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Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Dave!Like millions of other people, I am addicted to the television series that is Lost. It's a fantastic show that delivers lots of surprises and has a mystery tying everything together that's just too good for television (it's nice to know that the reason Alias is sucking so bad lately is because creator J.J. Abrams is putting his efforts somewhere).

Tonight is the last episode until May sweeps, which sucks ass, but we do have the benefit of knowing that a major player is killed off. This is probably a good thing, because the only conflict currently running in the show is seen in flashbacks, not the present-day stories. Lost cannot afford to become complacent. Anyway, the only thing we know is that it's going to be a male character who bites it, which means it's one of ten people. For your reading pleasure (but mostly my own amusement) I'm going to run through all of them and try to decide who dies.

For the sake of foreign readers who may not be caught up to the latest episode (or anybody who doesn't want the show ruined with my speculations), I've dumped everything in an extended entry.

Jack: Why they should kill him: Most boring character on the show, and shows no signs of going anywhere. Why they won't kill him: Actor Matthew Fox was originally brought to the show as a "known" star that they were going to kill in the first act in order to shock the viewers and imply that nobody is safe. But then Fox decided to walk around the set nude all the time, and suddenly the writers are all in love with him. Since they didn't kill him then, and he is a fan favorite, I'm guessing he's pretty safe. Dave's take: Since Jack originally wasn't supposed to stick around, the writers didn't have a plan for him and it shows. By keeping him around, I can only guess that they will finally do more than have him patch people up and be haunted by his father's ghost.

Sawyer: Why they should kill him: Sawyer originally started out as an antagonist for the group. A real jerk that brought everybody together in their loathing of him. But because he's too pretty to stay angry, the writers have softened his character a great deal. He's almost to the point of being as boring as Jack. If they got rid of him, somebody else could turn evil and better fill that role, because changing Sawyer back now would be pretty poor writing (oops!). Why they won't kill him: Break-out star of the show who is on the front cover of TV Guide as I type this. Women love him, men want to be him, and killing him off would probably end up damaging the show. Dave's take: Truth to tell, a good writer would realize that Sawyer is a dead end now that he's been ruined and write him off so as not to fall into the "bad boy gone good" trap that is so cliche and against what Lost is about.

Sayid: Why they should kill him: No reason. Naveen Andrews is an incredible actor, and Sayid's dark past along with a shot at redemption gives him excellent potential. Why they won't kill him: Writers this good will realize Sayid is gold... though if Andrews decides he can do better and wants out of his contract, they may have no choice (but what's better than this?). Dave's take: I find Sayid to be even more interesting than Locke, and that surprises even me. Finding out about his past is sure to be a highlight of the second season.

Locke: Why they should kill him: No reason. A fascinating character with the coolest "reveal" in the entire first season (so far) that's capably played by the always amazing Terry O'Quin. Why they won't kill him: Locke is the key to the secret of the island. If they kill him off, they would have to start all over with another character, and nobody else on the cast could possibly do it better. Dave's take: If they were to kill off Locke, it would open up the door for Boone to become an even stranger key toward revealing the mystery of what's going on. I'm not saying this is a good solution, but writers do love a challenge.

Boone: Why they should kill him: Throw-away character. Other than being Locke's constant companion and whining about his sister, he serves no useful purpose. Kind of a shame, because Ian Somerhalder is a capable actor. Why they won't kill him: No reason. They will. Dave's take: Boone was seriously injured last episode, and they will probably just take the easy way out and let him die. This would make the Lost writers extremely lame because he is the "safe" choice, and killing him is easier than trying to figure out what to do with him. I'm sorry but "safe" is not the reason I tune in to Lost each week. If the writers had any balls at all, they would keep Boone and turn him evil or make him the reason the plane crashed, or do something to make him interesting. I am preparing for disappointment.

