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STILL Stop Calling Me

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2004

Dave!Well, the harassing calls from Stonebridge Life Insurance continue (under the guise of "Results Technology," according to my Caller ID). As I blogged back on the 18th, these people call every night at all hours. Because they are using an automatic dialer, 9 times out of 10, there is nobody there when you pick up the phone. The one time somebody was actually there, I told them to stop calling me. I've called Stonebridge Life twice to tell them to stop calling me. I've attempted to call the Results Technology line three times to be removed (but they are always "too busy" to process the request, even though I am paying for the call). Despite all of this, the calls keep coming which is nothing less than harassment.

Today I called Stonebridge Life a final time to talk with a supervisor so I could threaten a letter to the Better Business Bureau and possible legal action if they didn't stop calling me. I was told that I was on the list, but it takes 30 days to be removed (meaning I've got 22 more days of this crap?!?). I said that this was unacceptable, and I wanted to cancel my policy immediately so that we have no business relationship and the "National Do Not Call Registry" will be in effect. She said that the system was computerized, and even canceling my policy would not change the 30 day call period.

Who the f#@% are these people?

I asked the supervisor if she felt that this type of harassment was an acceptable way to treat their customers. She said that she "apologizes," but doesn't answer the question. I then ask her why her company would continue to call every night when I have already told them that I don't want the cancer insurance they are selling, and she again tells me that "it's my right to disagree with their policy," but again sidesteps the question. What a bunch of f#@%ing pieces of shit!

In a fit of rage, I cancelled my policy and told her that I find it unacceptable that I cannot be immediately removed from their call list and that I will be pursuing legal action if I receive a single new harassing call. She has nothing to say about this and tells me I can proceed with that as I wish. So, basically, she apologizes but does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Typical.

So, to anybody considering doing business with Stonebridge Life Insurance, I must warn you that they honestly don't give a crap about their customers and feel it is a perfectly acceptable policy to harass them with endless phone calls (even once they've been told "no"). Furthermore, they use an automated dialing system which means most of the calls you get from them will be hang-ups in the first place but, again, they don't seem to care. Finally, even after you beg them to stop calling and cancel your policy out of sheer desperation, they still will not remove you from their call list any earlier than a 30-day wait period.

There are plenty of other insurance companies out there, and I'm sure that some of them don't have customer harassment as a matter of policy. I can only dream that Stonebridge Life's abuse will some day come back to bite them in the ass so that the entire company goes down in flames. Too bad for the people that work there that their company is run by dumbasses... it can't be fun to get calls like mine all day long.

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  1. bill says:

    I have been receiving the exact same treatment for over three weeks. I am issuing a report to the Attorney General in the State of CT in the hopes that he will hear from others and take action.

  2. Dave2 says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve gotten nearly a dozen emails from people having the same problem. What a terrible way to run a business… at this rate, they may not have any customers left after too long.

  3. Rachel says:

    I found this site after running a search to find out who and why Stonebridge Life has been calling me non stop 3-5 times a day, mostly hang ups. I am not even a policy holder and nor would ever be. Their number on my caller id does not come up in public listings (815)787-7820. I did call this one to get a recording and to sign up for their do not call list, which I also did 2 days ago and am still receiving calls. So now I’ve decided to call their customer service at 1-800-362-6900 and annoy their managers, last being Amanda much as they annoy me, and I have the pleasure of knowing that it is working : )
    How can this company get away with blatant harrassment?

  4. Dave2 says:

    Short of smashing all their phones, there doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping these people. I continue to get emails from people every month with new horror stories of dealing with Stonebridge Life’s policy of harassment. Some people have filed complaints with government offices, but I’ve never heard back to know what the results were.

  5. Connie says:

    I just recieved a call from Stonebridge Insurance. Not knowing who they were I went to Google, looked them up and found your website. As far as I know I have no policy with them and since I have an unlisted phone number not sure how they got my number. I was online at the time so I didn’t get to talk with anyone. But, be assured since I’ve read your comments I will most definitely find out why they are calling me. I also have gotten mail from them. Since it was junk mail I never opened it but I will the next time to see what’s up with that. Love the comments. I feel your pain but I kind of hate to see the story an odd way it’s amusing!

  6. Billie says:

    Interesting, as I did a googlesearch on the number and found this site as well. We don’t have their insurance, and our number is also unlisted and unpublished. My answering machine is on 24/7 and all I get are hangups, but it is still very annoying

  7. Dave2 says:

    Gee. I wonder how long before some ass-biter at Stonebridge Life does a Google search and finds this blog? I am quite literally -shocked- that people are still being harassed by this company. Have they no shame at all??

  8. Paul says:

    I also have been annoyed with Stonebridge Life, getting numerous calls a day on my caller id, even though I don’t have anything with them. I googled their phone number, and came to this blog, does anyone know a way to stop the phone calls short of changing my phone number? If so, email at


  9. Meredith says:

    Like those that posted here before me, I searched through Google for Stonebridge and came upon this blog. I’ve been getting the calls/hangups 3 and 4 times a day for a week and a half. Once I found this blog, I called customer service (number listed above) and told them I wanted the calls stopped immediately, not one, two, or three months from now. Guess I’ll just have to wait to see what happens…

  10. Justin says:

    815-787-7820…. Yeah, I feel allllllllll your pain! These people have been calling me for months now, every day at least twice a day. I always try calling back, alas, no one is available. Being an ex-debt collector myself, Im very aware of phone laws. Theres no such thing as “having to wait 30 days” to be removed from any automatic dialer.. they can and have to by law, remove your phone number right then and there.

    Many people dont know this, but anytime you tell a debt collector, telemarketer, your mother, etc to never call you again, they are allowed ONE more phone call after that.. Just to tell you that they’re not going to call you anymore and/or to try and offer their services one more time. Anything more than that IS harassment.. The thing thats beautiful about harassment laws is that, harassment is in the eye of the beholder. So if you feel harassed, you are.

    If the calls continue, you should then file a complaint with the Better Busiess Bureau, State Attorney General, the State Bar Association and even make a police report. That way, if they continue to call after that, save it on your CID and sue the $#!T out of them!

    There was a collector that I used to work with that got personally sued by a debtor because they were called after they told her to ceize communication. She actually brought in her caller ID to court and won!

    Good Luck!

  11. Dave2 says:

    If somebody wanted to take the Stonebridge idiots to court, they could just print out a copy of the comments from this blog! The company has a pattern of harassment that is deplorable, and I’m surprised that it’s been allowed to continue.

  12. pink says:

    these scum have been calling me now..every day about 8:30 pm…
    i found this site after googling the number that came up on my caller id

  13. Jaci says:

    I also googled this number and found this blog. I also have no affiliation with them . I will be calling them and tell them to cease calling me. I am glad I found this site…how amazing they do this to sooo many people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, Administrative Office 2700 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75075-8200. Stonebridge Life Insurance Company is licensed to sell insurance in all states. Stonebridge Life Insurance Company NAIC number 65021

  15. Dave2 says:

    I wonder if they are licensed to harass people in all states? If so, that’s a license that needs to be revoked!

  16. Cindy says:

    I,too, typed the number in google and this website is the only thing that came up and I’m glad it did!!! Thanks for the enlightenment. My kids said these creeps call all the time so it’s good to now know who, or should I say what, is doing the annoying calling. I’ve placed my number on their DO NOT CALL LIST (yeah, right) so we’ll see what happens. I’m not that far from Plano so it would be well worth the drive to go get in somebody’s face if the calls don’t stop!

