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Bullet Sunday 5

Posted on Monday, November 6th, 2006

Dave!Given my dead power adapter this weekend, Bullet Sunday is a day late... and this time, it's gone gay! "Queer Sunday on Monday" I'll call it...

• Neil Patrick Harris! First George on Grey's Anatomy announces he's gay, and now Barney on How I Met Your Mother has done the same. The strange thing is that it hasn't been exactly a secret. I only visit online gossip sites rarely, yet I've read the stories for years. I've just never cared...

Neil Patrick Harris
Yeah, there's that in-between period that kind of gave it away...

He's an actor, and he's great, so he can play any character he wants to play and I'm just glad he's out there (and OUT there). This doesn't change my enjoyment of Barney on HIMYM at all, just like it didn't change anything for George on Grey's. It's called ACTING.

• Pet Shop Boys! The first ever Pet Shop Boy concert in Seattle was... interesting. Their music consists of Neil Tennant's singing, Chris Lowe's keyboards, and not much else. Because of this, a simple recital concert would get boring pretty quickly. At the other end of the spectrum, an overly-extravagant production would overshadow their thoughtful, pondering songs. Wisely, the Pet Shop Boys decided to hit somewhere in the middle with a kind of art-show performance piece. The stage backdrop is a huge white cube that can be reconfigured in a variety of different ways (and to compelling effect). Other than that, they've got a few dancers, singers, and cube-movers thrown in for good measure...

Pet Shop Tour
Photo taken from the very excellent Rock 'n' Roll Star!

Going to the concert was kind of a last-minute decision, so decent tickets were expensive (but the front-row, first balcony view was awesome in Seattle's Paramount Theater). I didn't want to go alone so I asked a friend to come along... she's not a fan, but had a good time (it's entertainment everybody can love!). Overall, the show was brilliant, and I am totally psyched that I finally got to see Pet Shop live. Most every song was flawless, and their only mis-step was a sappy acoustic rendition of the otherwise excellent Home and Dry (which is a favorite). The INTERESTING thing about the concert was the audience... which was almost entirely gay men. It was much like what I'd imagine a pride rally in San Francisco would be like (but without the costumes, parade floats, and glitter), and raises the question: at what point did all the 80's synth-pop I love become totally gay? I could have sworn it was only partially gay back in the day. Anyway... for more terrific photos and a nice wrap-up, head over to Rock 'n' Roll Star, who did a much better job of talking about the concert than I did.

• Midnighter! The nastier half of the very cool gay-super-duo of "Midnighter and Apollo" (of The Authority fame) has his own book! As if the awesome Garth Ennis doing the writing wasn't enough, they got the brilliant Chris Sprouse for the artwork on the new Midnighter comic...

You've been a bad, bad monkey...

It is an amazing, ass-kicking read and will absolutely go on the top of my reading list each month. If Batman isn't tough enough for you, this is the book to get.

• Rev. Ted Haggard! I hope you get to burn in the hell that YOU YOURSELF HAVE CREATED for gay men and women everywhere you lying hypocrite. You've been condemning homosexuals and working overtime with President Bush to restrict the rights of gay Americans for something YOU do. I don't find the fact that you've been caught paying for gay sex ironic, "reverend," I find it pathetic you stupid asshole...

Ted Haggard
Hypocrisy, thy name is Ted...

The truly sick part of this is that now he'll go into seclusion and, with spiritual help, "cure" himself of his "sinful" homosexuality and probably make millions on a book deal where he can renew his gay-bashing on an entirely new level. Now THAT'S ironic!

Tomorrow Blogography returns to its regularly-scheduled bullet-free programming...

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  1. Kapha says:

    Technorati Jumble:
    Haggard Ted, Sunday Gay Midnighter Boys Pet Shop. Bullet. Comics.

    BTW: Never heard of Midnighter but it looks cool – and I LMAO at the Ted Haggard comic! 😀

  2. Mooselet says:

    When I worked on a medical/surgical unit, my pet name for interns was Doogie Howser.

    As for that “reverend”, well what goes around comes around. There is a special place reserved for people like him and I hope he gets there sooner rather than later.

