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Bullet Sunday 7

Posted on Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Dave!Gaaah! It's the revenge of the bullet points!

• ZOON DOOM! Uh yeah... saw Zune, played with Zune, pitched Zune to the curb. The iPod has nothing to worry about here. The only thing that I'm envious of is the larger screen, everything else... from the clunky looks to the crappy software... sucks ass. Once Apple finally gets off their ass and gives us an iPod with a decent size display for video, Zune will be nothing more than a bump in the road. Yet another failed catch-up effort that doesn't measure up. You'd think with billions of dollars in the bank, Microsoft could innovate rather than keep imitating. Badly.

• COUCH BANANA! Scene No. 4 has been animated. Bring on the dream sequence...

Couch Banana

• MEEEEEEEEAT! Many of the vegetarians I know (and all of the vegans) are sickened by the smell of cooking meat. I don't have that problem... I'm totally indifferent to the smell, though I'd rather do without if given the choice. On the way home from work tonight, somebody was barbecuing steaks and the aroma filled the air. Much to my surprise, it smelled so good that I very nearly had a carnivore relapse. It was all I could do to keep from running off howling into the night, hunting down that grill so I could tear into yummy cow flesh. Instead I had a can of Coke with Lime and some Pop Tarts. Yeah, that hit the spot.

• GOLDEN GLOBES! Elizabeth Hurley was looking her usual perfectly hot self in Berlin this week...

Fabulous Liz Hurley

• WII-DUNDANCY! How sad is it that people stand in line to buy Nintendo Wii consoles and Sony PlayStation 3 consoles so they can sell them on eBay instead of letting the people who actually want to play them buy them? Though it's hard to blame anybody for doing it... a PS3 can net you $1000 minimum profit, whereas a Wii gets you double your investment. I wish that manufacturers wouldn't launch until they have plenty of supply built up so this crap could be avoided. Now I'm going to have to wait until I hear some kid bragging about getting a Wii so I can break into his house and steal it.

• BROTHERS & SISTERS! Tonight is a fresh episode of a show I never thought I would watch called Brothers & Sisters. When I first heard of it, I was intrigued because of the amazing line-up of talent behind it. I'm a sucker for good acting, even if it's in a weepy family melodrama...


The show revolves around a woman (Sally Field), her dead husband (Tom Skerritt), her brother (Ron Rifkin from Alias), and her five children... Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Balthazar Getty (also from Alias), Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under), and two guys I never heard of. When I first saw the cast, I thought "who are the two poor bastards who are going to try and hold their own against that kind of star power?" Turns out exactly the opposite is true. The two unknowns (Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable) actually have the best characters. But it's Annable's totally f#@%ed up "Justin Walker" that is the most challenging role on the entire show. Last episode he reached the breaking point, and I've been waiting all week to find out what's going to happen next. I hope it was worth the wait.

Now can somebody please tell me where I can buy a Mayor Adam West Cat Launcher? Seth McFarlane is genius.

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  1. diane says:

    I actually tuned in for some Sunday night television and saw the cat launcher!! Hilarious! Each “mrew!” so perfectly timed…
    I also text messaged a friend during the Simpsons (I knew she would be watching) because I nearly peed myself when Moe wiped his chocolately hands on Tom Wolfe’s suit. Ahhh, what a great night!
    A dream sequence, huh? Dang, I lose.

  2. Dave2 says:

    Yeah… it had to be a dream sequence because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do crazy stuff like putting Bad Monkey on the moon… that would be unrealistic.

    Unrealistic! In a cartoon! HAH HA HA HAAAHHH! I kill me. 🙂

  3. The Chad says:

    That cat launcher was frickin’ awesome!

    As for the zune, I find it amusing that the wheel-like button isnt even a functioning wheel, but just 4 buttons designed to look like a wheel. What a load of crap.

  4. Naomi says:

    Mayor Adam West Cat Launcher?! I have no idea what it is, but I’d be willing to bet Archie McPhee’s gonna have the goods soon if it doesn’t already and if indeed there is any such thing (as the launcher–not Archie McPhees, since I’ve been there–but that might have been one of my episodes, so maybe if there’s any such thing as that too…)

    I’m not sure what just happened.

