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Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2006

Dave!When my next blogiversary rolls around and I decide to print new T-shirt to celebrate the occasion, somebody slap me. For the first two years, I never had to send out more than fifty shirts. This year there are HUNDREDS to ship, and it's a lot of work (as in an unbelievably huge amount of work).

I spent a big chunk of my weekend folding, bagging, boxing, and processing... yet only managed to get through 94 of the 311 orders I received. Tonight I barely got through another 40. At this rate, it will take me the rest of the week to ship all the shirts out, which makes me feel bad for everybody who's been waiting so long.

Ooh! As I'm typing this just now, thunder ripped through the heavens, lightning started crashing, and a deluge of water started dumping out of the sky.

Almost makes me glad that I didn't pull my motorcycle out of storage yet.

Anyway... I've had a few people ask before, and James just asked again, so I present a recipe for y'all:

Dave's Perfect Fried Egg Sandwich!

  1. Grate a half cup of Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese and set aside.
  2. Crack two eggs in a large skillet that's been pre-heated over medium heat and treated with cooking spray (like PAM) or a tablespoon of butter.
  3. Sprinkle eggs with salt and pepper to taste, then pierce the yolk so it runs. While the egg is cooking, pop two slices of white bread (preferably a "wide" loaf bread, like Orrowheat) in the toaster.
  4. Continue cooking the eggs until just before they start to turn crispy (I usually flip the eggs over for a bit at the last minute)... then remove from heat (DON'T let them turn brown!).
  5. The toast should have popped up by now, so lay the slices side-by-side on a plate - if you are hard-core and don't mind the extra calories, go ahead and butter the toast (so that it ends up on the inside of the sandwich... you don't want to end up with butter-fingers). Put the eggs on one half and sprinkle with the Tillamook Cheddar, then cover with the remaining slice of toast.
  6. Eat and be happy.
  7. VARIATION: From time to time I like to spread that second slice of bread with mayo (because eggs, butter, and cheese simply aren't enough fats for me)... it's ever so delicious and creamy!

And if you're looking for something to watch while eating your sandwich, here's some spiffy-keen new Mac ads...


Look! It's a Mac-In-The-Box!!

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  1. MMMM-eggs.

    I am not a technophile, but I may just buy one because the Galaxy Quest/Dodgeball kid is selling it to me.

  2. alice says:

    1. the Mac Guy is hot.

    2. that is the best way to make fried egg sandwich; however, i like mine with the edges crispy. excuse me while i go make one. -=)

  3. James says:

    I had eggs this morning, and realized i was tired of constantly scrambling eggs. Maybe I’ll try your sandwich out tomorrow morning. Heck, we even have that Tillamook cheese in the fridge (its a great value for actual good cheese).

    I saw one of the Mac ads where the PC gets a virus and then crashes to the floor. I’ll admit its a pretty good and effective argument.

  4. mmmmmmmmm…fried egg sandwiches. Only one of my favorite foods, ever!
    My secret recipe: cook in lots of butter so it soaks into the white bread. And instead of cheese, fry a piece of bologna till it’s burnt on the outside and still juicy on the inside. Mmmmmm…
    Thanks, now I have to go to the grocery store.

  5. nick sizzle says:

    my grandma used to make me sandwiches with fried eggs, hashbrowns and turkey bacon until i became vegetarian. then she took out the bacon. mmmmm….i love the mac vs. pc ads. macs completely win, although my wife would disagree….oh man….

  6. Mooselet says:

    My mother-in-law makes the best fried egg sandwichs – I think it’s the Miracle Whip. Heart attack in your hand.

  7. ~jtm says:

    Ooo! Now that sounds like a simply heavenly fried egg sandwich. And to think all these years I was making them without the cheese. It totally needs the cheese! This shall be my lunch today.

    Oh, and I love those Mac v. PC commercials…they are great. I’m a PC owner with Mac envy…

  8. Laurence says:

    Miam, Miam… Super receipt.
    Ha, Ha, Ha… Very funny ads.

  9. carlos m. hernandez says:


    Please don’t stress out so much about getting the shirts out. I (and I would think most of your other fans) don’t mind waiting a while longer.

    And thank YOU for putting so much effort into creating and shipping them.

  10. babyoog says:

    I’m sure all your t-shirt labors are very much appreciated. Sounds like pretty soon you’re going to need to get some cheap labor on that action!

  11. Sayuri says:

    Dave, don’t feel bad! I don’t much care if it takes you two weeks to ship out the t-shirts. It’s all good!

  12. Jeff says:

    Just wanted to say thanks – for all you’re doing regarding the T-shirts, especially since I know you don’t make any money on them.

    I can wait as long as it takes – no hurry here!

  13. Kevin says:

    While I didn’t use Tillamook cheese, I made myself a fried egg English muffin sandwich this morning. ‘Twas quite tasty!

  14. ms. sizzle says:

    please invite me over for an egg sandwich. bring on the butter. mmmmm.

  15. ChillyWilly says:

    Kudos for all of the work you are putting into the t-shirt order. We are all just anxious to wear it and get asked various questions about zombies.

  16. Rabbit says:

    I love the new Mac ads (even though I’m a lowly PC user). I’m trying to save up for a new laptop in the relative near-future, and the more I frequent here, the more I’m leaning towards saying farewell to my PC days.

  17. jodi says:

    oooooh… that sounds SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! and i am very sad that i am not at home right now, with eggs and cheese and bread and butter. and that i am on a stupid diet, as well

  18. Eve says:

    Next year, hire a non-paid summer intern to come and help you with the shipping and handling tasks. And I totally LOVE those new Mac ads!

  19. jodi says:

    I GOT MY TSHIRT!! all freshly folded and ziploced. and my dvd’s! and now i am dancing all around my office showing everyone my presents.

    thank you thank you thank you!!

  20. Nancy says:

    Do you deliver?

  21. Troy says:


    We appreciate everything you do for us. Plus you are super popular. Maybe someday we will build an idol for you. Maybe we could all form a Dave Simmer commune, where peace, love and harmony will exist. Maybe?

  22. Neil says:

    I’ve just come back from the supermarket with the ingredients to make my lunch. Thanks!

  23. I love the new Mac ads, but I especially like the new box one that I just saw last night.

    Who’s the guy on the ads? (He reminds me a little of Jake from Jake 2.0)

  24. RW says:

    RW uses wheat toast, substitutes Miracle Whip for Mayo, makes sure there is plenty of Romaine, does without the cheese, and sometimes speaks in the third person.

  25. Bre says:

    I love those mac ads, but they’re not helping me be patient while I save up for my new one!

  26. SJ says:

    Mmmm, I think I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! Although we’re out of cheddar, so I’ll have to use Velveeta …

  27. Chanakin says:

    Can you pre-wash my t-shirt please? If it’s not too much trouble. Thanks!

    I’m going to try your egg sandwich recipe too. Sounds like it’ll go good with a bacon butty (and yes, I use HP Sauce).

  28. Michelle YBF says:

    They have this great new invention called an Egg and Muffin Toaster. They sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Mom and Dad got me one for Christmas and I gave them one for their birthday. It cooks an egg, heats up meat for carnivorous folks, and toasts your English muffin or toast or waffles or whatever you want. It’s all perfectly synchronized so that the toast finishes at the same time as the egg. All this with only a tiny spray of Pam. No true frying involved. It is wonderful. Excuse me, I think I’m going to cry.

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