  3. Avitable says:

    I’m enjoying the whole Wildstorm reboot. With Grant Morrison on WildCATS and Authority, Ennis on Midnighter, and Gail Simone on Gen13, this should really be interesting.

  4. Chase says:

    That’s not irony…that’s tradgedy.

    And I bet there’s lots of ‘sinners’ in Hell that will give him his. >:) Muuuhahah!

  5. Chase says:

    (And, yes, I can spell tragedy)

  6. Vis a vis the Haggard Scandal — on our local news they had footage of some of his parishioners who were asked what they thought about the controversy. Granted this was before he confessed, but this one girl – highschool aged, maybe – was talking about how the Reverend tells the hard truth, and how he’d made a lot of enemies. Essentially she was suggesting that this was a mass conspiracy perpetrated by secular, liberal PAGANS.

    Or whatever we are.

  7. ms. sizzle says:

    i’m thinking of coming out. i mean, everyone is doing it.

  8. I cannot fathom Ted Haggard and the level of self hate he must have to buddy up with GW and the boys. His statement admitting his “immorality” was still all about how repulsed he was by himself.

    That’s the same exact Cabaret picture I posted of NPH over at Kapgar to illustrate why I was not shocked by his news. His press release was awesome-classy, dignified, and the exact opposite of Haggards. Go Doog…er, Swarley!!

  9. Miss Britt says:

    Yeah – hypocrisy should never be labeled as something as fucking cool as “irony”.

  10. Bre says:

    The whole “coming out in Hollywood” thing is so ridiculous to me. Straight people don’t need to announce their heterosexuality, so why should Gay people have to announce their homosexuality? Is this going to be the new thing? “Hi, I’m Bre and I’m straight?” as opposed to “Hi, I’m Bre?”


  11. diane says:

    Thanks for the review, Dave! Just about what I imagined–a stoic band, and a flashy show. Glad you got to see it. 🙂 I don’t think ALL 80’s synth pop is totally gay but the Pet Shop Boys? Maybe I just know that because I live in the city that used to be home to the “Manhole.”
    As for Ted Haggard…if anyone here has seen “But I’m A Cheerleader!”, all I can do is picture Teddy-boy at a camp being taught how to behave like a man by Ru Paul. *snicker*

  12. Kyle I says:

    Oh I hate Ted Haggard. Living in Denver I know what Colorado Springs (where his mega church is located) consists of. This doesn’t surprise me. I picked up a copy of the Sunday Denver Post and that was the main story. Like you said, I can see it coming. He’s going to hide behind his religion to save face. I have no tolerance for hypocracy from someone who preaches in the way he has. And I’m sure the people of that church will stand behind it.

  13. Laurence says:

    The second photo of Neil Patrick Harris frightens me !!! Dr Doogie changed very much !!!

    I don’t know Ted Haggard. But his photo frightens me too… Or it’s his scary thought !

    PS. Midnighter seems to be great !

  14. Dave2 says:

    Kapha… If you like your comics to be incredibly cool with loads of violence, then Midnighter is worth a look. The team on the book is perfection.

    Mooselet… Oddly enough, he’ll probably be born again-again and be forgiven for practicing what he preaches against. This kind of makes me sad, because he won’t get to experience the intolerance that he’s bred.

    Avitable… I hear that. The first issue of The Authority was a bit boring, but I’m sure it’s leading up to something amazing. Morrison so rarely disappoints. Of course, having Jim Lee back on Wildcats is what makes that book worth reading, no matter who is writing it! I haven’t read Gen-13 yet, but am looking forward to it.

    Chase… One can only hope. 🙂

    Kachina… Of course! These people are put on a pedestal so high that they can’t really do anything wrong. For that much, I do kind of feel sorry for Haggard, but not enough to hope he has to endure just a small part of the stupidity he has sown.

    Ms. Sizzle… And I’m sure you’d still be fabulous!

    Frances… I’ve never seen Cabaret and have no idea how much of that is required by the role… or added because he wanted to. Kind of scary, no matter what the case! 🙂

    Miss Britt… No doubt, but that’s how the media is painting it. I just wonder if it will cycle out… I guess it depends on how long they keep writing stories about him? Nobody talks about Jim Bakker now-a-days.

