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Posted on Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Dave!Yes, my header graphics have been redesigned. I was quite happy with the old "look" but, for reasons I am not going to elaborate on just yet, it was time for a change. The random DaveToon in the corner is meant to give visitors something different to look at on each visit. But now I'm finding that there a lot of people who just continuously refresh the page until they see them all, so I figured I might as well save them the trouble and post all twenty of them here. Spoilsport.

Speaking of DaveToons, I got a terrific email from a guy who got in trouble at school for printing out the one where Bad Monkey is smoking cigarettes and pasting it on his notebook...

Smoking Bad Monkey

How cool is that? I'm corrupting American's youth!

Well, if it's any consolation, Bad Monkey is chewing ten sticks of Nicorette gum and burning through a dozen nicotine patches every day in an effort to quit...


See kids, it's best to just not start in the first place.

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  1. adena says:

    Personally, I like “Dave- friend of the animals”.

  2. Laurence says:

    Love the new design !!!

    I have 2 questions :
    1/ what the #16 banner means ?
    2/ what will the Bad Monkey do, if he doesn’t smoke anymore ?

  3. ssp says:

    Looks like you watched Thank your for smoking…

    Could it be that the page is a little wider now than it was before?

  4. Laci says:

    I’m trying to decide which DaveToon header I like the best. Right now, it’s a tie between Cartoon Dave holding his crotch and baseball bat/Bluetooth.

  5. Kyra says:

    Hey, watch out – those teachers can be brutal if they come after you.

    Maybe Bad Monkey should do penance by way of slapping erasers together in detention?

  6. Pauly D says:

    Love the rotating banner change. Now I’ll read each post TWENTY TIMES!

    Or two.

  7. Avitable says:

    Poor addicted monkey. Next, he’s going to be going on a crack binge.

  8. kilax says:

    My fav Davetoon is the one with the bat and the bluetooth assmonkey.

  9. Erin says:

    I love the new header design.

  10. Wayne Hall says:

    I keep forgetting to buy a shirt. Now I’m getting closer if by wearing your content I might get some ‘bad rep’.

  11. Dave2 says:

    Adena… I like the flying DeLorean. I don’t know why. 🙂

    Laurence… It looks like Lil’ Dave is having his ass served to him on a silver platter! (I’m not sure if this slang translates to French properly). I’m guessing that even if Bad Monkey stops smoking, he’ll still drink and have random sexual encounters with Hollywood starlets… he’s a bad, Bad Monkey after all.

    SSP… The only thing that has changed is the graphics. I’ve not changed any of the HTML or CSS, so it shouldn’t be any wider. It still doesn’t look right in Internet Explorer, but should be fine in everything else. I hope. I did watch “Thank You For Smoking” and loved it.

    Laci… What? Does nobody else love the flying DeLorean?!? 🙂

    Kyra… Bad Monkey would probably fling his feces at the chalkboard if given the opportunity. He’s a bad little monkey, that’s for sure.

    Pauly… The banner has always changed… though last time there were only 12 options instead of 20.

    Avitable… A crack monkey? That sounds even more dangerous than a crack whore!!

    Kilax… Personally, I think beating people who wear bluetooth headsets in public deserve to be beaten with baseball bats, so Bad Monkey isn’t quite so crazy as people might believe. 🙂

    Erin… Even the DeLorean??

    Wayne… Or at least kicked out of school…

  12. Bec says:

    Is it wrong that the Harry Potter Dave is my fave?… No wait Devil Dave! Or Domestic Dave… Oh… all so good… *drool*…

  13. Jill says:

    The new header design looks really good! All the designs are great – even the DeLorean 🙂 But I have to say that I am partial to the Harry Potter Dave, too 🙂

  14. Jill says:

    P.S. – Why couldn’t you design the Buffalo Sabres new logo?

  15. Mrs RW says:

    I like the Harry Dave, too. I think Dave enjoys being a little witch boy.

  16. Neil says:

    Some kid put it on his notebook? I can’t think of a bigger honor! I used to have an Aerosmith sticker on my notebook. Blogography = Today’s Aerosmith!

  17. exposed says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! where is bad ass motorcycle dave?! i loved bad ass motorcycle dave! he was hot! i had cartoon fantasies about him!!! bring him back! i beg!

    wow that had way too many exclamation points in it huh?

  18. RW says:

    You should grab DaveVincenzo and put him up. Of course there you’d be with nicotine again so maybe not.

    Of course you realize cigars don’t count. They’re a vegetable.

  19. Laci says:

    I like DeLorian Dave too. 😀

  20. nick sizzle says:

    love the new design.
    although, i do miss elvis dave.

  21. nick sizzle says:

    there’s also a “thanks for the comment” new banner!

  22. I’m still on my Sidekick so you can imagine my surprise when the page loaded and all I could see was the F@#K Davetoon. (Sorry, I don’t know what else to call it.) I literally laughed out loud. The new design is slick!

