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Posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2006


Okay, I tried really hard to get rid of the wasps that decided to make my home their home. I really did. I knocked down their nest, put water everywhere, threw out anything that made a desirable nesting place... but no matter what I did, they kept coming back. Tonight I noticed that they were rebuilding, FOR THE THIRD TIME, and now they didn't seem to care that it was on the ground instead of hanging protected somewhere.

Obviously drastic measures were required.

So I got some RAID "Wasp & Hornet Spray" to take care of the situation. After shooing away as many as I could, I soaked all the areas they tried building. Some of the buggers were caught in the crossfire, and paid for it with their lives. I now have tiny chemical-soaked wasp carcasses on my deck, which is very sad. But the poison worked almost instantly, so at least they didn't suffer... at least so far as I could tell.

I am hoping that the smell of the spray will keep everybody else away. I don't want to have to kill any more of the little guys.

But it sure does beat the alternative...

Wasp Attack!

And so now I'm wallowing in guilt.

Nothing a few hours of hard work and listening to some Pantera won't cure, I'm sure.

In better news...

  • Veronica Mars, THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION, was renewed with a full order of 22 episodes (with a reduction to 13 if ratings take a dive).
  • After a scary moment where I thought it had been discontinued, my beloved Coke with Lime is showing up in stores again.
  • Apple released cool toys today (yesterday?) in the form of their sexy new MacBook which replaces the iBook. But that's not the good news. The GOOD news is that we are one step closer to getting new pro desktop machines.
  • Working 16-hour days is actually paying off... it looks like I will be back on schedule before leaving for Seattle next week.
  • I have developed the ability to explode things with my mind.

Argh. I had maybe a two-hour nap last night, and hoped for better sleep tonight. But here it is 1:30am, and I am wide awake, AGAIN. How can I be totally exhausted and wide awake at the same time? Insomnia sucks ass.

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  1. Ahhhhh! You killed them? KILLLLLLLLLLLER!!!!!!

    Kidding, of course. I mean, I’d hate to see you get eaten by a mutant wasp. Did you make sure they were dead and that they aren’t just reforming into one giant wasp to take over the world. I mean, do you really know what chemicals are in that spray???

    Insomnia does suck. This is why I am commenting on your blog at 1:45 in the morning rather than laying my head down to sleep. This is why I am going to be visiting the rest of my blogroll tonight and commenting on their blogs. This is the reason I pixel-played tonight. This is why I am going to make a post on my blog in a few minutes. See? It makes me insane. I go post weird crap on folks’ blogs that mean nothing. Ooh, I could pay bills tonight, too.

    G’luck with your sleeping. Don’t let the bed bugs bite…or wasps or whatever they are/were.

  2. Anthony says:

    Good call on getting rid of the nest. I had one in my shed once. Used some sort of spray on it and they left/died. I don’t like killing things but wasps are the exception. Spawn of satan alright.

    Woohoo about Veronica. 🙂 I’m coming to the end of the current season and it just gets better and better. Loving Grey’s Anatomy too.

  3. Göran says:

    I have developed the ability to explode things with my mind.

    I have a client who´s not paying a fairly large bill, it would be fantastic to see his head explode.
    Do you need an actual adress or can you just “challenge” where he´s at?

  4. Hey, man…you did all that you could do. Hell, you did a lot more than anyone else would do. I would’ve broken out the spray if I just heard an undefined buzzing noise. I think your karma is intact, dude, though you are expected to purchase the thousands of wasp-sized coffins.

  5. Rob says:

    You should have done a victory dance over their dead little bodies.

  6. Oh, and by the way…I’m in the Insomnia Club, too. Didn’t get a lick of sleep last night. Ugh. And I have a date in less than 8 hours. Yeah, that’s gonna go well.

  7. adena says:

    Aw, Karl, Too bad you haven’t gotten your “Zombies Ate My Brain” tee-shirt yet. Then you would’ve had a pre-made excuse for the excessive drooling and monotone responses that are sure to happen tonight. (and not drooling in a good way.)

    Dave, you tried. But, I don’t think Karma’s going to kick your ass for dispatching evil minions of Satan….