  17. Trystan says:

    That stupid stonebridge insurance company has been calling my house for several days now at odd times of the days usually 3 or more times a day.This junk is annoying.I will be notifying the attorney general in the state of Florida if they don’t quit with that bullcrap they are doing. I hope there are some lawyers out there that will take Stonebridge out to the cleaners for good!

  18. Anonymous says:

    What complete jerks. I’ll NEVER do business with them and I hope all other policy holders leave them high and dry!

    BT 10/20/04

  19. Patti says:

    Just to add to your list of annoyed VICTIMS who have better things to do than being harrassed by these calls day in and day out. Thanks for the informative site via!!

  20. Ed says:

    Same with me, folks. For the past 2 weeks at various times of the day, I’ve been getting calls from 815-787-7820. No messages are ever left except for one hang-up message. The first time I received a call from them, I didn’t recognize the number on my Caller ID, so, I didn’t answer it. I’ve been getting from that same number since.

  21. karen says:

    I too found this website by punching in the number. Did someone say that this company sells CANCER insurance? That would make this all doubly creepy, considering that not only do I have an unlisted number IN SOMEONE ELSES NAME, but I was just recently told I MAY have breast cancer…just where do these people get their information?

  22. Kim says:

    Okay I’m not nuts…these people will not stop calling my house! I didn’t recognize the number but it shows up on my caller id at all times of day and I have received more than 20 calls from them in the last 7 days. Who can I contact about this?

  23. Chris says:

    I have been receving atleast 5 calls a day from this stupid company. I went onto google and found you so now after reading this I will also put complaints into the Attorney General for the state of CT…This is our home office line that is used for business purposes I dont need this bullshit…so today I asked the lady why she keeps calling and she said that since we have a Capital One Account we are eligible for some special accidental death and dismemberment policy. What a horrible way to do business, I will continue to look around in the future hoping to see the day where I find an article stating they have gone bankrupt or were shut down. Well, good luck to everyone!

  24. The Big Kahuna says:

    I have also been getting 10-15 calls a day from these stupid people over the last week. I don’t know them, I don’t do business with them and don’t want to do business with them. Fortunately, here in the state of Tennessee there is a state managed do not call registry that addresses violations. Check your home state for similar registries.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Same story here.

  26. Brian says:

    And it continues (and on my cell phone, too!)

  27. Susan says:

    Ditto. Every day I see it on my caller ID, they just won’t stop calling us.

  28. kelly says:

    I also Googled the number because it appeared on my CELL phone caller ID today. Incidentally, I also found a DO NOT CALL registry for cell phones available at

    Hope they don’t call back!!

  29. Lisa says:

    Add me to the list. I googled their number because it is on my caller id 5 or more times a day. I have an unlisted telephone number AND I have BellSouth’s Privacy Director. Still these calls get through. I did recently get a new credit card from Capitol One, and it sounds like these folks are somehow connected with Capitol One. I think I will call Capitol One first since I am their customer. Perhaps they can get the calls to stop.

  30. krzy says:

    I too have been getting several calls from this company and it will be interesting to see just how many times this month they have called. I finally did their automated do not call thing and re-registered at the national do not call registry though that takes 3 months to actually take effect before a complaint can be filed.

    I am sure I will get to start harassing their management since from reading through past comments, they will no doubt not stop calling.

  31. rebekah says:

    I, too, just found a call on my caller ID, from Stonebridge Insurance. Not knowing who they were I googled the number and found your website. I have no policy with them and since I have an unlisted phone number not sure how they got my number.

  32. julie says:

    I too Googled 815 787-7820. I also have an unlisted number in someone else’s name and have no business with Stonebridge Life. After a month of calls from “Stonebridge Li” during all hours of the day, and now more frequent calls, I am glad I do not have my answering machine on.

    I am hopeful there are some California regulations that will take care of this!


  33. James says:

    It is amazing. I got this phone call on my cell phone after 9pm on a Wednesday and did not recognize the number. It was 815-787-7820. I did a Google search for the area code and it comes up in Illinois, and then I did a search on the whole number and found this website. Google surprises me everyday. Anyway, I just got another call from them and answered it (knowing about this website). After hearing the person going through the whole “reading off the computer speech” she asked if I would like to be put on hold (imagine that, calling me and putting ME on hold, my favorite), I told her I was not interested and that she was calling my cell phone. I found out that they got my number through Capital One Credit Card Company. I asked her if she was aware that there is a complaint list about a mile long on Google, mentioning everything from calling all hours of the night and day and fraudulent practices. She was not aware of that and apologized and mentioned that she would put me on there no call list. Well, we will see if that happens!!!!

  34. christine says:

    I googled the number and found this site the same as everyone else. I too, just to a Capital One credit card recently! What should we do?

  35. Dave2 says:

    Well, short of actual violence, I’m guessing there is eventually going to be a lawsuit (since that is apparently how civilized societies solve their problems now). This kind of behavior is nothing short of harassment, and needs to be stopped. If a neighbor was calling you at all hours of the day and night (and hanging up most of the time), even after you told them to stop, the police would most certainly get involved. Why should it be different for a company?

  36. BillyBob says:

    Oh, Great! I received my first call today and just did a Web Crawler search to find out who was calling. Guess I’m another victim. Plano Texas, huh? Sounds like I’ll be making a road trip if this continues.
    In regards to James’ 2 Dec comment about them asking if they could put him on “hold”…Several years ago a long distance phone company scam was going around. The fast talking salesman blew past the name of his company (Home Owners Long Distance) in his intro then ask the “victim” if they would like to be put on “HOLD”. You guessed it, the next thing you knew your long distance carrier had changed and you were being charged exorbitant rates. Beware, they’re out to get us…
    Thanks for the great info.

  37. Whitney says:

    I generally screen calls but Stonebridge has come up all this last week so I finally answered today, they hung up on me! I googled the number and found this site. Thank you for taking some steps in figuring out just what the hell is going on. I too have a recent Capitol One card and perhaps this is a matter for the Better Business Bureau?

  38. Richard says:

    I have been recieving these calls for at least 2 weeks on my cell phone for gods sake. I think Im going to have to contact the local law enforcement in Kansas if it doesnt stop

  39. Anonymous says:

    Same story in Kansas City. They are scum.

  40. Billy says:

    like everyone else, i’ve been receiving quite a few calls from that number, but they always hang up on me when i pick up.

    googled the number, found this blog, found the name of the company.

    time to see what the federal trade commission has on these guys., do a search for stonebridge.
    interesting stuff.
    these guys seem like weasels.
    I’m going to file a complaint.

  41. Tina says:

    these people have started calling me about a week ago and have kept it up almost eveyother day I find there number on my caller I.D I dont even know who this place is…….

  42. Kat says:

    Same problem in Alabama, has anyone found a solution?

  43. Jennifer says:

    I have the same problem. I called the customer service number and talked to someone who is putting me on the do not call list. She verified I am NOT a policy holder, but they partner with credit card companies (Citi sold my information and she rattled off a number of others) for leads. That’s how they are getting our numbers even if we don’t have a policy. I think they know they’re doing something wrong because they jump to put us on the “do not call list” if we start to complain.