  5. Shannon says:

    The delicious smell of roasted meat is what made me go carnivore again. (Actually I still eat vegetables, but you get the point!)
    As for the Wii… I waited in a 3 hour line this morning and barely got the last Wii at the place we decided to station ourselves at. We had hoped for two, because there are 7 people living in my house and all. However, we were unable to get 2 because several of the groups in front of use were having each child take a voucher, including the 4 and 5 year olds, and a family of 3 took 1 voucher each etc. Admittedly, the guy in line behind us was awesome so I might’ve given my ticket up to him had we gotten 2, but alas, we lost out to likely ebayers. But, if it’s any condolence, the Wii is awesome and I’m sure you’ll have a blast whenever you get a chance to pick one up! (I’d let you try mine if you were in the right state.) The boxing game in Wii sports is fantastic for those moments when you want to beat the crap out of someone!

  6. Kapha says:

    Naomi: I know what happened!

    I slipped outside the time-space continuum for a moment while reading your comment. That was freaky!

    Now I’m back.

    I think. 😉

  7. Naomi says:

    “Slipped outside the time-space continuum”… my whole friggin’ life is outside the time/space continuum! God, I need a cheeseburger!

  8. delmer says:

    I can’t imagine a world without the smell of cooking bacon. I don’t eat a lot of bacon, but when I go into a diner, and the smell is there, the world seems right. (Especially after the most recent elections.)

    I imagine Ron Rifkin appreciates the fact that you refer to him as being from Alias … as opposed to When things Were Rotten.

  9. adena says:

    She’s had a kid! How can those POSSIBLY be real???

  10. Jeff says:

    “Now I’m going to have to wait until I hear some kid bragging about getting a Wii so I can break into his house and steal it.”

    Note to self: MUST FIX DEADBOLT ON DOOR.

  11. ms. sizzle says:

    i was JUST this morning thinking, “whatever happened to balthazar getty?!” and here you are anwering that very question. how strange! (i’m dead serious.)

    cat launcher was hilarious.

  12. WanderingStar says:

    Since I’m on the market for a new and shiny MP3 player, I was wondering if anything was going to beat the iPod I want. I believe that the Zune is not it. Janky piece of techno-poop.

    The Golden Globes. Were they on? Or are you simply referring to her cosmic voluptuosity? :p

  13. Miss Britt says:

    “that will do nothing to help her nymphomania! That will only exasperbate it!”

    he he he – hysterical

  14. Javajabber says:

    Dave …

    I spent about 2 weeks checking the reviews, customer opinions, etc. (I always do a lot of research before spending any $$$) and I purchased the following: SanDisk 6GB MP3 Player. The screen on it is awesome. It’s for The College Kid. AND Circuit City has a GREAT price with an instant rebate of $101 !!! The link is here.

    Check it out! (no, I don’t own stock in Circuit City or SanDisk)

  15. Wayne Hall says:

    re: Zune – I saw Costco selling them and was very tempted to get one. I don’t care what you Apple Whores say; I think it’ll be a great player. But I have enough 20GB+ mp3 players and don’t feel the need for video yet.

    re: meat – I love browning crumbled beef and picking off some samples while it browns. I don’t care what you Veggie Whores say; I loves me my meat.

    re: Liz – Dave, you get that copy of Celebrated Liz yet? I don’t care what you Men Whores say; she’s pretty darn hot.

  16. Laurence says:

    Zune… I’m waiting a new iPod. The Video iPod must develop.

    Couch Banana… Bad Monkey is so cute when he’s asleep. 🙂

    Meat… Smell cooking meat don’t disturb me !!!

    Liz… Aaaaaah Liz and the mystery of her dress !!! I’m sure that all men and women wonder how the dress can hold.
    I think that she use scotch, the adhesive… and in november, isn’t she cold ?… What? I’m jealous? No, I am just worried at her wellness !!! 😉
    (PS. I’m a real tease, Dave) 😀

    Wii… I want a Wii but I’m wondering when I could play. 🙁

    Brothers and Sisters… I’m happy. For the first time, I know all actors except those 2 guys… 🙂

  17. kilax says:

    I am a vegetarian, and the smell of meat cooking does not bother me. I think it is from waking up to the smell of cooked bacon and remembering all the fun barbeques I had with my family. Even though I do not eat meat now, it hits a soft spot when I smell it.

  18. Dave2 says:

    Chad… I know! I so totally want me a cat launcher now, no matter how un-PC it might be! You’ll note that no cats where harmed in the making of that cartoon! 🙂

    Naomi… Unless it’s a toy modeled after the hilarious episode of “Family Guy” last night, I doubt we’re ever going to actually see cat launchers. 🙁

    Shannon… And what was you address again?

