says:

    I just wasted half an hour on the Timbuk 2 site. I hadn’t been there in a long time. They have “market” bags now. I would be so stylish in Whole Foods with that bag. If only it were insulated…

  23. stephanie says:

    I thought that little pocket was for the extra pennies, that now go in the little dish next to the cash register, because, otherwise, ya know, I’d look cheap.

  24. charred says:

    The picture of Bad Monkey in your pocket reminds me of a True Story of my Life™:

    A few years ago, when alphaville came to Utah for their first concert in America since forever, I, as a fan, decided to go. While the Ex and I (she wasn’t the Ex at the time, silly) were standing in line waiting for the doors to open, a DJ from the sponsoring radio station came by doing line interviews; being the smart aleck I am, I decided to goof off with him, so I put our tickets in my back pocket to free up my hands for the hijinks that were to ensue.

    Apparently, some bozo thought it would be a good idea to take my picture, because if you investigate the additional features of the alphaville: Little America (Live 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah/USA) DVD, you’ll find that one of the menu backgrounds is a picture of my bum, proudly displaying a pair of alphaville tickets from the left-hand pocket.

    And now you know why nobody cares about anything I may have to say.

  25. nancycle says:

    Oh. Hello. HH. When I came home with mine I was in pocket/zipper heaven. Every little undiscovered pocket I found was Christmas morning multi-orgasmic experience of post purchaser rejoice~!!

    RE: Painter pants, their too cute. Omar has a couple of pairs….I have one large black pair that I don’t wear, but can’t throw away. I think it’s the romance of the idea that one fat bloated day, I’ll be able to put them on and feel human. Or perhaps it was the fact they may have been my only friend post pregnancy….Not sure really.

    OK. I want one of those bags. I found an ultra cool one from a little company in Montreal – but those are cool on a whole new level.

    My Paris jeans have a little pocket on the hip. I think it’s just a SEXY pocket…

    Good post for me, I totally identify!

  26. annie says:

    I LOVE pockets! Especially on the motorcycle, you can’t carry a purse. Not that YOU would carry a purse, but I can’t. have you ever seen those guys on their motorcycle and they don’t have saddle bags, so they wear a back pack? SO not cool. They need pockets.

    I LOVE Levi’s, too, and they still make those, but now they are called “Carpenter’s Pants.” Levi’s also makes light cotton cargo pants and shorts, which I love for the summer.

    And that little pocket? That’s where you keep your teeny zip-loc baggie of drugs, duh.

  27. Kevin says:

    It’s a Zippo lighter pocket. They’re promoting smoking. Didn’t you know that?

  28. Naomi says:

    Beef stick in the collar pocket..? (Aside from sounding like calling a really strange pool shot–) somehow that comment has sparked my adoration. I don’t know, maybe you should use that as a pick up line…

  29. ashley says:

    Teeny pocket was actually for POCKETWATCHES. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have Zippo lighters back in the 1850s when Levi made his jeans. What are they for? Basically change, and iPod nanos!

  30. Alice says:

    I wanted to be a private investigator because they had overcoats with “millions” of secret pockets. Perhaps, it was good that my parents suggested software engineer as an alternative.

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