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Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2005

Dave!Oooh, look... Michael Jackson is like totally innocent!

Well, I sincerely doubt he's totally innocent, but given the wonderful job the prosecution did of piling on bad evidence on top of bad witnesses, it's the verdict he gets. Why oh why didn't they just focus on a child molestation case instead of all the stupid shit that diluted everything into an un-winable mess?

I'd attempt to be shocked, but it's exactly as I predicted...

The Michael Jackson trial is coming to a close. Will the freak who likes to sleep with little boys in his bed be sent off to a pound-you-in-the-ass federal penitentiary? Probably not. I'm sure he'll just be written off as an eccentric, and walk away with nothing more than a big lawyer bill to show for it. I would be more interested in seeing the parents of these children put on trial for actually allowing a scary-ass pedophile like Jackson near their kids. But what do I know?

Do I think that Michael Jackson is guilty of everything he was charged with? No. Do I think he acted completely inappropriately with little boys he invited into his bed "so that he could show his love for them"? Uh, yeah. This is just not normal behavior, and the fact that the child accuser provided graphic details as to the incidents... well, something very wrong was going on there. The fact that Michael gets away with it is really sick.


The real losers are, of course, the kids. Their innocence has been taken, but whether it was by Michael Jackson or the prosecution is open to debate. I still blame the parents. Where in the f#@% were they when this crap was going on?

Movie Quotable of the Day: "The name's Francis Sawyer, but everybody calls me Psycho... any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you."
Yesterday's Answer: Mars Attacks! (1996) with Jack Nicholson and Annette Bening.

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  1. a says:

    Did you know that a similar thing happened to the Marquis de Sade? True story, he was a wanted man in Marseilles for brutalizing & attempting to poison prostitutes. While the latter charge proved somewhat specious, nonetheless, his notoriety was wide-spread. YET, some completely dim parents sent their young daughters to be servants in his household for the winter. It later transpires that he, his wife & his sister-in-law had worked up a harem-esque situation & was found out when one of the girls escaped in the spring. This epsiode is embellished in his Days of Sodom book. You wonder what people can possibly think of to entrust the virtue of their children, even if they personally may believe that the alleged miscreant has been maligned, the welfare of their children far outweighs the advantage of giving misguided support to someone they admire.

    That, or they’re just greedy wretches. Think of it, now, these people can sign book deals, give interviews, etc. etc. They can make a fortune. It’s sad.

  2. Rob says:

    This is just another example of the all mighty dollar winning over justice. And now that he has been found inocent, MJ is probably playing golf with OJ looking for the “real molesters and killer” in their trials.

  3. Dave2 says:

    I know I’m disappointed that my parents didn’t send me over to be molested by Michael Jackson… I could be $20 million rich right now!

    Perhaps playing golf with OJ… or maybe he’s having lunch with Robert Blake? 🙂

  4. Neil T. says:

    Personally I think Jackson is a much of a victim as the kids. He’s been ruined by this controversy, both financially and in terms of his public image. In any case I think he’s in need of some psychiatric help rather than a prison cell and I’m glad to see he’s not ended up in the latter.

  5. Peggy Archer says:

    I was expecting a guilty verdict on at least the misdemeanor charge – didn’t he admit to giving alcohol to children?

    I have to tell you that I’m having a really hard time thinking of M.J. as a victim – although he is really, really strange.

    I worked on one of his videos, and the crew had to leave the stage before he came in so we wouldn’t look at him.

  6. Art says:

    I think that it’s too bad he wasn’t convicted of at least one of the charges. Then they could order him not to be alone or with children. I believe that he should be beaten just for forwarding the cause of pedophilia by saying how beautiful it is for a 40 something year old male to share his bed with children.

  7. ISA says:

    If u look at what Michael Jackson does to his own kids its sickening enough, poor kids walking around with crazy mardi gras masks all day long I mean come on! No matter what, the guy isn’t right in the head and those parents are either the biggest dumbasses in the world to let that man sleep with their kids or they are heartless greedy bastards.

  8. Kirkkitsch says:

    Oy. I didn’t want to take the time and effort to blog about this, so I’m glad you did. I also don’t necessarily thing MJ is completely void of any wrong doing, but I also don’t think there was enough hard (no pun intended) evidence to prove it.

    However, I don’t think he’s as guilty as every bleeding-heart parent out there wants him to be. And trust me, they’re the ones who were “praying” for a guity verdict. I love how all these people are so pro-children, yet I bet you dollars to donuts, that they’re nowhere to be found at pro-child charities anytime soon. Everything is always SOMEONE ELSE’S fault, never theirs. Whatever. If parents were half this fire-up over their own kids , this stuff (high-profile pedo cases) wouldn’t be half as important/”personal” as they make them out to be. Being a parent is a lifetime committment, not a club you join to lynch someone you don’t like. I, for one am glad this whole dog and pony show is over.

  9. mushroom says:

    Posted by Neil T:”Personally I think Jackson is a much of a victim as the kids. He’s been ruined by this controversy, both financially and in terms of his public image. In any case I think he’s in need of some psychiatric help rather than a prison cell and I’m glad to see he’s not ended up in the latter.” Your right he don’t need to be lock up in a cell he need’s to be 6 feet under.

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