  44. Helen says:

    I work for Americall Group and we call on behalf of Stonebridge insurance. I am a telemarketer and I will tell you this we do put your name on our do not call list but it does take up to 30 days for your name to be removed from our calling list. We do not personally dial numbers they are dialed from dialers. I am not saying all but most of the time there is a delay in system where when you have said hello several times we have only heard it once. I can appreciate that people are tired of repeat calls. Trust me we hear it, but there is only one thing you can do either tell the caller that the person we are calling is deceased and or this is the wrong number. I guarantee you that speeds up the process of being eliminated off the dialer. Remember on the most part the TSR (telephone sales rep) is just doing his or her job and is not there to harrass you and would like more than life itself to nto to call those people we have called before but until they perfect the system I must say there will be repeat calls. I do apologize for the inconvience and if you are really bothered call JCPenny or whom ever the company is calling in behalf of and maybe that will speed up the process.

  45. Helen says:

    Well I did want to add a little something to what I wrote earlier. I am a telemarketer and I would like to comment on the idiots that answer the phone. First of all where do people learn to answer the phone? It’s a simple proceedure you pick it up and say hello. Simple as can be but NO people go to extremes when answering the phone from saying “Yeah what do you want?” to when we ask to speak to a person we get a blanket NO…well first of all all that is going to get you is a call back, nothing more nothing less or better yet the idiots who just hang up…you are doing nothing more than guaranteeing yourself another call in a few hours. Have fun it secures my job. I wish before people were issued phone they were required to learn the english language. I could go on and on about that but I digress. I will just say a little curtesy and manners will get you off our calling list. Simply say I am not interested and take me off the calling list and you will be removed.

  46. Dave2 says:

    You know, in all of my rants about tele-marketers, I have not ONCE said anything bad about the people who have to make the calls. In fact, at one point I even say how badly I feel for you guys who have to deal with people like me who don’t want to be bothered with unsolicited and unwanted calls.

    However, I can now see that you people are just as clueless as your employers, so let me reiterate what I have already said and address your comments…

    1) You are using automated dialing equipment that dials dozens of people at the same time, then connects you to the first person who answers, while disconnecting all the people who answer later. This results in many, many calls we receive where THERE IS NOBODY THERE! We answer the phone AND YOU”VE HUNG UP ON US!! How can we tell you to stop calling if you’ve hung up? How can you expect us to be kind when you harass us like this? Your company is the one being rude, so why should you expect us to be nice? After my fifth hang-up of the day, I am livid beyond my ability to express. If you can’t understand that, and want to blame the people you harass, then you need to find a different job, or work for a company that doesn’t use automated dialers.

    2) The same automated dialing equipment that hangs up on people also causes a delay before you can hear us. So we think that there’s nobody on the line and have to say hello? Hello? Hello? HELLO? HELLO?!? So by the time you finally answer, we’ve been on the line wondering why you won’t answer. Needless to say, we’re angry about that. Don’t blame us because you work for a company that forces us to become upset.

    3) Courtesy and manners DOES NOT get us off the list. Assuming we ever get a call where you don’t hang up on us, YOU WAIT 30 DAYS TO REMOVE US FROM THE LIST!! During that time, we continue to get calls, EVEN THOUGH WE’VE SAID NO! You expect us to be happy about that?

    4) I work odd hours and have to sleep whenever I can find the time. When you call five times a night and hang up on me, I have to get out of bed to answer the call every time. How is it that you do not understand why this makes people upset? I can’t turn off my phone in case there is a family emergency, so tele-marketing companies basically hold me hostage with calls I DON’T WANT.

    Again, I have nothing against the people who call personally. If that’s your job, then that’s what you’ve got to do. But don’t go blaming us for getting upset or being rude when it is your company that is asking for it.

  47. Helen says:

    I agree with you totally. I cant blame you for getting mad when nobody is there when you pick up the phone. I could clue you in on many things about the telemarketing industry but ahem I have to go to my job in about 15 minutes. I will tell you the 30 day rule is much better than the 60-90 days we use to tell you. One more thing if you ever get a call about a program called Plan Plus and Leisure Plus run fast it dont work. I apologize for any additional calls you may receive today and in the future 🙂 Have a good day

  48. Helen says:

    Here I am the telemarketer. I had a remarkable week this week. I called so many irrate people and was cursed out I am surprised that I can even look at a computer today. I must say I realize how annoying the repeated calls are and honestly I can tell you that the NO CALL law is crazy because companies find ways of getting around them. Believe me I have seen the loop holes. If you have any questions concerning telemarketing just ask and I will tell all.

  49. none says:

    i work at americall too. they get ur info from credit card apps u fill out y do u think u get free stuff when u fill the apps out they sell the info u give them to telemarketing companies who in return make deals with other companies to sell their poduct to the people whos info they have just bought i sell planplus(discount healthcare card) and accidental death coverage from stonebridge. if u wanted to u could look up americall group and get their number off the net call them.the job sux but its a job about $10 an hr depends on bonuses. and we call jc penny cardholders.the products arnt liked by people who have had them before. fromwhat they say its all bogus because even people that have the programs already still get called 4 times a day they try to get them to by the program times over

  50. bee says:

    Got our first (I think) call today.. I asked where they were calling from and the guy said ‘the call center is in New Brunswick’. The CID said Stonebridge Life and was 954-926-5242. (when I googled that number, it appears to be a residence in Florida???) We are on the national Do Not Call list and as far as I know, have no policy with them. I’m glad I found this site… lots of helpful (and amazing) information!

  51. Kay says:

    I have ringmaster with bellsouth and the number is my sons. I thing I will stop the ringmaster. That will be a disconected number for them. I’m not sure how they got his number. He’s only 22. At least I can stop the calls for now, until they find mine
    Kay In Tennessee

  52. Dan says:

    I’ve gotten two calls the last two nights from a company that says they’re in Canada, but are calling on behalf of Stonebridge. Is that how they get around the D-N-C registry I wonder? I emailed the fcc at which I found here We’ll see what happens.

    Helen and “none” are you required to give out the companies contact info etc. if asked? …so it sounds like the bonuses is how you make most of your money. Am I correct?

  53. Dan says:


    Stonebridge is apparently infamous for this behavior. Googling “Stonebridge Life Insurance Company files suit” gets some interesting results.

    …sorry dave, for using your blog as the defacto bulletin-board for this cause.

  54. JS says:

    I got the 954-926-5242 tonite for the first time with no one there. I have an unlisted number and I am on the DNC list too. I looked up the area code first and found it to be in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I googled it and it came up on this site and someone’s residence too. No matter what ANY telemarketer says, these actions are ILLEGAL and can be reported to your Atty General’s office. Notifying all Consumer Complaint agencies such as the BBB will help as well. Keep in mind that a legitimate business would not risk such actions.

  55. JS says:

    Also, if you believe that you are on the do not call registry, go to their website:

    and you can file a complaint. You must have been on the registry for 31 days in order to file a complaint. It’s also a good idea to check if you are registered even if you think you are.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I found this site by googling the number. I started receiving calls last week and they are coming everyday. I am on the Do Not Call Registrary and I will be filing a complaint. I work from home and the calls are very disruptive to my productivity. I have no idea who this company is. Do they not have anything better to do than to bother people that are not interested. I say Get A Life!