  8. Kevin says:

    Any chance we can convince you to elaborate on the final bullet point a bit? Color me curious.

    I read about VM’s pickup this morning. Very good news!

  9. Jeff says:

    I’m glad you’ve survived the killer bees (so far).

    Hopefully they won’t return in some kind of twisted B-movie type of revenge. Wait a minute, hasn’t that been done already?

  10. James Bow says:

    Keep the spray handy. You’ve dealt them a mortal blow, but they may still come back a couple more times before they are finally defeated, and truth and justice saved for another day.

  11. jodi says:

    wasps are assholes.

    have you ever heard Eddie Izzard’s bit on bees and wasps? it’s on my blog if you haven’t.

  12. Tracy Lynn says:

    Dude, you did the right thing. They died peacefully and instantaneously. And, this way, they probably won’t come back and kick your ass.

    Insomnia is a very bad thing. I suffered on and off for years. There are things you can do if it is a repeat problem, but if not, if it’s because you are working 16 hour days, try this:

    1 tub full of water as hot as you can stand it
    1 third of a bottle of vinegar
    1 half of a box of epsom salts

    Mix together, then insert body. Soak until water cools.

    That should help.

  13. Chase says:

    I bet if you drink less Coke with Lime, you’ll sleep more. Goob.

  14. adena says:

    Ewww, tracy….I like pickles as well as the next person, but 1/3 bottle of vinegar in a bath?? (and salt?)

    You’re effectively pickling Dave. He may not have insomnia anymore, but people would be giving him a wide berth.

    “Dude, why does that guy smell like a Vlassic?”

  15. Tracy Lynn says:

    Adena, you don’t actually smell like vinegar when you get out, and I should have said the small bottle. 🙂 It totally works though, and you need the vinegar to facilitate the epsom salts.

    Dude, just trust me. It works.

  16. ChillyWilly says:

    Dave… I wouldn’t feel guilty. The main goal of a wasp is to take mud from the group and build a nest in a place that is not meant for a wasp nest.

    Unless there is some sort of Wasp Protection Group, I would say their overall existence is to annoy and injure the human race.

  17. suze says:

    yay about the Veronica mars. so they weren’t tempting fate then with the following dialogue:

    Duncan: “CW?”
    CW: “done deal”…


    and while i understand the guilt over the dead wasps (not really, cuz, they’re vile creatures) a sting-free balcony is really worth it…

  18. sandra says:

    How fabulous was the last ep of Veronica Mars, by the way? I missed it when it first aired, but managed to catch a repeat of it last weekend and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to fly to LA and hug Kristen Bell. Is that weird?

  19. Dave2 says:

    If it is, then I am really in trouble… because I want to fly to L.A. and hug Kristen Bell EVERY DAY!! 🙂

  20. margalit says:

    Do you need to borrow some Ambien?

  21. Nicole says:

    I really had no doubt VM would get picked up because I know Clarence Weidman would never lie. But I must admit I did breathe a sigh of relief when I read the news this morning.

  22. Silvertongue says:

    Yay, Dave, the bearer of good news! I hadn’t heard that Veronica Mars was picked up for a third season til I checked your blog this morning – so you can consider yourself having singlehandedly made this a happy Wednesday.

    About the insomnia – I have a prescription that makes me sleep (gotten after suffering from about 6 years of insomnia, on and off, got the better of me) but the two things that seemed to work, at least short-term, for me when I wasn’t medicated were melatonin and this weird powdered calcium supplement from the health food store. This was a long time ago, though. For all I know, melatonin now causes you to grow a third ear, or something. But maybe worth checking into?

    Here’s hoping you get off to sleep without problems tonight…

  23. Mooselet says:

    Someone else suggested it, but get some Tylenol PM or the generic equivilant. Benadryl will, or should, knock you out. Just when you get desperate, not all the time.

    I think you should leave the dead wasps on your balcony as a warning to their little friends who may come back to piss off and not mess with Dave.

  24. Bre says:

    Apple really needs to stop releasing lovely new computers until my job pays me enough to actually be able to purchase one.