    Bre… Exactly. I mean, honestly, who cares? But people’s innate curiosity knows no bounds, so here we are. I guess with people like Haggard out condemning them, it’s safer to stay in the closet than risk your fans being told they can’t enjoy your movies because of who you sleep with. Bizarre.

    Diane… Groups like Erasure were pretty popular as gay icons from the very start. But I had always thought that Pet Shop Boys had a more diverse audience. I dunno… maybe when Neil and Chris came out as gay, their demographic changed? Pretty stupid.

    Kyle… Of course they will. “Hate the sin, love the sinner” and all that. But, in the end, it will probably only make things worse for the people who have been condemned by the dumbass. Reason seems to go out the window on these things, don’t ask me why.

    Laurence… Yes, Neil is kind of scary and clown-like in that second photo!

  15. Hilly says:

    I don’t know if you watch Brothers & Sisters, but the guy who plays the homosexual brother is T.R. Knight’s boyfriend. Can I get an awwwwww?

    I totally never saw that NPH era so now it all makes sense; but Swarley still rocked last night so whatever ;).

  16. Dave2 says:

    Actually… I don’t think that’s the right guy. He’s the guy who is DATING the brother (or something like that?). I’ve only seen the show a couple of times, but read about it in a TV forum like E Online or something.

  17. Mark says:

    You know, I would laugh at the Pastor Ted situation, reaping what you sow, karma, et al., but I just think it’s really sad that he can’t come to grips with the fact that he likes men.

  18. nancycle says:

    From someone who had a child with a gay man, I’m not quite sure how I’m “suppose” to feel about all this….

  19. Dave2 says:

    Mark… Which is kind of sad, when you think about it.

    Nancycle… If I were you, I’d feel scared. Gays are already second-class citizens and, if things keep escalating, there may very well come a day when the law requires gay men be sterilized (or something equally frightening). People like Haggard are (were?) working overtime to make it happen. It makes me sick that two atheists can be married in a non-religious courtroom ceremony… yet two very good friends of mine who have been together for FOURTEEN YEARS don’t get the same right because they both have a penis. Land of the free indeed.

  20. nancycle says:

    There was a day when women couldn’t vote either merely because of the donned a vagina and even though between to ears they had a brain.

    This too shall pass.

    I’m more sad than scared. It’s a grieving place where I’ve lost the dream of having a father “in house” for my son and a partner to share in the day to day responsibilities of raising a child. It saddens me.

    Damn shame.

    I’m in a “feeling sorry for myself a little” place. I don’t feel too sorry for gay men right now. Selfish? Yes. But that’s what nurturing oneself is all about I suppose.

  21. Dave2 says:

    Don’t feel too sorry for yourself… you got Omar out of the deal, which is pretty sweet. He sounds like an amazing kid. 🙂

  22. nancycle says:

    Yeah, that’s my favourite reply I usually get. That closely resembles saying to someone after the death of a loved one, “well, at least they’re out of pain… or … Perhaps it was their time… or … You will get over this in time…”

    I wanted Omar. Period. (and yes, he’s the best!)BUT that doesn’t discount my feelings of being betrayed or not having the family I wanted.

    You try and be the one to explain to Omar why his mom and dad can’t live together though Dave.

    Here’s the BIG WIDE ASS and here’s the miles of SUCKAGE that come out of it.

    3= (

    ~~~~ (


    S’all good. I still have 15 more minutes of feeling sorry for myself to go.


  23. Dave2 says:

    Sorry, I try really hard to be a “glass-half-full” kind of guy when I can. I’m probably just jealous that I don’t have a kid of my own. 🙁

  24. nancycle says:

    No offense taken. Being optomistic is a great quality.

    Would you like me to ship down some of my eggs?

    I’m sure I still have some left that aren’t too outdated! Then you could have you’re own kid just like me Dave!!! I’m not sure what kind of packaging is needed, I doubt bubble wrap would cut it…

    I’m sure your time will come.


  25. adena says:

    You….you…went and saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert??

    I’m actually itching in jealousy.

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