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Posted on Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Dave!Thanks to a suggestion from Rach, I decided to make my own bank checks. It's only $20 for 150 of them, and you can rotate through four separate designs if you want. Since I've already made my own stamps, I figured "why not?" I don't think that you can use photos of other people without permission, so Elizabeth Hurley checks are not an option... and I'm certainly not going to put photos of myself on them. Guess it's going to be a bunch of DaveToons then.

The hard part is trying to pick toons that will work in such a severe horizontal format. I did the best I could, and am mostly happy with the results.

Bad Monkey...

Dave Check


Dave Check

Scary Clown...

Dave Check

Super Pope...

Dave Check

Big fun! I need to start customizing everything... I want my own glassware, dinnerware, and cutlery. My own shoes, socks, and boxer shorts. My own toothbrushes, shower curtains, and condoms. I definitely want my own line of erotic sex toys (which may be considered "Not Safe for Work" and are pictured in an extended entry)...


My ad campaign will go something like this: "For the ultimate pleasure, touch yourself with Dave."

Sometimes my brilliance amazes even me.

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  1. marie b. says:

    “For the ultimate pleasure, touch yourself with Dave.”

    I’d feel so skeevy if that were a real campaign. My brother’s name is Dave, so dildos emblazoned with the name are a no-no.

    I do have to say that I’m pretty taken with the pink one, though.

  2. adena says:

    I dunno….Cartoon Dave could look a lot happier about being on sex toys. He looks disinterested.

    I SO want those checks!

  3. Patrick says:

    “Dave’s Love touches deeply”

    Are checks still that common in US of A? I don’t think I’ve seen one here in Sweden the last 15 years.

  4. Ben says:

    And stay tuned for more phallus week entries.

  5. Dave2 says:

    Marie: I call the pink one “The Dalek Intruder”. The last thing on your mind when powering up this baby will be your brother… at least I hope so.

    Adena: Pleasuring the ladies is a very serious matter. Dave isn’t detached… he’s ready to get down to business!

    Phil: Yes, that’s what I thought!

    Patrick: Checks are not as common as they used to be (thanks to debit cards), but a shocking number of people still use them here. I’d imagine because that’s what they are accustomed to (most of the people I see writing checks are older, but not all). I write two checks each month for bills that are difficult to pay electronically or via my billing service.

    Ben: Sadly, I missed phallus week, as it started this past Sunday… today’s the last day. 🙁

  6. trixie says:

    haha. your brilliance never ceases to amaze me. so, are you gonna personalize them toys and put them up for sale soon?

  7. Mooselet says:

    I think I like the clown bashing one the best. Most people don’t use checks (or cheques) here in Australia as the banks charge you $3.00+ per check written. Cheaper to go and get a money order at the post office.

    Dave toys will be for sale at the Blogography shop soon, right? The blue one is… interesting.

  8. nic says:

    What a great gift-giving idea!

  9. Kevin says:

    A little warning before you show more DaveDos (haha, I made a funny! Get it? DaveDo = Dave + Dildo. Sorry.). I was reading this post in class with classmates on either side of me.

    Your checks rock. You do realize now that you have opened yourself up to a whole new avenue of “design favor” requests, don’t you?

    Can I have Kevtoon checks?

  10. adena says:

    Checks are very handy for spending money which isn’t there for about 2 more days.

    That’s about all they’re good for. 🙂

  11. Dave2 says:

    Trixie: I do realize that there is an entire world of women (and a smaller, yet no less devoted group of men) who are crying out for Dave Love but, alas, I’m not sure such an endeavor would be profitable. Having to tell people that I went bankrupt because of a failed sex toys operation would not be cool. 🙁

    Mooselet: Well, the good ol’ USA is behind the curve for a great many things… and check-writing would appear to be yet another antiquated ideology that we’re clinging to which more progressive countries have abandoned. Sad, really. But, on the bright side, look at my cool checks!! 🙂

    Nic: The checks or the sex toys? Though I can see how either one would be a welcome gift…