Hurley: Why they should kill him: No reason. Without Hurley and Charlie, the show would loose most of its humor and charm, causing it to spiral into a dreary supernatural melodrama. Why they won't kill him: It's already been confirmed by some Canadian television magazine that Hurley will be around for the second season. Dave's Take: Hurley rocks. He is a totally unique character, and the show would not be the same without him. Actor Jorge Garcia's weight loss over the course of the series is an excellent barometer of time passing as well... hopefully they have it as part of his character and Garcia is game for it.

Charlie: Why they should kill him: No reason at all. He's my favorite character on the show, and I can only hope that the writers will continue to flesh out his character and keep making him interesting. Kicking a heroin addiction, hooking up with Claire, being abducted then hanged, and killing Ethan was a good start. Why they won't kill him: Show creator J.J. Abrams has made the unprecedented claim that he won't kill off Dominic Monaghan's character. Dave's take: Charlie would be by far the most shocking choice to be killed off... they've already been there and almost done that. Besides, the show needs him. But, with that being said, Abrams could have been tossing out a big red herring and had planned to kill Charlie all along. Notable to Blogography readers as one of the three guys I would go gay for.

Jin: Why they should kill him: Is a barrier to hottie wife Sun getting crazy. If Jin dies, Sun can finally hook up and go topless on the beach! Also, after his cool flashback story, is there really anything else to be done with him? Why they won't kill him: Along with Michael & Walt, he's one of the very few non-whitebread characters on the show. Fascinating back-story could be writing gold for future story arcs. Dave's Take: An obvious choice, but not a very good one. Unlike Boone, Jin actually has something interesting to build upon... hopefully they will.

Michael: Why they should kill him: He has gone from being a whiny dad to a total cliche of "angry Black man" that still whines. He's angry with Jin. He's angry with Walt. He's angry with Locke. He's angry with Sawyer. Seriously, is there anybody on that island he isn't angry with? Why they won't kill him: Like Jin, Michael adds diversity to the mostly-White cast. Also, Harold Perrineau is one of the best actors on the show. Dave's take: I almost wish I could kill Michael before the writers foist any more cliches on the poor guy. Such excellent potential squandered so poorly. Hopefully this will be addressed in season two.

Walt: Why they should kill him: They can't. Why they won't kill him: The astounding reveal as to Walt's psychic powers being behind the polar bears and "unseen monster" in the show is just too delicious. Killing Walt would be a huge, mega-huge, mistake until this all plays out. Dave's Take: Michael's boring origin story was salvaged by the most shocking secret since Locke's paralysis... son Walt is "special" and "different." I cannot wait to see what happens here, and this turn is what makes Lost one of my favorite shows... big surprises come from the most unlikely places.

TO SUMMARIZE... the character they should kill off is Sawyer or Jack. Now that Sawyer is pretty much becoming a slightly more interesting version of Jack, there's really no reason to keep both of them. The character they will kill off is Boone, because they just don't know what to do with him. This blows, because what Lost does best is find ways of making the ordinary become extraordinary, and Boone is ripe with possibilities that will never be explored. Of course, this is Lost, so I can only guess that just because a character dies it doesn't mean he's really gone or that we've seen the last of him (theoretically, characters could go on indefinitely in flashbacks).

So come on writers... Lost is a show that I want to surprise me... so go ahead and prove me wrong and surprise me already!

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  1. Missy says:

    The ep just ended. All I can say is…. WOW. And how long do we have to wait for the next one??

  2. Ben says:

    Down with Jack! Boo! Hiss!

  3. I’m not a “Lost”-watcher, but I wanted to share this with you…

  4. Dave2 says:

    Missy: Lost is off the air until May sweeps, so it looks like we’ve got about a month until the final eps.

    Ben: No doubt. Boring. Boring. Boring.

    Kachina: PIE!!!! Oooh. Is that the faux Key Lime Pie then? Looks delicious… I’m jealous. Time for me to go buy some cream cheese and graham cracker crust.

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