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Posted on Sunday, May 21st, 2006

Dave!After working myself to death for 26 hours, I managed to get a few hours sleep before going back out to an on-site job. After that was over, I should have gone back to bed, but instead went to the cinema to see Mission: Impossible III. The fact that I did not fall asleep during the film kind of speaks for itself. I enjoyed it quite a lot (certainly more than the pervious two).

Given that JJ Abrams wrote and directed M:i:III, it should come as no surprise that it plays like a really good episode of Alias (well, an early episode of Alias, back in the first season when the show was actually worth a crap). Except this time JJ had a massive budget and got to really let his mind run wild. Between the action, stunts, and locations... there's plenty of stuff to keep things interesting. This is a good thing, because the story itself is pretty formulaic with a not-so-surprising surprise along the way. There's also a slightly annoying plot hole around who knew what and when, but it's all in good fun.

Kind of makes me glad that the cool (yet cheesy) original-original series is going to be released on DVD.

That leaves only one movie left that I am really looking forward to this summer (and a handful of others I'll probably see)...

Super Dave

  • June 30th - Superman Returns (YEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!!).
  • July 7th - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Pirates!!).
  • July 21st - Clerks II (Kevin Smith!).
  • July 21st - My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson!).
  • September 21st - The Black Dahlia (Based on the James Elroy novel!).

Pretty slim pickings. You just know it's a crappy summer for movies when one of the films on my top-5 must-see list is My Super Ex-Girlfriend.


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  1. Eve says:

    I seriously love Super Dave.

    I already wrote my review for M:i:III, with accompanying plot and colon suggestions for part 4 (I’m very helpful.) I agree that it was a fun enough movie that you enjoy it. Actually, what I liked about it was that there was so much of it to rag on (I love a good ragfest).

    I’m definitely going to see all of the movies you mentioned, and also X-Men 3 (hells yeah!); Da Vinci Code (loved the book); and Nacho Libre (go Jack Black and Jared Hess!)

    We’ve had way worse summers than this one.

  2. Brent says:

    Put The Fountain on your list. It looks like a Venice Film Festival Premiere in late September/early August with a release some time in October. This is at the top of a very slim lineup of films I’m looking foward to this year.


  3. doctawife says:

    What about X3? Really now! Wolverine is loooooovely!

    C’mon, Entertainment Weekly says the Superman movie is gonna suck. Who can you believe if you can’t believe Entertainment Weekly. C’mon now!

  4. Belinda says:

    Arrrgh. Your money is now The Cruiser’s. It will take me a while to recover from this.

  5. Karl says:

    Oh, good. Thank you for the mini review of “MI: III.” I’ve been vascillating about whether or not to see it. I love a good brainless action flick and the thought that it’s JJ Abrams is pretty rockin’. You’re right about “Alias,” too. The first year was superb. Of course I still watch because (1) it’s still JJ Abrams, (2) it’s Jennifer Garner in wigs and stuff, and (3) in for a penny, in for a pound.

    Tell you what…the ultimate Rambaldi device better be SO FRICKIN’ COOL! I’ve been sick of Rambaldi for years.

    Also looking forward to the same list of movies, except for “The Black Dahlia.” Never heard of that one. And I love how Super Cartoon Dave has a 5 o’clock shadow. heh.

  6. suze says:

    Due to a ban on all things cruise related, I will not be seeing MI:III. I think I am probably the only one being hurt by this however…

    I am so looking forward to ClerksII. HEEHEE!

    but yes, the pickings are slim this summer…

  7. timothy says:

    I just know it’s a crappy summer for movies when I cannot even tell you the the release date for one movie that I’m anticipating. The only film I can think of right now that I really want to see is X-Men. Doesn’t it come out soon?

  8. babyoog says:

    My Super Ex-Girlfriend looks like a good time! Thanks for the heads up – hadn’t heard about that one yet. Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman are both great.

    And of course, Superman! But the X-men movie is not on your list. Why not? (

  9. Dave2 says:

    Sorry, but I think the X-flicks suck ass. I will probably go see it just for the promise of seeing mutants FINALLY all-out fight OTHER MUTANTS, but the first two films were SO lame. I mean, who was the “big bad” in the last movie? WATER! THE X-MEN FOUGHT WATER!! Blargh! Oh well… opens May 26th.

    The Fountain looks interesting, but I worry about it being neutered from the original script. Aronofsky is brilliant, but I wish he had been given the money needed to make what he originally envisioned… from what I read, the latest flick isn’t it. 🙁

  10. Mikey says:

    I love X-men and I am boycotting all Tom Cruise movies right now.