    Kevin: Gee… it’s not like I showed them in use!! And what are you doing reading my blog when you’re supposed to be learning? Oh well, to avoid any further embarrassment at work or in class, I’ve put the photo in an extended entry. If you hover over the photo you’ll see that these are “Davebrators”… the “Davedos” are not battery operated and are shaped like Bad Monkey. 🙂

    Adena: Back when I was in college, writing checks on money I didn’t have was a way of life! And if you write them on a Friday, you have THREE days before they clear the following Monday, which made my weekend partying far easier. Sigh. Despite being constantly drunk and broke, I miss those days. 🙂

  12. rach says:

    glad you could use the idea. i love the way you scroll past that last check design, “super pope”, to be greeted by the selection of dave vibes.

    the checks are totally cute. you are going to have to put a different expression, though, on the sex toys.

    and whatever you do, please don’t name one of them “mega dave”.

  13. Dave2 says:

    Hey, like I said, “pleasuring the ladies is a very serious matter” – if my cartoon alter-ego were smiling like an idiot on a vibrator, I’m afraid that people would call me a pervert*.

    *Like there’s no chance of that now.

  14. Sayuri says:

    I just realized who it is you remind me of Dave. It’s been bugging me for a year now!

    Bill Hicks! You’re kinda like a Bill Hicks…but without the smoking…and meat-eating……but the rest of it is all there…..

    (Funny where entires about porn/vibrators take you……)

  15. sandra says:

    Do you think it’d be at all scary to put on a condom and see your own (er…a Davetoon) face staring back at you from your business?

  16. Used Hack says:

    Those checks are awesome. I’ll have to look into that site.

    My wife wants one of those vibrators. What does that mean? 🙂

  17. Pauly D says:

    Can you make one with your trademark Dave guy pulling out both his pockets and showing there’s no money in there?

    Or some guy being thrown in jail for tax evasion?

  18. Naomi says:

    Sign me up for a Bad Monkey dildo!!!

  19. Naomi says:

    …it’d be in the shape of a banana, no doubt…

  20. Nicole says:

    Maybe you should design a line of credit cards next.

    Checks come and go but plastic is forever.

  21. Cherese says:

    hey love your davetoons! more intrigued by the checks however than the vibros. Wasn’t that a nasty little shock when I clicked the comments button. For some reason didn’t see them coming…but isn’t that always the way it goes. Love your blog. almost inspires me to update mine more often….almost.

  22. Bec says:

    When you open or similar I’ll be first in line, credit card in hand – we need new everything in the house… Dave glassware… fantastic… Or, ooo, a DaveStore in style of Disney… Everywhere you look – the face of Dave. Paradise!

  23. C.M.Chase says:

    The checks are brilliant. If I still wrote checks, I’d want some just like that!

    And, when she said “For some reason didn’t see them coming”, shouldn’t Cherese (a couple of posts up) get some kind of prize for Best Pun ‘o’ The Thread?

  24. Put your URL on them and make some hires versions available for us so we can have Blogography checks too!!!

    Maybe a few more options too. The clown scares me 🙂

  25. claire says:

    The Dave Love face strikes me as over-serious too, but mostly, he needs to shave.

    Love the pope check!

  26. i8toomuch says:

    I love the ‘Pope’ checks. ‘In god I trust and everyone else just show me the cash.’

    Dave-toons on pleasure toys. Can we spank the monkey?

  27. Belinda says:

    You are gonna be getting some interesting search traffic after this one. And yes, I would absolutely buy those checks.

    Of course the clown is scary, but the beauty part is that he’s about to get whacked with a bat! Good times!

  28. lizriz says:

    OMG, the checks are so cool, and then I hit the continued without even reading the paragraph right above it, and… the whole post just went in a whole new direction!


  29. DutchBitch says:

    Oooohhh it’s like the pink one was invented especially for me!!!

  30. Robin says:

    ::fans self:: The toys? Awesome. Spreading love all over the world to punannis everywhere.

    The checks – I want them. Where can I get them?

  31. The Momshell says:

    I would totally rock those checks. Those other things… Not so much needed around here.

  32. I think I just wet myself laughing. You should make Bad Monkey Adult Diapers.

    Oh, and you should stick Bad Monkey smiling on the end of a butt plug.

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