  57. Kat says:

    If no one has heard about this yet, after some detective work I found out who these people are. I too was called every day by the weird name and number showing up on the CID. The guy called on behalf of Capital One, thanking me for purchasing their insurance. Of course, I did not recognize the name so I called Capital One, who gave me the # for Stonebridge. If you have payment protection on your Capital One card, that is what Stonebridge handles (if someone steals your card and runs up the balance they pay up to $10k or something like that…correct me if I’m wrong.) All the payment protection charges are through Stonebridge.

  58. Danielle says:

    well they keep calling my grandmothere and i have i have called the police department and the bbb in mississippi they told me to call the department of insurance in fl and the bbb they have pulled up busineses by that name and they go by many other names but they do not have one showing for fl in which that is one of the main numbers calling every one also showing a luis and Yenaris Perez in Hollywood FL. well good luck to all and i do plan on doing something about it

  59. Helen says:

    Hollywood Florida is a call center for Americall Group. I would call this number and report the problem 800-527-5433

  60. Helen says:

    If someone calls you and says that they are calling JCPenny customers with a special offer they tell the person that is on the line that you want to speak to the manager. I would demand to be taken off the call list. I know first hand that 9 out of 10 times when requested it never happens. I know when people say “not interested” that just means you will get a call in about 1 or even less than 1 day with the same offer. JCPenny calls on behalf of Stonebridge who bought out JCPenny insurance. I know this sounds confusing but the reason that you get repeated calls from Stonebridge is because as long as you have a business relationship with JCPenny they call solicite you. Sorry but true.

  61. jwpeek says:

    954-926-5242 owes me a *66 charge on my phone bill. I was rising from a nap and dialed *66 because they didn’t leave a msg. on my phone after ringing 4x.
    I hope this is the last time.

  62. ds says:

    I just started getting calls that turn out to be from 954-926-5242. Has anyone succeeded in stopping them…does anyone know the name of a real person at that number (it isn’t really the hollywood fla. number, is it)

  63. Anonymous says:

    First of all when you get a call dont just HANG UP, that is why you continually get calls. Tell the person that you want to be put on the NO CALL LIST. Dont say I am not interested, or all set. I cant tell you how many people just hang the phone up and that is dispositioned as a call back, it is suppose to be a hang up which will result in a CALL BACK. I do see success when people say DO NOT CALL and in 30 days their name will be off the call list. Also, please when filling out credit applications for store cards such as JCPenney or Sears or any card like that even with Major Credit Cards such as Capital One or Chase read the small print. Its says right there would you like to receive special offers from the store, well unfortunatly that usually means you will be contacted about offers of insurance and any other product they are pushing. Remember its easier to get on the list than off, and you only have yourself to blame if you didnt read everything completely. Please dont blame the person who calls your home, she/he is just doing his or her job (yes they do get paid very well).Remember this Telemarketing employees many people who normally might not be able to find employment. Such as college students, mothers, physically challanged people. Remember to think before you insult the person on the other end of the phone. If you are frustrated please just hang up the phone. Remember the person who is phoning you is just doing their job.

  64. Elizabeth says:

    I found your site much the same way everyone else here did, by googling 954-926-5242. These people call us a couple times a day. Very irritating for a day sleeper that works 8pm to 6:30 am.

    I signed up for the national no call list. Shouldn’t this exempt me from annoying calls from companies that I have never done business with? I thought it had.

    Thanks for the information, Dave.

  65. Anonymous says:

    well expect your calls to end in about 30 days. Each time they call continue to say put me on the no call list.

  66. Katy says:

    Here is the address of these people:

    Yenaris & Luis Perez
    1150 S 29th Ave
    Hollywood, FL 33020-5618
    (954) 926-5242

    Is anyone getting calls from (954) 926-0167 now?

    They’ve been bothering us here in Texas at all hours every day of the week for months and months now. I’m getting call blocking! This is ridiculous! Your home is suppose to be the one place you can find refuge from this crazy world today… not to be bombarded by constant telemarkers calling day and night! Especially when you’re already on the Do Not Call List!!!

  67. Joel says:

    Been getting their calls 3-4 times a day now for over a month. Answered a few times, always but once got nothing but a dead line. The one time a guy answered, I asked him to stop calling, and he said he’d “see what I can do.” Don’t understand what they expect to accomplish by annoying people who have no intention of doing business with a company that flaunts federal DNC regulations???

  68. FD says:

    After a month of seeing the 954-926-5242 number on my caller ID, I decided to answer just out of curiosity. A person who identified themselves as Christina Gutierrez said she wanted to give two free months of life insurance to me because of Capital One. I asked her if she was with Capital One and she said “Yes” (I don’t think she was following the script to well). I went through about 1 minute of … you can give me the life Ins. for free, but I’m not paying for anything, nor do I want to be charged… etc. She kept answering with “Ok, first two months for free”. then I’d repeat, “Only if it’s free, no payment, no charge.” She’d reply “Ok first two months free”.
    I asked her If I could record our conversation and she immediatly hung up.
    I’ll be checking my credit history thoroughly with the credit checking site I’m with through one of the buroughs to see if I get charged. I’ll probably call my credit card companies to see if there is anything I can do about thwarting a possible charge by this company.
    I suggest keeping an eye on your account to see if there is a charge from this company.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Capital One will pay your premium for 2 months while your review the policy. If you did not talk to a licensed agent then you are not enrolled. Its customary for companies to offer a trial review period at not cost to you. I dont think you need to worry unless you agreed to accepting the offer and did not call to cancel. I do the same calling but I call “for JCPenney, and no I do not work for JCPenney” that woman did misrepresent herself as an employee of Capital One. Next time you get a call, ask if they are a licensed agent, they are the only person who is legal to sell you insurance.

  70. Joel says:

    Finally – calls have stopped altogether. This may be premature, they may just be on vacation at Stonebridge Life, but after filing a separate complaint for each of the calls I received (Over 45 calls total) at the DoNotCall Registry, and filing written complaints with the (local) state Department of Consumer Protection, no more calls!

  71. Kim says:

    Thank you for this site. I too am a victim of incessant calls. So, what I’m doing when they call, is answer the phone and lay it down on my desk until they hang up. I harrass them right back. It’s their dime and I’m hoping eventually they’ll stop calling. We’ll see.

  72. Mickey says:

    Absolutely Right: No one can sell you life insurance, or any insurance, or even REPRESENT insurance coverage UNLESS THEY ARE LICENSED IN EACH STATE IN WHICH COVERAGE IS REPRESENTED. If they are licensed in Florida, for example, they can’t call you if you live in Alabama, unless they have OBTAINED — NOT APPLIED FOR — a license in that state.

    Someone should set up a class action registry and link it from this blog.

  73. Ken says:

    I haven’t read ALL the responses to the initial entry so perhaps this is not new information for you.

    I found this web site while looking for information about Stonebridge Insurance and what, if any, relationship they have with JC Penney Co. They do!! See the following URL and scan down the page to “COMPANY HISTORY” and the next section “COMPANY OFFICERS”.

    Now, Dave, you can really contact the guys who should be able to get you off their calliing list! s/Ken

  74. Chrighton says:

    We’ve been getting calls from these damn bastards incessantly. I’m getting fed up with them. (They’ve been told to stop).