  11. Kevin says:

    Superman looks like it will be good. Wasn’t sure about Spacey as Lex until the trailer I saw recently and he looks pretty decent in the short bit they showed of him. Hmm…

  12. nic says:

    Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp … They should get me through the summer.
    And for the other side of my brain … Tom Hanks.

  13. X-Men III didn’t make the list?!

  14. Cavan says:

    Yep, MI3 was pretty decent. As for me, I’m waiting for A Scanner Darkly, the so-called most faithful adaptation of a PKD novel so far.

    And I’m cautiously optimistic about The Fountain – I can’t really bet against Aronofsky, but I’ve heard enough about the issues over production that I’m a bit concerned.

    For the moment, though, I’m just waiting for Serenity to come through on Zip (that’s the Canadian version of Netflix). I just finished watching my Firefly DVDs – what an amazing show. I feel I must now join you in your rants about the stupidity of TV network execs.

  15. Grins says:

    I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing any of those. But SuperManDave is cute.

  16. Bre says:

    Ugh – I’m torn when it comes to that movie, since I love JJ but am terrified by Tom Cruise.

  17. adena says:

    I can’t support Tom Cruise….I just.can’t.DO.IT!!

    I was pissed about War of the Worlds, because I really dislike him SO much, and I really wanted to see that movie. I finally Netflixed it, tho’…I can work my mind around that, because I’m supporting Netflix, not Mr. “I spawned an alien baby” Cruise. 🙂

    However, the movie lost me in the first scene w/ the aliens, when the electro-magnetic field was so strong it stopped CARS, but somehow it apparently was not strong enough to break the camcorder someone was using to FILM THE ALIENS COMING AT HIM!! Seriously, how did that make it past the editor??

    Anyhow…I’ve never seen any of the MI films. Can’t.Do.It.

  18. hozugawa says:

    I saw The Devil and Daniel Johnston yesterday, it was sad but real good. I’m looking forward to A Scanner Darkly (one of Phillip K. Dicks best novels) on july 14. Kristen Bell is in a remake of the Ringtone (Pulse) out the same day, I thought you were infatuated with her.

  19. Brent says:

    Dave: from all reports I’ve read, he has a better film on his hands. It’s less overreaching and more manageable. In the Mayan battle scenes, Aronofsky envisioneed huge seas of people fighting but then that was done in Lord of the Rings and Troy (funny how that one slips in there). 🙂 The budget got reduced after Pitt left the film, but the film became more independent and more artistic because of it. Just one look at the teaser trailer (on Apple’s site) will show you that the money ($75 mil) was put to great use.

    Don’t go into the film looking for some fantastical sci-fi film, even if that’s what WB is planning to market it as. It’s a dramatic love story that spans 1,000 years centering around one man’s unquenchable desire to live forever and save the woman that he loves. It will be great, Dave, and it will be on your list. Cheers!

  20. Jeff says:

    Dude, I’m so jealous. How do manage to schedule your summer movies like that? My trip to the movies goes something like – “Honey, do you know where the kids are?” “No – QUICK, get in the car!”

  21. Mocha says:

    For the sake of Belinda, I feel compelled to say that I, too, viewed MIIII (that just doesn’t look right but I’m too damn tired to change it now – the backspace key is SO far away).

    We saw it on Mother’s Day after watching Poseidon. We snuck in. It’s terrible. Bad. Awful. Haven’t movie-hopped since college, but I liked it better than Poseidon which made me have to pee a lot. So, you see, The Cruisers don’t have MY money.

  22. RW says:

    When in doubt go back to the essentials. Start with Casablanca. Don’t mind me… I haven’t emjoyed a “new” movie since about 1965.

    Seriously, though, I raise the banner for the classics when the modern pickings get slim.

  23. Dave2 says:

    No doubt.

    I’ve been working my way through the “Thin Man” movies as of late… they sure don’t make films like that anymore.

    When I’m dying for sci-fi, no film can quite compare to “The Day The Earth Stood Still” either. 🙂

  24. RW says:

    Thin Man eh? I’ve been told I sort of look like William Powell. Where’s Asta…? Damn dog…

  25. Bec says:

    My big plans for going to the movies always end up getting scuppered but come hell or high water I am going to see X3, Pirates, Superman and Clerks II, but I am not (do you hear me!!!!) going to see The DaVinci Code. I dragged myself through the book but I am not (possibly ever) going to drag myself through another Tom Hanks film for fear I may hurt myself.

  26. SJ says:

    I am SO with Bec on this summer’s films. I was already invited to see DVC, but declined on the grounds that I rebel whenever anything is shoved down my throat every freaking time I turn around. But, X3! Pirates2!! Superman-1!!! Clerks2!!!!

  27. Jeff says:

    Saw MI:III last night. “Impossible” for sure, but a fun ride none-the-less. Definitely a big screen flick and worth the money.

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