  25. Don’t feel guilt over wasp killing – in all the wasp horror movies I have seen like “Death Wasp Squad” or “the Devil’s Wasps” they never seem to have any remorse.

    Also, I think if you write a booklet on how you make things explode with your mind – that is a sure internet best-seller – we all want it, but only you know how to do it.

  26. Tracy Lynn says:

    Wait, you can explode things with your thoughts?! I want to do that! How do you do that?!!

  27. Rabbit says:

    For awhile I could not sleep at all on Sunday or Tuesday nights if I slept a single minute past 6am on any day of the week.

  28. Charred says:

    There is no sin in self-defense.

  29. Hooray for no wasps and Veronica Mars!

    As for the insomnia, run screaming from Ambien. It quits working after awhile and now police are blaming it for instances of sleep driving. Lunesta is not much better. Leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, and groggy the next morning.

    Tylenol PM is good, sparingly. Too much and you could do liver damage. My vote is for the occasionaly Benadryl and Melatonin.

    Oh, and a Sapphire and Tonic is always good…

    Sweet Dreams!

  30. Brent says:

    Look at those beedy little eyes! They’re just asking for a little Raid action, if you ask me. They kept coming back, Dave. They were testing you. I think they’ve finally gotten the message. You had to lay down the law. So do we consider you a professional now?

  31. Isa says:

    Hey, I have not been up to date with Blogography but…whatever happened to Daves Bad Ass Show? I only saw previews….Well glad youre still around.

  32. Hebbie says:

    Hi Dave: I’m interested in your take on the widespread appeal of Veronica Mars. A couple of my friends are addicts. I’ve watched the first 15 minutes of two different episodes (not much, admittedly) and just found it goofy. What’s the attraction? And I don’t mean that rhetorically — I’m really interested to know.

  33. Dave2 says:

    I have no way of explaining it, and can only speak for myself. I like the show because of the complex characters and smart dialogue. I love the intricate plots and brilliant inter-relationships between everybody. I like that it can be funny one minute, then sad the next. I enjoy the mystery build-up and continuity between episodes. The writing is the best of any show on television, and doesn’t dumb itself down to appease the lowest common denominator like most everything else on the networks. Even better, STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENS… unlike crapfest shows like “Lost” where nothing is ever resolved so they can drag things out season after season. And on top of all that, the cast is perfect (and the fact that Kristen Bell is brutally hot doesn’t hurt).

    You are never going to “get” the show from random 15 minutes increments… each episode builds on the information before it, and watching a piece here and there isn’t going to make sense.

    It’s not a show for everybody (obviously, or the ratings would be higher)… but many people find it to be great television, which explains the rabid fan-following it has.

  34. Jeff says:

    “I have no way of explaining it”

    Sounds like you had an excellent way of explaining it 🙂

  35. claire says:

    Yea for VM! That is indeed good news.

  36. CJ says:

    Woo hoo! to VM getting renewed. ::happy dance::

    You did a great job of explaining why the show is so great. It takes a few episodes for most new viewers to get into the show’s tone and the complicated plots.

    Like you said, it can’t really be appreciated by catching a few minutes of an episode here or there. Some episodes have such goofy MOTWs (missing mascot, etc.), and it would be hard to appreciate the brilliance of VM if that was the only episode you saw and thought the show revolved around finding missing mascots every week.

  37. Suzi aka SJ says:

    Dave2, you must be very anti-medication or you’d be out buying some Benedryl. OK, how about valarian? It’s an herb that has been used as a natural sleep-inducer for literally hundreds of years. In fact, heavy doses of valarian were used to sedate surgery patients in pre-laudanum times.

    Once you break the insomnia pattern and “teach” your body how to sleep again, you’ll probably resume sleeping normally. I feel for you, hon. I’ve been there myself, and it’s miserable.

  38. Belinda says:

    Obviously, it’s the insomnia that’s giving you the brain power…now, where do we submit our requests for things we’d like you to ‘splode with your mind?

  39. nancycle says:

    hehehe…I must show Omar this picture – he will think it’s hilarious! Good job on the glowing eyes of the killer wasp!

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