    I say fight fire with fire. If you have free nationwide calling, or if the number is local, set up your PC to call them non-stop. (Have your modem to continually dial them). See how they like it. Any one who questions you..oops it was a computer error. Sorry.

  75. Bill Smith says:

    They started calling me a few weeks ago, and still are I just put the phone down and tie up there lines till it starts beeping loudly, they don’t have sense enough to stop.

  76. GreggNoir says:

    A phone number has been appearing on my caller ID for STONEBRIDGE LIFE (954) 926-5876. I Googled and got you like everybody else. Hard to beat an automated system with robot people. I like the idea of meeting one of the actual human board members somewhere for a friendly chat.

  77. GreggNoir says:

    Here’s a little twist on the story. I got a call from the Hollywood, FL, not for me, but for somebody with the same initials as me, that apparently lives in the same town but isn’t me. The caller identified herself as working for J. C Penneys calling about Stonebridge Life. She cheerfully acknowledged all the unhappy callees ariybd and said she would take my name off the list, even though it isn’t me.

  78. Melanie says:

    O my goodness! I have been getting calls from these people for months also! I added my number to the do not call list ..still they call. So its life insurance for cancer related purposes? Odd..the company portrays the exact thing its trying to insure you for? As for the people who have to job of annoying us with the calls…for the love of god..I’m tempted to say I will pay you more then they are to stop calling me!

  79. Juile says:

    954-926-5242 kept showing up on my cell phone as a missed call and I called it back and put my number on the do not call list. Then I decided to see what showed up if I googled it and this site popped up. So, after reading all the comments I decided to answer it and see who it is. CAPITAL ONE!!!!! I kindly asked to be put on the do not call list and the answer I got was…”
    I would be glad……” hang up. Not a surprise after reading all the info on this site. Needless to say my Capital One Card is being canceled as we speak. I suggest anyone with a CAPITAL ONE card do the same. I’m sure once this call stops coming into my cell number another one will start. I’m not mad, just disgusted.

  80. Mercy says:

    Wow! I finally decided to see what this (954) 926-5242 number was all about and I found so many others going through auto-dailer hell. I get anywhere from 3 to 10 calls a day, from these people, fortunately, I’m not home for most of them, and my ringer shuts off automatically at certain times. I have now put all the numbers provided by you other Stonebridge “survivors” on my call filter list, so they can’t ring my phone any more. At least until they come up with a new number to add to the list. So much for the DO NO CALL list. Terrible thing is, I work for a phone company that called for deaf customers to get on that list, and now I see how non effective it is. (sighing) The new seventh circle of phone hell.

  81. Smoker says:

    OK. Took this Bull by the Horns. Told the Stonebridge Insurance idiot at the other end of the line that me and about 5 million other pissed off dudes are gonna call (800) 527-5717 every time I’m called by (954) 926-5242. Each call received on their 800 line is a $$ charge, so I’m starting my campaign now!

  82. Smoker says:

    Here’s a link that might help with this stupid pathetic company:


  83. Julie says:

    Update! I called Capital One and told them I wanted to be taken off their calling list. I was given 1-800-977-4072 their insurance department. I called and told the gentleman that I wanted off the calling list imediately and I haven’t gotten a call since. I was getting called up to 10 times a day.

  84. Victor says:

    I don’t even have a policy with them and they still call me.

  85. Gail says:

    Forget about collecting on any Stonebridge Disability insurance purchased through Capital one. They have more loop holes in which to slime through that they basically steal your premiums and tell you to go to hell.

    My husband had a policy with Capital One – Stonebridge, became temporarily disabled in 9/2003 and was declared permanently disabled by seven doctors shortly thereafter. They refuse to pay and now he gets hounded daily by Capital one because he can’t pay his bill. Supposedly Stonebridge will pay when Social security declares him permanently disabled, but they have a one year clause that allows them not to pay any claim made later than one year after the person is disabled.

    I found out this the hard way. I tried to file a retroactive claim and found out I have been paying the bloodsuckers $.89 on my balance since 1999 to today (I cancelled the policy after giving both the customer service person and his supervisor a piece of my mind). They tried to talk me into keeping the policy – it supposedly pays death benefits. If they pay death benefits as easily as they pay on disability, I would be paying a huge premium for nothing. I basically told them I could buy more full-life insurance at $.89 per $100.00 than they offered.

    Do not buy any disability insurance from Capital One there are enough loop holes in their policy to strain spaghetti through.

    Their profit rate was 17% in 1997 per an Audit made by Insurance Commissioner of Wisconsin. They paid few if any disability claims according to the audit.

    With their new aggressive marketing in every state, I am sure they have been bilking the public in a big way since then.

  86. Theresa says:

    I, along with the majority on this site, googled a phone number (954-926-5242) that showed on my caller ID for the first time tonight. Looks like I’m in for a rough ride with these people. I don’t have a Capitol One card and have an unlisted number. At least I found this site and know what I’m up against and got a few ideas to head it off .. hopefully. Thanks!

  87. Nick says:

    I have caller ID and I don’t take calls from numbers I don’t recognize that don’t have names or organizations attached to them. I also have a White Pages account and use their reverse lookup.

    I didn’t take the call and they left no message.

    954-926-3387 was the number they used to call me listed as “Florida Call” on the ID. It’s a number which is deceptively listed as “Ben,S” Hollywood Florida in one of two listings at White Pages. The other is for Stonebridge Benefit and Life.

    I Googled them too when I got a name for them, and I am not surprised they have a poor reputation.

    May no one buy or keep their product, and I only wish everyone had caller ID like I do. There is a certain pleasure in letting the security system take the call. It’s no wonder they leave no message. They’re breaking the law and they’re stupid concurrently. This page will eventually be entered in evidence if they aren’t currently being sued in which case it is a growing piece of evidence with numbers and everything.

    Unless they are a front for the domestic CIA program (which is possible) they’ll go down in a class action. The fact you guys started complaining three years ago is evidence of their karma. They can only get away with it during the (Governor) Bush (stolen)Presidency. They probably are in cahoots with the Jebster and Diebold and TPC from The President’s Analist. If James Coburn were alive he’d short circuit them.

    They’re out like Gout, not in like Flynn (I mean Flint). Their CEO will die of cancer no doubt. His head is so far up his ass, he’s looking into his digestive system through his mouth. He’ll get no answer from me this Ben S from Hollywood. May the bird of Paradise fly up his nose.

    Thank you for getting the discussion going on this blog which is at the top of the list on Google well above the perpetrators link if there is one.

    Only one message for Stonebridge, an acronym: GFY and I don’t mean “good for you.”

  88. Mare says:

    Wow… I just found their Florida number on my caller ID, didn’t know what the number was and didn’t recognize the person or business when I called it so I searched for the number on line and found this as the first search result.

  89. Phil says:

    I have been getting the same crap calls from 954-926-5242 (Stonebridge Life). Some place in Florida. My DSL call block WORKS GREAT. Not a call now for 3 days

  90. Anonymous says:

    I get the calls also and it is sad that people get away with this behavior. I am not giving my name or E-mail because I trust someone will find a way to add it to another junk mail list or even register it with Stonebridge Life Insurance……..I will be taking action……maybe they have a web page and e-mail address a virus could be sent to. It would only be proper………your comrad

  91. Anonymous says:

    954-926-5242 (Stonebridge Life), been getting 5-7 calls a week. I do not have a policy with them. I to found this blog after doing a Google search on the #. I’m surprised there is no class action suite filled against them yet.