    Kapha… I’d welcome you back, but I have no idea if you’re still around after reading this comment!

    Naomi… I want a Johnny Rockets Streamliner Burger with cheddar cheese and extra mayo. 🙁

    Delmer… Or opposed to his sleazy and perverted guest appearance on Sex In the City!

    Adena… She’s Elizabeth Frakkin’ Hurley! THAT’S how! 🙂

    Jeff… Bwah ha ha haaaah. I travel with a battering ram… they haven’t decided to confiscate those on airline flights yet because they’re not made of a liquid!

    Ms. Sizzle… Seriously, Balthazar Getty was amazing on Alias. I missed Michael Vartan, but Getty’s enigmatic character made it far less painful than it could have been.

    Wanderingstar… Elizabeth Hurley has her own set of Golden Globes that travel with her wherever she goes…

    Miss Britt… And only Stewie could get away with saying it!

    Javajabber… if I didn’t need a player that allowed me to purchase from the iTunes Music Store, it looks like a very worthwhile option!

    Wayne… Yes, you SAW it… but have you actually tried USING it… particularly the awful software? You may change your mind. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t comment on your meat, but I DID get the magazine so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! 😀

    Laurence… Yes, Bad Monkey is cute, but he snores! It’s a snoring sleeping monkey!

    Kilax… I just wish that it didn’t make me hungry! That’s just wrong!

  19. I loved the entire Family Guy episode! As for the Mayor West Cat Launcher, the real life counterpart is The Cat-A-Pault, available at, right next to the Nun-Chuck.

  20. Pauly D says:

    I’m actually loving Brothers & Sisters. It’s the only thing on Sunday night’s worth watching anymore.

  21. Ben says:

    Arvin Sloane! I love thee!

  22. Belinda says:

    All of the animated shows Sunday night were pretty great. I could not stop laughing during the whole “Worldloaf” sequence on The Simpsons. Favorite moments were during the panel discussion, when Michael Chabon commented, “Wow. You couldn’t MAKE this stuff up,” to which Jonathan Franzen replied, “Well…YOU couldn’t.” And then they started tussling, and Chabon said that Franzen “fight(s) like Ann Rice.” And then when Bart burst in on the group of “intellectual” authors and depressed them all by yelling, “Hey guys, didja hear? “The DaVinci Code” just sold 100 million copies!”

    Good stuff. I think this is at least the third time Tom Wolfe has guest-voiced, and I kept waiting for Thomas Pynchon, but no voice. There was a figure sitting at the panel, with a paper-bag marked with a question-mark on it, which is how Pynchon appeared previously, but no lines this time.

  23. apricoco says:

    I am a vegetarian like you… and sometimes, it takes all the willpower I have not to tear into my local breakfast joint and have some bacon. I miss bacon! That’s it… I could live forever without the rest of it, BUT I WANT BACON! Ok. I feel better now.

  24. ChillyWilly says:

    Damn! Missed some good TV last night. Time to go scour the web to see what I can find.

    I spent my night at the movies. HAPPY FEET was the movie of choice. Very good and a cool environmental slant to the plot.

  25. Mrs RW says:

    We have two felines here that you can use to test-drive your cat launcher when you get one. Just let me know.

  26. Kevin says:

    Any chance you know a place to find the most recent episode of Brothers & Sisters? Katie is addicted and the TiVo missed half of last night’s episode. She’s pissed and wants to know what happened. Or can you e-mail me a recap of it that I can share with her? Please?

  27. nancycle says:

    “Elizabeth Hurley has her own set of Golden Globes that travel with her wherever she goes…”

    OMG – you need help.


  28. The Chad says:

    Found it!

    You put the lime in the coke you nut and drink ’em both together!

  29. Eve says:

    Dude, you still have my numbers? Call me if you EVER think of relapsing, I’m here for you. I understand what you mean, but since I’m an analytical person, I’ve really thought about what it is I really miss. When I smell a typical “meat” smell, I think “What is it about that smell that I liked?” and I realize it’s usually NOT the meat I liked, but whatever I cooked the meat in or garnished it with. For instance, here in NYC, the smell of hot dog is everywhere. I realized that it’s NOT the hot dog I miss (actually, let’s face, who REALLY likes burping up hot dog all day?), but it was the taste of tangy mustard on a hot dog bun that I really liked. See?

    And, I agree about the Wii and PS3, it’s ridiculous. And f**k Zune, f**k it like a beast Blackie Lawless from WASP style.

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