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Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Dave!Okay, I have GOT to stop watching Veronica Mars. With each new episode I turn more and more into a thirteen year-old schoolgirl, and it's really starting to piss me off. But I am getting ahead of myself...

Last night I was all wrapped up in a super-secret project for Blogiversary 2, and forgot that there was actually good television on. It wasn't until after work today that I was thinking "hey, I forgot to watch Scrubs and Veronica Mars last night!" So I ran two stop lights, hit an old lady (with cat), and bowled over a couple of children playing in the street (they deserved it, what were they doing in the street anyway?)... all so I could get home and watch TV.

And so there I am watching Veronica Mars and there's only 15 minutes left, when all of a sudden it happens. Veronica and Logan kiss right there on my television!!

Veronica and Logan

Here's the bullet points...

  • First I'm like "oh shit, that kid from Home Improvement has just kidnapped Veronica Mars!" But what's this? She was talking to Logan on her mobile phone, and he hears her getting kidnapped!
  • So when the kidnapper takes Veronica to the sleazy Camelot Hotel, Logan shows up and punches the kidnapper in the face! But uh oh, the kidnapper was actually an undercover Federal Agent!
  • After she's done talking to the Fed, Veronica is all "Oh Logan you saved me!" and gives him a quick BFF kiss.
  • Then Logan is all "Dude! Veronica Mars just totally kissed me on the lips!" and he's thinking "Man, I was just crying like a little bitch last episode! What is she doing kissing a pansy-ass like me?"
  • And then Veronica is like "I am such a whore! Just a little while ago I was kissing my boyfriend Deputy Leo!" and starts to walk off.
  • But Logan is all "I gotta get me another taste of THAT" then grabs her arm and starts to mash on her.
  • Veronica starts mashing Logan back and all of a sudden they both are like "WTF are we doing?" And Veronica runs away.
  • Then Veronica looks back to Logan and is all "Oh I am so confused!" and Logan is looking back at her and is all "I am totally going to score with Veronica Mars!"

omg! OMFG!!! So now I am going to spend the rest of the evening downloading screen caps and making pretty graphics for my blog that say "Veronica and Logan 4-ever." And then I need to start a new web site called "" where I can write my own Veronica Mars fan fiction!

But now I am starting to remember that I am not a thirteen year-old girl, and have better ways of spending my time. DANG YOU TO HECK VERONICA MARS!! Only four episodes left until all our questions are answered.

Veronica's fingers gently caress the puka shells around Logan's neck. "I want you" she says, her voice throaty. "But Veronica, I've joined the CIA! I leave for Budapest in the morning!" he replies, running the back of his hand across her cheek. "Then I guess we had better make the most of the time we have. Take me! Take me now, Logan!" she screams, the tears coming easily. "Oh Ronnie, I love you so..."

Movie Quotable of the Day: "We've got a blind date with Destiny... and it looks like she's ordered the lobster!"
Yesterday's Answer: Dogma (1999) with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

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  1. James Bow says:

    Psst. Thirteen year old girls aren’t the only ones to write fan fiction.

    Seventeen-to-thirty-two year-old men do it too. And I’m not ashamed to admit it! 😉

    (ducks out and runs away)

  2. Patrick says:

    Aw My Gawd!!! And to know that there’s yet another season coming. OMG!!! Seriously! … hahaha 🙂

    And that Blogiversary-thing, why do you keep us in such suspense? Man, I can’t take it – it’s even worse that Christmas!

  3. Dave2 says:

    Ummm. If I were wanting to write fan fiction about something cool (like Doctor Who), I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit it either! But for a guy to write fan fiction about a high school girl who solves mysteries?!? Sorry, but there is no way at all to make that sound cool. 🙂

    And YES, totally! OMG! Another season of Veronica Mars! I am sooooooooo freaking out right now!

  4. karla says:

    You are SUCH a girl.

    Now go play Kitty Spangles and eat your Girl Scout cookies. Then momma will braid your hair and we’ll pick out a cute outfit for tomorrow.

    (OMG Logan is so FINE! Did you see his ASS?)

  5. Dave2 says:

    SUCH a girl?? I KNOW!

    I just can’t help myself! This is my favorite show on television right now, and I’m giddy (GIDDY I SAY!) with anticipation over what is going to happen next.

    I so want to go use some power tools right now so II can prove I am still all-man despite my Veronica Mars addiction.