  92. Steve S says:

    I just laid into this company and found out that JC PENNEY had given them my information from my jc penney credit card. I’m now laying into JC Penney’s rep as we speak. Penney’s dealt with it well, and apparently I won’t hear from them again. We’ll see….

  93. Anonymous says:

    They’ve been calling me for a week or so now. So i too turned to Google and found you folks. After reading this page, somebody needs to shut them down !

  94. Terri says:

    Ah ha! So Penny’s is the culprit! I’m home for the Christmas/New Year’s break and have gotten no less than three calls a day from these folks. Since I’ve got caller ID, I blew it off, but finally decided to Google them today.

    Thanks for the info!

  95. Former Telemarketing Manager says:

    This is in response to some of the above messages from “Helen”, the Americall employee. I am a former member of Americall’s upper management staff, and with 15 years in this sick, sick industry, I can tell you wholeheartedly that you’re never getting off that damn call list. The agents work primarily off of commission, and their commission is based upon their conversion for the day (how many calls they CONVERT to a sale). However, DNCs (do not calls), wrong numbers and deceased calls ALL count AGAINST the agent. Therefore, to keep their conversion rate UP and increase thier commission, they are going to disposition those DNC, wrong number and deceased calls as “general callbacks”. Meaning you WILL be called every 4 hours. After years of employment with this company and in this industry, I am finally washing my hands of the entire thing. It’s a dirty, dirty business led by people that think in circles and cannot make independent and responsible decisions. I’m as greedy as the next guy, but there’s a difference between earning a living and scamming a living. I wish you all luck in stopping the harrassing phone calls, but I fear the only way for you to successfully do that is to TURN OFF YOUR RINGER.

  96. Bubblybabs says:

    I googled “capital one stonebridge life” after getting a letter stating “Thank you for accepting the insurance offer made through Stonebridge Life” and that I won’t have to do anything becuase I can “enjoy convenient, automatic billing to your Capital One credit card account”!!!! I had no idea they could bill my credit card without my consent! How’s that for balls? So, now I’m going to call Cap.1 and tell them not to allow them to bill my account – we’ll see if that works…


  97. TJ says:

    Well, all that has been said is true. I sometimes get a call as late as 10pm. I am not a customer of theirs and I am also on the do not call registry. Because of this I am turning them over as a violation of the registry.

  98. Jaxx says:

    Guess what just popped up on my CID again? 954-926-5876 Stonebridge Life! My # is not only unlisted and on the DNC register, it was never published to begin with. It was a rollover second line with a new number when I ordered it. Wouldn’t it be great if somebody could program an auto-dialer to keep dialing the same # over and over and turn it on Stonebridge Life??? Tie up their phone lines so they can’t get calls outgoing??? Just a fantasy I guess.

  99. elrod says:

    Same thing. calls all the time and no one is there. I am going to try and get off the stupid list too. I may end up canceling my policy too. It through JCPenny CC so maybe they can help.

  100. Sue says:

    I also ‘googled’ the phone number as I am being called and annoyed on my only day off this week. I too do not have an account with Stoneridge and my number is unlisted. When I went ot the phone, it was a hang up.

  101. Maritzka says:

    I am a TSR for Americall, and it is the most demeaning job I have ever had. They have all the programs scripted and expect you to follow that script word for word, even though much of the time the scripts are deceptive. The Coaches (supervisors) walk up and down the dialer smacking your chair and YELLING for sales. If you aren’t making sales they talk about you in front of everyone in your dialer, so you will be humiliated publicly. They evaluate you twice a week and every evaluation is negative, no matter how many sales you make. Every evaluation given to every single employee has “Joe Smith has been told that failure to improve is cause for disciplinary action or termination.” You have to fill out the form with what THEY they tell you to say, promise to improve, and sign the paperwork The pay is 5.50 per hour plus a bonus after X amount of sales. Problem is when you reach that goal, they demand more, and actually reject sales you made (at least they tell you this to keep you from making that dollar or so bonus for each sale over your sph (sales per hour). Although they won’t let YOU listen to the tapes to hear your supposed mistake, you are given infractions and have to sign for them. People that work there for the most part are there until they find a decent job. It is the last resort for employment, when nowhere else is hiring, you can almost certainly get hired there.
    You might think this letter was written by an unsatisfied employee, but I am one of the top sellers, and go home sad and depressed everyday, because no matter how good you are, they try to keep you on edge at all times with the threat of no job.

    The famous quote of one of the coaches is, “Don’t tell me what you’ve done for me already, tell me what you’re doing for me right now.”

    The people calling you are caught between a rock and a hard spot. We’re just trying to support our families by working in a depressing atmosphere, and trying to remain honest about what we are selling to you, we are always aware that they are monitoring and write ups are eagerly waiting.

    Most of the files are 3 to 4 hours long. They are replayed from 8 am until 11 pm, over and over. This is usually for 30 days straight, so it is possible for you to be called up to 5 times a day for that 30 days. That, I believe is because they have 30 days after being told DO NOT CALL, by that time the file is exhausted. So it does not matter if you say “not interested”, “Do Not Call”, “I don’t speak english”, “wrong number”, “does not live here”, or just set the receiver down, for 30 days you are like a prisoner of Americall, with no ability to stop the harrassment. It sickens me to see a company treat its’ employees and customers this way, and I hope to get out of this job ASAP.

    The best advice I’ve seen is to ask for the Supervisor and let them feel your anger, the TSR has no control over anything. We are used to being cussed out by customers, and berated by management, yet we have no control over anything.
    Call the Company (Discover_Stonebridge_Chase_etc)
    and threaten to cancel your Credit Card. I’ve thought about this daily and this is the only solution I can come up with. I’ve learned one thing from this job, I don’t want ANY credit card that constantly calls me hawking something I don’t need or want.

    Thank you for listening.

  102. KAREN says:


  103. gabby says:

    im jst adding myslf 2 the lizt i get called at least 5 times a day by these peeps!I *69ed the call and then googled it telemarketers need 2 get a new job! If no 1 works for these companies then they cant bug us people who have a life!

  104. Brant says:

    hey nice pics! BUt I get these calls from that number all the time. How do I make it stop?

  105. Karen says:

    This company is making me nuts! So nice to see I’m not alone!

  106. d says:

    I had a protection policy with my capital one credit card back in 2002 with
    Stonebridge insurance company. I was approved for disability 2005 but Stonebridge canceled my protection plan. What is up with this? Do I have to pay capital one and if so will Stonebridge reimburse my payments of $1,000.00 that I paid (still pay) them for a service they denied me? BTW the policy prem is more than my capital one bill.

  107. Karen says:

    I emailed them and this is what they sent me…think I should respond?? I would say they already have my phone number!!

    I apologize you are receiving unwanted calls from our office. Please provide your name, address and phone number we are calling as this information is all tied together. Once this information is received I will remove you from our database.

    If you need additional assistance please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-527-9027. One of our Representatives will be happy to assist you.

