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Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2004

Dave!It seems like every other day some "industry insider" is writing some lame-ass article about how Apple should just give it up and quit making Macs. Since Apple's demise has been greatly exaggerated for years, it's been pretty easy to ignore this crap. But now you have the former design head of Apple, Don Norman, saying " Apple should quit the mainstream PC market and concentrate instead on multimedia production and entertainment."

Of course, Norman is working for Microsoft now, so when he says dumbass things like "the world wants compatibility now. It wants to communicate, and this means one brand dominating," I can't help but laugh my ass off. Can this idiot actually be this clueless? I guess when the Borg assimilated him, they did a thorough job of it!


  • The world does not want one brand dominating. Competition drives innovation, which makes all products better. If your idiotic statement were actually true, we'd all still be using DOS. Besides, Microsoft seems to copy everything Apple does, so now Windows is getting more and more like a Mac with every release you worthless turd.
  • Macs can communicate. I access the internet over TCP/IP, read web pages with HTML, can view graphics with JPEG or GIF, have no problem sending and receiving e-mail, and trade MS Office documents and Adobe Creative Suite files with other platforms every day. There is nothing you can do on your bug-ridden OS that I can't do better on my Mac you asinine dipshit.
  • Apple is making money on the Mac. Why would it make any sense whatsoever for Apple to discontinue the Macintosh when they make money on it? Sure it's not the mega-billions that Microsoft pulls in from the Windows monopoly, but it's still a profit you inane asshat.
  • Macs are superior. I am not some Apple-loving zombie... trust me when I say that if Windows were a better and more productive experience, I would have no problem at all dumping my Mac and making the switch to Microsoft. Since I am using both platforms all the time, I can say without hesitation that I find the Macintosh to be superior in every way to the bloated, bug-ridden pile of crap that is Microsoft Windows. Why in the hell would I want to give up a better OS just because the alternative is more popular you mindless prat?
  • Where is Longhorn anyway? The next version of Windows "Longhorn" won't be released until 2006 (unless Microsoft delays it yet again), meanwhile Apple has steadily been releasing amazing updates that have made MacOS X the most advanced consumer OS on the planet. In early 2005, we get "Tiger," with technologies like "Spotlight" that will give Mac users the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of files effortlessly. This is the stuff that's the future of the personal computer, and Mac users always seem to be getting there first. Heaven only knows where Apple will be in 2006 when your Windows retread is trotted out you stupid prick.

Bravado like this makes Microsoft look like frightened little pussies that have to constantly verbally attack the Mac or Linux because they don't have a superior product that can speak for itself. When are they going to realize that actions speak louder than words, and they should put up or shut up? Will the Mac always be new OS hotness while Windows will remain old and busted... doomed to forever trying to catch up? Go ahead and prove me wrong, but talk like this just makes me even more confident that "Longhorn" is going to be yet another inferior Mac clone. Well no thanks, I'll stick with the superior original.

Gee I love it when arrogant Microsoft idiots like Don Norman presume to speak for the world. It just makes them look all the more laughable and irrelevant to where the world is actually heading (not to mention giving me something to rant about here in my blog).

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  1. Steve says:

    Except for gaming.
    PC’s beat Macs when it comes to the amount of games available.

  2. Dave2 says:

    Yeah, but that’s what I have an XboX for!

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