  6. Dave2 says:

    American Lumberjacks?!? How is THAT going to help?

    Oh wait a second… it’s not the gay fetish site I thought it was going to be. Never mind.

    I think I’m going to have to watch “The Godfather” and the latest Keri Sable video as preventative maintenance before next Tuesday.

  7. Dave2 says:

    Well I don’t think that’s the situation here… according to the test, I’m only 20% gay.

    Hey, hold on a second…

    HOLY CRAP!! I’M 20% GAY!!

    And here I’ve been telling myself all this time that the reason I love Veronica Mars so much is because I it’s so well-written and Veronica is hot. Now I know it’s because I’m 20% gay and didn’t even know it.

  8. karla says:

    Dave…did you ever think that maybe you are a lesbian?

  9. Missy says:

    Wow, I’m 43% gay. Must be that obsession with Buffy.

  10. Art says:

    So I take the gay test. Then I take it again. Then I take the test again. The damn thing is broken. There is no f$%#ing way that I’m forty f$%&ing three, f$#%ing percent gay. Forty three percent homophobic MAYBE, but not forty f$%^ing three, f$#%ing percent gay. The really depressing part is that I couldn’t figure out how to change my answers so that my score would butch up a little.

  11. You totally convinced me that I had to watch this show.

    Then I took that gay test and found out I’m 43% gay. So now I have to watch Xena: Warrior Princess or… This Old House.

    Damn you Dave. Damn You.

  12. Dave2 says:

    Karla: I am really sexually confused now.

    Missy: Buffy seems to have that affect on people.

    Art: Here’s a hint: when they ask you if you prefer to sleep with men or women, you should answer “women” – that’s very butch.

    Kachina: Don’t blame me… Jenny is the one who got everybody started on that test! Well, okay, you can blame me for Veronica Mars.

  13. Art says:

    I guess that’s what they mean about not being able to see the forest for the trees. I thought that being willing to shave my head and trim my pubic hair while in my lucky underwear and 101.00 shirt with a cleansing treatment on my face and masturbating to lesbian porn, would make me the manliest of men.

  14. karla says:

    50% gay, people! 50%, which makes me a “happy and well adjusted hetero babe”.

    I am SO gayer than you all…and I don’t care!

    Now to go find that power drill, it was around here somewhere, but first i need to put on those cute overalls…..oh! and the big leather belt with the belt buckle? Yeah, that too.

  15. Dave2 says:

    There you go Art, just accept your gayness like Karla and be “out and proud!” The up-side is that now you get a parade. 🙂

  16. Hani Fizz;e says:

    I think you totally rock whateveryournameis, Logan is sexy like WOAH. I think Logan always loved her. Do y’all agree with me.

    Logan: Oh Veronica I want you don’t be with that crackhead pussy Duncan.

    Veronica: Okay –Make out–

  17. Shadow says:

    Well, i am a veronica mars freak!! cant miss an show. When i tell my friends they make fun of me. they say a hard core rocker chick like you should not be watching girly a** s^%# like V.M. oh well, Logan is soooooooooo sexy!

  18. Gabby says:

    I loooooove Veronica Mars! I get so upset when I can’t find anyone at school who watches it. I hear you write VM fanfic, and I would really love to read some of it if you don’t mind. I can’t wait until next season. Who do you think raped Veronica?

  19. Dave2 says:

    Errrr… I was just joking about the fanfic. I’m not that talented. 🙂

    I don’t know who raped Veronica, but if they make Logan the culprit, I’ll be most upset… it’s just too easy.

  20. dd says:

    lol, I read this and couldn’t stop giggling. I know, I know “who the feck is this strange person confessing her undying love to me, at 2am??” my name is D, and I am not crazy. I promise. butttt, I am crazy over Veronica Mars 🙂 I liked what you posted, it was cute.

  21. Sylvia says:

    O.O I’m 33% gay.

    Apparently, I’m a straight laced girly girl with a hint of butch popping out sometimes.

  22. Louie says:

    Speaking on behalf of all 13 year old girls. (i’m 14 but who’s counting) Just because we have no social life doesn’t make up uncool. Does it?

  23. susannne says:

    love ur site but have only found it. where r u gone?

  24. Dave2 says:

    Uhhhh… I blog every day right here?? Did I leave and not realize it?? 🙂

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