    Demitra Jones
    Stonebridge Life Insurance
    Customer Service Department
    For Online Customer Service, visit Website:
    Phone: 1-800-527-9027

  108. mike says:

    i just became the next victom, i am on call number 1.

    this doesn’t seem it will be fun.

    good luck to the rest of the world, because mine just wore out

  109. John says:

    954 926 0167 ben stonebridge. Got called by this number @ 8:00 last night. It was JC Penny. How is this connected.
    I did call the number listed above a few weeks ago to be put on the do not call list for stonebridge life insurance. I was asked way to many questions , Name address zip, Like I wanted to be on there mailing list. Now JC Penny in the MIX???

  110. biff says:

    Started getting these gems from 954-926-5876 about a week ago.

    Figured out how to turn my ringer off today!

    I thought I remembered reading something enacted with the Telecommunications Protection Act – something on the order of $1000 PER CALL after the telemarketer has been notified of “do not call” status. According to this guy:
    it is $500 per call.

    This would seem to involve a lawsuit, but it could be quite profitable!

  111. JPC says:

    We have been getting calls like everyone else here has mentioned – hang ups on the machine and today my husband answered and when they asked for me and he told them I wasn’t home, they hung up on him. I have read where several people here don’t know how they got their number, but they got mine through a credit card I have, so you might want to check with your credit card companies to see who they are giving your information to and why.

  112. mjl says:

    I just started receiving these calls. I don’t answer calls from “State Name”

    But.. all of you simply post a blurb for say – FREE CD’s, or FREE POSTER, FREE whatever if you call those numbers on as many newsgroups, message boards, etc, etc, as you can.. tie up their crap numbers.

    Example: Call 954-926-5242 for a free wide screen tv. The 1st 50 callers will receive a Sony 62 inch TV with NO OBLIGATION for this promotion sponsored by Stonebridge Insurance Company.

    Screw them.

  113. Anonymous says:

    If you are serious about wanting to complain, check out this site:

  114. Mr. Brown says:

    I just start talking dirty to them, like if they are into sodomy or if they bikini wax brazilian style, they just hang up. but then I’m a perv

  115. Benjamin Browder says:

    This company is seriously getting on my nerves. 😡

    They call and hang up.

  116. Anonymous says:

    I actually signed up for the Accidental Coverage after I received my Capital One card. I thought it would be a good idea to have some protection. After finding a better policy , I called the 1-800 to cancel. It was the worst Customer Service I have ever had! The young woman who answered was rude and had no phone etiquette to speak of. She was irritated when she couldn’t find me in the system, asked me to spell my name like 20 times and when she found the policy, she asked me again how she could help. I told her again that I was calling to cancel. She gave me the usual reasons why I shouldn’t, I told her no thank you, and she still kept talking. I listened politely and then asked can you please cancel this? She kept going on and on, finally I got so fed up and yelled to just cancel my stupid policy. She then interrupted me, and began talking louder and louder over me and went on and on with some script she was reading. I hung up in frustration. Called again and got the same crap from some guy who just laughed after I had told him what happened. After going in circles w/ this guy, he said it was cancelled. This was the most frustrating experience I have ever had on the phone as a customer trying to get help. Don’t join anything that Capital One offers!!

  117. JAB says:

    I keep receiving the same calls…July 5th, July 3rd, June 30th, etc. At least the poor guys got the 4th of July off!
    I HAD a JCPenney’s card before (for about 18 years with the insurance), but cancelled it about 3 years ago. Rang up some big purchases about 2 months ago and WHAM!–StoneBridge wants me back.
    When I do answer the phone for these types of calls, I just tell people I’m dead.

  118. dumbdogg says:

    I got a call from those people…i think
    anyway she started talkin spanish to me and i think she was tryin to say she wanted my little brother anyway I told her she was a dirty whore in spanish
    thats what i know

  119. Mike says:

    They call me about three times a week. I’ve never answered. I complain the Do Not Call Registry every time. So far, nothing has changed. Does that Registry perform any real function? I note that my junk calls increased dramatically when I signed up for the service. When the 30-day startup time was over, my junk calls decreased to the current level.

  120. ex-telemarketer says:

    Yea..some of those calls were most likely made by me..I can tell you this I worked for a telemarketing agency..and it is proven that if you say not intrested they will call back in 3 weeks to get them to completely stop calling just say do not call.the numbers are given to us from Jcpenny,Quest and Lesiure PLus..Quest is whenever you buy something online or when you shop from the television..your number is given to stonebridge

  121. Joe says:

    I’m getting bombarded with telephone marketing calls form the Stonebridge Life Insurance Company too. I want to send the chimps some banana’s, does anyone know their FAX number?

  122. Frank says:

    I just got spam – Subject: A Valuable Offer for JCPenney Customers; with a catch phrase “Join Nowand choose between Free Gas, Hotel Stay Rebate, or Movie Tickets”Here is some fine print you guys may be interested in:
    Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc. is authorized by J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc. to market approved products to the customers of JCPenney. Compensation will be paid. PlanPlusSM is provided by and is a service mark of Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc. Administrative Office: 2700 West Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75075-8200 – Phone toll-free: 1-800-309-3800 and use code 063JZ,
    The PlanPlus Healthcare Discount Program provided by Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc. is not an insurance product nor intended as a substitute for insurance. The plan does not make payments directly to medical service providers. This plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services, and you are obligated to pay for all health care services. You will receive discounts for medical services at certain health care providers who have contracted with the plan. The discount medical plan organization providing PlanPlus services is: Best Benefits, Inc., 8420 West Bryn Mawr, Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60631; 1-800-308-0374.”

    good luck

  123. K.F. says:

    This Stonebridge Life Ins Co has been calling my house non stop for weeks now. I never answer it. I am not a customer nor would I ever be a customer of theirs. Thank god for caller id but it is still annoying as hell! I’m going to the BBB and whatever else I can do.

  124. Jana says:

    Thanks all for the site! I have registered with them. I too got a call from these people. Of course, it was my home business line after hours and I happened to answer it. I told them I wasn’t available to speak to them, lol..they were a little confused but did not want to leave a message. I’m getting tired of the old line “she’s been dead for 6 years, sniffle sniffle” routine so, DO NOT CALL will work much better!
    Thanks again

  125. Mary says:

    I have been receiving calls from Stonebridge for 3 weeks or more. I never answer. I looked on the internet to see who they were. They obviously are calling EVERYBODY!!! So annoying!

  126. Howard and Sandra says:


  127. gigi says:

    The culprit is the J.C.PENNEY COMPANY which has set all of their customers up for these computer calls by the solicitation from their employees. When you place a catalog order the employee will solicit the PLAN-PLUS Insurance Company (which is not really an insurance company). This link with you, J.C.Penney and Plan Plus enable then to go around the no-call list here in Georgia. I refer you to the post here on August 26th 2006 by Frank. He has further info. gigi

  128. A. Eanes says:

    We have been getting calls from 954-926-5242 for a least a few weeks now. Like everyone else, I googled the number and came across this site. It’s unfortunate but nice to know I’m not the only one. I have been reading through the comments though and I don’t have an account with Capital One or JC Penney. I am uncertain how they got my phone number but I hope to follow some of your suggestions and put an end to the calls.
    Thanks ALL so very much and triple thanks to the owner of the site!!!