  23. Kapha says:

    The DeLorean is very cool. I hit the Moon Monkey one first and thought it looked great! And the kitchen timer on the oven is an extra touch that makes it so I almost smell that pie you’re baking…

    Wonder if that kid’ll put the nicotene-patch monkey on his binder now? Lol! That is a HUGE honor, Dave. I used to plaster Wacky Packages all over mine (and my door, much to the chagrin of my parents).

    I still remember paying 50 cents for a “Fright Guard” sticker – that’s like $780 in 2006 money.

  24. Kapha says:

    P.S. Am I the only one who thinks there *might* be a 21st toon that Dave *didn’t* include on that page?

    I’m the kind of geek that would have another handful – maybe 5 or 6 – that only appeared every once in awhile based on something odd like the moon phase or something. They’d appear and then **poof!** they wouldn’t appear again (even if refreshed) for awhile.


  25. sultana says:

    I love DeLorean Dave! It just so happens that a couple weeks ago I happened to catch Back to the Future on TV and then a few days later someone was actually driving a DeLorean outside of WalMart. Now it’s showing up on Blogography! It’s been a veritable DeLorean haven around here 🙂

    I also love Enlightened Dave and Live Long and Prosper Dave. You really make me smile. Keep up the great work 😀

  26. EDDIE says:

    Why do you love monkey so much?

  27. serap says:

    Love the new design… and my favourite toon is definitely the DeLorian… how far into the future did you and bad monkey go? Did you bump into your future selves and faint? Did you steal a sports almanac? I need to get a life!

  28. Although I liked DeLorean Dave as well, I have to say that I am completely partial to Kicked in the Nuts by Windows Dave. (The heart wants what the heart wants.) Nice work.

  29. Laurence says:

    Yes, there is the same slang translate.

    “Il faut tout lui apporter sur un plateaud d’argent”
    He wants everything to be handed to him on a silver platter.

    But we don’t know the expression with the “ass” !!!

    Oh Bad Monkey !!! But Liz, she’s a starlet, isn’t she ? Be careful, Dave, Bad Monkey would be really bad !!! 😀

  30. jacquie says:

    wow, i’m observant. I hadn’t noticed the revolving banner yet. Now I’m gonna go check it out.

  31. kapgar says:

    No more Pimp Dave?!?! Noooo!!!!

  32. Charred says:

    It’s very nice. I like it!

    …um, is it just me, or does your page never stop loading now?

    Wait, nevermind. Teh webternoodle’s jist slow fer meh toodeay.

  33. Lela says:

    I love Patchy Monkey!! I need that t-shirt to point to the next time someone asks me when I’m gonna quit!

  34. deezee says:

    love the new header and love your drawing/cartooning style in general. care to share some info on how you generate your art?

  35. oujod says:

    I second kapgar’s despair. Where’s the pimp!?! That one was my fave.

    Litle Dave getting his ass handed to him and the DeLorean are the best.

  36. oujod says:

    Hey Kapha, there’s a 21st one and I found it! (not kidding and everyone else probably already saw it too)

  37. Javajabber says:

    Okay, I admit, I was refreshing.

    Very cool.

  38. apricoco says:

    I like the new banners and I just noticed that you changed the font on the headers too… Did Biography send you a nasty letter?

  39. Dave2 says:

    Hah. No. They don’t even know I exist. 🙂

    I changed it because I have long-since moved past Biography as one of my original inspirations for the name. Since I was changing the header anyway, I took the opportunity to switch it out and make it my own.

  40. Kapha says:

    oujod, you are *so* right! Ha! I *knew* there was a 21st floating around somewhere – just forgot about it!

    Hint: You won’t find it by refreshing the page… 😉

  41. Dave2 says:

    If you’re counting specialty headers, then there’s actually 23 total.

    One is at the head of the Artificial Duck Store. Another is a thank-you when you leave a comment. The last is if you leave a comment with an error.

  42. Kapha says:

    Yeah, realized I was into the Pluto Zone (the fuzzy definition area – hey, did I just coin a phrase?) as soon as I saw the “Thanks!” banner.

    Decided not to post again with a “22!” for fear of setting off some kind of Geek Alarm.

    Of course we did manage to squeeze out the Mysterious #23…

    Now how does one go about getting an error during comment submission… 😉

  43. Wayne Hall says:

    There should be a voting page for the DaveToons. Each person gets 5 votes. They can give 1-5 votes for any DaveToon, for using a total of 5. Perhaps I should make this.


  44. Kapha says:

    Or we could vote on whether or not you should make it? 😉

    Might be kinda fun to see who likes what.

    I too miss the Motorcycle Dave…

  45. Pwned! says:

    Hahahahaha *holds stomach laughing*

    ok ok Pwned! I was spreading some monkey joy and tried to save some bandwidth… lol,…. great stuff!



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