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Posted on Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Dave!Last night as I was driving home, two girls ran across the street in front of me on a rural road. Not knowing what was going on, I stopped the car. Then I noticed that a small boy was also wanting to cross, so I waved him onward so he could catch up to the two girls (who really should have been watching him closer). Good thing he was smart enough to stop and look both ways, or else I very well might have ran him over.

So there I am sitting in my car as the boy waves and starts to run across. All of a sudden, his shoe comes off. Does he grab the shoe and continue across the street?


He sits down right in front of my car and proceeds to put his shoe back on.

Ordinarily, this would have annoyed me greatly, but I was fascinated. It was like a sudden moment of clarity when I realized that this kid had it all figured out. Rather than panic and try to solve two problems at once, he stopped and worked on the problem at hand before moving on.

A minute later, he pops up, waves at me again, then runs across the street to the two girls who seem very upset with the poor tyke.

It's amazing how little moments like this can have such an effect on me.

Yesterday I made the decision to shut down my blog.

No joke, it was really going to happen. The entire hosting fiasco had just gotten to be too much, and I honestly didn't know where to go with it. Yahoo! is not working out. I got a lot of recommendations from people as to other hosting services but, every time I checked into them, I found out that Movable Type users had been banned there for excessive CPU usage (this includes Dreamhost, and everybody else I tried).

No thanks. Once was enough. This "blogging thing" which was supposed to be a hobby had suddenly become a liability that I don't need. I simply don't have the time or energy to try and maintain three blogs during a second move. Everything is a mess, and I just don't need it. Enough is enough, and it was time to move on.

But then a little boy stopped to put on his shoe in front of my car.

And suddenly I realized that I don't have to stress about it. All I have to do is stop, solve the problem at hand, and move on. Who cares if my email is down for a while. Who cares if my blog is inaccessible for a bit. Who cares if everything is a mess. Just solve the problem at hand and THEN finish crossing the street.

So... I've done that. I think.

In the meanwhile, I'm sorry if I don't get your emails. I'm sorry if some comments get lost during the move. I'm sorry if things don't work right for a while. But I'm not going to worry about it. Eventually everything will work out. Eventually everything will be okay. I'm not stressing over a silly blog that shouldn't mean as much as it does.

One thing at a time. And it's time to move. Again.

So, if you like reading Blogography, and are happy that I've found a way to keep on going... you can thank a little boy who stopped to tie his shoe in front of my car yesterday.

It's amazing what you can learn if you just stop the car.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’d like to give that little boy a hug.

  2. ash says:

    Good to hear! Blogging shouldn’t be stressful and as much as we love reading, you never have any obligation to post every single day and you should never feel like you do.

  3. Chase says:

    Awwww…how poetic. In honor of your breath-taking poetry, I offer you this:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Don’t use Yahoo! hosting
    Because I do and I use Movable Type and the combo of the two SUCKS and makes me want to murder small animals with forks.

    The End.

  4. Rob says:

    Wow such knowledge from such a small kid.

  5. Kevin says:

    I told you Chase would have something to say about Yahoo Hosting.

  6. RisibleGirl says:

    Wow- I LOVE this story, and I love it that you got something so great out of it.

  7. Chase says:

    I told you Kevin was stalking me.

  8. Nicole says:

    What a smart little boy, the hero that save Blogography!

  9. Kevin says:

    I told you Chase lives for me talking about her.

    And I agree with Nicole, but let’s take it a step further and create a children’s book or some kind of Christmas fable about it. The Boy Who Saved Blogography. I like it!

  10. 6ft5 says:

    Even though that kid sounds pretty stupid (all people aren´t as considerate as you) I´m glad about the impact (sans vehicle) 🙂

    I´m glad you decided to stick around! You´re an inspiration!

  11. Belinda says:

    Just when I think I might want to move away from Blogger, I read something like this and think, “Hey, if it’s good enough for…”

    Must seek out identity of small anonymous boy with loose shoes.

    We’ll all be here, take your time, don’t stress, and try not to get run over while you’re tying your shoe in the street. *mwah!*

  12. Ashly says:

    Thank you, little boy.

    And thanks for being observant and thoughtful, Dave.

  13. Mooselet says:

    There are many times when I think kids have it all figured out and by making them “grow up” we screw them up.

    I want to thank that child for giving you that lightbulb moment. Blogging is, or should be, fun. Whilst I enjoy reading your blog so very much, it shouldn’t be adding to your everyday stress. I’m glad you’re sticking around to continue your quest for world domination!

  14. Firda says:

    So, did you end up moving to Media Temple? My feed reader thinks you did. But then again, my feed reader is imagining things sometimes…

  15. Chaz says:

    I’m glad you decided to stick it out! I don’t know what I’d do without fun, witty cartoons to keep me amused almost every day!

    I’m sure everything will get straightened out soon enough, but until then, remember it will all work out!