  129. elaine says:

    We have been getting calls, too. I just called the 1-800-362-6900 customer service number and spoke with a very nice gal named Anita. She apologized and offered to remove our names from the list — we’ll see if it works. But, she also told me that they get the call lists from credit card companies for their preferred credit card holders. Might need to tell our credit card companies to stop giving out our personal information…

  130. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been getting numerous computer generated hang-up calls from this number too. Today I finally got a live call and found out they got my number from JC Penney! Mystery solved.

  131. JennR says:

    I just googled this obnoxious phone number and name and found out that pretty much everybody out there is being pestered by these losers. I am so glad that now I can chew them out to my hearts content the next time they bug me. Yeah!

  132. Charlie says:

    Same story here 954-926-5876 & 954-926-0167

  133. Davs says:

    Same history here, I got an account with JC Penney.
    They call me every afternoon at the same time, no messages.

  134. Linda B. says:

    Just started receiving calls from Stonebridge (954-926-0167), call this number and they provide a (800-527-5717) to call. This is the company and all they say is it is not them, but it is a telemarketing company instead, so they are not responsible. Bull crap! They intially are the ones paying for this telemarketing company to harass people, so bottom line is they should be responsible. Usually telemarketers will answer after you say hello a few times, but not this company! It is stupid to call people and not even have a person trying to feed me a sales pitch. I consider this plain harassment! I appreciate everyone’s comments as it indicates to me what I am up against. I have a J.C. Penney and Capital card so I hope I am not going to get a double wammy. I too will see what I can do about this. It would be great to get some input from an attorney out there as to what we can do. It seems that what is going on is illegal especially for those that are on the do-not-call-list and maybe a lawsuit towards this company will develop. I will keep watcing this site to see what transpires down the road.

  135. Dave says:

    I think it’s time for someone to come up with a way to mark these unwanted phone numbers and have them automatically directed to a recycle black hole and not allow them to ring your phone. This way they would always reach dead air and not bother you or your phone line. Maybe something like an enhanced caller ID.

  136. Tony P says:

    I’ve been receiving calls daily. Last two were 10pm then 11:41am. I called 954-926-0167 pressed opt 3 for english then option 5 to be put on their Do Not Call List.
    I called 1-800-527-5717 and spoke with them and they appologized but said it was one of their partners that set us up to receive the calls. All he could do was put my name on the DNC list but it is not a guarantee that it wouldn’t be put back on. Their partners being JC Penney and Capital One.

    What’s in your wallet besides my phone number Capital One???
    Stop giving out my personal information so you can bypass the “Do Not Call” law!!!

  137. Eve says:

    I called them and did the automatic no call list. But then I still felt uncomfortable and wanted to talk to a live person. So I called and at first the guy was really nice. But he started asking for my personal information and even address. I told him I felt uncomfortable with telling him my address. I also told him I don’t think he needs it just to remove me from their calling lists. I can even handle if they sent me mail, because I can just throw it away.

    He got pissed off at me. He didn’t even wanna listen to me afterwards. I wasn’t even yelling at him or anything! I’m not the yeller type. So basically, if he doesn’t get my address he can’t remove me. Did anybody else get this?

  138. Mark says:

    I too have been recieving these intrusive calls. Bottom line is that I pay for the phone and no-one should be using my phone to sell me anything unless they want to start paying my phone bill. I’m in North Carolina so I guess it’s all over the country. Wouldn’t we like to get his home phone number!
    Have a quiet phone day.

  139. Mark says:

    Yep, still getting the calls. This time it was for my son who doesn’t live here anymore. So I answered it as if I was him. After I told them to remove me from their calling list the twerp on the phone still had the nerve to ask me why and then proceeded to try and sell me something else. He said that my JC Penny gift card was about to be mailed to me and he wanted to confirm my address. Yea right, that’ll happen. But I guess there are millions of people out there who fall for this kind of thing. Like one of your previous contacts said they were calling the 1 800 number. I think that I’ll camp out by my phone and wear out the redial buttom for a while. Well ya’ll have a blessed day!

  140. Denise says:

    I just got a call from these guys – never heard of them before. I simply used my Call Blocker *60 option on my phone and they are now blocked. Now I can enjoy a relaxing TV show without being interrupted.

  141. Angie says:

    Hey, I googled these guys after running to the phone, but missing the call. I was watching a movie with my family. I came upon this blog and see that they are very popular nuisances. I was ready for them the next time. The next time they called I answered the phone, “Abortion clinic. You rape ’em, we scrape ’em.” Ok, so I’m having a little fun with them.

  142. Cindy says:

    I too am repeatedly harassed by the idiots at Stonebridge Life. My new rule is that if they call me, I call them. At Home.

    President, Marilyn Carp – 410-484-0381
    Attorney, Craig Vermie – 319-393-3636

    Call them at home and tell them that if they call you, you will call them.

  143. JO MCCOY says:


  144. Shane says:

    I just got a call at work from 954-926-5876. Waited forever for someone to come on the line with an Indian accent. So I hung up and Googled the number. WTF?

  145. PlanPlusInsuranceIsFraud says:

    These fraud experts not only use the phone, but also send deceptive, unlawful postal mail. My parents received a letter from them stating that their “PlanPlus membership is being cancelled because we have been unalbe to bill the membership fee to your account.” The letter is full of lies and misinformation intended to take advantage of older people who might be manipulated into providing payment information because they are scared to death their insurance is going to be cancelled. My parents do not, and have never, had insurance with them, and I’ve taught them to be very careful of their info and tell me if they get notices of bills that they don’t remember (identity theft is rampant). They gave it to me to investigate.

    PlanPlus is a bunch of despicable, unethical fraudsters. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE report their activities to your state’s attorney general, the BBB, and also your local scambuster reporter. They will continue to harrass and swindle people out of money unless people report them. Your parents or grandparents may be next, and they may be pressured into providing their billing information (eek).

  146. Anonymous says:

    I started recieving calls from them this year 2007) was after applying for the JC Pennys credit card which they are affiliated with. One would think that they are bill collectors they way they call. I called them to have them stop calling and they said 30 days but after reading this I assume that my wish will not be granted. SCUM BAGS!!!

  147. Martin says:

    These scammers have been harassing people for years.
    Here’s their new number
    Can’t tell them to stop calling because it’s always some spanish guy that speaks no english. I don’t have a JC Penny’s card nor have I ever applied for one. I’m on the donotcall list and always have been. Don’t know where they got my number from.

  148. TrueHeart says:

    Corporate Office, they are part of Aegon Direct Marketing 972-881-6000
    Elizabeth Davis, 972-881-6957, very nice got me through to the right co-workers in the corporate office. I was unable to get their direct numbers. Rewards plan fax 972-881-4532. I got in touch with them because of a problem with the “fun family rewards” program authorized by with JC Penney “to market approved products to customers of JC Penney” Leterhead lists “Mark Thorton, VP of Benefit Services” also see notes at… Who Called Us and 800 Notes.

  149. susan says:

    Thanks, for the heads up since i have started getting these phone calls. I searched the internet and found this site so now know wahtt to do.

  150. abdulkool says:


    Has Stonebridge enrolled you in their wonderful new program called PERFECTHOMEREWARDS? Let’s go ahead and sign you up?

  151. Shavone says:

    Thank you for this blog. I was considering doing business with this company but I don’t need the headache.

  152. lisa in atlanta says:

    wow, 5 years later and they are still at it.
    -lisa in atlanta

  153. max says:

    i bet you wish you had their home address!(and a gun.)

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