  16. Lisa says:

    We’ll just patiently wait while you put YOUR shoe on. 😉

  17. Bre says:

    First, that was beautifully written. Second, I think you are 100% correct – take each individual challenge as they come and you will be much happier, more successfull, and less harried!

  18. Clever says:

    That’s actually a sweet story. And you’re still here! =)

  19. RW says:

    Here’s the difference between me and you: The boy is still alive.

    There’s a metaphor about our respective blogs in that, but what do I look like – a prophet?

    Yours is maybe one of five blogs I know of worth checking on every day, if possible.

    I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if you shut it all down.

    But… no pressure or anything…


  20. Chanakin says:

    So if anything like this happens in the future we should wish for a little kid to run out in front of Dave’s car?

  21. Jen says:

    I’d like to give that little boy a hug too. I just discovered your blog and would be very sad to see it disappear.

  22. ssp says:

    I’m with a small hosting company and the guy made an actual effort to try and tell me what’s using all those resources. He wasn’t 100% successful as MT just seems to be an overly complex heap of bloated code (when I ran it on my iBook its perl processes were quite slow and using >30MB of memory which apparently is considered a lot on a web server).

    And the comment spammers were one of the hosting guy’s main concerns. There loads of accesses to those per day, mostly simultaneously, each of which spawned such a mt process. Since, I changed the name of the comment script and put an invisible decoy comment form in front of the actual one. This didn’t stop the spammers but reduced their numbers. I still try to just change the name of the comment script from time to time now which also gives some extra relief.

    None of that is ideal… but apparently it’s the price you have to pay for using MT and having comments.

  23. RW says:

    Hey Gravatar lost my icon! They killed Kenny! (you bastards)

  24. Ben says:

    How very Zen.

    Have you ever thought about WordPress?

  25. sandra says:

    I don’t even have a car, so I promise not to run you over while you’re mid-tie.

    Glad you’re sticking around!

  26. You can’t go! You inspired me to start my own blog!

  27. Bec says:

    “Yesterday I made the decision to shut down my blog.”

    My heart literally stopped when I read that.

  28. Metro says:

    One of your best entries yet, even though it is oozing with gobs of sticky sappiness. When you’re right. You’re right.

    I know you are aware of your greatness, but just to reinforce it- Your blog is the ONLY blog I look forward to and read every single day.

  29. Eve says:

    Wow, imagine all you could have learned if you had mowed that kid down?

    Glad you’re sticking around.

    PS: I’m stalking Kevin.

  30. Kiri says:

    Well I certainly hope you keep on blogging, regardless of where you decide to host it.

    Kids can teach us a lot if we just stop and listen (or look) once in a while. 😉

  31. Dave H says:

    Glad you’re sticking around. 🙂

  32. Jon says:

    I, too, am glad you’ve decided to keep going. Kudos on remaining open to the messages the universe sends you.

  33. Kevin says:

    My life is complete! I have a stalker all my very own!

    * gushes with pride *

  34. What a beautiful post.

  35. Rabbit says:

    I am amazed that a pokey little boy brought about such a profound revelation. Kudos to you.

    If it were me, I’d have been revving the engine to hurry the wee one across the road.

  36. Deb_LA says:

    We’ll keep coming back for more as long as you do.

    P.S. I am stalking Eve who is stalking Kevin who is stalking Chase. Whew, stalking is exhausting and complicated.

  37. That story is going in my wallet.

    (Necessary background: I keep folded up index cards of inspirational things people I’m acquainted with have said/done/seen for rough times)

  38. kazza says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’re going to keep blogging. It would have been a great loss to the blogosphere if you’d given it all up.
    *hugs* from down under

  39. SJ says:

    Well, everything I was going to say has already been said by more timely readers than I. May I just add my own YIPPEE! and WOO HOO!!! to the chorus of relieved Blogographarians?

  40. Wayne Hall says:

    Title rings true – “Drama”
    You really know how to pluck
    the heart strings in me.

    Life-changing events
    like one-shoed kids can really
    change your perspective.

    For me, though, this week
    has brought with it crappy news.
    Two deaths, one near miss.

    First death was local.
    92-year old woman.

    Near miss: a sister
    of very close co-worker,
    fighting breast cancer.

    Biggest impact, though
    was drowned three year old Makai,
    ex-co-worker’s kid.

    I have a kid, 4.
    And another, almost 12.
    Couldn’t imagine.

    I have these new eyes.
    I show them to anyone
    who complains a lot

    about stress from work,
    or traffic, or bad coffee
    or f*cked up paypal 🙂

    You’ve heard what they say…
    Bad news sometimes comes in “threes”
    Three’s enough, thank you.

    Dave, your blog helped me;
    Reminded me; guided me.
    Putting one’s life first.

    Important things hide.
    …maybe we hide them ourselves?
    Come out, Come out, things!

  41. Dave2 says:

    It’s kind of special when a comment ends up being better than the entry which initiated it. 🙂

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